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Our History

Not All Roads Are Created Equal

The story: I joined the military in 1986 and served for over 25 years until I retired in 2011. Over those years, I moved 13 times and put a lot of miles on motorcycles exploring different parts of the country and finding out firsthand the diversity of our country's roads and scenery. Yet, any of you who have spent a lot of time on a motorcycle know that "not all roads are created equal" and there is nothing like a great motorcycle road. Unfortunately for me, every time I moved, I was faced with the sometimes challenging task of finding where the good local motorcycle roads were. Making matters worse was that as my life got busier with family and career responsibilities, I found that I had less time to go out hunting for good roads. So back in 1998 I decided to start as a way for all of us to quickly and easily find quality motorcycle roads in whatever part of the country we live in. And goes beyond just providing you with a list of roads to try, we provide you with detailed descriptions of the routes' scenery, road quality, and even the things to do along the way (roadside amenities). The route descriptions often times includes pictures, reviews and ratings from other riders, and even videos of the route. And, now the site even tells you of motorcycle events, clubs, and hangouts along the route and within the state. Overall, millions of motorcycle riders are discovering that visiting is the first step in finding and planning great motorcycle rides. - great rides start here! road descriptions are designed to satisfy all rider road preferences. Some riders focus on roads that travel through areas with beautiful scenery. Other riders want roads that challenge their driving skills and allow them to push the capabilities of their motorcycle. And other riders look for roads that offer plenty of things to do off the bike for them and a riding partner or passenger. These people enjoy roads that offer access to museums, shopping, parks or other forms of entertainment. And, since every route describes and rates these three key qualities, you will be able to find roads that match what you are looking for. Not only do we describe the route but we give you vital information including directions to and through the route (written directions and a map), we provide you with demographics of the contributor such as name or nickname, when the route was contributed, and the contributor's motorcycle type. We also let you know the length of the route, tips about what there is to see or stop at along the way, and even give you a link to the route's real-time weather forecast (weather forecast for the start or end point).

Bill Belei - Founder & Editor,

The new - Version 7.1

(Update as of April 2015) Version 7.1 is here! After Version 6 (the version that added tracking of Motorcycle Events, Clubs, & Places), I wanted to focus the next version on really improving the content of the site and the way it is delivered to you and have just upgraded the website to Version 7.1. 7.1 does a much better job of organizing the motorcycle road description pages which were really growing in terms of rider comments, ratings, pictures, & video (a good problem to have) but becoming a bit clumsy to scroll through (a bad problem to have). So, Version 7.1 implements a much cleaner, easier to navigate tab-based layout. Also, this version really 'pumps up the volume' when it comes to content (sorry for that expression in quotes ... as a child I was abused by 80s music and therefore am not responsible for my dorky music based expressions). I now pull in Yelp© reviews to give you a much better idea of all the great amenities and attractions that line each motorcycle route as well an pull in interactive photos from Google StreetView© to give you a more immersive view of what scenery is available on a route (you really need to try it to see what I mean). Also, you can now download each routes map in GPX format for use on compatible GPS devices & software. And finally, with Version 7.1 you have a much better view of nearby motorcycle events, clubs, & places. Check out a summary of these and other features by visiting the Version 7.1 Summary Page.
And as always, unlike some of the other online motorcycle touring guides, has always been and will always be free. The one thing I ask for you in return is to simply tell your riding friends about it ... and also please contribute your own favorites roads, events, clubs, or places (... oh, I guess I just asked you for two things!) so this site can continue to be the best motorcycle roads & ride information site on the net. - great rides start here!


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Thank you, drive safe, and God bless ....

Bill Belei
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Paint Rock Valley
The valley road winds beside the Paint Rock River (one that is rich in plants and animals only found there). This is not a superslab ride. If you enjoy a cruise through the country...this is for you!

Central Alabama Country Tour - Highway 22
Drive through a nice slide of Central Alabama country side with some nice towns along the way. Slightly hilly, very rural road. Occasional logging entrance but mostly farmland and forest.

County Road 14
County Rd 14 west of the Natchez Trace runs along the Tennesse River to Waterloo, AL. From Waterloo, County Road 14 goes northerly, and heads into Tennessee and changes to Holland Creek Road, which dead-ends at Hwy 69. The roads runs along the right side of a small valley dotted with farms. From Waterloo to Hwy 69, this road turns into a snake. Plenty of left and right leans with a few sharpies thrown in. There is a Tennessee State Trooper that lives on the Tennessee side of the Alabama border. Speed limit is 35mph where he/she lives.

Alabama's "Mini-Dragon" to 29 Dreams
On this route you will find several homes and plenty of wooded areas ... very dense in some areas. Overall a nice scenic drive.

Little River Canyon Parkway (AL Hwy 176)
A nice twisty road along the rim of the beautiful Little River Canyon.

Cheaha Mountain Skyway
281 Runs along the spine of Cheaha Mountain in Eastern Alabama near Talladega and offers beautiful scenic views of 20 miles. The countryside is unspoiled by urban sprawl and is heavily wooded inside the Talladega National Forest. Wildlife abounds and it is not uncommon to see deer, hawks and other animals. Route 49 comes off the south side of the mountain and rolls through farms, meadows and small towns. If you like scenery, this route is for you!!

Cheaha to Tuskegee on 49

The route is especially scenic on the northern part as you will travel through the very beautiful, scenic, and rugged part of the Alabama which falls in the Talladega National Forest. Here you can enjoy seeing the highest point in Alabama - Cheaha Mountain (2,799). From there you will head south and pass through a few rural small towns and make your way down to Tuskegee

Eagles' Point/Guntersville State Park
This route has a great path that takes you through valleys, across the mountain and in many places hugs the winding path of a nearby river. It's a perfect and convenient 80 mile loop with scenery that just can't be beat!

Grand Canyon North Rim Parkway
This route gives you a unique look at northern Arizona and the less visited North Rim of the Grand Canyon. You will be traveling at approximately 8,000 ft above sea level. The route travels through the 650,000 Kaibab National Forest offering plenty of hiking and camping. On this route you will travel through rich forests of ponderosa pines and mixed conifers. There is much wildlife to observe including mule deer and wild turkeys. When you finally reach the end of the route, you will be presented with a unique view of the Grand Canyon due to the north rim's 1,000 ft elevation advantage over the southern rim. Bring plenty of film on this route!!! The Grand Canyon view is indisputably a 5 in terms of scenery but the majority of your driving will not give you a view of the canyon so we decided to go with a conservative 4 star rating.

Superior, Winkleman, Globe triangle
The route changes elevation from 2500 to 5000 feet with corresponding changes in flora and geology. It is beautiful, different on each of 3 sides.

Catalina Highway (Sky Island)
29 miles each way going from 2800 feet elevation to almost 10,000 feet into the Santa Catalina Mountain Range. Views of canyons, valleys, lush forest, rocky outcrops, and breath taking vistas all the way. It's the only paved road that leads you to the top of Mt. Lemmon and is noted as being one of the most scenic roads in all of the South West. It dead ends at a dirt road so you get to do it twice, once each way.

Old Route 66 South of Kingman
You'll drive through the Black Mountains and get some dynamite views of the mountains and rock formations along the road. From the Tri-State overlook you can see into Arizona, California, and Nevada. Most of the route has been designated by the Bureau of Land Management as a Type I Back Country Byway.

Lake Mary Rd from Flagstaff to Payson
The route takes you along the side of Lake Mary then lots of driving through the tall pines and nice gentle curves until the stop sign at Highway 87. Turn south and again enjoy the cooler temp of the forest. You'll be traveling through Coconino National Forest. As you head south you will leave the forest and start to come down of the rim, careful coming down the mountain, sharp curves and slow traffic coming up the hill. Continue on through Pine and Strawberry on into Payson. Now either turn around and go back or continue on south to Phoenix.

Phoenix to Show Low
March 2008, we rented a 2007 HD Road King Classic from Liberty Motorcycle Rentals (new owner-Gary from Maple Grove, MN relocated his bikes to AZ 888-484-0477 rental was everything he said it would be-awesome!) located near the PHX airport. West 60/Superstition - some freeway riding here - hillsides of yellow flowers bloom, pass the Renaissance Festival winter site - to Apache Junction. Stopped at Dos Hermanos-bike bar and watched the bikes go by. Continued on 60 to Superior then Globe. Still lots of bikes, BUT after Globe - only bikes headed south!!! Get gas - road to Show Low very sparse gas. Start to climb noticeably - is cooling off. All leathers on now. Road is very manageable but bendy and curvy with incredible views. Stop at Salt River Canyon look out. Awesome!!! Apache Indians vend hand made jewelry here. Going north - colder. 7000 ft.up - Show Low very small -HonDah Casino - 15 min outside town - clean-affordable-outside hot tub - good choice. deep snow now but roads good - Ski Hill-name unknown-nearby.

Cottonwood Canyon Run
Starting just north of Wickenburg, the drive starts in a desert setting and quickly climbs the side of a mountain to enter pine country. Goes through Prescott and ends in Cottonwood with the option to continue to Flagstaff on another of the states great scenic roads. Bring water and a camera ... the views from Jerome are SPECTACULAR! In April of 2014 "Bad Bob" contributed: "The scenery on the mountain of the red rocks is phenomenal. Every turn presents a breath taking view. If you rode no other road in Arizona, this should be the one!!!"

Arivaca Sweepers
Southern Arizona's best road within 100 miles with massive views of the desert and nearby mountains.

Coronado Trail
This road brings you to a whole new world in Arizona. Its located in the central eastern part of Arizona and parallels the New Mexico border. To find it on the map, just look for the towns of Eagar (home of the largest stand of pine trees in the US) and Clifton along the Arizona/New Mexico border. The towns are connected by Arizona road 191. You'll start out in a desert environment and end up passing through an Alpine paradise. It is LOADED with twists and turns and even though its in a remote section of Arizona, its well worth the trip. The road starts out in a desert setting near Clifton, AZ ... an old copper mining town. From there heading north and up in elevation, you can stop at a scenic overlook that will give you a look at the world's largest open-pit copper mines. The road will then take you through a canyon as the road hugs some cliffs and continues to dramatically climb (BE CAREFUL). What makes this road so amazing is the big change in scenery you'll see between the start and the finish. The diversity of landscape is due to the change in elevation you'll cover - a 5,000 feet difference from start to finish. You'll start out seeing some nice desert landscapes and then move on into some interesting canyons. You'll see the world's largest open pit copper mine and pass by one of the highest peaks in AZ - Escudilla Mountain (10,800 ft). You'll also see huge pine and aspen forests and some tranquil little meadows as you pass next to the White Mountains and through the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. "This was taken at Hannagan Meadow." Update from 1rock1 on 6/13/12: The ride starts at 7500 feet elevation and drops to the 2500 foot level. The drive is full of wildlife, hairpin turns, shear cliffs, dramatic views and finishes with a drive through an open pit copper mine. There is so much metal in the earth the mountains are alive with rust colors making the scenic views some of the best blending White clouds, Blue skies, and the green pines. There are no services between the two cities so fill up in Alpine. Traveling south gives the best views as you are looking out over the Valley. Expect to be traveling for nearly 4 hours without stops as there are nearly 1200 hairpin turns of no more the 15 MPH on this incredible drive.

Route 60 North from Globe
This route starts out about 80 miles east of Phoenix in Globe Arizona and covers some great scenery, from a road with great twists and turns and offers some pretty cool things to do along the way. Then you end up in frontier town of Show Low Arizona where there are a lot of places to eat and places to stay for the night (over 600 hotel rooms) and a casino if you want to make a weekend trip out of it. You'll start out in a desert landscape and then make your way north and up in elevation. You'll be able to see many mountain peaks and ranges and enter the San Carlos Apache Reservation (was at one point the home of Geronimo). You'll pass by Seneca Lake where you can walk around the lake and find the Seneca Lake waterfalls. You're drive will bring you up to an incredible view of the colorful Salt River Canyon. And you'll get some great views of the White Mountains and the Mogollon Rim that travels all the way north into Colorado.

Flagstaff to Sedona on the Incredible 89A
This certainly has to be considered one of the BEST routes in Arizona as well as the entire western half of the US!!! The scenery is unbelievable ... world class! You start out up in the lush rugged forests of Flagstaff and work your way down (in direction (south) and in altitude) to the canyon and rock formation surrounded town of Sedona, AZ. You will be driving through what is known as the Old Creek Canyon on road 89A (also known as "Oak Creek Canyon Drive"). The higher regions of the canyon display forests full of Aspens, Oaks and Maples. If you go in the October/November time frame, you might be lucky enough to see the Aspens and Oaks in their full fall glory. Not long after you leave Flagstaff and head south, you'll soon have chances to peer over a magnificent huge cliff overlook that will give you a great view of the stunningly beautiful canyon you are about to dive into. You then quickly descend down into the canyon and get an up close look at some postcard perfect rock formations and beautiful landscapes made up of various different color rock walls. The plant life changes now to pines, scrub oaks and different types of cactus as the climate in the bottom of the canyon dries and warms up. In the canyon you'll be able to see (and hike through) some amazing red rock canyons and rock formations. There are a lot of beautiful canyon runs in the US but this one stands out because of its diversity of landscape in just 30 short miles ... keep in mind, if you want to see more, you can just continue to head south down to Prescott, AZ.

Arkansas Pig Trail - Arkansas 23
The rugged and forested Boston Mountains region of the Ozark Mountains provides the setting for this route, which often runs through a tunnel of foliage during spring, summer and fall. Spring wildflowers and brilliant autumn foliage make the route especially popular during those seasons. The route crosses the Mulberry River and the 165-mile Ozark Highlands Trail.

Additional scenery information submitted by "Bone" (Sep 06) - "Deep wooded terrain, many 15mph hairpins with short straights between them with dropoffs on one side cliffs on the other. The road runs between valleys beside streams to mountain hard curves. This has been called the Arkansas Dragon, and at the one general store midway of the run, you can buy pins and patches of this. The ride can be extended northward another 18 miles to the town of Huntsville where there are complete services, food, gas, lodging. "

Piney Creek
This ride to me is the 'Other PigTrail'. Great curves, lots of wildlife, and picturesque views of the Ozark National Forest.

There is a nice two lane bridge along the ride.

Highway 215
This route runs near the legendary Pig Trail. It is a not-so-well known route running thru the Boston Mountains with great views of the Mulberry River.

Route 103
This is a short ride but some beautiful country side.

Boston Mountains Scenic Drive
This route used to be the only link to north west Arkansas. It offers impressive mountain vistas. Along the way are small mountain towns, roadside farms, antique and other shops. At Winslow your can take a detour over to Devil's Den by heading west of Rt 74. The route was once an old stage coach line and has some impress small towns like Mountainburg, Winslow, and West Fork. Mount Gaylor I believe to be the highest point with an old watch town sitting along side the highway. This used to be one of the highlights of Hwy 71 till I-540 took most of the traffic.

Beautiful Arkansas Route 74 (Huntsville to Kingston)
This short and sweet ride packs sweepers, twisties, long hills, scenic views, & valley ride into 14 sweet miles ride. You'll travel through a scenic pastoral valley complete with a lake when your nearing Kingston. Overall this is just a beautiful ride especially when combining it with a ride to Ponca, Arkansas for a float trip! Also keep in mind you can combine this ride with the famous motorcycle road - The Arkansas Pig Trail.

Arkansas At Its Best - Highway 7
On this route you will travel through two national forests and one national park. The route takes you from Harrison to Hot Springs Arkansas and you should plan on taking a few detours if you would like to see more of the countryside. You'll be traveling through the rugged Ozark Mountains and see canyons, lakes, rivers, forests and ample wildlife. For those of you who never thought of Arkansas as a state with outstanding scenery, this route may change your mind! Photo contributed by a visitor in July 09: "Taken from the scenic pull-out at Buffalo River Canyon. This is a beautiful ride and the traffic is minimal."

Ozark Highlands Scenic Byway
The Ozark Highlands Scenic Byway passes through a rugged section of the Boston Mountains (located in the Ozark National Forest) in the Ozarks.

The Arkansas Dragon - Hwy 123
The scenic is great if you get time to look. The switchback are around every corner. So many in fact, trucks are not allowed on this road!

The Boxley Valley Run
This takes you thru some of Arkansas best scenery. Boxley Valley is one of the few place where Elk herd can be seen in Arkansas. A real treat for the eyes and a 5 becauese of the wildlife and scenery you'll see along the way!

The Scenic Route from Hot Springs to Eureka Springs
This route, takes adventurers down less-traveled roads. Some of Arkansas's best mountain scenery. Ozark National Forest. Hot Springs National Park. Great switchbacks to the watch tower. Nimrod Lake on the Fourche LaFave River. Mount Nebo State Park. Tight switchbacks on steep access road. Buffalo National River. Look for the Elk in this area. Lost Valley and Arkansas Elk. Boxley is a gathering spot for elk. One lane bridges, beautiful rivers and creeks and valley's. Looks for the turkey, deer along the way. This route will take about 5 hours to complete but well worth the trip.

Ark 123 Bridge (left). Beaver Lake (right)

The Melbourne Run
Start by crossing the scenic White river then gear down for the climb up the first mountain. At the top of the first peak prepare for tight 180 degree turns. Pass sheer mountain cut outs as you descend slightly then up again and hard turns. Look to your left and you can see a sheer drop-off to the river valley below. It is hard not to stare at the beautiful scenery. Only trouble is if you do (with all the killer turns) this will be a one-time trip.

Sylamore Scenic Byway
On this route you go thought the southeast corner of the Ozark National Forrest. Your likely to encounter some outstanding scenery on this short ride (located in the Ozark National Forest) in the Ozarks. This road is also listed on the National Scenic Byway web site.

The Northwest Arkansas Tour on Highway 62
This short stretch of road is before Eureka Springs Arkansas. It is one of the most scenic stretches of roads in all of northwest Arkansas - you won't be disappointed.

Push Mountain Road
While leaning in and out of hundreds of turns you will pass through three mountainsides. High-speed turns are numbered in the hundreds in the 30 odd miles of the road. You cannot miss the sparks that you generate from high-speed leans. Halfway through the ride you will descend from a mountain with sheer drop-offs to the valley floor. Update submitted by Joe M on 6/13/12: This is one of the most scenic rides you can take in the Ozarks, as it winds through 3 mountainsides. It is a great ride all year, but simply breathtaking in the fall.

Sierra Way to The Mighty 190!
From Lake Isabella it's rolling hills and beautiful. Once into Sequoia N.M. it gets extremely busy and tight in the trees. This is quite easily the most entertaining road I have ever been on. Huge, old trees, a few look-off on the descent.

Topanga Canyon Loop
If you want to see some of the only remaining rural areas in the vicinity of Los Angeles while meandering through some awesome twisted mountain roads, the Topanga Canyon Loop is for you. Even though its only about 20-30 minutes away from downtown LA, it will give you some great motorcycle roads to wind through with relatively little traffic to avoid (there are typically more "two wheelers" (motorcycles and bicycles) on the road than four wheelers). There are a lot of really cool things to see on this route. You'll see plenty of sweet mountain views and then you'll go through some cool shady canyon roads, and then pass by some really awesome houses perched on the cliffs along the way. And probably one of the best things about this route is that there are tons of side roads to explore, all with something neat to see. If you take some of those side roads, you'll be really surprised by all the houses that are hidden in these shady canyons ... the diversity of these houses alone is enough to keep you amused. For example, you'll see a mobile home one minute and the next minute your passing by a multimillion-dollar stucco with adobe roof and mega dollar landscaping.

Secret Entrance to Yosemite & Cherry Lake Road
Through the forest, up and down to rivers and streams. This road then ends up near the almost secret Hetch Hetchy entrance to Yosemite. Along the way you'll pass Cherry Lake with a campground; but mostly just wonderful tree-lined road that will give you a workout. And there is virtually no traffic to deal with!

Highway 120 - Tioga Pass Road
Each year during late Fall, a group of us Northern California motorcycle riders make a weekend trip to what we feel is simply one of the most beautiful areas of California, and the United States. Yosemite National Park has got to be one of the true treasures of this country, with so many sites to see and things to do. Having been there many times over the years and either honeymooning, camping, riding bicycles, hiking, fishing, site seeing or dining at the Ahwahnee Hotel, it is just a phenomenal place to spend time to visit, take in the sites and breathe in the mountain air. It is also one of the most romantic sites on the planet if one is so inclined. The views from the elevated roadways of the Merced River, the solid rock mountain scape including Half Dome and El Capitan are truly breathtaking. Of course, Ansel Adams was very famous for his photography here, and there is clearly a reason as to why. (continued below)

Westgard Pass
Great views of the White mountains and the Sierras, with continuous vistas of the whole route. You'll pass through the beautiful Westgard Pass and have fantastic views from it's 7,313 feet of elevation. Westgard is the only pass connecting the Owens Valley to Deep Springs Valley.

The Lost Highway 58 - Bakersfield to San Luis Opisbo
Ask the locals in Bakersfield about Hwy 58 to San Luis Obispo and they'll tell you there's no such thing and then direct you to the super-slab Hwy 46. Don't listen. Beginning about a dozen miles west of Bakersfield, Hwy 58 is a roller-coaster all the way to the coast. Giant sweepers with giddying changes in elevation run through pastoral farmland for more than an hour. Then suddenly the road tightens down into twisting loops as you dive into canyon country. Just as suddenly, it all stops and you find you've arrived at San Luis Obispo's back door.

Glendora Mountain Road to Mt. Baldy
A lot of forest scenery, vast canyon vistas, snow-capped mountains - this is a great scenic route! It takes you up into the Angeles National Forest where you will get out of the city and take in some incredible views!

Highway 1 - San Mateo Coast
This is the edge of the continent, folks. Any farther west requires a wetsuit. You will have views of the Pacific to your right and wooded hills and farmland to your left. In Spring, you'd swear you're in Ireland.

Sherman Pass Road
Exceptional scenery. Large trees and many distance views along the way from high altitudes. The terrain is mountainous with extreme drop offs on the edges of the road. Guardrails are few.

Sonora Pass
This route delivers breathtaking vistas of snow covered mountain peaks, mountain meadows, wild flowers, wild life, water falls, and trees of every description. Panoramas so beautiful, they look painted. This is strictly a summer road as it is closed in winter. You can still see snow at the end of summer near the mountain peaks.

Photo contributed by a visitor in July 09: "This is the top of Senora Pass, approximately 10,000 ft."

Highway 120 to Benton Ride
You will pass through Ponderosa pines, into wide open plateaus with snow capped mountains all around.

The Golden 49
Beautiful scenery of the Sierras. Mountain overlooks, and the almost never ending sight of twisted asphalt ahead. Any notice of the scenery is secondary to keeping rubber to pavement, as the twisties keep you more than busy throughout the ride. Recommend pulling off at the numerous overlook sites to take in the views. Starts you off full bore in quaint Coulterville, where you ride Highway 49's twisties high into the Sierras and end in the historic town of Mariposa, California. Although the trip is only 26 miles long, it is not for the faint of includes beautiful views, fueling stations, and 1st gear twisties the entire ride. And of course use caution as the road is nestled in the Sierras, and reaches elevations of 6,000 feet.

Mosquito Ridge Road
This is a wonderful road to nowhere. There are no cross roads, no drive ways, if you want to get out of civilization fast, this is your road. Breath taking views of snow capped Sierra Mountains will be in the background as you dive into this canyon. Winding your way right and left for mile after mile you get your fill of turns and scenery.

Doorstep to Sequoia National Park - SR-245
I guess there's scenery around this spectacular road, but who's paying attention? As you ascend up the hill, the scenery changes from rolling grass hills to pine trees and forest.

Palos Verdes Peninsula Tour
The scenery on this route is the best coastal scenery you are going to find in LA County. The Palos Verdes peninsula with its hills, cliffs, and impressive elevation offers breathtaking scenery and its only 40 minutes or so from downtown LA. If you live in/near LA and haven't discovered it yet, you've really been missing out on an incredible coastal area. If you follow the path that I spell out below in my directions, you'll start out on a large hill overlooking the southern coast of LA. From there you can see the Port of Los Angeles and all the huge commercial ships coming in and going out as well as smaller pleasure boats. As you drive you'll wind your way around to the southwest and eventually western coastal areas along high cliffs that give you a great view of the ocean scenery (especially beautiful during sunsets!!!). If you're lucky and the weather is clear over the water, you'll see the beautiful and mysterious Catalina Island. Many people in LA have no idea that such large and beautiful island is parked just off shore because the island often is not visible. However, when the ocean air is clear enough, you'll be amazed at the large island sitting only 20 or so miles of shore. You'll also get a great inland view high above LA's south bay towns (Rolling Hills Estates, San Pedro, etc.) if you take Palos Verdes Drive East detour that I recommend in my directions below. This road will take you nearly to the very top of the Palos Verdes hill where you'll be at a great vantage point over the areas below. This is especially pretty at night with all the lights. Also, since this area has some of the most dramatic ocean views near LA, you'll see some magnificent houses in some really upscale neighborhoods that are positioned to take advantage of the wonderful coastal views.

Pacific Coast Cruise; Hwy 1
This world-class scenic route takes you along the famed California Route One starting (or ending) in Monterey California and ending (or starting) in Morro Bay. The route is only one of nine routes to be selected by the US Department of Transportation as an "All American Road."The route is part of a stretch of Route One that was voted to be one of the "10 Best Drives" by the members of USAA insurance in 99 and made the list of 120 road trips highlighted in the Reader's Digest book "The Most Scenic Drives In America".Along this route you will see coastal scenery that will leave you breathless. Opposite the ocean, inland scenery is as inspiring with its display of rolling hills, rock outcroppings, picturesque waterfalls, redwood forests, flowered meadows, lush valleys, and majestic coastal mountains. Along the route you will see a number of light houses, 18th century Spanish missions, and a variety of animal life including sea lions, sea otters, sharks, bat rays, gray whales, brown pelicans, and peregrine falcons as well as monarch butterfly winter sanctuaries.

Reliez Valley Rd/Bear Creek Rd
Great rolling hills and scenic vista's of multiple reservoirs lying just northeast of the Berkley area. You'll see both the San Pablo and Briones reservoirs. This diverse area includes shady canyons and sunny open roads!

Highway 32 - from Chico to Lake Almanor
Lots of elevation changes different rock formations, steep canyons, Deer creek with 5 bridges crossings, pastures, Lake Almanor, and pine trees. You'll be passing through the beautiful Lassen National Forest.

Salmon Falls Road
Its mostly rolling hills with ranch like properties. Also pass a section of the American River and you'll be able to see Folsom Lake as you drive through a section of the state recreational area.

Twisty Road - Next 140 miles!!! (California Route 36)
some pretty decent view's from higher elevations , also goes through the redwood forest ... but you won't have much time to take your eyes off the twisties anyway!!!

The Santa Cruz Mountain Tour Loop
You will be cruising through the mountains. At the top of bear creek you can sneak a peek of the valleys below. This route passes directly through or right next to about 5 parks so you know the scenery has to be good ... Ana Jean Cummings Park, Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, Lexington Reservoir County Park, Henry Cowell Redwood State Park, and finally Wilder Ranch State Park.

Highway 198, Sequoia National Park
This place could define the word scenery in a picture book on national parks. Huge rock formations, grand vistas of mountains and valleys, and, best of all, a GIANT sequoia nearly 300 feet tall. Yosemite National Park is even more grand, and can be visited the next day.

Granite Rd to HWY 155 to Wofford Heights
Starts off with a bit of dead grass, but about 10 miles in is very green and stays that way the rest of the ride. You can see plenty of farm land and lots of cattle grazing. You get up into the mountains with lots of trees and forest. Beautiful most days of the year.

SR-198 - Coalinga to San Lucas
Climbs up along the coastal range as you travel west from Coalinga to San Lucas. The higher it climbs the more wooded it becomes. The scenery ranges from pasture to forest. At about the halfway point of the 198 is the southern end of SR-25 which is an absolutely beautiful road that heads north into Hollister/Gilroy. About once a year it will get snow at the higher elevations but who wants to ride when it's that cold?

The Sweet 94
This is a stretch of highway running between the city of San Diego and along the US/Mexican border. There were some incredible fires here recently which makes for a stark, yet eerily beautiful and surreal landscape. There are creek beds, and then some nice canyon-like sections with steep drop offs ala the mountains. Something for everyone.

Santa Paula to Ojai to Carpinteria
Tree lined road, ride by a river, thru the mountains then out to a beautiful valley. Views of Lake Casitas on the way!

Highway 74 - Hemet to Indian Wells
Wonderful scenery. Pine forest on the Hemet side transitioning to desert on the Indian Wells side.

San Diego Highway S2
You will have a fantastic panoramic view of the Laguna and Volcan Mountains. Desert shrubbery, with awesome blossoms in springtime. Part of the route follows the Old Butterfield Stage Route which can be easily accessed. Old stagecoach wheel tracks still survive after almost 150 years. The pink desert hues of the Borrego Badlands can also be seen from an overlook along the highway.

Kentucky Rt 227
Scenery is good with nice views and the occaisonal great vista or overlook but the area is fairly poor so there is a lot of "affordable" housing along the route.

The Palomar Mountain Loop
Don't take this route for the scenery ... you'll need to keep your eyes on the road! Take it for the challenge as it "is the most technical road in Southern California." The scenery is great though as you'll be climbing mountains and have great vistas of the surrounding areas and you'll be traveling through some lush forests. Overall it is much more than just a technical route as it offers some of the best scenery in Southern California! The route is perched up high in a secluded mountain peak in the Cleveland National Forest. In fact it passes right by the Palomar Mountain Observatory (space telescope). And, you know if the government selected a site in southern California for a high powered telescope that they chose an area that not only has exceptional elevation but also is far removed from civilization and resulting light pollution ... so you know this area has to be pristine ... and it is!.

The Beach Cities 101 Cruise
This is the same route of the 'Beach Cities 101 Cruise' you can get the route map online. Begin anywhere along this route and you will enjoy a blast from the past. It is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. There is not a bad time of year to make this ride. You'll have Pacific Ocean views the whole way as you cruise through seven Classic California Beach Communities. These Beach cities will take you from funky to sophisticated and you'll see countless Historic buildings and bridges along the highway. Check out the Del Mar Race Track.

Twisty Redwood Ride
If you love BIG Redwood trees, beautiful green forests, creeks, ferns and rays of sunshine streaking through the trees and illuminating the forest floor, this is the ride for you.

Napa to the Shores of Lake Berryessa
This is the hills of the Napa Valley. Windy roads with plenty of places to pull off and suck in the view. Then you travel about 15 magnificent miles as the road that hugs the shore of wonderful Lake Berryessa..

Yuba River Ride; Hallelujah Junction to Emigrant Gap
Your cruising along the north fork of the Yuba River on a windy road often times through the bottom of a canyon that is extremely beautiful. Overall the scenery is excellent with lots of trees and beautiful views all along the way.

Ortega Highway (AKA "The Awesome 74 to Lake Elsinor")
This road takes you through the Cleveland National Forest between San Juan Capistrano, CA and to Lake Elsinore, CA. You'll pass through some great mountain/valley scenery as you descend and climb through the national forest. In addition to mountains you'll see some lush plant nurseries and pass through some alpine forest areas. When you finally reach the end (near Lake Elsinore) you will truly be amazed at the breathtaking view of Mt. Elsinore as route 74 sits thousands of feet above the lake and its valley. 74 then quickly descends down to the lake and town.

Highway 70; Feather River Canyon
Travel up the Feather River Canyon through what has to be some of the most beautiful scenery in California. You will follow the Feather River all the way up the Canyon to Quincy, one minute your ridding on top of the Canyon looking down (over a thousand feet at times) and then traveling on too find yourself a mere few feet above the passing River. You will experience Waterfalls, pass through Tunnels cut into the rocky side of the Canyon, high Canyon walls, lots of green trees, pass by "older" PG&E power houses. Places worth a look are a couple of "old" resorts (Paxton was built in 1917) and the Keddi Resort. Places to eat or just get a soda include Belden Town and Caribou (no gas)

Lost World
This begins in rural farm and ranch country just outside of Sequoia National Park, and meanders into arid rolling hills and small mountains, becoming more scenic with every mile. Nice vistas include a sunny, cliff-side tour around Pine Lake Reservoir, and a cool, wooded tour around the edge of beautiful, blue-green Bass Lake. With unmarked roads, little traffic and apparently empty towns, you really feel like you're in a lost world. Numbed by this enchantment (and the lack of road signs) you can easily get lost and "have to" ride more scenic country or mountain roads. Towards the end of the ride it becomes more wooded, hilly, scenic and touristy, finally bringing you to the entrance of Yosemite National Park. This entire route averages 3 stars, but ranges from 2 to 4 stars. This begins in rural farm and ranch country just outside of Sequoia National Park, and meanders into arid rolling hills and small mountains, becoming more scenic with every mile. Nice vistas include a sunny, cliff-side tour around Pine Lake Reservoir, and a cool, wooded tour around the edge of beautiful, blue-green Bass Lake. With unmarked roads, little traffic and apparently empty towns, you really feel like you're in a lost world. Numbed by this enchantment (and the lack of road signs) you can easily get lost and "have to" ride more scenic country or mountain roads. Towards the end of the ride it becomes more wooded, hilly, scenic and touristy, finally bringing you to the entrance of Yosemite National Park. This entire route averages 3 stars, but ranges from 2 to 4 stars.

Cortez to Mesa Verde National Park
Highway 160 from Cortez to the park entrance is good scenery. Upon entering the park the scenery greatly improves. With several great vistas down into the valley and towards the Colorado Rockies. Scenery within the park is spectacular including the Cliff dwellings. Be sure to bring camera and lots of water as you will want to climb around the Cliff Dwellings. If there are "oldsters" within the group be sure to check with Rangers first before entering the Cliff Dwelling paths as some of them are very strenuous to climb in and around. Spruce Tree Cliff Dwellings

Denver to the South Park Basin Loop
A little bit of everything with a lot of scenery. Start with rolling foothills along the Palmer divide; a little bit of slab; then go SW of Colorado Springs past Fort Carson watching the landscape become more arid and full of bluffs. On the way back you tour the South Park basin which is one of Colorado's three most prominent & beautiful Rocky Mountain valley areas. During this ride you'll pass by the Buffalo Mountain range and return along wonderfully scenic road over Kenosha Pass.

San Juan Mountain Skyway
This ride will take you through arguably the most beautiful sections of the Rocky Mountains as you follow a circular path through southwestern Colorado. You will pass through historic mining towns, national parks and forests and world-class ski resort areas. On this trip you will see the San Juan Mountains, home to many of Colorado's elite group of 14,000 foot mountain peeks. Along the way you will see red-rock canyons, lush river valleys, hot springs and majestic mountain peaks and an area known as the 'Switzerland of America.' Bottom line is BRING LOTS OF FILM ON THIS TRIP!!!.

Timing your trip to see the Aspens in their fall glory will make this trip even more special. These lovely Aspen groves provide a heavenly blanket of golden hues along the Uncompahgre Gorge.

The Walden Loop (courtesy of Greeley HD&Yamaha)
Absolutely breathtaking is the only way to describe this trip. This route will take you across the Continental Divide twice at two different locations, past mountain lakes and through Poudre Canyon and along the Poudre River as well as across nearly deserted roads with little or no traffic. It is an all day trip (might be better as a two day)not only due to the distance traveled but also due to stopping for incredible views. An occasional moose, elk, deer or Bald Eagle will also cause slight delays. Take two days and enjoy the beauty. No need to rush on this trip!!!

The Steamboat Scream
This route takes you from one of Colorado's largest and most beautiful mountain lakes to town of Steamboat Springs Colorado. You will start out at the South end of Lake Granby. From there you can see the mountains of America's most beautiful national park - Rocky Mountain National Park. Start out in Grandby Colorado on 40 heading West. Along this part of the route you will see some of Colorado's old railways and initially pass through some relatively dry terrain. You will pass through some very small towns of Hot Sulpher Springs and Parshall and then to on to Kremmling. From there the route turns North (still on 40) and the scenery begins to open up with large valleys and awesome looking isolated mountain peaks. As you get closer to Steamboat you will begin ascending into the mountains and the Arapaho Nat'l forest. The scenery really "greens up" with lush forest and some lookout points that you need to pull over and checkout. You'll then crest at Rabbit Ears Pass (see if you can find why it got that name) and begin a slow descent down toward Steamboat springs. Shortly before you exit the mountains you'll see one of the nicer valley views off to the West. The route ends when you pull into Steamboat and can take advantage of a world class ski town's off season activities and attractions. This route has a great variety of different terrain to see. Lakes, dry mesas and mountain peaks, to lush forest and awesome valleys.

Morrison to Fairplay - Round Trip
Too many mountains and parks on the way to mention, beautiful Mountain Meadows with many small towns along the way. Plenty of well-known places along the way, including Little Bear in Evergreen, Evergreen Lake, Conifer with the famous hot-dog stand, Pine Junction and Bailey, Grant with close-by Guanella Pass, Kenosha Pass with great hiking, Jefferson with Tarryall Reservoir and Jefferson Lake, Fairplay with South Park and views of 14-ers as far as the eye can see.

Pine Junction to Woodland Park: Route 67
There is lots of things to see along this route, you travel along the South Platte just outside Pine Grove, and then climb out of the valley for some stunning vistas and windy roads. Then you will head back down into Deckers and cross another river. You will pass through several burn areas including the High Meadows and the Hayman. As you near Woodland Park there are several opportunities to capture Pikes Peak.

Highway 77 to Colorado's Mini Devil's Tower
The scenery is wonderful. All kinds of wildlife were roaming the day we rode. This is particular stretch of Colorado mountain road covers some flat terrain but has multiple rock formations along the way. One looked like a small version of Devil's Tower. Also along the way you'll pass by and want to check out the Tarryall Reservoir.

Grand Mesa - Colorado State Route 65
Western Colorado desert canyons to high mountain forests, 50 mile vista's, wildlife. Breath taking is the word. Hard to keep your eyes on the road. Bring a camera. About 1/2 through National Forest.

Peak to Peak Highway
Depending on which canyon you start with you will go through some of the most spectacular mountain scenery close to the Denver-Metro area. The National Scenic Byway Program describes the Peak to Peak Highway as "The showcase of the Front Range. Less than an hour from Denver, Boulder, or Fort Collins, this 55-mile-long route provides matchless views of the Continental Divide and its timbered approaches. The string of popular attractions along the way - Rocky Mountain National Park, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests, the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Eldora Ski Resort - combine recreation with nature preservation. The gravel roads criss-crossing the main highway lead to high-country lakes, trailheads, campgrounds, the Moffat Tunnel's east portal, and ghost towns at Hesse and Apex. Established in 1918 this is Colorado's oldest scenic byway."

Poncha Springs Loop
October colors are great and the varies from hills and plains to rocky and steep mountainsides. You'll be riding through Rocky Mountain high country in south central Colorado and travel through portions of the Gunnison National Forest. The highlight of the ride is route 114 ... a true pleasure to ride and take in the scenery!

Independence Pass (State Route 82)
Typical dense forest at the lower elevations with endless switchbacks. Ghost town of Independence near the top of the pass. Breath taking views of the famous Maroon Bells area of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Independence Pass crests at 12,095 feet so you know you'll be taking in some great views of the Rockies!!! River canyons to ride in and lots of pullouts to take pics! The following was contributed by "Marcus (TheHog)" in Sep of 2014: It is an awesome ride from Twin Lakes to Aspen. Spectacular scenery with plenty of photo opportunities. There are numerous places to safely pull of to the side stretch the legs and take some pics! At the beginning of the ride wether you are starting in Aspen or starting from Twin Lakes you will have winding tree lined roads. Twin lakes is very off the beaten path. Not many tourists. As you climb to the top of pass you will encounter steep and sharp switchbacks with breathtaking views of the Continental Divide. The pass is above tree line, so the surrounding terrain is alpine tundra. Open grassy expanses are occasionally broken by low shrubbery and bare patches of rock, particularly on the steep slope to the north. Snow lingers in some areas year-round.

The Black Canyon Run
The scenery ranges from scrub desert to alpine aspen groves, with spectacular views of the incredible Black Canyon down below. It begins at the Blue Mesa Reservoir and rides along a shelf of mesas and mountains sides diving in and out of canyons for miles and miles. Make sure you bring your camera for this one!

The "High 5" to Mt. Evans
Mountain tops! You are looking down at most of Colorado's mountain peaks! This is the highest paved road in the US! Goes over 14,264 feet. Get near the edge and she's quite a thrill! Not for the faint at heart! But something to see! Lower elevations is typical dense forest switchbacks. You will soon go above the tree line and while the area is barren, the vista you can see is amazing!

Lovely Litchfield Loop
On this trip you will pass through the beautiful Litchfield Hills area of Connecticut. You will see many well preserved historical towns as well as outstanding New England scenery. Portions of this trip were including in the Reader's Digest guide to the Most Scenic Drives in America.

Rolling hills, peaceful lakes and streams, waterfalls and quaint towns make this route a strong 4 star scenery rating.

The Northern CT Border Run
This route brings you through forests and farmland along the MA/CT Border. It is a great Leaf peeping Route! And, the roads are quiet and mostly good.

Northern CT Appalachian Mountains Ride
This ride brings you along the North West border of CT, across top of the Appalachian trail, and then along it, as you travel South. The route is a long loop, and you could turn it into a nice weekend trip, especially if you have to travel a bit to get out there.

Delaware Coast Short Run
On this quiet 2-lane road you'll run along the Delaware Bay coast, passing thru coastal estuaries (the wide mouth of a rivers into which the tide flows) and farmland. From start to stop, there are many side roads leading to the Del River to stop and take great pictures! It goes from farmlands, to wetlands!

North Tampa Circuit
On this route you will be taken out into the open country of north Tampa. After just a short distance, you will hardly realize that you are still in Florida. The scenery on this route includes many horse & cattle ranches as well as orange groves. If you take this route in the springtime (March) when the orange blossoms are blooming, you will definitely smell the sweet aroma of oranges wafting from the groves. Florida is not really known for being hilly, but there are a few places along this route that will surprise you with panoramic views of the countryside.

Scenic Inland Ride from Oak Hill to Port Orange Beaches
A nice motorcycle ride featuring in a curvy road through many farm towns with pastures and the like. The southern half of this route specializes in nice rural Florida riding!

The Taylor Creek Nature Preserve Excursion
Nice very Scenic Route that is also a nature preserve. Good road to take a look at when you are heading to the east coast or coming back. Lots of pasture land with nice wooded spots.

Turnbull Bay Loop
This Florida motorcycle ride takes you through some pastures, fields, tree lined stretches of road, and other common Florida scenery. It has a nice inter-coastal ride towards the end of the route.

The Daytona Loop
Awesome, wetlands. Mixed with some breath taking tree covered roads. Nice river, and small swamp/marshlands. Update added by boss338bar on 8/21/12: You ride alongside the Atlantice Ocean on A1A. The Highbridge section takes you through some twisties along tributaries of the Tomoka River. Then you tavel through the Tomoka State Park forest with trees over hanging the road.

The Sleep Hollow Run
This is a very rural ride, that spends a lot of time crossing scenic pasture land and forested areas.

Indian River Lagoon - Short Loop
For anyone who has just started cruising, this a great route to take. It has a great balance of open relaxing highway, and rural road that's just enough. For the experienced cruiser, this route offers the right amount of scenery and is just long enough! I've been running this route for thirty years and it's never gotten old. You'll love it!

Starting from Fort Pierce, at US-1 and Seaway Drive (A1A), go East to the beach. Turn right onto S. Ocean drive and you're on your way to a 12 mile run of unspoiled highway. (Once past a few beach-front homes,) this is "cruising"!

At about fifteen miles you come to the Jensen Beach "round-a-bout". (If you decide to head West here you shorten the route by about ten miles...) But keep going South. Just before the first bridge, (at the conv. store) you'll see the first traffic light in 21 miles. Head over the two new Bridges and turn right (North) on Indian River Drive.

(NOTE! the speed limit on this section is 35 MPH! People have been stopped, (but not ticketed) for going 38 MPH... And, ticketed for 40!

Once past there, you're going North, along the Indian River Lagoon for more than 18 miles. You'll pass through Jensen Beach, a few railroad "whistle stops" and come back into Fort Pierce and the beginning of the route..

Route 27 - Back to the Farm
Beautiful scenery of an animals natural habitat. Large farms, rolling hills, green pastures, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and even llamas. Cowboys on horseback are common on the leg between Perry and Mayo.

Northwest Orlando Hill Country
Long rolling hill straight-aways, plenty of room to twist the throttle. Citrus groves, lake side drives, bridges, and some hilltop views. Overall, this is a great half day ride that takes you along the western edge of Orlando, just far enough to get away from the tourists and traffic. The ride around Mt Dora is great, lots of long rolling green hills and citrus fields. The view on both sides of Lakeshore Drive is great. 19 is the funnest stretch of the ride as it drops down to a 2 lane country rode with more citrus fields, lots of greenery and the bridge over Lake Harris in Howey-In-The-Hills. When you get down to 27 you can really open it up and just cruise. LONG tall rolling hills and straight-aways with great views from the hilltops. Stormy Hills Harley is along the way if you need a place to stop along with wineries, pick it yourself citrus groves, and every type of restaurant you could think of. I wanted to take some pics of this ride but I forgot to charge my camera that day. Bummer... next time.

St Augustine to Guana River State Park
This ocean drive along the northeastern Florida coast offers what many people hope to find in the Sunshine State -- access to unspoiled beaches. The beach is significant not only for its panoramic views of the Atlantic, but also because of its tall barrier dunes, anchored by long-rooted plants and trees. This type of towering dune has largely disappeared from Florida's beaches--flattened for development, or for better ocean views, or by storms. This drive also visits an adjacent manmade lake that offers excellent fishing and picnicking opportunities in a little-known state park that shelters bobcat and osprey. You will pass also pass oceanfront homes built on stilts so floodwater can run underneath. And you'll see Guana Lake which is a manmade impoundment teeming with waterfowl, shorebirds, and wading birds, as well as alligators and otters. In winter up to 4,000 migratory ducks, American coots, common moorhens, and common gallinules blanket the lake. You may even be lucky enough to see visiting white pelicans.

Gulf Coast Cruise
This route takes you from the hilly beginnings of the Appalachian Mountains (in Tallahassee) through dense forests and finally along miles and miles of prime Florida coastland. This Florida route rates second only to the Rte. 1 along the Florida Keys in terms of scenery.

Over the River and Through the Woods
Great ride through winding and hilly terrain through some beautiful pasture lands that turns into the natural beauty of the state forest and the green swamp preserve.

Merritt Island to New Smyrna
Gorgeous ride through the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. Lots of open road and many migratory Birds. Plenty of places to stop and see nature such as Haulover Canal. Not far from Playa Linda beach. Connecting to State Rd 1 through Oak Hill to New Smyrna Beach. Plenty of Ocean view.

The Ozello Trail Ride
Water, twisties and lots more water. This great hidden little route just about 60 miles north of Tampa and offers some great Gulf Coast riding. Lots of great side roads to explore as there are many other roads to ride in this area. Lots of water & Great for pictures and having lunch at Pecks Port Cove. Let me know and I would love to make the ride with you. I am 5 minutes from the road -

Green Swamp Tour - Northeast of Tampa
A scenic tour of the Green Swamp Preserve and some nice rural roads. Allow two hours for the ride plus gas and food stops. The Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve is an official Florida protected area found in the adjoining corners of three different counties - Sumter, Lake, and Polk. This is a large preserve consisting of 560,000 acres of wetlands, flatlands, and low ridges. Sections of the area are bounded by well defined and visible sandy ridge lines. The rainwater that flows across the surface to help form the headwaters of four major rivers: the Withlacoochee, the Ocklawaha, the Hillsborough and the Peace. The protected status of the area and as well as the nice collection of natural water bodies combine to form a nice quiet & rural feel that motorcycle riders from all around the area ride in to enjoy.

St Augustine to Flagler Florida
This ocean drive along the northeastern Florida coast is what many people think of when they think of the Sunshine State. White sandy beaches, small restaurants, and pubs, a Caribbean laid-back atmosphere.

Swan Lake Road
This short but sweat 2.5 mile run will take you through some terrain featuring scattered palms and oaks just a few feet from the road. A few older homes exist between quiet streams and clay boulders.

Scenic SR-13 (just south of Jacksonville)
Heading north or south along SR-13 the St Johns River is often in plain site. There are numerous small communities as well with several parks. Lots of live Oaks and other shady trees make this a great ride.

Trovelhead's Thunder Canyon
On this route you will be riding along roads that lead to the TN River. You will also be riding along the outskirts of the beautiful Natchez Trace State Park.

The Sugarloaf Mountain Ride
The Sugarloaf Mountain Ride is a favorite among central Florida Motorcyclists. With it's hilly inclines, and tight corners, Sugarloaf Mountain offers a dramatic change of landscape from the normally flat terrain of Florida. The trip began as a standard drive out of Orlando, northbound on Florida state road 441. As we distanced ourselves from the city traffic I noticed more people riding motorcycles and exchanging friendly waves. The scenery becomes more wooded and sparsely populated once you get to the northern side of Lake Apopka, but the real ride begins on Old Country Road 561 -which is situated on the western side of the lake. This road and Old Country Road 455 make a nice loop around Sugarloaf Mountain, complete with winding curves and rather steep inclines for Florida. Atop the Mountain you can look to the east and see Lake Apopka, as well as the Orlando skyline on the distant horizon. To see more pictures on this motorcycle ride, see a web page by the contributor (Sam).

Naples to Key West
Don't expect a technical challenge, this ain' t Deals Gap. This ride is about scenery and wildlife. On the plus side, there's lots of opportunity for spirited throttle twisting in reasonable safety on the Tamiami Trail from Naples to Homestead. Watch for gators, snakes, and turtles. From Key Largo to Key West, it's all about the water. Parts of this stretch will take your breath away, and the relaxed pace along the straight road provides ample Zen. Once in Key West, it gets crowded and corny. Check out the southernmost spot in the USA and high-tail it out of there. The return trip is just as nice!

Animal wildlife and an airboat along the route Update contributed by hitekhillbilly (March 2013): Once you meander your way through south Florida traffic, and get into Florida City, its around 20 miles of mangroves, then all the way from Key Largo to Key West, awesome views with the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Gulf of Mexico on the other.

Sugarloaf Mountain - The North Approach
Scenic views and winding twisties and S curves abound. Lots of tree covered lanes, and open roads passing pastures and orchards. Nice view of Lake Apopka from the top of the mountain. If the weather is clear, you may be able to see downtown Orlando, or even as far as Cape Canaveral.

Late Lunch Cruise Down South
This is a trip of good open road riding. Very good scenery of rural GA farm and pasture lands mixed with several small southern Georgia towns.

Georgia's Dragon - The Suches Loop
The route is in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chattahoochee National Forest and drives around the base of Georgia's Blood Mountain. This is an exceptionally beautiful area in the fall as the foliage turns into a picturesque tapestry of red, gold, and green. And you'll have some incredible views up there as you pass through three mountain passes along the way: Neel's Gap, Hester Gap, and Stonepile Gap. If you want to get a feel for the views up there, visit a couple of the web cams from the nearby Brasstown Bald observation points.

US Hwy 17 - Darien to Cumberland Island
Lots of scenic marshes and rivers along Hwy 17. At the end you'll enjoy Georgia's largest and southernmost barrier island - Cumberland Island. This national seashore is described by its National Park Service website as having Pristine maritime forests, undeveloped beaches and wide marshes. It also goes on to explain that "Cumberland Island contains four major historic districts and 87 structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as the oldest known ceramics in North America and shell middens from early natives."

Northern Georgia Scenic Byway Loop
You will be traveling along a couple different official US Government designated scenic byways on this route so you know it's got to be beautiful. You'll see Georgia's tallest mountain and travel through the Chattahoochee National Forest. The area is very hilly and the forests are thick. There are also many waterfalls in the area. The best time to check out this area is in the fall.

The Extended Suches Loop
Plenty of picture opportunities on this trip! The first half of the trip allows for National Parks and 'Gaps' to pull off and see the mountains. This makes for a great Fall ride during late Oct or early Nov. Lake Burton is a beautiful cabin lodge looking place that will get you taking group photos with the lake in the background. The water is clear and fish are usually feeding right off the dock. The second part of the trip is more flat lands and a chance to wind down from the excitement of the ride and a full belly at Lakeside Grill.

Some of the wonderful scenery you'll see

Bainbridge, GA to Chattahoochee, FL
Travel though the Old South seeing beautiful pine forests and open fields with cows and crops. This trip will take you to Jack Wingate's Fish Camp with great views of Lake Seminole and will end in the small town of Chattahoochee, FL. A highlight of this trip is when you stop at the landing to get a good view of Lake Seminole.

Talking Rock to Dahlonega - Route 136
Breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge region. In the winter, Amicalola Falls may be seen briefly from about 10 miles away.

Blue Ridge to Ellijay
Really nice scenery on the northern side of this route and especially nice when you pass through the Fort Mountain State Park area.

Cloudland Canyon Ride
Elevates from the valley to the top of Lookout Mt. Excellent valley views. Cloudland Canyon is a Georgia State Park with Great long distance views. The setting on Lookout Mountain has fascinating historical significance as it is was a vital & significant high ground in the Civil War and near where "the worst defeat of any Army in the history of the United States (at Chickamauga)" took place.

Boise to Sun Valley
The scenery begins about 10 miles outside of Boise on highway 55 and continues well past Horseshoe Bend along the Payette River until one turns east and travels toward Garden Valley. The climb in the road winds along cliffs that are nearly 500' to the bottom. Once you reach the end of this road, you head east on highway 21 all the way to Stanley which boasts the Sawtooth mountain range as its backdrop. Most riders gas up at the Chevron before continuing their ride to Sun Valley, which is an additional 63 miles south. The scenery around Stanley is phenomenal, and as you arrive in Sun Valley the sight of million dollar homes welcomes you.

The "Blow You Away" Idaho-Tour
This road begins as route 97 following a lakeshore south for the first 35 miles. It is all big mountains on one side and lake views on the other. It changes onto a rolling hill type farming and logging scenic area for a good while before turning into a beautiful river following ride till turning into a high desert with great views changing once again to a farming area ending in the city of Boise. I have traveled all over the U.S. and Canada and live in Alaska and I am still blown away by the scenic beauty of this ride. You'll pass through multiple national forests including - St. Joe National Forest and Boise National Forest and Nez Perce National Historical Park.

River of No Return Driving Tour: Riggins to White Bird
Characterized by the river it follows, this ride winds through the Salmon River Canyon from Riggins to White Bird. If you come during May/June, be warned that it's salmon season and much of the roadside near Riggins is literally packed with vehicles and bank-side fisherman - slow down and use care until you get out of town. Crossing Time Zone Bridge just outside of Riggins, moves you from Mountain to Pacific zone (be aware of the time change) and puts the Salmon River on your left, where it stays for the rest of the drive. From here, you head into the close, sheer rock cliffs of the canyon which is home to eagles, hawks, falcons, river otter and a number of historic markers. The traffic is slower going, but it's just the right speed to enjoy the wildlife and rugged scenery. This stretch of 95 can reach higher temperatures in the summer, so we suggest you bring plenty of drinking water. Coming out of the canyon, you move through the close mountain foothills and down into Salmon River Breaks until you pull into White Bird. Between June and September, the river is full of brightly colored rafts paddling through sparkling white water rapids. White Bird Grade isn't included in the official stretch of scenic road but you don't want to miss it - plan to drive up and down - the panoramic view of White Bird Battlefield is breathtaking and the curves are the stuff of legend; Along the Route: Salmon River of No Return, Time Zone Bridge; Near the Primary Route: White Bird Grade, White Bird Battlefield/Nez Perce National Historical Park, Nez Perce War Interpretive Site.

Spokane Valley to White Pine Scenic By-way to St Maries Idaho
The scenery varies from wheat country to mountains and along the St Joe river. After you get on US-95, the ride from there is mixed wooded scenery and rolling hills until we reached Potlatch. Not long after going through Potlatch we hit the White Pine Scenic By-Way. Fair scenery but lots of curves to test ones Moto skills. We gassed up in St Maries and boogied along the St Joe River. Very scenic with lots of sphincter snapping curves. This took us back to Plummer and from there we headed to the Barn.

Highway 21 - Boise to Lowman
Gorgeous drive. After passing Lucky Peak Reservoir past the rolling hills and into the mountains. Cool stops along the way overlooking canyons, reservoirs and valleys. A big part of the fun of this ride was all the wildlife that we saw, deer, elk, turkey, fox, and coyote. However there is an inherent danger in that as well. Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy.

The Lolo Pass
This route covers one of the most beautiful sections of the Lewis & Clark Trail as it winds through the Rocky Mountains of Idaho and Montana. As you ride through the Lolo national forest, look for whitewater rafts on the Locsha and Selway rivers. You'll also see numerous steaming hot springs flowing down the hills along the way. Watch out for deer and mountain goats crossing the highway at random intervals.

Salmon River/River of No Return
Follow right on the edge of the twisting Salmon River (HWY 75) in central Idaho from the top of the Sawtooth Mtns to the desert! This is a great route in one of the deepest canyons in the US. You are not riding at elevation like the Beartooth. You are at the bottom, right beside the river, and the curves and drop offs are endless. Just a great enjoyable ride!

Hayden Lake Rd (near Coeur d'Alene)
This is a narrow twisting mountain road that circles Hayden Lake. This is a nice short cool ride on a hot day with nice views of the lake, country homes and forest lands.

The Southern Caribou National Forest Loop
This route makes a near perfect loop through and around the southern half of the Caribou National Forest. It starts and stops in far southwestern Wyoming but spends the vast majority of its miles looping through beautiful southeastern Idaho. It offers a great diversity of scenery that will have you driving through beautiful rugged mountain ranges, some wide-open spaced cattle country, untouched open fields, and even sections of desert expanse.

The Idaho/Montana Scenic Triangle Loop
Scenery on this route is amazing from start to finish! Excellent views of Lake Coeur d Alene and depending on the time of year you may see nesting Bald Eagles. Up Hwy 3 there are many lakes where blue heron are often seen. After turning right on I-90 you'll cross wetland areas with forested mountains in the background. Along the Coeur d Alene River Rd, there are steep canyons and continuous river views. Winding up the twisty mountain road over Thompson pass the views are breathtaking of the Panhandle National Forest. Heading down the pass on the Montana side the road twists down through a peaceful valley into Thompson Falls. The next leg follows hwy 200 and the Clark Fork River to Noxon. North on the Bull Lake Rd the views just get better with mountain valleys and high peaks on both sides. Turning west on hwy 2 you will travel along the Kootenai River to Bonners Ferry where you will have some spectacular views of the Selkirk and head south to Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced "Pon-duray"), Sandpoint.

Boise to Twin Falls - Mountain Peaks to Lava Fields Tour
This route simply offers some of the most stunning views in the entire American West. Bring plenty of film ... you'll need it. Along this route you will see vastly different landscapes and topologies that are characteristic of the American Western frontier. During the first part of the drive you will travel through a deep canyon and then through lush green alpine forests while viewing portions of the Rocky Mountains. In the middle you will travel through numerous mountain passes and by rivers, lakes and streams. By the end you will be see stark lava fields and finally complete the tour with a view of a refreshing waterfall.

The Devil's Tail
Riders from all over the world come to Hells Canyon to ride this famous motorcycle road. Located in Hells Canyon, this is the deepest motorcycle road in North America. 2000' deeper than the Grand Canyon. The road gets it's name from the fact that it forms the base of the Seven Devils Mountains and the eastern wall of Hells Canyon. The scenery is out of this world. Makes Deal's Gap look like child's play. Bring your camera and enjoy a special ride only a experienced by a few. There is a blog you can read about it: see you there, ride safe.

Starved Rock Run on Rt 71
The area is relatively very hilly for Illinois, with thick woods, and deep ravines at certain points. In the fall it's especially beautiful with the fall color changes.

Rock River Run
A wonderful example of "small town Midwest" coupled with beautiful shots of nature as the route hugs the Rock River. Rock River features sections of rock formations and ravines. A statue of Chief Blawkhawk sits high on the bluff overlooking the waterway.

The Oswego to Starved Rock Run
Ride some low-congestion two-lane blacktop and get away from the city congestion. You'll see many farms, an ultralite airfield, a competition go-cart track and a beautiful state park.

Mt. Carroll to Elizabeth
this road has lots of trees and rolling hills. it has a couple of sharp curves, so be careful andwhen you get to the top on the hills, you'll be able to see for miles. the road opens up tobeautifulfields and long swooping curves. you'll go by an old cemetery andalso achurch. Be careful going around the curves because you'll see wild turkeys and other wild game. bring the camera

Blackjack Road (Galena to Savanna)
Rural road that twists and undulates for almost 15 miles. A couple of great views of the Mississippi River if you're headed south. Update contributed by Freebird3767: This route takes you through dozens and dozens of twisties and sweepers along the best that northern Illinois has to offer. Many scenic views of the Misssissippi River Valley, many pulloffs for pictures. The elevation is roughly 1000 ft.and you'll be travelling up and down 500-600' constantly. Summer is great, but fall colors in northern Illinois are amazing. A very fun ride but not for the newbies.

Peoria River Ride
This trip will take you through central Illinois, mostly flatland with a few twisty's, and for the most part, 2 lane roads. The trip will take you across the Illinois river into Peoria with a trip along the river and back across into the small town of Lacon. Here a quick trip to Julie's Fudge Shop is sure to put a smile on everyone's face. Later on you will get up close and personal with a wind turbine farm. Just have to see one of these bad boys up close to appreciate there size. The route is a connected loop so you can "jump" on anywhere in the route and still see everything.

Another of my wife's barn pic's

Scenic Mississippi River Byway
Fabulous Mississippi River scenic views along entire length of road.

Illinois Ultimate Scenic Rivers Route
Scenic river road. Mississippi River views and bluffs at south end. Then mostly farm and river countryside north of Grafton. A beautiful combination of the Great River Road scenic byway and part of the Illinois River Scenic Byway roads. Fast Eddies Bon Air in Alton

Shawnee National Forest
This area is called the Illinois Ozarks located in the very Southern Part of Illinois between the Mississippi River and Missouri on the West and the Ohio River and Kentucky on the East. The area is very hilly with numerous lakes, bluffs, cypress swamps and caves. There are unlimited scenic views of the area from the hills and cliff tops.

The Three Corners Scenic Loop (Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa)
This rides scenery offers everything from rolling cornfields, small mountains, roads along the Mississippi river, lots of small towns and an Illinois stage coach trail. A great sample of some of the best scenery from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. You'll also see some nice Victorian style homes along the way.

Mississippi River Levee Triple Loop
On this route you'll start out by cruising high above the surrounding areas as you drive a series of Army Corps of Engineers flood levees. Along the route are quaint little farms and patches of woods. Later the route takes you into and up on some huge cliffs that parallel the flood plane. These cliffs are actually limestone bluffs that rise a couple hundred feet above the flood plain and parallel the river for much of its path through Illinois. This part of the route is extremely beautiful in the fall due to the colors displayed by the surrounding woods. The route then descends and leaves the bluffs and takes you northward where the road rides next to base of the huge bluffs for the remainder of the route.

Scenic Ridge Route
Scenic vistas, rolling hills, farms. Exceptional fall foliage. Starts out at the beautiful Mississippi Palisades State Park.

Elizabeth Scales Mound Road
Scenic vistas, rolling hills, farms. Exceptional fall foliage. Charles Mound, highest point in IL. just north of town of Scales Mound. In my opinion , probably the most scenic fall foliage road in this area. When you get to one end don't hesitate to turn around and head the other way on it as the views differ each way.

Route 37
Fields, open road, light traffic, small towns is what you'll see if you decide to exit I 57 and take IL state route 37. We enjoy the short jaunt from Mt. Vernon to Effingham.

Thomson Loop
The trip starts out in rural Sterling Township with views of local farms and gently rolling hills. The closer one gets to Thompson the more dramitic the vistas and views become. There is at least one state nature preserve on the way, signs will direct, for those who want to get out and do some walking or exploring of the local landscape. Overall this is just a nice farm country ride.

Hot Turkey Run
Most of the scenery on the Illinois portion of this route is farmland. The Indiana portion provides elevation changes, twisty roads through thick forests and small towns for the occasional respite. Turkey Run State Park has incredible scenery if you just take the time to get off the bike and explore. It's loaded with gorges and ravines and plenty of great nature trails.

Rockton to Savanna
On this route you will become one with the landscape. Rolling hills, valleys and plenty of trees will make you forget the stresses of your daily routine.

Galena/Freeport Loop
Go from the prairies to the "mountains" of Illinois while enjoying some really winding roads with great scenery and riding thrills.

Great River Road
The Mississippi river is on one side, and typically there are bluffs, caves, beautiful farm fields, wetlands or something beautiful on the other side to see. The road is all paved and it takes you through a lot of small river towns. You'll see LOTS of bikes along the way as well as boats on the river. As far as wild life, you'll see plenty of birds and even bald eagles at the right time of year! At several places there are ferries that you can take west across the river if you are heading back to St. Louis. The following addition was contributed by Sparks in March of 2014: Soaring Eagles and the Piasa Bird are but two of the many rewards riders find on the Great River Road, North Saint Louis Branch. 15 miles of winding two lanes up and two lanes back along the rolling Mississippi River between Alton and Grafton, Illinois provide a feast for every human sense. Most folks will begin and end their ride in Alton, Illinois. If you have folks coming in from other locations, a really good rally point would be in the parking lot under the cliff mural of the great Piasa Bird just as one passes the lime stone quarry at the very beginning of the Great River Road.

Southern Illinois Circuit 1
This trip takes you through the southern part of Illinois. A stop at Garden of the Gods south of Harrisburg then down to Elizabethtown on the Ohio River. From the extreme south east side of the state you head west nearly to the Mississippi. Heading north from Anna on old Rte 51 through Cobden and Carbondale then finishing with a tour through Giant City State park before ending in Marion.

100 Miles from Charleston to Vincennes
As with most of Illinois, the scenery consists of farmland and few trees. However, as you work your way further south on this route the more the scenery and elevation changes for the better. You'll enjoy it!

The Mt. Carroll to Galena Run
The beginning of the route is somewhat bland compared to the section after Savanna. The first section takes the rider through some bluffs, with some good hills and some nice views, but the second part is the best! It is here where the ride follows the Mississippi pretty closely at times and offers very nice scenic views. Keep in mind that after the rider turns onto Rt20, there is an overlook tower that provides some intense scenery viewing opportunities. Overall, plenty of bluffs, curves, trees, hills, and general great views on this trip.

Also, please watch traffic and wildlife, especially wildlife on either of the recommended stops. And, if you go through the abandoned Army Depot, look for the signs warning you of explosive devices. They are kind of funny, but extremely serious. Just stay on the beaten path, and you will be safe.

Summer on the Rivers
Most of the first 30% of the ride is typical farm country road views of farmhouses and pastures. Occasionally, the small town at 25-30 mph. Once across the border and into Beloit and beyond, the view becomes pure Americana; from the enduring beauty of the river-front life to the occasional small-town local rural lifestyle. If you keep your eyes open, there are plenty of types of architectural interests, made me wish I could snap pictures while riding a scoot. A lot of this ride is along riverside, making the temperatures a little more tolerable and excellent for breaking up the occasional monotony of the straights thru farmland. Once you are 30 miles or so into the ride, you will notice the twin smoking stacks of the nuclear power plant in Byron. That's where you make your one real change in direction, from West to North. There are plenty of sights in Beloit and Janesville all ranging from old to new. I have to say that it was hot weather in middle July, but certainly a "top 3" ride.

Mattoon to Peoria Grand National
We mapped out this route to get us up to the Peoria Grand National TT race without saddle time on the interstates. The slower pace allows a rider to appreciate the small towns and surrounding farmland typical of this central Illinois area.

Winnie's Favorite Indiana Ride
This ride starts in Bloomington, but the fun starts just south of Paoli. The road winds and twists through the Hoosier National Forest to Tell City. Then follows the Ohio River to the old state capital of Corydon. Then travels past two state parks and back through Hoosier National Forest past Brown County state park to the tourist town of Nashville, then back to Bloomington.

Eastern-Central Indiana Canal Loop
This ride stands out because of its great combination of beautiful scenery, plenty of amenities to get you off the bike and great rolling hills to keep you throttle wrist moving. Portions of this route travel along a section of Route 40 which has been designated by the US Dept of Transportation as an official National Scenic Byway.

Along this route you will see some beautiful river valley scenery as well as a very large reservoir. The route mostly travels through beautiful Indiana woodlands and goes through some nicely kept up old towns where you will see some exciting churches and courthouses.

Photo contributed by a visitor in July 09: "Metamora"

West Central Indiana: Hwy 234 & Sugar Creek Canyon
This ride covers Hendricks, Putnam, Montgomery, Fountain and my favorite, Parke County. One can expect to see carved sandstone canyons, covered bridges, two state parks, quaint old towns with old fashioned saloons, cafes and soda fountains, horse drawn Amish buggies and on any Sunday, a lot of motorcycles. It's easy to see why IN 234 is becoming a favorite among motorcyclists: the scenery, places to stop and visit, and best of all, excellent pavement.

The Crawford-Perry Co. River Loop
On this tour you'll see Horseshoe Bend, the Hoosier National ForestOhio River by passing through the small Indiana towns. The first section covers Corydon to Leavenworth along Blue River and ends with a breathtaking view of Horseshoe Bend in Leavenworth. Continuing along Hwy 66 at Sulphur Springs to Cannelton- winds through Hoosier National Forest and meets the Ohio River in places (you'll see the Markland Dam on the Ohio).

US Hwy 6
Completely rural countryside with some residential areas ... beautiful summer/fall ride.

Troy-Covered Bridge-Bristow-St. Meinrad
The route varies from wide open country side to canopied tree lined roads. Route includes St. Meinrad Arch Abbey and Hoffman covered bridge and . Hoffman covered bridge is one of the few if not only covered bridge in Southern Indiana. When nearing the end of the Bristow-St. Meinrad road it takes a sharp left that opens up on a hillside with a wide vista of the countryside. Off in the distance you can see the Arch Abbey on the hillside in St. Meinrad. .

The Brown County to Ohio River Cruise
This ride will take you through the most beautiful sections of Indiana. The scenery and the roads are top notch and the amenities are very good for a Midwest rural area. Miles and miles of healthy and lush hardwood forest.

Goldring Road, La Porte, IN
Scenery is limited to the wooded area the road was carved through, along with some rural residential areas.

Southern Indiana's Hwy 43
Indiana 43 meanders through the scenic hills and hollows west and southwest of Bloomington toward Bloomfield. Quite excellent! NOTE: A side trip to this cruise is the Bloomfield Viaduct, also known as the Tulip Trestle. Quite impressive, if you like train trestles. You must travel country roads west of Solsberry if you want to see that. Be aware that these are county roads!.

From Santa Claus to Lincoln's Home to the Ohio River
Travel west of of Santa Claus, IN (cool little place!). Stay on 162, to 231 south, to 66 east, follow Ohio River. You'll be traveling the same shady forest and rolling hills area of Indiana that President Abe Lincoln grew up in (Spencer County) and pass by a start park named in his honor - Lincoln State Park. If you like heavy forest on both sides of you, then this is the stretch of road for you. Huge trees line the roadway for about 5 miles. If it's really hot outside, this stretch of road will cool you off because it is completely shaded. The last third of this ride travels along the Ohio River and follows the path of the official Ohio River Scenic Byway.

Terre Haute to Merom Bluff Park
Hills and Hollows with farm land. Merom Bluff overlooking the Wabash River at Merom Park (in Merom, IN) is the highlight.

South-Central Indiana Tour
White River, Dover Hill experience, French Lick (Larry Bird's hometown). Loogootee and Shoals are small towns, but pretty area. Just South of French Lick you'll ride thru a huge lake area, scenery is second to none!

The Old SR 37 to Route 446 Run
The occasional house scattered amongst tree lined Old SR 37. The trees are close to the road and it winds around a lot. Speed limit is 45, but you'd be going too fast for that road if you were going the speed limit, plus you would miss all the good scenery. In many places, the trees are hanging over the road and makes for a tunnel of trees and overall is a tranquil setting that nearly every rider can enjoy. There is a very pretty lake, Lake Lemon, just a few miles away (you would have to take a detour off this route to go to it ... east on Route 45) once you start on Old 37, looks like a scene out of a nature movie. Later on the route, after you get on 446, you'll drive through Monroe Lake State Park.

SR 26 to South River Road
You're basically ride on rural country roads. There is a little bit of city riding, but mostly the ride is in the country. Lots of pretty scenes to see if you're into hilly rides through wooded areas and you'll get some nice river views along the way as well. The route also takes you through a section of the Purdue University Campus ... a very beautiful college campus that is worth a look around if you have time.

South Bend to Four Winds Casino Run
A lot of farm country including some Amish Territory. Small rolling hills and partial lush forest areas as you are on the border between Indiana and Michigan. Fall is an especially beautiful time on this run.

Indiana 52 - Indy to Cincy "Plant Run"
I've made this (round) trip on my bike about 10 times in the last 6 months visiting one of our plants in Cincinnati. The route splits nicely between flat cornfield lined roads to curves and hills on tree lined roads as you near the Eastern Indiana state line. The speed limit is 55 with a few small towns fairly evenly spaced along the route like New Palestine, Rushville, Brookeville and more, but not enough to slow you down too much. You pass by historic towns and sites like the White River Canal locks which were used to raise and lower boat traffic to different levels of the canal in order to traverse the changing terrain. You can also stop and go canoeing in the White River area. I've seen gas stations with horses tied to hitching rails out front on occasion.

Southeastern Indiana Ohio River Run
The scenic route along the Ohio river to Madison has some great views of the river, make sure to stop at Belterra Casino and have a bite to eat and try your luck on some table games. Lots of room in the parking garage to escape some rain if needed. Once you get to Madison stroll the downtown streets with unique shops and a lot of antique stores. The trip back from Madison to Aurora, take Rt 62, beautiful landscape and some great Amish farms along the way. It is one of the best scenic routes I have been on. On your trip back stop by Friendship and see the famous muzzle loading shot.

US HWY 12 Through the Indiana Dunes
A winding two lane highway through the Indiana dunes National Lakeshore. Fall foliage is gorgeous, although anytime of year it is a beautiful ride.

Stagecoach Road
A short jaunt through the heart of the Indiana Dunes. Plenty of wildlife (beware of herds of deer), sand dunes and flora and fauna.

Northeast Iowa Loop
Large Hills and Valleys Gorgeous vistas. This is a very enjoyable loop!

50 Mile White Post Highway Tour
The White Pole Highway reveals plenty of beautiful Iowa Countryside. You'll see corn, beans, and rolling hills of Iowa pasture land.

Iowa's Old Lincoln Highway
This road runs through some of the most serene & beautiful southwest Iowa farmland.

The Hub of the Hills
Iowa's Loess Hills have 220 miles of scenic loops and byways. Only one other place in the world (yes the world) can claim the same rights-of-passage and that is in China. This route is only a hint to what you are about to explore. Murray Hill Scenic Overlook being "one of the best in the hills" is a must see. You can pull off on the edge of the road and take in the view which you can see for miles or you can park in the rocked parking area and hike to the very top and FEEL the experience from a 360-degree view. While in the Hills you will think: Is this heaven? No, that's right, it's Iowa! As you leave the hills and ride along side them you will understand their majestic significance. There's a saying those of us that live here say from time to time, "If you are lucky enough to live in The Hills, you're lucky enough"!

Old Highway 141
It's Iowa. Not much but corn and beans. It's the road that is important.

Poopy's Triangle
The namesake for this Iowa motorcycle ride is Poopy's Pub and Grub which is touted as "Illinois Biggest Biker Destination." As far as scenery goes, this is by far one of the most scenic routes in Iowa, second to only the great river road! One of the scenic and interesting stops is the town of Sabula Iowa. It holds the distinction of being Iowa's only island city. Shortly after that, you'll swear you were in Florida while crossing into Savanna IL and then you get to cross the old metal grated bridge.

Northern Iowa River Run
This route takes you through some picture perfect little dairy and agriculture farms and along side the Mississippi River. You will see old river towns and many of the boats and barges that travel along the old Mississippi. Along the way you will travel next to some giant bluffs that give you a great view of the river valley.

Great Days Run
The Bay of Fundy is the star of this route, and you will see it many times as you make your way along from Alma to Hillsborough. You can also stop at the world-famous Hopewell Rocks and walk on the ocean floor at low tide. This is well worth the time spent. The NB countryside is pretty wild and undeveloped for the most part, and great tracts of forest, lakes and bush are your main traveling companions. Watch for deer, moose and bear along most roads. In Alma, peregrine falcons are sometime seen preying on seabirds. Bald eagles also nest along the Bay so be watchful.

The Beautiful 150 Mile Central Kansas Loop
Beautiful wheat, cornsoybean fields of Reno and Rice county to beautiful rolling hills of Ellsworth, Saline and McPherson Counties. Great trip, weather providing, all year round. In the summer you might take plenty of water just in case and remember to enjoy all the beauty GOD has put out there for you to enjoy!

Gyphills Scenic Tour
This follows the Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway. You'll see great views of Gyphills (AKA Gypsum Hills). This area includes large canyons, red rocks and soils, open country, and grasslands. Scenic Byway noted for the open plains and gypsum hills clear into Oklahoma. Will see occasional turkey, pheasant, quail, deer, and other small animals. Beautiful in spring with wildflowers and fall with the tall prairie grass.

Alabama Highway 159
Nice pasture land, rolling hills, and elevation changes.

Loop from Olathe, KS to Abilene, KS and the Eisenhower Museum
This was a very nice easy ride off the main highways. We made the trip in the fall. The trees were turning and harvest had begun. The Flint Hills are beautiful and there was very little traffic.

North of Topeka State Road Loop
You'll be riding through lots of open Kansas range land and farm land. You'll pass through a few towns with interesting older buildings.

"Pick Your Kansas" on Hwy K4
Pick your Kansas! This road gives the traveler the real rural flavor of Kansas. Hwy K4 will lead you on a nice and relaxed tour of rural Kansas. If you want to see the relatively flat vast pasture lands, head west from Lindsborg on Hwy K4. If you want to see Kansas' hillier side, head east from Lindsborg on Hwy K4 and you'll find mild hills, twists and turns. Going this way and you can be in Topeka after about 100 miles of Hwy K4 driving.

The Seven Bridges Ride - Part 1
Scenery begins with the open prairie vistas of the southern Flint Hills and the Beaumont Wind Farm. Once on Grouse Creek Road the scenery changes to Blackjack Oak forest with bottomland crop fields scattered between. Some areas along GCR are reminiscent of the Ozarks with high bluffs topped by oak trees.

The Southeast Kansas Corner Loop
Easy riding "touring" ride through rural KS and OK. This is a Southeastern Kansas, north to south loop that is very scenic. The ride also extends briefly down into northeastern Oklahoma as it swings through Bartlesville, OK and even touches Missiouri for a brief section as it goes through Joplin, MO and then crosses back into Kansas.

Perfect Flint Hills Drive
In the heart of the Flint Hills and in the last remnants of the Tall grass Prairie drivers can expect green rolling hills as far as the horizon, occasional rocky stream beds, and historic rural America.

"The Old Tin Road" - Old 10 Road
There is a lot of history along this route if you have time to look. Old farmsteads, flint rock fences, creeks, woodlands and prairie. In the early morning and late evening you have to keep a sharp eye out for deer, coons, opossums and other small critters. It is worth the ride to and from to see this road.

The Racetrack Road of Terror!
There are trees overhanging the entire route which makes you feel like you are riding on a closed course ... you really don't have time to look at the Scenery as you are way too busy just enjoying the ride.

US 56 to Council Grove, KS
The scenery good and varied, rural, farming and the east side of the Flint Hills (just enough). Several small old towns along the way. My wife and I really enjoyed the trip!

The Olathe to Cottonwood Falls Loop
To ride in the Flint Hills of Kansas is a step back in time. You'll be riding through rolling hills, covered in tall grass, and pass through Bluestem prairies. The scenery is entirely serene.

Flint Hills Tour
This is the famous Flint Hills area of Kansas known for its stretch of rolling hills located in eastern Kansas.This prairie land is covered in a blanket of wildflowers and tall-grasses.The flowers include sunflowers and coneflowers and the tall-grass can reach as high as 8-feet!This route's beauty comes from its survival from agricultural exploitation.When settlers first passed through this area about 150 years ago they largely left it undeveloped because of its rough and rocky underlying surface.Its limestone and flint foundation made it difficult to plow and because of that it was left untouched by farmers.The northern part of the route offers views of many limestone outcroppings.Heading south the hills stretch out and broad views of expansive prairies will keep you fascinated.

Big Lick Ride/Ohio River hugging loop
This ride is rural America at it's best. This loop ride is on a section of the Ohio river. Barges and river boats are seen regularly. Some foothills for a view or two. Mostly small towns with small quaint shops, Mom and Pop restaurants. Take time to stop and explore. If you go toward I-75 on KY 42 there are some beautiful horse farms. I've been down here 4 times in 2 years and still find something new each time. Stop at visitors center on I-75 and talk to Bruce. He is a rider and can give very good directions.

Route 10 Country Tour
A mixture of farms and small towns, mixed in with valleys, creeks and woods ... overall a nice country setting.

Ohio River View With Curves Tour
You will see dense forest, Ohio River overlooks, flat river bottom land and curvy hills. Overall this is a leisurely day ride filled with beautify scenery, great places to eat and the enjoyment of riding through Western Kentucky. The "written directions" below are filled with more descriptions of what you will see and what things there are to do along the way.

State Route 92
Open vistas of farm houses and barns setting along side meandering brooks. Also canopy covered portions for that far away feeling. This route takes place in the beautiful foothills of Daniel Boone country in southeastern Kentucky just north of Tennessee.

KY Route 62
This road runs east and west through central ky. It has just about everything along it. It passes through several counties and beautiful old historic towns like Bardstown and Princeton. It runs along the Pennyrile state park and crosses over the dam at Land Between the Lakes. The dam has two areas to pull off and watch the boats or just look at the lake. Be sure to keep an eye on the sky in this area, there are several bald eagles nesting along the lakes. This road offers everything from wide open farm land to twist and turns through some thick forest areas, Each county or town has something a little different.

Red River & Nada Tunnel
I think this is one of the most unique rides I have ever been on. You will be riding along the Red River. This was a logging river at one time. There are numerous rock formations and outcroppings to amaze and amuse. Make sure you stop to get a drink at the spring coming out of the pipe along the road (on Rt 77 before the Nada Tunnel). It is the best water I have ever had. The day we rode was very hot and still, a cool drink and head dunk felt mighty good. Riding along the river allows many opportunities to pull off to explore trails or take a dip. Keep your eyes peeled and you will see some big rocks with a ladder on them which you can climb on and jump into river. Now you will come upon the Nada Tunnel. My friend who told me about this route didn't tell me about the tunnel. I really don't call it a tunnel. I say it is a 12 ft. by 12 ft. by 900 ft. hole in a mountain. Take your sun glasses off after the spring as this tunnel isn't lit. This is a slow cruise road, stop often and enjoy nature.

Kentucky Horse Farm Cruise
A solid 5 in this category!!! This route specializes in scenery and road quality. You will see Kentucky tobacco and dairy farms mixed with gorgeous Kentucky thoroughbred horse farms. Many of the farms are outlined in neatly kept black or white plank fences. You will end up descending into the Kentucky River Gorge and have great views of the surroundings from some of the valleys 300-foot bluffs.

Kentucky 80 - Somerset to Glasgow
This is a beautiful ride along highway 80 from Somerset, KY to Glasgow, KY. The ride encompasses many small towns along the way and also gives you a look at many farms throughout Central Kentucky.

"The Harrodsburg to Willisburg Loop"
About as rural as it gets, this road will wind you through cattle farms, tobacco fields and very small country communities. We joke about it being our "mini-dragon".

KY 499 to 52 - Richmond to Beattyville
The scenery along this route consists mostly of Appalachian foothills, small farms and tobacco fields. KY 499 winds beautifully through gentle country. Soon views of the Appalachian foothills will appear on your right. Stay awake though, it is curvy. At Irvine turn right on KY 52. You'll cross the Kentucky River, twist through the depot town of Ravenna, and head into the foothills. The road begins to climb and even switch back with views of sheer cliffs. Beattyville isn't much but fuel was available Note: you can add about 50 miles to this trip with a ride to the north of Beattyville on KY 11 through the gorgeous natural bridge country.

The "18 mile Creek Road" Area Tour
The name says it all. This route meanders through various creeks around the Ohio river and has great views of some high ground that looks out over some horse farms.

A couple of the scenic highlights on this road are on hwy 329 just outside of Prospect on the right. There you will find two large water falls that are beautiful just after a rain. both are 20 to 30 feet high. You have to be looking for them because they are down a hill just off the road. If you park your bike at the top or bottom of the hill you can get to them to take a picture. One water fall is at the top and one is at the bottom.

Note: In the directions below, I suggest taking this ride from north to south (starting in Madison and ending in Crestwood). However, if you take the ride in the opossite path, from south to north, the views are so different that it`s like a totally different ride so I highly suggest you do the roundtrip to see enjoy the different aspects/views.

Run for the Road (Route 415)
The scenery is beautiful rural and green in the spring and summer.

Creole Nature Trail
On this route you will see a wide variety of interesting things such as the Intracoastal Waterway, which is a man made channel that goes all the way from Texas to Florida. The route starts out in flat marshlands. Near Rte. 27 you will see Louisiana oil fields on the western side of the road and the very large Calcasieu Lake on the eastern side. There you will see shrimp boats trying to catch shrimp heading to the Gulf of Mexico. You will pass by three natural wildlife preserves and have ample opportunities to see some of Cajun country wildlife. You will also drive along the coast where Louisiana meets the Gulf. Towards the end of the trip you will be traveling through grasslands and even rice fields.

A Circle around Toledo Bend Reservoir
Beautiful country farm land with a lot of hills and creeks to cross over. Some wildlife, like fox, Bluebirds, and one rancher has a herd of buffalo

River Road to Natchez
A beautiful drive riding the Mississippi river levee. No amenities whatsoever, but no traffic. Beautiful fields, woods, long bridges, views of river lakes and locks.

Fried LiversGizzards
Country; Rolling Hills; Forest; swamp/wetlands. You will be following the Amite River for a good portion and crossing back and forth over the river and hill/valley's that govern it's course. Scenery is in constant flux from open fields to canopy forest. You will be passing through the Homochitto National Forest so just look around. .

Bayou Browsing for the Monkey
This route offers a beautiful contrast of scenery - on the one side of the road are farms and fields yet on the other side is the bayou with plenty of cypress trees and live oaks that absolutely look centuries old. Neat ride - you'll love it.

Route 22 from Sorrento to Ponchatoula
Awesome scenery. Especially when you run along the Bayou.

The Dover, NH to Poland, ME Loop
This is the quintessential New England ride. Passing thru a few small Maine towns and passing by one of Maine's largest lakes (Sebago). The trip starts in typical mill towns and moves into rolling farmland. Some of the trip is on open roads and the rest is forested. A lot of spots to pull off and take in the view - you'll want to take your time on this on and bring a camera!

Boston to Maine (Coastal Routes)
Everything from City Skylines to beach! As you get out of the city to smaller towns you'll see forests, fields and marshes. Once you cross into ME, you are met with Coastal Areas and Beaches, with roads like 103E and Rt 1A that hug the coast. If so inclined you can continue on Rt.1 through Kennebunkport to Rt. 9 up to Old Orchard Beach which also hugs the coast.

Note: bring along some warm clothing if you can. Even in Summer, the winds and temp can get a bit chilly since you'll be on the coast with lots of sea breezes blowing. It seems like as soon as you cross the ME state line, the temp seems to drop 10 degrees!! lol!

Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway
Wind through the mountains and lakes of western Maine on the Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway. Step back in time and treat yourself to spectacular scenery, outstanding recreational opportunities, abundant wildlife, local museums, and quaint New England villages. Slow down, relax, and enjoy nature's abundance at every turn.

Mount Desert Island Loop
This route is located on Mount Desert Island, which is home of Acadia National Park. The park has dense forests 1,530 ft mountain and plenty of shoreline driving. While on the island, make sure you travel to the top of Cadillac Mountain to get a great 360-degree view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Route 113 Border Cruise - from Gilead to Fryeburg
Twisty road with lots of tree cover. You'll be passing through the stunning White Mountain National Forest area and the beautiful scenery along the NH and Maine state line.

73/131 Rockland - Owls Head - Port Clyde
This route winds its way along the beautiful shoreline of Maine.

Northern-Central NM Loop
None better, especially in the fall. Rocky Mountains, National Forests, and high desert. Route can be shorted or modified for any length and desired scenery.

The Sebago Lake Ride
Lots of Maine countryside, a huge lake, great camping spots. Antiques, old houses, and more in Kennebunk. You can make this a good overnight trip by finding a place to stay around the Lake, taking the afternoon to explore, and taking in Kennebunk on the way home the next day.

Northern Route 201
This ride covers the most scenic section of the Kenebec River Valley along the western Mountains of Maine. The highway is etched into the side of the foothills snaking along the river with a view of the mountains across the river. Watch for wildlife, especially on the second half of this trip, an alternate route back is route 15 from Jackman to Moosehead Lake through Rockwood and Greenville to Abbot, then right on Rt16 back to 201. A nice ride, some small sections of the Rt need some repair but not real bad, all in all a nice ride. Makes the total trip about 130 miles.

Maryland Panhandle History Run
This route specializes in scenery, history and some great motorcycle roads. You will be traveling along the nation's first attempt at a federal road that was built back in the early 1800's to encourage settlers to journey into the new frontier to the west. It is known as the 'Old National Road' and along this route you will see one of the few remaining toll-gates designed to help pay for upkeep of the road. Settlers would use this road as their launching point for destinations as far as Oregon, San Francisco, Santa Fe, and Colorado.

This route also covers ground where young 22-year-old George Washington led British troops against the French. This act lead to the beginning of the French and Indian war which was one of the factors leading to the England's policy to tax the colonies. It was this 'taxation without representation' that provoked the colonist to rise up against their English King leading to the Revolutionary War. And as if completing a circle it was George Washington who led the colonist to victory and the birth of the greatest nation on earth.

This route also passes by the Antietam National Battlefield. It was here where the bloodiest day of battle (September 17, 1862) was fought in the entire Civil War. You can learn about the battle that took the lives of 23,000 men at the visitor center and tour the battleground on your bike or on foot.

The scenery on this route is outstanding because of its path through the Allegheny Mountains in the Maryland panhandle. Much of the route takes place near rivers, creaks and in valleys and you will be able to see some waterfalls. Past the town of Cumberland the route takes you up against some 1,000-foot bluffs.

The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Loop
This motorcycle ride meanders around and through Maryland's scenic eastern shore and through the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Area. The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge area is home of about 30% of Maryland's overall tidal wetlands. The area is generally flat and offers great vistas over the water. You may be able to see some great wildlife scenes ad the refuge is a waterfowl sanctuary for birds migrating along the a crucial section of their migration path known as the Atlantic Flyway. You'll pass through farming fields as well as forests containing both evergreens and deciduous trees.

The Falls Road and Prettyboy Tour
Beautiful scenery, in the fall the colors are magnificent. Take your camera, wildlife abounds in Prettyboy Reservoir.

Catoctin Mountain and Frederick County
Very beautiful scenery with many stretches in nice cool woodlands. You can also find several covered bridges just off the main route. Carroll County, MD is one of the prettier farm counties in the State of Maryland. Thurmont, MD is near Camp David and Catoctin Mountain Park (CMP). CMP as many trails and fishing. Route 550 is a very pretty road with several fruit stands. Thurmont also has several good country stylerestaurants.

Ride to Salem, Gloucester, and Annisquam Village
The North Shore is a terrific place to spend the day, or a weekend. With several scenic towns, beaches, whale watches, museums, deep sea fishing expeditions, and more; the north shore offers diverse natural wonders, from salt marshes, to rocky coves. And, it's all a short ride from Boston.

From Mass to the Americade (in Lake George, NY)
We are planning to attend Americade, the biker weekend in Lake George, NY, in early June. This is the route we plan to take, since it includes some great scenery in 4 states, good roads, and great places to stop. You go through mountains (Green Mountain National Forest in VT), see covered bridges, ride along rivers, great farmland, and travel along 3 designated scenic routes. You'll end up at Lake George, NY which is in the beautiful Adirondacks. You can't beat it with a stick! This isn't the quickest route there; however the point of the ride is fun, and scenery. Hope to see you there!

Mowhawk Trail (route 2) - North Adams to Greenfield
Great scenery. You start out in North Adams and proceed east to climb a small mountain. At the top there is a Native American gift shop where you can pull off. There is an incredible view of where you started in North Adams from here. The road proceeds through forest for several miles and then follows along the banks of a river for another 10-15 miles.

Monadnock Run
Great Ride. Start in eastern suburban MA, and work your way through scenic southern NH.

The Shelburne Falls Loop
If you take Route 2W from the Boston area, and follow it past the Connecticut River, you will see signs for Route 2A Shelburne Falls. Once you get past Athol, MA, Route 2 is pretty. Shelburne Falls features the Bridge of Flowers (fantastic), and lots of shops. For a longer ramble back, allow for a few hours, and take a route that brings you along the Quabbin Reservoir. There's stops for vistas, forests, little hidden villages, and it's a great route for a hot day, as the Quabbin acts as a natural air conditioner.

Overall, you'll see lots of motorcycles on RT 202, as its a favorite ride. Not so many cars, though. There's lots of great stops to make, and some great ice cream stands in Petersham which is great. Central MA has some stunning old towns, and gorgeous farmland. Not much traffic makes for a relaxing ride. Bring your camera along!

Nothern MA and Southern NH Ramble
This takes you through some of the prettier towns northwest of Boston. No traffic, aside from Rt 2, and plenty of places to stop, to take a snapshot. Lots of forests, farms, and orchards to look at. This is a good gentle day ride, which brings you through some lovely towns and forests through the central north area of Massachusetts. There's a bit on 122 North that gets somewhat smelly in the warm summer months, due to the dairy farm that's right next to the road. Otherwise, you'll enjoy the different sights, and revel in the quiet beauty of the ride.

Back roads from Boston to Wells Beach and Ogunquit Maine areas (MA, NH, ME)
You mostly go through small towns, and forests on this route. You avoid the shore, until you get into Maine, and your destination.

Essex to Salem Coastal Cruise
This route lies only about 20 minutes Northeast of Boston and gives the motorcycle rider a great look at Massachusetts's 'other cape' (vs. Cape Cod). It specializes in scenery and amenities.

This route specializes in coastal scenery, cute little east coast towns and some really impressive coastal mansions along the way.

Wachusett Reservoir Area
Forests, farms, and a honking big Reservoir. Lovely tiny town centers, and some of the best farmland to be seen near Boston.

Plymouth, and the South Shore
Beautiful small towns, lakes and the shoreline. Plymouth is a great destination for eating, shopping, and historical sightseeing.

The Massachusetts Berkshires for a Long Weekend
The best of Massachusetts scenery, excluding the shore. A great trip for foliage watching. Mountains, Farmlands, Rivers, Villages, and no traffic.

Tri-State Country Tour (MA, CT, RI)
This route brings you from forests, to farmland, to the shore. Mostly along roads without much traffic; though to cut back on road time, look at my alternate start.

Cape Cod at its Best
Excellent road with twists and turns on 6A. You'll love the scenery as you loop around the entire Cape Code Bay! Pleanty of beach/bay areas to see as well as quant towns along the way. The route ends in Provincetown where you'll see Race Point lighthouse built in 1876 and STILL operational!!! There are many place to pull over and enjoy the scenery. Scargo Tower in Brewster is on. The tower overlooks Cape Cod Bay and gives you stunning vistas.

A Sane Route to Cape Cod (from MetroWest Boston)
This route is designed to provide a safe, sane, and less congested route to Cape Cod. Except for the deck around the bridges (which you cannot avoid), it's the best way to get down there.

Quabbin Reservoir Loop
The Quabbin Reservoir is HUGE. By looping around it, you get a sampling of forests, views, farmland, and sleepy little towns..

Route 119
If you start in Groton, MA, You can follow RT 119 pretty much into Brattleboro VT. The road winds into Southern NH, through some pretty towns and farmland, and then into Brattleboro, which is just over the NH line. It takes less than 2 hrs. There's some pretty Falls at the Ashburnham State Forest, if you want to stretch your legs.

Shutesbury Area "S-Curves"
Very nice New England back roads with classic New England scenery including streams and lakes. You'll pass by Wyola Reservoir and end up at Leverett Pond. Overall, a very nice scenic drive!

Southcentral Massachusetts Tour
We found this route a terrific alternative to riding on RT 20, with it's endless stoplights. It's a great day-long ride through the countryside.

Central Michigan Excursion - Grand Ledge to N. Higgins Lake (US127 Alternate Route)
If you want to by pass US-127, here's a route to take. Very little traffic with some curves. This ride will take you about 4 hours. The south part of the trip is mainly farm country and you end up at N. Higgins Lake State Park. Then it has some curves as it goes along the Pine River. North of Clare you will be going through forests and farm country until you reach scenic Lake Higgins.

Marquette Palmer/Gwinn/Crossroads
Best part of the route is between Palmer and Gwinn on M-35; Great wilderness scenery; a waterfall you can view from your bike seat at Palmer; fun twisty hilly road without a lot of traffic. You can see part of the Empire iron-ore mine near Palmer.

Manistee to Traverse City; Lake Michigan Shore Tour
This is a very nice route which is mostly wooded and hugs the Lake Michigan shoreline for most of the trip. On this route there are many scenic outlooks, Sleeping bear dunes, lighthouses (including the Grand Traverse lighthouse which you can tour). There are nice small towns on bays and inland lakes, farms, wineries, ski slopes, and be sure to stop in Leland on the Leelenau Peninsula for a historic fishing village. There is a good chance to see some wildlife especially whitetail deer along the way as well. Left: Grand Traverse Lighthouse sign; Right: View from Grand Traverse Lighthouse

Southern Michigan Tour via Route 12
Nice rolling open country roads, some small towns, but not too many to kill the ride.

Tunnel of Trees Road
This road hugs the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan through a dense forest. On one side you get glimpses of old summer cabin homes tucked back in the forest and on the other side you get brief glimpses of the Lake Michigan shoreline. This is a very narrow and twisty road that runs through the dense forest of trees and is literally one of those roads that you always see photos in travel magazines that make you crave to drive down. You look ahead of you down the narrow tunnel of trees road and cannot help but wonder what will be around the next curve. If you are on 18 wheels it would be a nightmare, if you are pulling a camper it would be a hassle, if you are driving 4 wheels it would be wonderful. But, if you are driving 2 wheels, it is the road that you always kind of dream of finding. Additional Scenery description from May 18, 2011: Beautiful ride along the Northern Michigan coastline. Becomes an ideal fall ride during the color change - an absolute must for any enthusiast!!! You can start this route as far south as Petoskey. But as you ride North around the harbor you go through the town of Harbor Springs and head up the coast and this is where things really get good. A very scenic tour of the Northern Michigan coastline and a very serene ride. Best time of year is during the fall color change - September is prime riding time! Plenty of places to stop for pictures or soak in the view.

Copper Harbor Run (Keweenaw Peninsula)
Riding the Ridge of the Keweenaw Peninsula to view vast overlooks of Lake Superior, as well as hugging the shoreline to see miles of beach and forest! There are sections of the road that travel some 500 feet above the Lake Superior shoreline and great places for you to stop and take in the spectacular views! You literally drive yourself to the end of the world.

Brockway Mountain Drive

Michigan's West Coast Winery Tour
Routed along the old connector between Detroit & Chicago, (predates I-94) through many small villages and townships. Lots of small town charm.

Ride Round the Thumb
Once you get onto scenic highway M-25, north of Port Huron, the sense that "you're somewhere else" really takes over. The hwy takes you close to Lake Huron quite frequently, as well as pastoral farm scenes as the road twists following the contour of the thumb. You can do this whole route as a day trip, or stay overnight in Port Austin and enjoy some of that good 'ol Michigan hospitality. Either way, it's a great motorcycle ride.

Michigan's "East Coast" Cruise
This is a great route that hugs the Lake Huron shore as it makes its way up the coast towards Upper Peninsula Michigan.Michigan is one of the more scenery-blessed states in the Midwest and this route shows you a wide variety of what the state has to offer.Not only will the scenery keep you smiling but the pretty little resort towns and impressive beachfront homes (both old and new) will also give you plenty to gawk at.

Red Arrow Hwy / Blue Star Memorial Ride
Art gallery, craft stores, Lake Michigan, Red Arrow Hwy, Blue Star Memorial Hwy.

From Coldwater To Hell
This route takes you from Coldwater, MI to the interesting "Hell", MI. US 12 is formerly known as the Saulk trail. This road was first a path used by the Indians as the major route between Detroit and Chicago.

Notice the many road stone markers that are positioned off of the road up on the right or ways that was used back in the day to mark the road when the road was in disrepair travelers would depend on the markers to help the guide the way.

Heading east from Coldwater, Stop by Cement City. There is a motorcycle dealership adjacent to a motorcycle bar.

Traveling Further east on us 12, you will drive right by Michigan international race track. On non race weekends, you can drive right through the track complex.

Now this is where the riding gets good...

Going north on 52 past Chelsea, the roads in the Pinckney State Recreation Area are probably the best riding that Michigan has to offer. They feature tight twisties and wilderness rivers and lakes. The entire Pinckney Rec area paved roads are all good to ride.

Big Bay Road (County Rd 550)
Big Bay Rd/Co Road 550 runs between Marquette and Big Bay. It goes thru the foothills of the Huron Mountains and along Lake Superior in upper peninsula Michigan. LOOK OUT FOR THE DEER. Don't let the albino ones through you for a loop either.

The Incredible North Shore Tour
Ocean-like views of the "Big Lake", open up from the heavily forested Saw-Tooth Mountains that run along side the shoreline! Work your way up along the spectacular North Shore shoreline, past numerous rivers and waterfalls, state parks and the Superior National Forest! Fantastic!! Too much to detail in this limited space, so suffice it to say this run will blow your doors off (if you had them :-)!! End at the Canadian border! . Lutsen Lodge

Highway 61 - LaCrescent, MN to Red Wing, MN
Ride along the Mississippi River - most beautiful scenery I've ever seen, been to 28 states, nothing like it !!!

Menahga to Emily Through the Chippewa National Forest
This route takes you through some great wooded areas, past lakes, through some farming country, and back into the woods. Ride it in the fall to catch brilliant foliage changing. Watch for eagles and deer (both are abundant). You'll be traveling through Chippewa National Forest for much of the journey.

The Welch Village Twisties Run
You'll be going through a valley that at times feels like being in the mountain valley out west. Overall beautiful scenery and would be even better in the fall with the leaves are changing.

Ely-North Shore - Hwy 1
This is Northern Minnesota at its finest! Entire length of run is within the Superior National Forest. You'll see most of the best scenery at the end of the route once you reach the north shore of Lake Superior.

Bluff Country Run
This route includes part of the "Historic Bluff Country Scenic Byway". Excellent scenery along the river between Lanesboro and Rushford. Lots of photo op stops.

MN to Sturgis Run First Leg - I-90 West
Mountains are along the western edge of the Mississippi, and a good place to stop and take pictures. Gentle mountains. Lots of deer along the way to look at, not much other wildlife. The ride startes out along the Mississippi, but quickly veers away from it. My honda Magna, and the mountins west of the Mississippi, when you go to the first stop in Minnesota.

Northwoods Scenic Byway to Scenic State Park
This route has been designated as one of the 100 US National Forest Scenic byways by the US Government. This is one of the best motorcycle routes in Minnesota if you love outdoor activities and incredible scenery. One of the best things about this route is you will travel through a wide variety of scenery and there are many side roads begging for you to explore and find your own motorcycle routes. Along this route you will start out traveling through thick hardwood forests bustling with oak, aspen and birch. The scenery along this section during the fall will simply amaze you. As you travel north you will slowly see more pines come into view. There are even some 200-year-old white pines that tower above the forest and provide ideal nesting for bald eagles. Along the route you will pass by lake after lake, each one teaming with fish and wildlife. The animals you might see include whitetail deer, black bears, geese, duck, bald eagles, beaver, osprey and if you're lucky you may see one of the very few trumpeter swans in the area. The bottom line is you will love the scenery along this route � in the fall you will be even more entranced.

HWY 60 Harwood Forest Tour
Lots of hard wood trees as you'll be driving through the heart of the Richard J Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest. The path also parallels the path of the Zumbro River. HWY 60 runs from the Eastern part of MN to the Western part and is a great ride across the state with great stops along the way.

Backwoods route from Benndale to Monticello
Many farms, pastures, long stretches of woods and great smells.

"Home of Blues" tour on US 278
The scenery is flat farm land, with little traffic. Different from where I am from so I enjoyed the difference, also the people are very friendly.

Natchez Trace Parkway
On the southern end of the route the forests consist of oaks, pines, beeches and magnolias that gather tightly together and create a dense shade over the underlying ground. Driving along this route in the Spring and seeing the budding dogwoods and redbuds you will know why this is one of the US Department of Transportation's group of elite 'All American Roads'. You will see many of the trees are covered in drapings of Spanish moss that give the forest an eerie Cajon look. The route follows a famous 8,000-year-old pathway that led early Indians, warring armies, Spanish conquistadors and early American settlers to their destinations. It is also the path that boatman used to return to their origins in the Midwest. These boatmen would maneuver their boats down the Mississippi River to deliver their cargo to places such as New Orleans. Then, rather than attempt to return their boats by fighting upstream, they would sell the boats for wood and walk back to their home states along the same path as this route ... as far as Kentucky and Ohio. This process continued until steamboat travel, around the year 1812, became a more safe and favored means of returning up river. Along this route you will see 'Little Mountain' which oddly enough is one of the highest points in all of Mississippi (603 ft).

Half Hour Hoot!
This route winds through part of the Holly Springs National Forest. In the fall it's a beautiful ride. Crosses the Tippah River at Highway 4. Just a few chances to open up the throttle, But it's mostly gradual curves, nothing to sharp for the beginner.

Gulf Coast at Its Best
This route will start you out in southern Alabama and take you down along the Gulf Coast of Southern Mississippi and into the tip of Louisiana as you cross the Mississippi/Louisiana border heading into New Orleans. You'll start out in lush, green coastal forests and then make your way to the coast of Mississippi. Once down in Mississippi you'll drive along the beautiful Gulf Coast and see the Gulf, beaches, bays, inlets, rivers, lakes, and marsh areas. Once you pass Ocean Springs and cross over the bay and enter Biloxi you'll see a series of huge world class casinos where you can pull over and give the Casinos your hard earned money, or take some of the money they took from poor soles like yourself ... or maybe just eat at one of their outstanding restaurants and buffets. More casinos are available in Gulfport and/or Bay St. Louis. After leaving Biloxi/Gulfport/Bay St. Louis you'll want to head west and take in some more of the coastal scenery that continues as you enter the Mississippi river delta area and enter into the city of New Orleans where you'll find the world famous Bourbon and Canal St. areas. There you'll find more restaurants, pubs/bars, and arts/craft stores than you will know what to do with. You'll also probably see things you didn't expect to see to ... but that's another story. ***The lush trees aren't so lush, but the damage from Hurricane Katrina is pretty interesting and not something you see everyday! There are about 6 or so casinos re-opened and ready to take your money or make you richer.

The Clarke County Pine Forest Run
You'll be driving through Clarke County's pine forests, small creeks, peach orchards, and pasture land.

Route 21 From Forest to Philadelphia
Mostly low hills and farmland ... you'll get a nice taste of central Mississippi countryside. The only communities of any size that the road runs through are Sebastopol and Dixon..

Old Port Gibson Road
This route offers lots of trees like the Natchez trace but not much on scenery ... its one of those roads you take for the thrill of the ride & road.

Natchez Trace Escape - Windsor Ruins, Route 552
Riding the Natchez Trace is truly a ride through history (see Natchez Trace listing) however, it is not really a motorcyclist's "dream road." Low speed limits and long straight sections, with trees and more trees, can make a motorcyclist's throttle hand twitch for something new. In Mississippi, get off the Trace and ride on Route 552 for a while. As an added bonus, stop along the way and explore the deserted ruins of an old plantation.

Natchez Trace side trip to a Ghost Town - Rodney, MS
A ride to and through a virtual ghost town (Rodney, MS) with a fascinating history ... along the way you'll be exploring the backwoods of the Mississippi River. Expect to see deer, turkey, and Elephants (just making sure you're paying attention). At the end you'll make your way into historic Rodney, MS (which dates back to 1715)was once a port on the Mississippi River. It was significant location during the civil war. A cannonball remains wedged in the front of the church. An old cemetery is also of interest and should be explored. Many of the roads you will be traveling were used by troops during the civil war as well. .

Red Bluff (AKA "The Secret Pearl River Run"
You'll like the scenery on this one. Its very hilly and woody!

Highway 100; west of Washington
Ride through Missouri's rolling farmland and small country towns along the south side of the Missouri River.

The Jefferson City Sedalia Half Day Loop
This is some of the most beautiful scenery central MO has to offer. Winding roads, fields, trees and the Missouri River are what you have to look forward to. The stretch along the Missouri river will make it all worth while.

World Famous 'Tail of the Newt'
Seasonal Scenery depending on taste. Green farmlands through the summer with fields of corn, soybeans, tobacco and the odd family farm plot.

St. Louis / Il Bluffs / MO Mining Country Loop
After riding through about 10 miles of industrial wasteland in East St. Louis, Cahokia and Dupo, the route follows the Mississippi River flood plain below the river bluffs from Columbia, IL to Prairie du Rocher, IL. Nice flat road in Illinois with good views of the fertile bottom land. Stop at Ft. Chartres State Park (colonial era restored French/British fort). Great place for a picnic lunch. Continue along the Bluff Road to the Modoc Ferry to Ste. Genevieve, MO. Beautiful rolling hills and gentle curves along Missouri routes 32 and 21, passing through the lead mining region, before returning to St. Louis.

Pack a picnic lunch if you plan to do this trip in one day. Its an all day affair, at least 6 hours.

Missouri Wine Country Tour
This route starts right outside of West St. Louis and takes you through the beautiful Missouri River Valley and into the best wine-country in the Midwest. After the wineries stop near the town of Herman, you can continue on for another 50 or so miles if you like the route's twisty turns and hills (full trip).MotorcycleRoads has designated this route as a "Buried Treasure Route" because of its outstanding balance of scenery, motorcycle-road quality and amenities.

Along this route you will see some of the best scenery that Missouri has to offer. The route hugs the Missouri River and you will view the river at different points along the route. Because of the fertile river valley land, the area is filled with picture perfect farms and wineries. There are also large limestone bluffs that the river runs next to at points giving you some great photo opportunities. These bluffs rise as much as 400 feet above the Missouri River.

From Hannibal MO to Louisiana MO on 79
This route hugs the banks of the Mississippi river and offers a very nice country setting with park like wooded areas and a couple spectacular vistas of the mighty Mississippi.

Hwy 19 from Hermann to Winona
I doubt you will find better scenery anywhere in Missouri. It's especially great once you get south of Salem and especially in the fall after the leaves change.

Hwy 106 - Ellington to Houston
On this route you will travel through Ozark National Scenic Riverways. The route takes you from Ellington, Mo to Houston, Mo and you should plan on taking a few detours if you would like to see more of the countryside. A trip north on Hwy 19 from Eminence will take you to beautiful Round Spring along the Current River. At Round Spring head back south on Hwy 19 - the views are completely different. On Hwy 106 about 8 miles west of Eminence be sure to take a break at Alley Springs - well worth the stop. In the spring the dogwoodredbud trees bloom profusely; during the summer it is shadycool; in the fall you'll observe leaves of red, gold, orange, and burgundy ... just beautiful. Note: Route 21 is a wonderful motorcycle road as well (you can find route 21 heading north or south out of Ellington). This ride can be done in one day; however you might prefer to make a two day trip in order to make it a leisurely ride. There are many things to see along the way. And many alternate routes - just get out a Missouri map and plot your way - most of the lettered (A,B,C, etc) county roads are excellent motorcycle roads (just be sure to check the map as some of them dead-end).

Southwest Missouri Corner Run - Hwy 90
Good Ozark scenery - bluff overhangs, rivers with rolling hills and hollers.

The "Big MO" River Ride Loop
South side of the River Hwy 224 runs right next to the Missouri River where you'll get some good views of the river flowing. Later the road scenery changes (when you get on Hwy 10 & 210) to mainly farm country and some nice easy riding.

Hwy 21 South to Elephant Rock State Park
Leaving south from St. Louis you quickly hit 2 lane winding road with a relaxed feel. Many turn-offs allow exploring the start of the Missouri ozarks. Elephant Rock State Park and a few miles further Johnsons' Shut-ins State Park are great place to relax and hike or take a dip in the river.

HWY 42 between Vienna and Belle
Everything from open fields to deciduous woods - neat Streams, farms, a small one-lane bridge...

Central Rural Triangle
Scenery is typical Ozark Plateau. Rolling hills give way to stretches of farmland and sweeping river valleys. High elevations in the road allow great views of the surrounding terrain. Nearby Bennett Springs has a large crystal clear spring that pours fresh water into the adjacent Niangua River.

Highway 125
The many hills of the Ozarks, as well as the wide variety of vegetation, makes this a really enjoyable ride. Travels a good bit through the Mark Twain National Forest. This is one ride not to be missed!

Cascade to Holter Lake along the Missouri River
On this route you'll travel along the Missouri River Valley where the road hugs the river and you get some fantastic views of the rock cliffs and outcroppings that surround the river. It goes from good to great as you make your way into the Holter Lake area and take in this magnificent lake.

Going-To-The-Sun Road
For mountain climbers, reaching Mt Everest is the ultimate claim to fame. It is in a remote area and very difficult to get to, its known for its cold and snow, and it provides some of the most challenging climbing in the world. For motorcycle riders, this route, Going-To-The-Sun Road is the MT Everest of continental US motorcycle-routes. It lies in a distant remote part of the United States near the Canadian border. It takes crews two months in the late spring/early summer to simply clear the road for travel. Snow banks up to 8 feet can line the road at certain points as late as July and August. And it has some of the twistiest turns and steepest elevation changes of any paved road in the US. You won't be disappointed by driving this road!!! This route goes from one end of Glacier National Park to the other end crossing through a magnificent section of the Rocky Mountains. The scenery as you can imagine is among the best in the WORLD. You will see jagged peaks, crystal mountain lakes, immense glaciers, unbelievable valley views, waterfalls, alpine wildflowers, meadows, streams and possibly alpine wildlife (mountain goats, elk, deer, squirrels, gopher, hawks). one of the countless incredible scenes you will see

The Wonderful 141
This route features wonderful Montana cattle-farmland across the Garnet Mountain range from US 12 to MT Route 200 (I took it South to North). You'll see beautiful unspoiled pasture lands with picturesque mountain backdrops. I took this route in the late spring and was in awe of how green and lush the grasslands were. About ½ way through the route I came upon this breathtaking reservoir (wasn't marked with a name/sign). Later the route spills over and through a massive valley and finally ends as route 141 runs straight into the side of a mountain where the road T's into MT Route 200.

Rt 200 through the Helena National Forest
On this route you'll start out in lower altitude prairie environment and then begin to enter vast foothills with sporadic trees. As you rise up into the higher mountain elevations, the forest will become much thicker and you'll be weaving in and out of mountain top's and ridges as you cross the Helena National Forest area. Also during the route you'll cross countless rivers and have many opportunities to pull over and explore beautiful Montana mountain territories on foot if you'd like.

Beartooth Pass
This road will curl your hair. Lotsa UP and DOWN, little guardrails, awesome scenery. You couldn't build a better route than this one! Expect to see as many bikes on this road as cars! Everything from incredible mountains, dense forest, rivers, rocks to snow and tundra. And a whole lot of "straight down"!. Photo contributed by visitor in May 09: "Beartooth Pass In August 2008."

Missoula to Swan River Valley/Flathead Valley and Back
Scenery is excellent! On the first leg of the ride, you will be surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges with snow capped peaks on either side. Thick pine forests and mountain lakes are scattered throughout the ride, providing excellent places to stop and take in the scenery. On the east side of the road, you will see the Bob Marshall Wilderness with all of it's jagged peaks and dense forests. On the west side, you will see the back side of the beautiful Mission Mountain range.

The second leg of the ride winds down the east side of Flathead Lake, providing for some spectacular riding and breathtaking scenery. Cherry orchards line the route. In the later summer, be sure to stop off at one of the cherry stands and enjoy some fresh Flathead cherries.

Once you get past Flathead Lake, you will be graced with the spectacular Mission Valley, with the Mission Mountains sticking high above the valley. There are many places to pull off and take in the scenery along this road..

Highway to Heaven - Route 56 Loop
This is a great day loop or overnight. Roads are best from May 15 through September, if the weather holds out. You can call the Golden Nugget Tavern to find out what the roads are like in the Troy area (406) 295-4433.

Lots to see as you follow along the Kootenai River, Bull Lake River, then the Clark Fork River, and finally alongside Lake Pend Oreille. Curving roads with mountains on all sides. Best stopping points / side trips are Ross Creek Cedar Grove on Highway 56 (side trip) and the Moyie Springs Bridge overlook on Highway 2 near Moyie Springs, ID.

Scenic Route From Big Timber to Great Falls
Lots of farm land and distant views of mountains and wildlife between Big Timber and Harlowtown. Plenty of mountains from White Sulphur Springs To Great Falls! There is a Milwaukee Road Railroad museum with lots of strange looking electric railroad equipment that was way ahead of it's time. The road from Harlowton toWhite Sulphur Springs is rough in spots but still passable at reduced speeds. The road from White Sulphur Springs to Great Falls has lots of mountain scenery and places to turn off and take a break. There's a ski area long the way to Great Falls. The scenery speaks for itself!.

The Yaak & Lake Koocanusa
This is one of the most scenic wild roads in the northwest. From Hwy 2 you'll head up the Yaak River Rd. passing the Yaak Falls on your right. This is heavily forested terrain with an abundance of wildlife. Marshy meadow areas are home to moose and a Black or Grizzly bear may be seen when the huckleberries are ripe. Several herds of elk can be found in the basin along with a multitude of deer. As you climb up over the pass on FS rd 92 you will have excellent views of Montana, British Columbia, and North Idaho. Once you're over the pass you'll have some excellent views of Lake Koocanusa and further south, Libby Dam. So much to see, but you'll need to keep your eyes pealed for those furry creatures. Note: this route can be connected with several other great roads depending on your starting point. We start from Coeur D'Alene, ID heading up Hwy 95 to Hwy 2 to reach Yaak rd. On the way back we take Hwy 2 west from Libby to Bull Lake Rd heading south, then west on Hwy 200 into Sandpoint and South on 95 to get back to Coeur D' Alene. This is approximately a 430 mile loop, a great ride on a long summer day. .

The Lewis and Clark Caverns Run
There is a little of everything on this ride. Between the flat land riding and going through the hills you will take in river riding and see lots of cliffs and mountain views along the way to see. Just a nice peaceful drive in the Helena area.

50 Miles of Bliss - Garrision to Helena, MT
You will see some gorgeous scenery on this run as you cut across a stretch of mountains from Garrison, MT to Helena, MT. The scenery up there is just fantastic ... ideal highland territory. You'll find yourself with a new found urge to figure out how you can buy a patch of that land and build a little cabin where you can spend the rest of your days taking in sunsets and sun rises. The land up there is a smorgasbord of endless mountain/hill tops, quite gentle pastures and Disneyland like/too good to be real canyon walls outcrops. If you take the route from west (Garrison) to east (Helena) like I did, a real treat will unfold as you come towards the end and begin to descend down into Helena as there is an amazing mountain valley that unfolds before you. My guess is this route is eye watering beautiful in the fall when the leaves change colors because there are a lot of Aspen and Birch trees up there lining the many rivers and creeks you'll pass.

US 89
Great mountain scenery through Paradise Valley along Yellowstone River. You'll see Pronghorn sheep, eagles, mule deer, bears (maybe). This route runs thru Absaroka mountains. For some special scenery divert onto E. River Road which returns to 89 after 15 miles or so.

Highway 12
Rolling hills with great views of rural scenery.

Hwy 2 Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway
This trip takes you from the sandhill grasslands in the northwest corner of the state across the prairie going east. This is wide open country with slight hills and the Nebraska National Forest about mid trip. Nebraska Rt. 2, the Conestoga Scenic Byway, starts in the northwest corner of the state (in the Ogalala National Grasslands) where it junctions with S. Dakota Rt.71 (Buffalo Gap National Grassland). This is wide open country just south of the Black Hills in S. Dakota. As you travel you see the same scenery the early pioneers saw traveling by Conestoga wagon (prairie schooners). Alliance, Nebraska, is the first sizable town you'll come to. It was settled in the 1800s by German immigrants whose ancestors still live and work there. This two-lane road offers easy riding and huge vistas. Occasionally, you'll see trains traveling along the railroad which parallels Rt.2. We're talking long, long trains. About midway through this near 360 mile trip you'll come to the town of Broken Bow. The town is a major cattle shipping area and when the wind is right you know it. As the locals say: "That's the smell of money!" Leaving Broken Bow you continue until Rt.2 ends in Grand Island and civilization. The further west you go, the better it gets! Highway 2 moves with the natural landscape of the sandhills so well, giving the rider lots of long banked turns, hills and descents, and just enough straight road for you to gawk around for a few minutes before the road swings around another turn.

US 20 (Northwest Nebraska)
This route has a lot of scenery to offer - rock outcroppings, mini-mountains, sand hills, pronghorn sheep, mule deer, coyotes. Much better scenery than might be expected in Nebraska!

Highway 75 Along the Missouri River
Runs along west side of Missouri River. Hills and some great views!

The Platte River Run
This route follows the same path as the famous Oregon trail and if you get out and walk around at some of the parks along the route you will actually see wagon ruts left from all the pioneers heading west. Overall it is a pretty route, has some nice amenities for those of you who like nature and the roads are nice for bikes by Nebraska standards.

The scenery along this route is among the best in Nebraska. You will start out in the plains and end up in some nice rocky canyon like areas. Nebraska doesn't have all that much to offer in terms of scenery but this route is one of the better, that's why I gave it a four star rating.

Red Rock Ramble
Located about 20 miles outside of Vegas, this route shows you some killer scenery and fairly good motorcycle roads. If you live anywhere near Vegas or are passing through you need to checkout one of the coolest routes around. The name says it all Red Rock Canyon. It has some freaky looking rocks that have been formed over millions of years and get their unique shape due to their geological makeup.

Valley of Fire Loop
Awesome scenery throughout the ride. Views of unusual rock formations and parts of Lake Mead are visible from several parts of the route.

Reno to Lake Tahoe Loop
From peaceful cattle grazing meadows, with no traffic in sight to steep twisty Cliffside roads climbing up to Lake Tahoe. Postcard vistas abound, if you dare look. Fortunately there are many turn offs to allow for breath catching and photo shooting. The most glorious views of mountains and valleys, and of course Lake Tahoe, which for this prairie boy was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen on two wheels. The route travels through two national forests: Tahoe National Forest and Yoiyabe National Forest.

Old Hwy 50 - "The Loneliest Road In America"
On this route, you will see the Nevada desert and all its beauty. As you travel over several different mountains and into several different valleys, the mountains and rock formations are breathtaking and kinda makes you think about what used to be out there millions of years ago. It's not uncommon to see wild horse running through the open valleys or even seeing the occasional rattle snake slithering across the road. If it's tall pine trees and green scenery you are looking for, this is not the ride for you!

Reno, Virginia City, Carson city Loop
On route 341 "Geiger Grade" which starts in the Truckee meadows and ascends rapidly through a series of hair pin turns and long sweepers to the "ghost town" of Virginia City. There are many panoramic views of the valley below as well as the Sierra's on the opposite side of the valley. From Virginia City you descend rapidly connecting with hwy 50 to Carson City, the state's capital. After leaving Carson City you travel 4 miles north on Hwy 395 to Washoe Valley once exiting Hwy 395 you turn left and go under the freeway and take the frontage road approx. 1.5 miles north and turn left onto Franktown Rd. Where you will see many pastoral scenes as well as where many of the well to do folks reside. From Franktown road you turn left back onto the frontage road and go past Bowers Mansion a state park. This was a mansion built by a man that made it big during Virginia city's' Hay day. Proceeding north once again you will turn left back onto hwy 395 where it will be a short ride back to Reno.

Rt 1A - The Seacoast Highway
Starting at MA state line, 50% of this ride is directly on the waterfront. Nothing between you and the crashing waves! A classic northeastern coastal run.

New Hampshire Backroads Tour - Route 13N to 114N
Absolutely beautiful back road scenery. Rivers, lakes, fields, farms, nice people, animals, parks.

Kancamagus Highway (AKA The Kanc)
About 60 miles north of Concord you will find a kick-butt route off of Interstate 93 that travels through the White Mountains. The road is officially called the Kancamagus Highway (pronounced kank-a-mah-gus) but it is more often referred to as the 'Kanc.'

This is officially known as the highest roadway in the northeast and reaches altitudes of nearly 3,000 ft above sea level. The route is probably the most famous route in all of New Hampshire and one of the most famous in the entire northeast (particularly for fall foliage tours that feature rolling mountains that appear to have blankets of patchworks of gold, orange, red, and green). The area it drives through a gorgeous streatch of mountains in New Hampshire known as the White Mountain National Forest. The path takes you over a mountain pass and and there are many pullouts that you need to take the time and STOP & ENJOY the many diverse views (rolling mountains, river beds, thick and lush woods, etc). This route is also especially beautiful in the spring when the area's many waterfalls are at their peak of water flow as the winter snows melt, spring flower begin to appear, and the buds on the trees start to show. On this route you'll also take in some great river views because the route follows a river called the Swift. For more information and updates check out the Unofficial Guide to the Kancamagus Highway .

Route 118 from Warren to Lincoln
Route 118 travels through a BEAUTIFUL forested stretch of valley through the White Mountains. It is almost all thick, lush green forest area. However there are a few points where there are openings to where you can see very nice views of the surrounding mountains. In May of 2014 "Zakis" contributed the following (specifically referring to the section from Warren to Lincoln): "Climbing out of the valley you get some incredible scenery shots off to the left. Near the top is a pull off where you can see nearly the entire White Mountain forest range."

Central New Hampshire Tour - Rte 132
Mostly tree lined for the first part from Concord, some open fields with a mix of small suburban homes, some commercial structures, mostly just fun curvy type road, along the way you will see signs for Historic Canterbury Shaker Village a wonderful trip into NH's past, a must see if you have the time. There are several side roads that lead to various other small towns along the way, so a map is essential, very easy to get "lost" so pay attention. I-93 is always to your left( as you go north) so if you need a major highway there are several ways to get to I-93 along the way.

Route 519 from Phillipsburg to High Point
Rolling rural hills of the "highlands" area of New Jersey. No turnpike exits or chemical plants here. Overall you're going to see some nice farmland and rolling hills and be taken to the highest pont in New Jersey and take in a nice view. If you like rural riding, you'll enjoy this ride.

Chester to Frenchtown
Take any point along this road for a trek through some of Jersey's best rolling terrain-rivers and streams cross at many points, rock outcroppings, pastures, horse country and various valleys adorn the route. A You can't go wrong at ANY point along 513 or what crosses it...go get lost!!

The New Jersey Skyline Drive
Winding roads up and downhill. great scenery with woods and trees on both sides. Get to the reservoir and you have nice straight-aways and go thru small towns. Pass by Ringwood Manor State Park which features the Ringwood Manner House, Skylands Manor House and Botanical Garden, and hiking, picknicking, fishing, boating, hunting, etc.

Route #536 Sandia Crest Road
Heavily wooded along both sides. Occasional openings that oversee the eastern slope of this Mountain found on the Eastside of Albuquerque. Once at the top you can park and walk to the scenic overlook of Albuquerque.

The Road to Timberon
This is a Beautiful ride through Lincoln National Forest. There are lots of farms/ranches in the valley to Cloudcroft. After Cloudcroft you go through a lot of amazing canyons. Overall the scenery is truly indescribable!
Beautiful twisty road from Cloudcroft, NM to Timberon, NM. Runs through the Lincoln National Forest. White Sands, NM can be seen from one of the overlook areas. Also passes by Sunspot, a national solar observatory.

US 60 - Socorro to Springerville
A nice ride through remote a maintain landscape with ranches, meadows, with more elk than people! Temperatures range from 32 degrees to 70 degrees and the area enjoys 350 sunny days a year. You'll travel through parts of the Cibola national forest as well.

Rt. 4 - White Rock to Jemez Springs
The terrain frequently changes and the views are spectacular. There are several overlooks on the twisties and the gently sloping hills/curves provide wide-open vistas, especially Valle Grande, which is west of Bandalier National Monument. Through most all of the trip you'll be traveling through Santa Fe National Forest.

Trail of the Mountain Spirits Byway (Big Loop for the locals)
You'll be driving through the Gila National Forest which has truly incredible scenery that includes high alpine mountain settings including lush spreads of aspens and Douglas firs to the warmer/semi-arid lowlands with cactus, junipers and oak trees. It is one of the most expansive and untouched National Forests in the southwest that covers over 3 million acres of forest.

Also, on this route you'll see the huge Chino mine with an overlook on NM 152 that reveals a panoramic view of the mine, one of the largest open pit copper mines in the world. Trucks bigger than houses look like mechanical ants. The Kneeling Nun, a landmark geological formation and the source of many local legends, overlooks the mine.

NM 337 through the Cibola National Forest
Great high desert scenery. Mountains on your right and canyons on your left! Travel through and next to Cibola National Forest. Quaint communities.

NM 152
This road is great continuous hairpins with rapid elevation changes, great scenery, camping, lot's of trees. Almost no police officers. This road is hard, you'll only average about 40 miles per hour going hard, lot's of knee skidding.

Anasazi Indian Country Tour
On this route you will see some great New Mexico scenery and get to see some really significant historical sites that include ancient Indian cliff dwellings and the famous town where the Atomic Bomb was developed. Part of the great beauty of this route is that you get to see so some of the great varieties of Southwestern US scenery. You start out traveling through arid, orange colored rocky canyons that are a great display of classic southwest scenery. The walls of rock line the road and look as though they are going to escort the road forever. Later on the route you'll climb into the mountains and be taken to lush, alpine scenery that you normally picture when you think of states like Colorado or Montana. Then you'll find yourself finishing the route back in an area that is known for its colorful canyons, red hills and rock bluffs and has inspired famous painters.

Photo contributed by "Geezy Rider" in May 09: "I did this route on my son's borrowed BMW R1200RS a week ago. Thought I would add some photos to a great ride. Taken on the Yemez Pueblo"

Adirondack Lake Loop
The scenery on this route is outstanding as you'll be passing through Adirondack Park and along the shoreline of multiple lakes. 9N takes you along most of Lake George, which features beautiful lake views and breathtaking houses. Fort Ticonderoga is worth a stop if you're into history, and 74 to Schroon runs along Eagle and Paradox lake, cutting along some cliffs. Schroon River Rd. gives some nostalgia of old Adirondack life.

The Taborton Loop
Farm to Market Road is a scenic part, with sweeping hills that give great vistas at the top. Taborton road is mostly in forest, so there isn't a whole lot to look at, but you'll be concentrating on the road too much to notice any scenery. This ride also takes you right up to the doorstep of the Cherry Plain State Park. This is the 90 degree turn between 41 and 42. Be careful, it kinda sneaks up on you.

Long Island's North Shore Tour
This tour begins at the end of Glen Cove Road (route 107) in Glen Cove on Long Island. As you meander through the affluent suburban neighborhoods of Lattingtown and Locust Valley, you will slalom through well paved twisties lined with beautiful homes and foliage. As you travel north on Bayville road, you ride along the waters edge of the Long Island Sound where you can stop and relax on a peaceful North Shore beach or eat in one of the many restaurants along Bayville Road. A stop at the Tiki Bar is a local bikers favorite destination. The restaurants along this stretch of road offer great local seafood and outdoor dining.

After crossing the drawbridge the road changes to West Shore Road in Oyster Bay. The road hugs the Long Island Sound where you can admire the beautiful boats moored in Oyster Bay Harbor or take a right along any side street and be treated to the sights of F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary setting. Once in the Town of Oyster Bay, you are in a great walking town where you can stroll while eating the local Pizza, eat a New York bagel, have some ice cream or try a slice of Long Islands famous Italian Pizza. Back on the bikes heading east, visiting Teddy Roosevelt's House at Sagamore Hill is a well worthwhile side trip. After several miles traveling south on Oyster Bay road, you turn east on Northern Boulevard, more commonly referred to as 25A. This stretch of road meanders through the towns of Cold Spring Harbor and Huntington. Huntington is known as Long Island's best village. Again, you can eat any type of ethnic food ranging from Sushi, to Indian, Chinese, American, Indian, Italian, or Greek. From the center of town, you travel north along West Neck Road, through the town of Lloyd Harbor to Caumset State Park. Once again you are riding along the Long Island Sound through areas reminiscent of The Great Gatsby. At the end of the road is Target Rock, a large Boulder perched at the entrance of Huntington Harbor which was once used for target practice by the British Navy. Target Rock has a lovely hike to the water and a small rest stop with bathrooms. Once back on 25A, travel east to the town of Centerport where a small shanty type structure called the Shack awaits the hungry biker. From Spring until Autumn, this is a major stomping ground for Long Island bikers. Most of the bikers, however, tend to be dentists, lawyers, doctors, and accountants out for a little motorcycle therapy and a cold drink.

The trip offers the rider an opportunity to take just about any side road and be treated to well paved two lane roads meandering through lovely estates. Travel north from anywhere off 25A and you will be surrounded by lovely homes with lavishly landscaped properties. Also, try visiting the towns of Northport or Stony Brook on your way to Port Jefferson. This nautical village is home of the Ferry to Connecticut and is another favorite biker destination. You can simply reverse the route to return or if you are in a hurry, take route 112 south from Port Jefferson to the Long Island Expressway West.

NY State Route 166
A beautiful valley road that runs between Milford and Cherry Valley with good hills and sporadic residences.

Cherry Valley Turnpike - US 20
Cherry Valley Turnpike (US-20) takes you through some of the most picturesque landscape in all of New York state. Farms, hills, Windmills, and lakes. Be sure to have your camera ready there are scenic views to stop at.

Seaway Trail
The 504-mile Seaway Trail along the freshwater shorelines of New York and Pennsylvania (St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Niagara River, and Lake Erie) makes a great vacation ride. Some stretches open up with great water and sunset views, including Niagara Falls and the 1000 Islands. Some of the Trail's 28 lighthouses allow you to climb the towers for spectacular water views.

Catskill Preserve
The scenery is spectacular. You'll spend the day surrounded by the Catskill Mtn. range. Carving your way through mountain passes and skirting along crystal clear reservoirs and rivers. Time your ride for around October 1st and enjoy the added thrill of the fall foliage. Photo contributed by a visitor in July 09 This scenery description addition was added by an anonymous contributor in Aug of 2014: "This scenic ride is surprisingly direct: 23A to 214. This short ride, just under an hour, speeds past a variety of scenery as the landscape changes dramatically. After escaping the urban sprawl of Catskill outskirts, you ride past long, flat vistas of working farms. Fields of corn and cows zoom into steep, swishing mountain passes. Slow down for the pedestrians near Kaaterskill Falls, or even better, park and take a hike. The next bit of road is a blast if you can catch it early, before the hikers are about and cars are few. The road changes back and again, from narrow to wide, with sweeping turns and tight ones, too. The speed limit here is 55, but be careful. Route 23A continues to climb and off in the distance you can see the slopes of Hunter Mountain. A left onto 214 and the scenery changes again. Coming down off the mountain now, compact communities with homes set back from the road are replaced by trees and no shoulder. Slower now, but more windy."

Lake George into the Adirondack State Park & Museum
The road starts out traveling along the western edge of Lake George, which is huge and stunning. Then you wind up into the Adirondacks, through some incredible ridges, and forests. Lots of places to stop and enjoy the scenery. There are some roadside attractions, though you'll start seeing a lot of abandoned stores and motels, as Rt 87 has drawn travel off this path. A little sad...On the way up, and back, there's a couple of towns worth stopping in for shopping or eating.

Lake George, NY

Lake George to Saratoga Springs
We undertook the ride while we were at the Americade. Fun as the event was, it didn't provide a whole bunch of eye candy, unless you are into trikes, and side cars. We heard the Auto Museum in Saratoga Springs had a vintage motorcycle show going on, so off we went. The ride was worth the trip, though. The town is lovely! The Museum is located outside of the center of the town, in part of the old Springs resort area. The ride itself wanders along a river and Lake sides. A very pretty and quiet ride.

Elvis's Harley K at the Saratogo Auto Museum

The Beautiful Keuka Lake Road
This route takes you for a great ride right along the shores of Keuka Lake. The scenery along Keuka Lake is one of the best views of wine country in the State.

Capital District to OCC
Following 9W all the way down provides several opportunities for great views of valleys and long-distance views from the tops of hills. The road is split about 50/50 between town and country riding, providing plenty of places for gas and food. The towns are "quaint" and historic, and very well kept. Interesting stuff to look at the whole way. mhaker added the following (4/8/12): 9W has some good scenery between Albany and Kingston, traveling through some nice small towns and along some bodies of water.

Route 80
After you take the Ilion gorge road from rt. 20 to Ilion take rt 5 east until you come to Ft. plain and then take rt 80 south all the way to Cooperstown, this is the sister road to rt. 51 as far as traveling thru a gorge, and following a creek which you will pass over several times, it has wonderful twists and turns and some of the best scenery in upstate NY. you will travel thru Van Hornesville a very small town, don't blink, but you will be impressed by the stone buildings here. watch yourself as you leave VH because there is a very deceptive turn coming up that just keeps turning. Continuing south you will cross over rt. 20 again and come upon Otsego lake on your left, watch your speed thru here because there are usually staties riding the road. you will enter Cooperstown as you come upon the farmers museum and then the Otesaga resort. the resort is a good place to stop for lunch or a beverage and sit on the porch then you can head into town and check out the baseball hall of fame. Note: I ride this road at least once a week and have several variations of the return route, sometimes I go west to Ilion and take rt51 back south and sometimes I go east to Canajoharie and take rt. 10 back south to my home in Cooperstown.

The 70 Mile Hudson River Bridge Tour
This is a great motorcycle route by any and all standards ... you will love it in the fall especially!!! This route covers the gorgeous Hudson River Valley crossing many impressive bridges along the way and hugging the river for the most part. The route starts out in New York City and immediately gets you out of the urban jungle by heading west on Interstate 95 across the George Washington Bridge. The bridge itself is something to see. It spans 3,500 ft across the Hudson River. Then you travel along the wall of cliffs known as the Palisades that follow the Hudson River. The road is called the Palisades Parkway and is a favorite bike road in New York. If you take exit 1 to the Englewood Boat Basin or Exit 2 to the Alpine Boat Basin you can enjoy some picnic areas. Just past Exit 2 MAKE SURE YOU take the off ramp to the State Line Lookout. You'll get a GREAT view of the river from up there. Continuing up the Parkway towards Bear Mountain the route gets prettier and prettier. Don't miss this route in the fall!!! The rest of the route specializes in riverside drives (many of the drives are positioned along the side of bluffs overlooking the river) and historic and interesting towns. Photo contributed by visitor in Jun 09 - "Photo taken from the roadside lookout on Route 9-D opposite Bear Mountain."

Spooky Sleepy Hollow Three Day Tour
The area covered by this ride is nestled between the Appalachian Mountain Range, and The Mighty Hudson River. This is Washington Irving Country, and there are many Dutch influences in the architecture, and the town names that you'll see. In the morning, because of the river and the mountains, there's often mist. Plus there's tons of covered bridges to see. Hit up to find them..

The Ilion Gorge Run
This short and sweet 10 mile run is a NY route that is one of those routes that is a well kept secret and all but unkown to most NY riders - until now! Route 51 or the "Ilion Gorge" is carved in a narrow valley that winds along a small creek bed. The steep cliffs on both sides limit the amount of deer that are visible. During the fall months, the leaves are beautiful and during spring the gorge is roaring with melted snow runoff. There are numerous stops to fish, swim, whatever.

Cayuga Lake Tour
This ride runs through Taughannock Falls State Park where the tallest shear drop waterfall is east of the Rockies! You'll also take in beautiful Lake views along the way. This is a wonderful ride. There are many side trips one could make off this route to add even more interest.

RT 10 - Walton to Deposit
this is one of the most scenic roads in the entire state! you travel right thru the cannonsville reservoir which appears on both sides of the road. once you leave Walton, NY and head south on rt. 10 (a fantastic road which you can take from its beginning in Higgins bay up in the Adirondacks, all the way to the end in deposit in the Catskills) there are no more towns except for the ones which are underwater (this is NYC's drinking water) and the road is all yours with hardly any traffic at all, mostly locals and other bikers. you feel as if this is your own personal highway. the background scenery is the Catskill mountains which completely surround you without a house in sight. the road itself is a two lane highway with very wide shoulders and long sweeping turns, mostly level terrain and very nice open spaces on either side with either the reservoir itself or open meadows. there are several places to pull off the road and enjoy the scenery. Once you reach the end turn around and ride it back up.

The Montauk Lighthouse Run (on Rt 27)
Beautiful wine orchards, and farms with green pastures, you will also see white-tailed deer, red tailed hawks, and fox along the roads eating or running in the fields. In January, could see the Harbor Seals basking on the rocks or eating herring by the shore. At the end you'll get to see and take a tour of Montauk Lighthouse.

Route 14: from Horseheads to Watkins Glen
Along this lovely little route I traveled the other day, there are many interesting sights to see. Some of these include rivers and marshy areas, waterfalls, a large lake (Seneca Lake), steep rocky cliffs and if you are lucky some wildlife ... I saw some deer Photo contributed by visitor in Jun 09 - "Wagner winery and their Ginny Lee Cafe."

The Raleigh to Wilmington Run
Rural farmlands on the trip to the North Carolina coast. Small towns show some real character of Eastern NC.

Buffalo Shoals Road
This road follows the southern edge of Lake Lure in Rutherford County, NC. It provides views of the lake and surrounding mountains if you're brave enough to take you eyes off the road.

High Heaven Ride
On this route you will go through Nantahala Gorge with a view of the waterfall from the top of the road. Near the gorge is the Dry Fall waterfall, which you can actually drive behind the fall. You will drive along Fontana Lake (which borders the Great Smokey Mountain National Park) and end up at Deal's Gap.

Route 182 - Meandering Peaceful Ride
Quiet and tranquil scenery consisting of large farmland meadows, grain silos, old country estates and barns, shade trees run along road several spots. Expect seeing some sort of wildlife. Beware of occasional deer, turkey, raccoon possibly crossing your path or standing in a meadow.

The Waterfall Byway Along the Cullasaja River Gorge
This road is a short but sweet 19 mile path through the great Smokey Mountains. Along this road you will see a beautiful river gorge that has carved its way through some of the Smokey Mountains. The road passes by and through over ten beautiful waterfalls and is the reason it is known as the 'Waterfall Byway'. You'll be able to see the Cullasaja Falls that dive over 300 feet in elevation along about a half of a mile of river. It gives you a great view of the Cullasaja River and its gorge, Lake Sequoyah and as the huge Smokey Mountains.

Deal's Gap (AKA "The Dragon" or "Tail of the Dragon")
Beautiful Smoky Mountain scenery includes some lush forests and evergreen covered mountains.

Update/Addition from Michael S. McDonald: People from all walks of life are drawn to the seducing curves of the Dragon (other wise known as Tail of the Dragon) at Deal's Gap, also known as US Hwy 129. They make their pilgrimage to test their skills, or in some cases, to be bitten by the Dragon. The area surrounding the Dragon was one of the last areas of North Carolina to be settled due to its inhospitable terrain. The southern Appalachian Mountains are made up of two separate ranges; the eastern range is the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the western range is known as the Great Smoky Mountains. For thirty-six miles along the TN/NC border the GSM are more than 5k feet in altitude with 16 peaks stretching to more than 6k feet. All of this altitude translates to treacherous travel, especially for the pioneers in their day, but also for us as motor-sport enthusiasts today

Route 16 - Charlotte to Wilkesboro
Wilkesboro says that it's the gateway to the mountains and if you take this ride, you'll see why. As you top the hills, the views are breathtaking as they overlook the Blue Ridge mountains.

Aunt Bea's Way (US 52)
As you travel along 52 North of Winston-Salem the rolling hills of North Carolina are starting so turn into mountains of Virginia. The hills let you see miles ahead of beautiful mountains roads. Pilot Mountain is along the way and really deserves to be stopped at every chance you get. It's over 3,500 feet to the top, and the pictures you can get up that high are not to be missed. In the height of the summer and late fall there is so much green around you it makes you feel truly alive.

The Cherokee Run
The scenery along this route is some of the prettiest I have ever seen, with the road carved out of the mountain. The mountain is so close to the edge of the road if you have a passenger they could probably reach out and touch the rock. There is water at the bottom of the valley you are traveling through for most of the trip. For part of this road you will enter the Cherokee Nation's reservation. It carries you also through Maggie Valley which is worth the trip just by itself.

Full Day of North Carolina Twisties Loop
You'll be traveling through the beautiful Nantahala National Forest known for it's deep mountain gorges and valleys . The lake off Route 107 is gorgeous! Whitewater Falls off Route 281 is worth the 20 minute hike to see it. Stop and wear your swimsuit and slide down Sliding Rock off 276.

Bring your bathing suit for a slide down Slide Rock

The Hellbender 28
Heading north on the Hellbender 28, you find a completely different road experience with sweeping curves and drop offs, all lakeside in the Great Smoky Mountains. There are few drives in America that can equal the views as you travel this beautiful byway along Fontana Lake in North Carolina. The 22 mile stretch is surrounded by water and dense, forested mountains. The 22 mile stretch ends at Deals Gap and begins what is then called the famous "Dragon."

"Beginners Beware"
If you dare to take your eyes off the road you will see some of NC's awesome mountain scenery. Photo contributed by visitor in Jun 09 - "Taken above the "Cradle of Forestry". Take the Parkway West towards Mt. Pisgah; its the last overlook before you come to highway 276 (which takes you to Sliding Rock, Looking Glass Falls and the Cradle of Forestry). Its a beautiful ride, not too difficult."

Route 181 - Joanas Ridge to Morganton
Mountains, mountains, and more mountains ... GREAT mountain views from the top.

North Carolina's Route 80 (AKA Devil's Whip)
Climbs 2500' in elevation. Crosses Blue Ridge Parkway east of Mt Mitchell. Beautiful lake on south end and great views of Mt Mitchell at Mt Mitchell golf course.

Photo contributed by visitor in Jun 09: "A switchback just before the Blue Ridge Parkway." Update provided by CptUSA on 6/25/12: The scenery is beautiful and unimpeded by commercialism. Once past the final residences there is nothing but road road and road.

Quiet Country Ride
You will experience rural country houses and farms. Occasionally crossing streams or small lakes. At points along the path you will emerge into a moderately populated town while at other points you will travel the gently twisting farm road experiencing the serenity of Hurdle Mills. An extremely sleepy town consisting of a Garden and feed, a post office and a convenience store.

The Mock-5 Bridge
This drag strip runs along Falls Lake and offers a beautiful vista of the "Beaver Dam Lake" recreation area. The bridge, for which this route is named, is surrounded by wetlands that provide habitat for a wide range of North Carolina wildlife.

Grandfather Mountain ride (US 221)
The road was completely covered by the trees throughout the whole route. It was 21 miles of twisty mountain road, with some rock formations reaching almost into the road surface. You are riding in themountains in and around the Blue Ridge area. When the trees open up you get glimpses of a beautiful valley spread out below you in all it's glory. When I went the trees were still filled with green leaves. It would be a great run in the fall. The trees have long ago grown overhead and form a canopy for you. It's like riding a natural tunnel with green leaves all around you. The drop off on the east side is steep enough that anyone going over the side will need a high angle rescue team to find them. When you do get a few glimpses through the trees on the east side the valley below is laid out in all it's glory. In one corner there was a small waterfall just off the right hand side of the road. In a few places there are pull offs and several folks were parked there rock climbing just across the road.

Old Liberty Road
Just a nice refreshing little scenic jaunt through the countryside. Pastures and farmland a plenty.

Pekin Road & Cartledge Creek Road
You'll see and smell the lush green pine forests. You'll pass many old farmhouses and open fields. The road occasionally tops a small mountaintop and reveals distant views and nearby ridges. There are many nearby historic sites for detours if you choose. The road winds it's way through the southern edge of the Uwharrie Mountains and offers some stunning scenery especially in the fall.

The Coastal Huggin' NC 12
Along NC 12 you are on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My son and I rode along with the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Intercoastal Waterway on the other! Lots of sand dunes, and people along the route flying kites because of the wind. The historical lighthouses along this route are Bodie Island, Hatteras, and Ocracoke. Hatteras and Ocracoke are beautiful places to visit.

Mountain Meander - Upper Slice of Route 28
Nothing is better than riding through the woods, along waterfalls. This road will take you to four water falls, three of them are easy access to. You can drive you vehicle under Bridal Veil, you can walk under Dry Falls, and the other I can't spell, you can see from the road. Glenn Falls requires some walking.

North Dakota 16
Fantastic badlands and rolling, treeless hills. You can see for miles across two states, North Dakota and Montana. Very few signs of civilization.

Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway
This is a stretch of river valley scenery and rolling hills designated as a National Scenic Byway. The road wanders through Valley City, Kathryn and Fort Ransom following the Sheyenne River. Along the way, it passes farms, ranches, and open fields. Particularly for this area of North Dakota, which is characterized by very flat, treeless prairie and farmland, this road offers the best scenery for literally hundreds of miles in any direction.

OH 235 - McComb to Dayton
Scenery is pretty late spring to early fall. Sunsets during harvest catch the dust in the air and make for some blazing orange evenings.

Thompson Ridge Rd. ("the little Blue Ridge")
Blue Ridge type views to Rock house at 374, down hill run to Big Pine, it follows the creek bottom to 664. Rocky bluffs, streams caves etc. Runs right through the Hocking hills area ... you'll drive through the Hocking State Forest. You also may see some wildlife so WATCH OUT FOR DEER AND OTHER WILDLIFE, BE CAREFUL.

Little Switzerland - RT 147
This covers all the best topography of Southern Ohio in just 60 miles. It starts slowly from the mighty Ohio River, winding through small villages. Soon, like the first hill on a good roller coaster, the ascent begins. Then you ride along the crests across little Switzerland coal country, and finally on down through a series of small towns, across picturesque Senecaville Lake. The last small town is Sarahsville, with some of the lushes farm land you will ever see. Whenever I think about traveling a 1000 miles to find some new roads I come down to southern Ohio and ride something like Route 147. Soon I am asking myself why I would ride anywhere else.

Old US 21
An excellent twisty alternative to riding I-77 north from Marietta. Some cliffs, creeks etc. This route follows US Rt. 21 which was decommissioned many years ago. This is how many southern folk found their way to jobs in Akron, Canton & Cleveland before the Interstates were built. Much more scenic & fun than the superslab.

Little Muskingum River Covered Bridge Tour
This route shows you a few of the state of Ohio's 2,000 covered bridges. The route is one of the country's prestigious official National Forest Scenic Byways.

This is a great hilly section of southeastern Ohio near the West Virginia border. The entire route travels through the Wayne National Forest and follows the path of the Muskingum River. There are about four covered bridges for you to see along the way. Only one of which still allows you to take your vehicle across. The route takes you through the river valley across pretty farm country, through dense woods and up and around tall river bluffs.

Ohio Route 26
This route travels through beautiful southeast Ohio hilly scenery and includes several nice Cliffside areas as the road follows a nice river. Beautiful covered bridges along the south of this road.

The Holmes County-Amish Country Tour
This route takes you through some rolling hills, with several overlooking vistas, and through the heart of Amish country, with stops in Charm, Walnut Creek, and Wilmot where a variety of crafts, and restaurants are available. Best to ride during the week to avoid the largest crowds in the towns, but is also enjoyable on a Saturday. Sunday, almost everything is closed.

The Triple Nickel - Route 555
Beautiful isolated farms with rolling hills. You'll be driving next to and through some of the Wayne National Forest.

Back roads ride to Geneva on the Lake
Great scenery small towns with great people. County with the most covered bridges in Ohio ... a camera is a necessity! Mike Tyson's old training camp is located on this ride.

Wayne National Forest Run
Great southern Ohio route with scenery that ranges from dairy farms, rolling hills, river crossings, and dense forests. A Fall run would be incredible!!! Great stops in historic small towns with much history and very well kept. Midway point is Marietta - incredibly scenic town along the Ohio River (perfect lunch stop).

Northeastern Ohio's Curve Heaven - RT 164
A run through some of the twistiest roads in northeast Ohio all the while traveling through the sandstone hills of Jefferson County which is part of the Appalachian Highlands of northeastern Ohio. The woods are dominated by oak and hickory forest along with beeches, maples, tulip trees, walnuts, elms and ashes. You may also take in some wildflowers such as wild geraniums, hepaticas and bloodroots and wildlife like song bird songs, wild turkeys, and grouse. An excellent run to make in the fall when the leaves change color.

The Short But Sweet Ohio 213
This is your basic eastern Ohio country road. A few farms, hills and valleys as the route parallels the Ohio River and never strays more than 2 miles from the river, and lots of residences along the way.

Ohio 556; 536's Forgotten Twin
Beautiful Southeastern Ohio farm country, nice rolling hills, well kept farms and forest.

Route 715 to Mohawk Dam
Rt. 715 is a twisty rural road that winds through the fertile flood plane of the Walhonding and Mohican rivers with the foothills of the Appalachians in the distance. The road actually crosses the Mohawk Dam and the view can be seen for miles.

Winding Down from Canton to the Ohio River
Rolling Ohio countryside with streams that follow the roads and lakes in the distance. Old houses in many of the towns. Great views from the hilltops. Overall this route has it all as far as motorcycling goes. If you want to cruise and enjoy the scenery, or if "hitting the curves" is your style of riding, this is the route for you. I've ridden this route at least 25 times. I just love it!

East Ohio Border Tour
Take a scenic joyride thru the woods, and maybe stop at a couple of overlooks. The best section of this road starts going out of Calcutta, Ohio. It is a state route that has excellent surface and the turns give this an almost gives a 'tail of the dragon' feel, and in the fall, the foliage is great! There are a couple of overlooks u could pull off at and enjoy the scenery. This route will basically 'bottom out' at Poland, Ohio. Be aware that Poland is notorious for being a speed trap. This is a road that is popular with cruisers and touring bikes and it is a ride not to be missed in the fall!!

The SR 503 Roller Coaster
This route is a nice collection of country roads and runs parallel to the west side of I-75. It passes through southwestern Ohio farmland and is a welcome break if you want to get off of I-75 for awhile.

Ohio Route 603
Leaving from Plymouth Ohio, 603 just gets more scenic as you head south. By the time you reach a town called Mifflin it is nothing but hills and scenic views. Once you reach where 603 and Ohio 39 come together any choice you make will take you through some great scenery. The area is near Mohican State park and there are quite a few different routes that are great for riding. There are a lot of great routes to ride once you reach the Perrysville area. Take a map and enjoy all of them.

New Concord to Millersburg via SR 83
This is riding through the valleys and ridge tops of reclaimed strip mining country and the views are great from ridge to ridge. Got done with a n/b trip and wanted to turn around and go back through the other way.

Cambridge to the Ohio River
This road winds beautifully through farming valleys and forests. The road is mostly shaded through the entire trip!

State RT. 247
Rolling countryside. Farms, streams, woods, and hillbilly's like me ;) etc., etc. Note: this RT is somewhat similar to ST RT 41, which is already listed here.

Rt 9 - Cadiz to Armstrongs Mills
Hill-top prairies, small streams, remnants of the mining industry and lots of wildelife along the way.

The Ohio Cousin of the "Tail of the Dragon"
Hidden in the southeast corner of Ohio, just north of Wayne National Forest, you'll find a fantastic ride through the deep woods. Pics wouldn't even be able to really describe it. From steep hills, to valleys ... the view is superb!

Rt 41 - Greenfield to the Ohio River (in SW Ohio)
Rolling hills, Amish farms, an Amish market, a creek that follows the road for a while, also tree canopies over the road.

Ohio's State Route 9; Salem to Armstrong Mills
Scenery runs from low land dairy and beef farms to rough hilly valleys of southeast Ohio typical of the Ohio River valley. Many times wildlife is visible from the road.

Kenwood Road
This ride travels through some valleys of thick trees where you'll also see cliffs and clear streams- beautiful!

Edmond-Stillwater Circuit
The ride is full of back roads and open country. There are nice shaded runs with good shade and wide open runs through massive fields. You also get to see some cool old towns. You start off on straight, open, country back roads all the way to Guthrie. You'll go through Guthrie to reach US-77. From Guthrie to Stillwater you'll hit long, sweeping curves and even some tight, fun curves. From Stillwater you have a nice mix of straight-aways and long curves.

Motorcycle Road Quality:3

The roads were literally average. The country roads were rough at times, but never painful on my back or butt. The more-traveled highways were fine. Route 66 is a great ride. Nice and smooth. It was enjoyable.

The Best of 66
This is a small portion of Route 66 and it's beautiful. Some curves and lots to look at, but you will probably have to backtrack for some photo ops, markings leave a lot to be desired and the speed limit is so high.

Talimena National Scenic Byway
The Talimena National Scenic Byway or, for short, Talimena Drive extends west to east along the ridgeline of the Winding Stair Mountain and Rich Mountain in southeastern Oklahoma. These are the highest point in elevation between the Appalachians and the Rockies. These fifty miles are filled with sharp curves and 13% grades extending from Talihina, Oklahoma on the west end to Mena, Arkansas on the west end. There are several vistas that overlook the valleys to the north and south as well as picnic grounds along the route as well. Some of the most breathtaking scenery in Oklahoma can be found along this drive.

Another contributer added the following:"Scenery like Blue Ridge Parkway in N.C.. Road on top of Washita Mountains."

Photo contributed by visitor in Jun 09 - "Most of our pictures were taken from the back of our Harley I ride a lot with the camera around my neck so I don't miss a thing! This pic we were rounding a curve and could see the road we would be traveling on soon right next to us ... WOW it was awesome! "

Lake Hudson Tour - 82 to 28 from Locust Grove
Drive through foliage tunnels, along side Lake Hudson, see open prairies with rolling hills in the distance. You'll also pass next to the Spavinaw Hill State Game Refuge and see its untapped beauty. You'll also be in the vicinity of Snowdale State park (Which sits next to Lake Hudson) Update provided by OkieDawg in July of 2013: "This route crosses beautiful Lake Hudson near Locust Grove Ok then has sweeping turns to get you ready for the roller coaster that starts around mile 11. Then the road changes its personality completely to a roaring rip-snorter WOOHOO! the quality of the road is excellent especially for Oklahoma. With a smooth wide surface that is canted properly. The first time I road this route I was on a business trip with limited time. It was so much fun I went back and road it four more times before I ran out of time. I have ridden lots of great roads like the sisters in TX and Dragons Tail in NC and I would rate it better than the sisters and close to the tail. NO BS GREAT RIDE."

The Rune Stone Ride
The scenery is woodsy, mainly pines once you ride North of Broken Bow. Before you reach Heavener you have to pass through about 30 miles of twisting and turning through mountain passes.

The Oklahoma Gloss Mountain Stretch
You are driving along US 412 and there is pretty much nothing to look at and then all of sudden you enter about a 25 miles stretch of desert looking plateaus. Once you get on U.S. 412 in Orienta, right in front of you will be the Gloss Mountains. The Gloss Mountains got that name because of selenite content and sparkle of gypsum that makes them appear as if they are covered with a layer of glass. The view is nice there from the road. As you top the first big hill be ready for the park/picnic area on your right. When you stop at the park/picnic area, be sure and climb to the top of the plateau at the parking area there. There is a makeshift stairway and the view from up there is simply GREAT! The plateau is about a mile long. My son and I walked all the way the other end. We loved it!!! Also at the park is an information kiosk that covers the history and features of this highly unique patch of Oklahoma territory. During this ride, you almost feel like you are in the bottom of an ancient lake or ocean ... be sure and take a camera.

Motorcycle Road Quality:2

This is on US 412 going east-west through northern Oklahoma. The road is in superb condition however it's pretty flat and straight

The Indian Trail Highway
After you start into the mountains the scenery is great. Lots of things to look at. This route travels just south of the beautiful Ouachita National Forest.

Motorcycle Road Quality:4

Road surface is good. This route has a lot of twist, turns, up and downhill runs

The Road to Honobia
This series of Oklahoma highways is scenic and begins the entrance into the beautiful Ouachita National Forest.

Motorcycle Road Quality:4

Highway 259 is full of fast sweepers and begins the climb into the Ouachita Mountains. Once you turn left onto Highway 144 the road surface is still quite good, but the fun factor increases dramatically. There are a lot of blind hills where you can't see over the top to tell which direction the road goes and quite a few tight sections. There is a lot of wildlife in this part of Oklahoma so keep that in mind as you ride

Oregon Hwy 82 Wallowa Valley to La Grande
Hwy 82 from Joseph to La Grande provides excellent views of the Wallowa Mountains, including the Matterhorn peak and Eagles Cap and the majestic Wallowa valley of grass lands and cattle ranches. The Hwy follows the Wallowa River and then the Grande Ronde River before climbing over a mini pass out of the Wallowa valley and heading down into Elgin.

Roseburg to Crater Lake on Wonderful 138
Highway 138 from Roseburg is quite scenic following along the Umpqua River for many miles. The scenery gets quite spectacular once reaching Crater Lake National Park and especially the Crater Lake Rim Road. But beware that the rim road is only open all the way around during very late spring to early autumn. There is a plethora of scenic stops all around the rim so be sure to bring your camera. I actually rode from Blaine Washington to Crater Lake, but it was too long a ride to include in this post.

The Estacada to Detroit Lake highway
This route travel entirely through the Mt. Hood National Forest. Running river, nice bridges, high fir trees, tree covered mtns. This is a beautiful, sometimes winding roadway with white waters and high rock formations following the road. This is one of those roads that have beautiful fall foliage colors, too.

Aufderheide Memorial Drive
Lots of old growth Douglas firs, beautiful rivers and amazing vistas. You'll pass through mountains and the Willamette National Forest and pass by Cougar Dam.

See The World's Smallest & Shortest - Tour (Highway 101)
The scenery is great with many ocean views and views of large bays. Lot's of places to pull off and enjoy the scenery. You will also very likely see seals and possibly even whales.

Columbia River Highway Scenic Route
This world-class route takes you just outside the city of Portland and around awe-inspiring Mt. Hood (Oregon's highest peak), through the Mount Hood National Forest and along the mighty Columbia River. This route offers not only incredible scenery but also a wide variety of activities and a large number of historical points of interest based on its Lewis and Clark and Oregon Trail connections. It is one of the 25 elite "All-American Roads" designated by the US Dept. of Transportation and is described in the Reader's Digest guide to the Most Scenic Drives in America. On this route you start out by driving through the Mt Hood National Forest that consist of over a million acres of fertile mountain forests. There you may see a variety of animals such as bears or mountain cats and see beautiful displays of waterfalls and wildflowers. You will also make your way through different mountain passes and have many fantastic photo opportunities to catch the majesty of 11,235 ft dormant volcano Mount Hood, Oregon's highest point. Next the focus of you attention will turn to the rivers and canyons along the way. You will see the Hood, Salmon and Columbia rivers and the canyons that some of them have carved. You may even be able to observe the recent growth of windsurfers working their way across the Columbia. You will see historical buildings in the town of The Dalles and travel some of the same areas as Lewis and Clark did when the arrived in the area around 1805. Along the Columbia, near the Bonneville Dam you will see a series of fish ladders that Salmon use to leap up and back to the waters where they were hatched. These Salmon are returning from as far as Alaska to spawn in their native waters.

Weston Elgin Hwy 204 (Elgin, OR to Walla Walla, WA)
Starting at Elgin, OR you'll immediately begin the slow steady climb from the farm lands up to Blue Mt. pass to an elevation of 5100 feet. This route winds though the forest past many snow parks and a small mountain community of a-frame cabins at Langdon Lake. On the Weston side you'll twist down into the grasslands of northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington. There are some views west toward the upper end of the Columbia gorge and some views of the large wind farms with their enormous turbines. Note: If a rider were to combine this route with the Rattlesnake grade, WA hwy 126 and OR hwy 82 you would have an adventurous loop ride from multiple starting points along the way.

Blue Mountain Scenic Byway
Scenery description: Leave from Baker City, south to Sumpter - Sumpter is a great place to watch/ride the steam train and/or explore the gold dredge - then head west to Condon. The road runs between 84 and 26 along a ridge that's 2,000 feet above anything else! View from the top of the world. Few to no other vehicles, lots of lakes, forests, and critters ... you'll be riding through the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest nearly the whole trip. This route is a solid 5 in the scenery category!!!

Grand Army of the Republic Highway - Route 6 (PA)
U.S. Route 6 passes through towns and villages whose boarded up buildings and rough exteriors could easily deceive those who rely on hasty first impressions. It requires a short visit, a cup of coffee in the diner, a walk in the square, and a chat with passers by to find the proud, hardworking communities that still exist. These are communities whose labor fueled the industrialization of this nation - Mining towns that were populated by immigrants from all regions of Europe. And judging by the long lists of names on monuments in each town square, these are patriotic communities who sacrificed dearly to support their new country, all the way back to the Civil War. Travel across Pennsylvania's portion of the Grand Army of the Republic Highway for an excellent ride, not just because of the long sweeps and turns as it crosses the state, but because this historical highway offers a chance to rediscover a time gone by. Eat in 1930's diners, walk on the famous Kinzua Trestle bridge, ride a steam train, descend into a coal mine, and above all, meet a proud people with stories to tell--All on Pennsylvania's Grand Army of the Republic Highway. Photo submitted by visitor in May 09 - "Kinzua Dam"

The Loop
The loop is a favorite of local sport bikers and riders who want some challenge. Many riders usually gather in the shopping center parking lot next to the post office. Unfortunately, the Wawa is no longer there. The scenery through the Brandywine Valley is lush during summer months and colorful in the fall. Route 100 runs along the Brandywine river and route 82 crosses over the Hoopes Reservoir. Along the ride you will seamlessly cross over the PA/DE border not once, but twice. The roads twist and wind through the valleys and trees offer a cover. If you want to slow down and take things in, you can stop and take a break at an old abandoned factory.

The Tiadaghton & Worlds-End Tour
Tidaghton State Forest For approximately 40 miles of this route you will travel on PA 44 and PA 414 through the huge Tiadaghton state forest. Tiadaghton was the name the Iroquois gave to Pine Creek, the largest tributary of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. You will hug the banks and cross Pine creek several times as you go through the forest. At times you will ride beside shear rock walls, and at others you will ride along a railroad bed that has been converted into a 62 mile bike/hiking path. The park offers lots of fishing, hiking, biking swimming and picnicking opportunities and on a nice day you will see people enjoying all of these activities along the way. You will see many mountains and valleys as you wind you way through the valleys. Lots of trees, streams, mountains, trails, a recreation areas are what you will see.

Rolling Hills of Farmland For approximately 300 miles outside of the Tidaghton, you will travel along rolling hills of farmland as you twist an turn along what once was a cow path that connected farm to farm. Along this stretch you will see far and wide as you travel along the roller-coaster ride offered-up by PA414.

The End of the World! Worlds End State Park is in a narrow S-shaped valley of the Loyalsock Creek just south of Forksville, Sullivan County. The scenery is spectacular, especially the June mountain laurel and fall foliage. Canyon Vista, reached via Mineral Spring and Cold Run roads, provides outstanding views. Loyalsock Creek is stocked with trout each year by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. The cold mountain water provides good fishing most of the year.

Delaware Water Gap Loop
Follows the Delaware River from Easton, PA to Dingman's Ferry. River scenery, rolling hills, mountains, forest. It has it all!

Note: The abandoned town of Wallpack Center has an interesting story behind it, park at the Post Office and check out the Historical Society next door if you'd like to hear it.

Clarks Valley Road to Peters Mountain Road
This road takes you past the DeHart Dam, which is the primary water supply for the city of Harrisburg, the state capitol. The first part of the route is a quiet, forested, lightly traveled road that travels through Pennsylvania "State Game Lands Number 210" and past Stony Mountain. It also drives past a corner of one of the sections of Weiser State Forest. Later in the route you'll pass over Peters Mountain and descend down and on to River Road N with hugs the Susquehanna River. So you'll travel through a nature preserve, over a mountain and along a river - not a bad combination!!!

If you are in or near Harrisburg, this is the nicest ride I know of in the area. It will take you about an hour to get from Tower City to Millersburg and you will get to enjoy a quiet, easy ride, a fun jaunt over Peters Mountain and a ferry ride across the Susquehanna River if the Raging Bull is running that day.!

PA Route 44
70 plus miles of secluded state forest - a nature lovers dream!

Dunbar to Ohiopyle
The first couple miles are in the town of Dunbar. After that the road runs along side a trout stream then winds up the mountain with the road shaded by trees most of the way. At the top it opens up for a quick look over the hilltops then winds down past Cucumber Falls into Ohiopyle. You can't see the falls from the road, but there is a parking lot that is pretty well marked. The next falls is Ohiopyle, the Youghiogheny River flows over this one.

32 North Along the Delaware River
Routes 32 and 611 are tree lined and run along the beautiful Delaware River. The northern part of this route includes some incredible cliffs that add to this superb scenery of this pocket of Pennsylvania.

Pocono Cruise
Rivers, Mountains, Old towns. Very nice! Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Jim Thorpe is an awesome town known as the Switzerland of PA and the view from Roadies Restaurant (see below) is fantastic.

PA 233 - 50 Miles and Four State Parks
PA 233 offers miles of forest with a wide-open valley in the middle. Heading from North to South you will do some serious mountain climbing through Doubling Gap pass as it cuts through the Tusscarora State Forest. Near the top of Doubling Gap you will pass the Colonel Denning State Park. After descending Doublin Gap you will pass through Newville and rolling hills of farmland. After crossing US 81 you will have South Mountain in front of you. Climbing South Mountain you will enter the Michaux State Forest area and the Pine Grove Furnace Park. PA 233 is at its very best between Pine Grove Furnace and Caledonia State Park as you ride through lush and thick forest. This is a visual treat - especially during the fall foliage season! The ride ends in Mont Alto - home of the Mont Alto State Park - which was the very first "State Park" in PA and it is also home to a branch campus of Penn State University.

Coal Miner Towns Loop
The views you will see of Blue Mountain is always nice. You get to see real authentic & historically interesting coal mining towns along this path. They are old and rugged towns.

PA Route 339
Lots of scenery to enjoy as you carve-up some twisties!

PA Route 87
Lots of beautiful scenery as the road generally follows the bed of the Loyalsock creek ... resulting in a road with great scenery and plenty of sweepers. A mix of riding next to shear rock walls, picturesque streams with some rolling hillside farmland mixed-in for good measure.

South Central PA Countryside Loop
Scenery description: On this route there are many hills and valleys. You will be traveling through a couple state parks and farmland and the views are spectacular. The beautiful state parks that you will pass through or pass by are: Cowans Gap State Park, Caledonia State Park, and Pine Grove Furnace State Park.

PA 26 - MD border to Everett
Mixed bag of farmland and woods. The best part about this little hidden away run is the solitude ... I have ridden this little route several times throughout the year and have seen literally four other vehicles in either direction!

Route 666 - One Hell-of-a-Ride!
Nice! In the heart of the Allegheny Nation Forest. Lush forest around every banked turn. There's a couple cool rock formations, creek beds and small bridges. Looks best in summer and fall.

Photo contributed in Jan 10: "This picture was taken about the halfway point of Rt666."

Laurel Hills Loop Through the Alleghenies
About 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, you will find a classic motorcycle route and fall in love with this area of Pennsylvania.

On the route you will be traveling through the Laurel Hills area of the Allegheny Mountains. The route specializes in views of the Youghiogheny River white-water and forests as well as gentle rolling farmlands.

Photo contributed by visitor in Oct 09 - "Flight 93 Ride."

Lincoln Highway
I couldn't believe that US 30 wasn't on The views on this are amazing. The mountains and the look out points are fantastic!!! I little bit of history; this is the road that Lincoln took to Gettysburg. Its a good thing they didn't have motorcycles bake then or else he might have never given the Gettysburg Address, he would have kept riding this part over and over.

"Winding Road Next 10.5 Miles" - Rt 3001
There are a couple look out points that overlook Emporium that have an excellent view. Elevation change goes from around 1100 Ft. up to 2000 Ft.

Peninsula Drive
If your from out of town, you have to ride this one for the scenery! Peninsula Dr. Is located on Presque Isle State Park. Presque Isle is a peninsula which stretches about 9 miles out into Lake Erie. The road forms a parameter around the "almost island". You start on the south side with a view of the city of Erie from across the bay. As you circle the peninsula and come back to the north side you will see several beaches and picnic pavilions. I recommend catching the sunset on the north side (one of top ten sunsets in the U.S.). This road makes a good destination for a day trip. It is a scenic, easy ride.

Gold Mine Road to Route 125
This is a very scenic ride with views of the valleys from mountaintops. It also travels through the open valleys and farmlands. This is an exceptional ride in the fall when the leaves are turning color.

The Western RI and Eastern CT Loop
Great for foliage touring, and farm country site seeing. I would give this route a 10 out of 10 for scenic routes! It passes right through Beach Pond State Park and Arcadia State Park. You will pass by and see lots of lakes and other bodies of water in the area such as Boone Lake, Beach Pond, and Carbuncle Pond and meander around some hills such as Pine Hill, Raccoon Hill, Hammitt Hill, and Bald Hill.

Zig Zag to the Sea
Great scenery mixed with quant small town's. A harley dealership along the way and some little pub's etc..

The Backdoor to Newport RI
The main goal of this route is to skip traffic, and the terror of trying to ride through Providence on RT 95. The bonus is that you really go through some lovely rural areas, and from Wickford on, you go through some gorgeous coastal towns. Newport is the destination, but there's tons of fun rides you can take from there, as well. You could have quite a happy weekend, riding around the shore areas, and visiting swanky mansions. You'll also pass over a HUGE suspension bridge - The Claiborne Pell/Newport Bridge.

Beaufort Scenery
Water, water everywhere. Beaufort has a small historic district, rivers, barrier islands, a state park (Hunting Island) with oceanfront camping and cabins for rent, a fishing pier, wildlife viewing areas, boardwalk style nature walks and a number of scenic areas for photos. Don't forget the cameras, you'll have a field day if you enjoy photography.

Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway
In the northwest pocket of South Carolina, you will find some of the best motorcycle roads east of the Mississippi. This route's beauty has earned it a spot as one of a select group of US Highway Department National Scenic Byways. This route lies in Cherokee Indian country and is found about 30 miles west of Charlotte North Carolina, 200 miles northwest of Charleston and about 120 miles north of Augusta Georgia. The scenery on this route will amaze you. The route takes you through the South Carolina high-country and offers you views of mountains, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, forests and wildlife that will be hard to match on any other motorcycle route I know of.

Highway 28: Tri-State Tour
Beautiful National Forest scenery. Mountains, Rivers and Waterfalls ... a great sampling of 3 states in a nice 30 mile run! Travels through the Sumter National Forest and later Nantahala National Forest.

Caesars Head
During the summertime expect not to see much other than many trees as you climb to the top of the mountain. However, in Fall or Winter the scenery changes completely as the foliage is reduced and the sweeping views of Upstate SC become available.

Savannah River Scenery
Pleasant woods scenery, old towns, opportunities to stop for sights. You'll be riding through sections of the Sumpter National Forest.

Good Route Through Badlands to a Great Monument
This route takes you through a part of the southwest corner of South Dakota that offers some vastly different scenery. The route starts in the eerie gray and tan starkness of the Badlands and goes to the fertile green of the Black Hills.

This route starts out in an incredibly unique and startling area of the United States known simply as 'the Badlands.' The scenery in the Badlands National Park is dramatic and breathtaking in its surreal desolate landscape. Oddly the route ends in an area of great green and fertile mountains known as the Black Hills. There you will get to see the most impressive monument in the US - Mount Rushmore. Bring your camera and PLENTY of film!!!

Sturgis Ride - Last Leg (I-90)
Starting at the eastern end of the state you come over the last risen rolling down toward the Missouri River near Ocoama, SD. The terrain changes from lightly rolling hills, to very extended plains for as far as the eye can see. Past Murdo, SD it changes as you enter the Badlands showing you some of the more rocky cliffs off in the distance either side of the road. Sunrise over the Missouri river morning 6th August.

16 A to and thru Custer State Park
Awesome! That's pretty much all I can say about it. I've driven all over the country on some of the most scenic roads around and this one is in my top three. The Black Hills National Forest area ranks right up there with most of the riding of done in Colorado and Montana. If you've never been to this area you'll see why the Lakota called this region the black hills ... because of the starkness of scenery surrounding this area, the black hills really do look black as you approach. However, when in the midst of the Black Hills you will revel in the lush dark green of the Ponderosa Pines and Black Hills Spruce and the many beautiful tanish/grey rock outcroppings that are sprinkled all along the drive!

West Highway 44
Beautifully scenic highway with turns and twists and ups and downs. Watch for wildlife as you'll be driving through the Black Hills national forest with its numerous lakes, streams, and diverse topography.

Central Hills Loop
From the quaint, historic town of Keystone, past world famous Mount Rushmore, through scenic Custer State park, this route packs more scenery per mile than arguably any other road in the world. Plan to stop often so you can enjoy the view safely, and for heaven's sake don't forget your camera!

South Dakota 44 (East of Rapid City)
This route lets the rider from the East or Midwest really get a feel for how beautiful and inspiring the West is! Distant mountains, unusual rock formations, the Badlands, huge hills and canyons, pronghorn sheep and mule deer, twisting rivers. This route was awesome!!

Short Run Through Some "Bad Lands"
The scenery in the Badlands is almost indescribable. It is an area that has a unique, desolate and almost freighting appearance like a desert or canyon. It is something you will never forget!

Real Tennessee Back Roads #2
Some beautiful views and some interesting stops along route. Also, some real back country roads and scenes.

Rocky Top General Store (This is not a tourist store, but a real country store)

Crossville to Standing Stone to Celina
Wonderful two lane roads, rolling hills and great fall colors when in season. Light traffic, no major cities. Standing Stone State Park is good place to relax with a walking bridge over creek and decent amenities.

Whistle Stop Route - Route 269
Most of this ride is through the small towns and rolling hills of Tenn. Nice open scenery, but the main attraction would be the quaint small towns. Watrace TN (left and right).

Mill Road
This road is a nice drive through some nicely wooded acres.

Ben Lomond to Alice's
The route leaves the small town of Ben Lomond and heads into the redwood forest of the Bay Area Penninsula. The twisty two lane road winds in and out of tall trees, with vineyards and wilderness on both sides. In spots the view opens up to the west and you can see the Pacific Ocean, or east towards San Jose. Stop at the tee at Big Basin Hwy and look up; you're in a stand of California redwoods hundreds of feet tall. More tree lined curves await as you continue onto Alice's.

Tabernacle, NJ Loop
Quiet country rode with nice country scenery. And, you'll drive by and be able to see something you probably have never seen before - "Cranberry Bogs" along the way (owned by the company Ocean Springs).

Addy-Wilbur ride
The first half of the trip is mountainous and treed, the ferry crossings give you a good chance to snap some photos and motorcycles are always on and off first. Once you hit Highway 21 the road is lined with tall trees, leaving Keller the scenery opens up to the typical easter Wa sage land but follows along side the river.

Pennsylvania 144
It's hill country Pennsylvania. The road is the scenery. But there are quite a few places to stop and enjoy the forest and views.

Big Horn Mountain loop
The route is beautiful with lots of scenery. We saw a Bull Moose eating just off the road.

Cherohala Skyway
This cyclist's dream road connects Robbinsville, North Carolina, with Tellico Plains, Tennessee. It can be desolate at night and extremely dangerous in the winter months. There are no facilities other than restrooms for the entire 40 miles. There is little evidence of civilization from views that rival or surpass any from the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Tellico River, at the lower elevations on the Tennessee side, is famous for it's trout fishing, and when the water is up, can be quite a challenge for canoers and kayakers. The river leads you to the sleepy town of Tellico Plains where you can gas your tank and feed your belly. Update from Leann (3/19/12): The Cherohala Skyway starts in Tellico Plains, TN and ends in Robbiinsville, NC. From the city limits of Tellico Plains to the city limits of Robbinsville is a 51 miles trip

Hwy 246 - Roswell to Capitan
Average to fair scenery quality. Mountains to your 12 on the beginning of the journey, they draw closer on your 10 and 9 as you near the mid-point of the route, passing through and around the mounts. towards the end. Capitan Historical Marker at end of route on left.

"Tennessee 13"
On this road you will see typical middle Tennessee scenery with pine groves and farmlands, hills and dales, big hills and beautiful valleys. But you will mostly enjoy the ride with switchbacks, corkscrew turns and exciting ups and downs in elevation.

The Trace (Through the Land Between the Lakes)
Starting at the southern end of beautiful Land Between the Lakes, this ride offers lot's of scenery and places to stop including a bison range, 1850's settlement, lake views and more. Overall the ride offers equal parts of views of wooded stretches and open scenery vistas. Update from "bikesand beards" on 6/13/12: The ride from Clarksville to Dover Tennessee is ok. Nothing special. Once you get onto the Trace things change. The Trace is full of things to stop and see. There is Elk and Bison Ranges, Free Roaming American Bison, Springs, Lakes, A Western Furnace and so much more. Plys the long tracks of beautiful land. And of course not to far into the Trace is the Homeplace. This is a 4 dolalr tour that takes you through an old times living working farm. This farm has houses that you can walk through, and animals that are just walking around.

A taste of the Appalachians via 25, 208, 321, 19
This route is located very close to the Smokey Mountain National Park. However, it will offer some of the same breathtaking beauty of the park with out the traffic and congestion. You'll drive in some beautiful lush mountain scenery and will not be disappointed by the surroundings.

Genesis Road (Tn 298 & Tn 62)
Catoosa Canyton, Obed River, Catoosa Wildlife Management Area, Clear Creek, little development, beautiful views, many hills and curves.

"The Tennessee Baby Dragon" - Hwy 232
The scenery is a bit limited, as it follows heavy curves and dips around a good deal of hills. There has in recent years been extensive logging around the area, and consequently you have large clear-cut areas which provide decent views of the landscape. There are a number of small bridges which cross some attractive creeks. The logging is limited now, so about 75% of your journey will be 'walled in' by hardwoods.

Real Tennessee Back Roads #3 (Norris dam, Savage Gardens, Big Ridge State Park)

Cedar Creek Rd. to the "Harley in the sky"
On this route you wind the Tennessee river back country, seeing everything from creeks, old farms, a civil war iron furnace to a Harley in the sky.

Nogales to Douglas
If you are riding the Southwest through the I-10 corridor and have time to get off the interstate then this is an excellent detour through South Eastern Arizona's high desert, quarter-horse and Arabian country. This road features many exquisite, and sweeping vistas of the high-desert grasslands and mountains with peaks looming to nearly 10,000 ft near and far. It is a "must see" for Western history buffs. Landmarks include the historical towns of Nogales, Patagonia, Tombstone, Bisbee and Douglas, AZ. These towns played an important role in the history of the American West. Points of interest include Boot Hill Cemetery, OK Corral, the Lavender Open Pit Mine and the awkwardly named, Geronimo Surrender Monument in the town of Apache, AZ. Note: this route will tie in nicely with the "Arivaca Sweeper" route also described in this section.

Hwy 128 River Ride - Side Trip off of "Tennessee 13"
iding Highway 13? Take a little detour about 3-4 miles south of Linden off of Hwy 13 and ride Highway 128 to Clifton. This little gem is a beautiful ride taking twists, turns, and hills that run not far from the Tennessee River. The length of the ride is about 16-17 miles one way from the turn off of Hwy 13 to Clifton. It's a fun little ride! Try and catch it during the turning of the colors in mid-October at it's best as it is absolutely breathtaking in the fall with the turning of the colors. Clifton is an old riverside town at which the paddlewheel steamboats travelling the Tennessee River would make stops.

Real Tennessee Back Roads #4
The scenery varies: There is much open country of farm land, then rugged mountain terrain with passing views, and of course the great views at Cumberland Gap Overlook.

Cumberland Gap Overlook Parking Lot

Tri-State Mountain Tour - Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia
Be sure to take a camera. Plenty of rolling hills and farmland. Ride along Cherokee Lake and Norris Lake. Up and down one mountain in TN., 1 mountain in Kentucky, and 2 mountains in VA. Really enjoyed riding through the tunnel into Kentucky where there is a State park (Cumberland Gap National Historical Park) that offers a spectacular view from the "Pinnacle Overlook" where one can see the three states that you cover on this route.

TN HWY 69 & AL HWY 20 - Savanna Highway
Here you'll see a variety of farms, woods and gently rolling hills.

TN Hwy 68: from Ducktown to Telico Plains
      A pristine country setting with mountains and creeks in abundance. There are also some very small communities along the way.

Highway 66
Most of the scenery is wooded areas with small farms and old buildings located on the ride, just good old back country riding. Some rivers and smaller streams and mountain views.

Cades Cove Run
This is one of the most beautiful rides I know of. It's 27 miles in and 27 out. This ride follows a river and has scenery that will take your breath away. Update provided by Miller5573 on 5/30/12: ""

Following the Ocoee Down In Tennessee
This route is situated in the southeast corner of Tennessee and takes you to and through the Cherokee National Forest by way of the Ocoee River Gorge.  The section of the route that is in the Cherokee National Forest is an official (actually the first one in the country) National Forest Byway.  One of the best things about this route is that this part of Tennessee is loaded with some of the best motorcycle roads in all of the Appalachian Mountains.  Take your own side trips and find and submit your own "MotorcycleRoads route." Smokey mountains ... a beautiful lake ... a powerful river ... thick forest ... this route is loaded with scenery!!  The route itself hugs the sides of the beautiful Lake Ocoee, which is nestled in between tall mountains.  This lake is actually a reservoir that has been formed by the construction of the Ocoee Dam.  Along the route there are many scenic overlooks for you to pull over at and take in the magnificent views of the lake and mountains.  The road later follows the twisting path of Ocoee River as you head east and finally out of the National Forest into the very corner of Tennessee.

Real Tennessee Back Roads #1
The 338 portion passes nice farm land views, with turnoffs to head/tail waters of Douglas Dam.

The 139 portion passes by Lake Douglas with views and ends at Historic Dandridge.

The 92 portion has nice views and passes Lake Cherokee Dam turnoff, view of the lake. Details - One of the best views in TN is at the tail water area of Douglas Lake with restroom facilities. (off of 338 just before 139). Take the time to drive down to river level of the dam. Continue to Dandridge, a historic old town. Interesting to walk or ride the couple of blocks there, check out the Bible Drug Store, Smokey BBQ, earthen dam that saved the city. Nice view and parking on top of this dam. Also, go south a short distance on 92 south over the bridge to the Marina Restaurant. Then turn back North on 92, you will come to Cherokee Dam Recreation area. Pull into the recreation area, restrooms, and a nice loop out to see the lake. Back on 92, pass the tail waters. Continue the twisty to Rutledge.

North Central Tennessee Tour on US-127
Lots of farm land that look like "Post Cards". Undeveloped land and hills provide great views. Rolling hills. Old abandoned school houses are interesting stops, but be aware farmers use some for storage!

Routes 56 & 50 - Cumberland Plateau Tour
Start of with beautiful views of Center Hill Lake. Then on to typical Cumberland Plateau scenery; views off high ridges of sprawling valleys below. Lots of forests and especially beautiful in October when leaves are turning. The end of the route (when you reach Altamount and get on Route 50) will take you off of the Cumberland Plateau and you'll have some nice views as you come down.

Brushy Mountain Run
Lots of mountain vistas, see Brushy Mountain max security prison and ride through part of Frozen Head State Park.

Central-Western Tennessee's Hwy 104
You will start your ride through the Milan Arsenal, which is a US ammunition facility. You'll be traveling through thick wooded areas and not far from the Natchez Trace State Forest and Resort Park (about 8 miles off the route). Also, you can stop by Parkers crossroads and see lots of Civil War sites.

Monterey to Hanging Limb to Grimsley
You will experience beautiful mountain views, waterfalls, wildlife, untouched wilderness.

Route 70 from Rogersville TN to Jonesville VA
Beautiful mountain top scenery with scenic valley views.

Natchez Trace Escape - Route 99
Riding the Natchez Trace is truly a ride through history (see Natchez Trace listing) however, Low speed limits and long straight sections, with trees and more trees, can be a little boring. This is a road that will provide a change of pace--a chance to exercise that engine. There are plenty of twists and hills, with the added chance to do a little exploring.

The Fulshear 44
A great escape from the hustle and bustle of Houston ... nice relaxing farm roads, few cars to deal with, nice view of the Brazos river, farmland, wildlife.

Texas Twister
This route travles through the Texas Hill Country. All near the gorgeous Highland Lakes area. This area is especially beautiful in the spring through June when it turns into a utopia of wild flowers. The first flowers to bloom are Bluebonnets and they are quickly joined by red Indian Paintbrush flowers which makes for a blanket of blue and red flowers covering the fields. Later in the season, these flowers are overtaken by various yellow, red, and white flowers ... you've got to see it to believe it.

Point Blank Raceway
This route takes in the entire west side of Lake Livingston. You'll see the lake, lots of pine trees, nice homes, deer and ranches.

The Possum Kingdom Lake Ride
This is the best kept secret motorcycle ride for North Texas views and lies just about 60 miles west of Dallas Ft. Worth. It has lots of mountain views from the roads, you'll drive around Possum Kingdom Lake while taking in some great lake and cliff views.

Hwy 4 heading south from Graford thru Palo Pinto & onto Santo is a really nice ride to do in the fall. There is actually some fall color, not like east Texas, but for a day excursion from the Metroplex, not bad!

Texas Park Road 4
The road is in the Texas hill country starts south of Burnet just off hyw 281 just past the Burnet airport and ends at Lake Buchanan. You can also head into Kingsland and check out Lake LBJ. The view from the road is total Hill County and also two lakes, Ink's and LBJ. You'll ride through deep valleys and hills and since the state owns the road, there are not homes all over the place. The road has been one of my best rides for years. Now its time for you to in joy it!!

La Grange to Round Top to Bellville Texas on TX-159
About 60 miles northwest of Houston you'll find this ride traveling through some good rural scenery that has some amazing vistas to the North of the road between Shelby and Industry. I should have stopped to take a picture!

The Red River Cruise
Nice hills, beautiful countryside. As you approach Munester from the NW you go through a sci-fi like wind power generation farm. There are some really nice views into the valleys as you get into Montague county, and an awesome view as you cruise out north of Saint Jo ... the ride north from Saint Jo back around to Munester is great!

Ride to Hard 8 BBQ
Great scenery through the Palo Pinto Mountains. The mountains towered over us. Lots of rolling hills and TONS of bluebonnets in the Spring.

Pines and Water
National Forest, hills, curves, Lake Livingston, Wildlife, Ranches.

The Glen Rose Trail
This is the TOP end of the Hill Country and believe me you will not be short on views and beautiful scenery. Be it either long or short distance. Several flat top buttes to view from the road and great hilly rides. Quaint small towns along the way. Do yourself a favor and take this ride in the springtime when the bluebonnets and Indian paint brush abound, you won't be disappointed.

Lower Crabapple to Enchanted Rock
Hills, wild animals, creeks, and windy roads are some of the great features of this road. At the end you'll see "Enchanted Rock" which is an amazing site. From the Texas Parks and Wildlife website: Enchanted Rock is "a huge, pink granite exfoliation dome, that rises 425 feet above ground, 1825 feet above sea level, and covers 640 acres. It is one of the largest batholiths (underground rock formation uncovered by erosion) in the United States".

Paloduro Canyon Loop
This loop takes you in and out of the Paloduro Canyon in the Texas panhandle. This is a great road for seeing canyon formations and desert scenery.

Hippie Hollow Horror
This road runs out of Austin to the northwest and then skirts along the north edge of Lake Travis. Just a little out of Austin you will pass the famous County Line BBQ on the Colorado River.

Hill Country Back Roads
This route is a laid back scenic route - not for high speeds!. Along the way you will ride along ridge tops and down valleys, through farm and ranch lands. There is abundant wildlife from Llamas to Bison to Longhorns (not to mention deer, skunks, raccoons, and armadillos) along the way. Creeks, ponds, trees, and getting away from it all are the main attractions.

Dripping Springs to Leakey
The start of the trip has some nice scenery with trees overhanging the road, when you get to elm pass road the scenery starts to change with more rock faces on either side. Lots of great properties and ranches to look at and three or four water crossings with large and small bodies of water on either side.

Good Ol' Texas Hills Loop
This is are offers a view of Texas that most people never thought existed. This area of Texas is a real refreshing and surprising collection of oak covered hills, spring-fed rivers, crystal clear lakes, impressive limestone cliffs, and acres of colorful wildflowers. Because of its shade-protected valleys, you'll find sites as GIANT cypress trees and Maple tree groves that you just wouldn't expect to find in Texas.

Logging Trail
The scenery down Hwy. 84 has mostly pine trees from all the managed logging land down both sides of the highway. However, during the fall all the hardwoods are changing colors and it's akin to a fireworks show for the rider. The road is east west so time the ride to keep the sun out of your eyes at sunrise and sunset. Surely the scenery is great year round but fall is so far the very best time to ride down this backwoods highway in Texas.

North Texas Crazy Eight
Well folks, it's North Texas. During the spring and summer, it is truly Gorgeous. The rest of the time, it is very nice, but gets a 3-star rating for lack of features. There are some nice hills, some incredible homes, some sweeping farmland, but all in all it is flat and somewhat unremarkable. The good news is if you are FROM North Texas, odds are this is an improvement. You do get to ride right by McKinney airport, which is pretty busy for a small airport and has some great aircraft... worth a stopping and looking. Also, Blue Ridge (right on 545 instead of left) is a nice sleepy little Texas town that is also worth seeing. You also get to cross Lavon Lake, which is very pretty on nice days, and you can join up with the route named North Texas Sweeper Heaven in Blue Ridge for some straighter lines and more rural farmland views that are just fantastic in the Spring and Fall!

The Three Sisters (AKA The Twisted Sisters)- Ranch Roads 335, 336,337a
A ride through this part of Texas will most certainly change your view of my beloved state. You will ride amongst scenery as good as it gets, along clear rivers, through very twisty mountain type curves amidst real Texas Ranches. With million dollar vistas and cool clear waters along with friendly folks and knowing that you are riding the best this large state can offer, makes for great riding... Nueces River (pronounced New-Aces) on Ranch Rd 335

Bristol Bluebonnet Bash
During the April-May time each year, this is the best Bluebonnet viewing and picture taking area in all of Texas. It is a very quiet country farm road with plenty of places to stop and take pictures. Take your time and enjoy the country. This is a good cruiser route with plenty of gas stops along the way.

Texas Turns, Turns, & More Turns
On this road you will see rural Texas country homes, ranches and farmland. Highway 271 yields expansive views from atop a ridge line. Celeste has an historical marker for Audie Murphy just past the corner of 69 and 272. Bonham State Park is a beautiful and a scenic place to picnic. Notes: This is my favorite route to get away from hectic city life and relax. Road 470 is a little tree lined road worth the extra complication. Be careful in Wolfe City - they have more cops than residents. For an extra stop with Texas prairie scenery, stop at Parkhill Prairie, 2 miles south of highway 981 on CR 669 and 668 just before Lane, Texas.

Texas Pig Path Ride
Route follows Turtle Creek to the Guadalupe River. Then along the Guadalupe to Comfort. Then up Block Creek to the headwaters of Grape Creek and right/ east downstream to Luckenbach. Expect to see what one normally sees when following old roads along drainages, tree tunnels and low water crossings, fields and pastures. There are no vast purple mountain vistas, just interesting stuff up close and personal. This is ranch country, there are several historic scenes and stops. Watch for the markers. Be ready for exotic and native wildlife of all kinds.

Colorado Route 149 - South Fork to Gunnison
Route 149 is one the most scenic roads I have ever been on. Scenery wise you have it all - stunning views of the mountains , a ride a long the banks of a river, and sections that ride next to beautiful rock walls. It is a must ride If your are in Colorado. And, you get different views depending if you are traveling South to North or North to south. I personally think the South to North Route is the better view!!

Central Maine to Popham
Many farms on the way to the coast. Once on the coast, near Bath and on the peninsula (RT 209), there are breath-taking views of the ocean and boats. Many little coves. After the beach, on the way back, Rt 197 is awesome because it combines nice roads and many rolling fields.

Edom to Palestine
Mixture of heavily wooded, and rolling farm pastures. Keep an eye out for deer in the fall. This ride also passes by Lake Palestine.

South Texas Ride
Everything from open country roads between Tivoli and Beeville to highway cruising around Kennedy and isolated wooded areas past Hallettsville.

Racer Road
It's all a blur. Cool think is there is a nice River Stop end the end to cool off.

Secluded Desert Ride on Ranch Roads 163 & 189
Scenery is not the name of the game when I take this route. It is all about getting out there and blowing the cobwebs out. I sometimes ride this road without ever seeing another vehicle or darn few of them. It's about getting out away from all the everyday hustle and bustle. And in springtime and summer there is a plethora of wildflowers that are a joy to behold. There are a couple of nice curvy sections along the route but it is pretty much smooth straight cruising but spectacular scenery on this ride is practically nonexistent.

Killeen Twisty Getaway
The views are beautiful, showcasing the many different aspects of the hill country. There are numerous bridges and places to stop and enjoy the view if you so choose.

Waller to Carlos Run
Quite country side and ranch land. In stark comparison to the hustle and bustle of near by Houston.

Palestine to Henderson - The Back Way
Nicely wooded farm country. You'll travel through heavy woods with rolling farmland along the way. This is a nice back area of Texas rarely seen except by locals. If you are looking for a less traveled, more scenic way to go from Palestine to Henderson (or points in between), this is a great ride. Hwy. 225 to Henderson, is probably the prettiest part of the route, but they all beat the dickens out of the standard highways: 79 and 84 .

North Texas Sweeper Heaven
Very beautiful when the trees have leaves!!! Not just a flat ride... lots of hills.

FM 357 - "A Magnum of a Ride"
The ride runs from Kennard to Hwy 59 through Texas Forest Country and Davy Crockett that passes tall timbers, the occasional country church, winding down and around and across streambeds with exposed gnarled roots where wild irises bloom. A beautiful ride true Texans will surely enjoy!

North Texas Hill Country - Granbury to Albany
The scenery is wonderful! Granbury itself is a historic gem, any road in/out of town is a nice ride. FM 4 going thru Lipan and along FM 1189 to FM 1188 is small town Texas. Once you turn north on Hwy 108 the scenery just keeps getting better, long vista views from the tops of a hillside roadway north on Hwy 108 to another quaint small Texas town, Strawn, where you will pick up Hwy 16 north for just a short distance, don't blink or you will miss the left turn onto FM 207, get your camera ready for some wonderful scenery & an old fashion 1 lane steel bridge. We passed several large fields filled with Black-eyed Susan's! A real treat for the eyes. Next you will turn left onto FM 576 at the town of Necessity, the views of large hills all around continues and gets better all the time. For a very short time you will be on Hwy 183 north before continuing on FM 576 west through the town of Eolian. Then look for the turn north on FM 601, this will take you the rest of the way into Albany.

Gruene-Fredericksburg-Bandera Loop
Beautiful! Plenty of scenic countryside, farmland, rivers, ponds, orchards/trees, rolling hills, twisty turns and cutbacks (especially between Kerrville and Bandera). Some straight-aways allow you to safely open up the throttle and best of all, not too much traffic throughout the entire ride. Gruene, Lukenbach, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and Bandera are exceptional stops for travelers with lots of amenities at each - including shops, country stores, dancehalls, museums, and even a biker's resort (Koyote Ranch), which we passed en route between Kerrville and Bandera. Bring a camera.

Caney creek to Rye
Piney woods galore!!!!!! You will cross the Trinity rivers pretty side and see farm land and old shacks along the way.

Santo Hwy.
Sort of short but worth the gas. Excellent scenery set in rolling hills with tree lined 15 mile stretch of "real purty" starting in the town of Palo Pinto. The best scenery ends at junction of Interstate 20. Overall it's a "mini" version of some great hill country type cycling.

Highway 697
road runs along the top of a ridge. Lot's of trees, creek bottoms, very scenic.

Bend Region - Rio Grande River Road
During the April-May time each year, this is the best Bluebonnet viewing and picture taking area in all of Texas. It is a very quiet country farm road with plenty of places to stop and take pictures. Take your time and enjoy the country. This is a good cruiser route with plenty of gas stops along the way.

Texas Hill Country Twister
This road is in the top five in the state, with everything from scenery to twisty's all boiled down into a 38 mile ride. This route will send you past the home of the Kerrville Folk Festival, Koyote Ranch Resort, and Love Creek Orchards. Then to Bandera, TX where it's not uncommon to find a horse tied up next to your bike! The ride takes you through a set of twisty's, then dumps you into the beautiful Medina River Valley. Update provided by LadyMarie on 5/25/12: "This road follows the valley into Medina. The elevation changes multiple time and watch out for some wickedly tight turns, Especially North of Koyote Ranch. Pay attention to the warning signs and prepare for a couple quick downshifts. It starts with mostly tree lined roads till you hit the floor of the valley, and then it opens up a bit to rolling turns. Good warm up for the Sisters."

Utah's Route 95
30/40/50 mile vistas! High Desert. Red Rock. Geological riff! Natural Bridges National Monument! Keep a camera hanging from your neck while riding...USE'll want to remember this ride "FOREVER"!!.

Route 150 - Mirror Lake Loop
Parleys Canyon to Evanston: Mountainous Desert--red rocks and sage brush, with vistas of the mountains; Evanston to Kamas: Mountains and beautiful, green alpine valleys/farmlands, lakes, rivers, etc.

Ashley National Forest to Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area
On this ride you'll see Aspen forested hills, red rock canyons, beautiful overlooks of the Flaming Gorge reservoir, with views that make you feel as if you can see forever!

The Flaming Gorge Tour
Route starts in Dinosaur land Utah and follows amazing red stone geological formations with roadside signs indicating which fossils and minerals are found where. You then travel over the top of the Uintah mountain range winding through everything from aspen trees to ponderosa pines. Several designated scenic overlooks as well as countless points of interest follow. Amazing views of Ashley valley from the south slope. The view from the Flaming gorge dam is great. The red canyon overlook is second to none with trails around the canyon rim overlooking Flaming Gorge Reservoir several hundred feet below. The North slope offers more great panoramic views and a great overlook site where you can see for miles. Wildlife is abundant(elk, mule deer, big horn sheep).

Route 89 - Evanston, WY to Ogden, UT
From Evanston, WY to Woodruff, UT it is quite flat but lush with the local farmland. From Woodruff to Ogden going over Monte Cristo is mountainous and very beautiful. Note: We made this ride on June 21, 2008 and there were still five foot snowdrifts on the side of the road at the top of Monte Cristo. Bring a jacket with you because it went from 90 degrees to 60 degrees in about 10 minutes. In other words, be prepared.

Moab, UT to Nucla, CO
Great views of the La Sals, big valleys, farm country, and desert - all on one road. The road follows a stream along the edge of Mt. Peale - elevation 12,721.

Mexican Hat to Bryce Canyon
"We made this trip in late April and May and it is one of the best trips we have ever made. Fall would also be a great time. Make reservations near Bryce and Torrey and in Mexican Hat. All get busy and Torrey and Mexican Hat have limited places to stay. No worries about fuel on this route.": Lynn & Peti Fantastic high country of Utah. Big trees, wide open ranges, huge canyons, red rock views. This whole trip is like stepping back into the 1950's and is one for your scrapbook. You travel through some absolutly breathtaking national forests such as Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and finally Bryce Canyon National Park.

Heber to Hannah & the Wolf Creek Pass Loop
The scenery is gorgeous from the time you leave Heber City - beautiful canyons and evergreen forests as you ride towards Strawberry Reservoir. Wonderful vistas of Strawberry Reservoir, with several scenic overlooks. Redrock canyons as you wind down through the canyon as you drop off the plateau. A few miles of flatland as you head through Tabiona and Hanna, and then you're back into the mountains again, with incredible views as you cross over Wolf Creek Pass and head through the twisties down to Francis as the road shares the curves of the scenic Provo River. From Francis back to Heber, you'll have gorgeous views of the Jordanelle Reservoir and the spectacular view of the Wasatch mountains and Deer Valley Ski Resort. You spend a lot of time traveling through the Unita National Forest. Beautiful ride!

The Logan Canyon Run
Scenic ride through the canyon with great views. Ride ascends up and tops out at Bear Lake Summit (7,800 elevation!) and travels through the beautiful Wasatch-Cache National Forest then culminates in a visit to Bear Lake.

Highway 9 - Zion Canyon
Just outside of La Verkin, Highway 9 ascends a fault abduction and drops into a valley surrounded by mesas with Zion Canyon's spires in the background. The Virgin River winds with the lanes on the south side. Stunning scenery and great history including the film location of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." Drop into Rockville and see a slice of preserved western Americana, round a bend past an impeccable apple orchard, up and over a rise and Springdale fills all the senses. Once in Zion National Park, vision is overloaded with a geological and natural variety found only here. On the off season riders can take the canyon road into its terminus at one of the most picturesque points of America. Continue on 9 and mount the switchbacks to the mile tunnel carved into the cliffs of Zion. The road winds through landscape of Kaibab limestone with wind and water formations. From the east entrance to Mt. Carmel Junction, 9 meanders through high desert terrain and forest.

Photo contributed by visitor in Jun 09 - "Picture entering the second (and longest) tunnel."

Photo contributed by visitor in Jun 09 - "Zion National Park ."

Kolob Road from Virgin, Utah
For anyone riding Highway 9 to Zion, this side trip is Southern Utah's best kept secret. It winds out of Virgin, Utah and up into vistas of Zion NP and Kolob mountain that few outsiders see. Some might see it as a step in the Grand Staircase, but it's an entire landing of the most beautiful land in our area.

Out of ALL our trips, this little ride is full of the most outstanding beauty that can be found. Up above the resivor is a dirt road. However, the best of all the beauty can be found on the pavement such as this photo. It's the best photo we've ever taken from our trips -

Mt. Nebo Loop Road Run
This route has been declared by the government's to be one of the country's few official DOT Scenic Byways. You'll see the incredibly beautiful and powerful looking Mt. Nebo one of the highest peaks in Utah and is the highest peak in the Wasatch Range at 11,877 feet. Along the way you'll travel through canyons, aspen groves and pine forests as you pass through the incredible Uinta National Forest. Great route in the fall as the Aspens and Maples change colors.

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument tour
Unbelievable views of Red Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The Staircase is an incredible collection of multicolored cliffs, buttes, plateaus, mesas, and canyons. Bring a camera with plenty of memory space/film for this one!!! You'll also be passing through the Dixie National Forest.

Overall, it's a fantastic ride with many opportunities to stop hike and enjoy panoramic views. You need to plan a day of this trip to have enough time to take in all the great views which you really need to stop at!

Additional input from "hunnerbunner" (Sep 08): Red canyon, Bryce canyon, Hell's Backbone, Calf Creek and Boulder Mtn. give you a little taste of every type of scenery Utah has to offer, from red rock to slickrock to pine and aspen covered mountains.

Utah 128 - "The Canyons of the Colorado River"
Quote from the submitter: "Took this trip July 2003. Ten days with temp of 85 to 105 degrees. This is a great road to relax on. Stop at pull outs and take a refreshing swim in the Colorado River to cool off. Too many roads so little time, but I'll remember this one forever." 42 Miles of canyon road that follows the upper Colorado River. Road twists as much as the famous river. This road is near the world famous Arches National Park. In August of 2013, excellent contributor "GJRonK" added the following: "Unbelievable extremes of colors form the tapestry of rock along this route. The first 15 miles are narrow canyon walls, some 1,500' high, that surround you and guide you along the narrow two lane road sharing the bottomland with the river. The views of the river become varied as parts of the roadway is on shelf roads. Occasional small canyons squeeze in from the sides, now and then, with some beckoning hiking trails up through the rock cuts in the sides. You will see various boaters using the river for water adventure. Pullouts for viewing are every mile, or so, but are usually graveled. There are also numerous campgrounds with picnic tables and pit toilets along the way. The river is often dark tan from runoff high in the Rockies. During high water, it can come right up to the roadway. At mm14 is the Red Cliffs Guest Ranch, which is first class. You can stop for a free visit to the movie memorabilia museum. At this point, the canyon widens out to show distant ridges that can be dark red or purple. Here, the road is some distance from the river for a while. You will pass country used countless times in movies. (Note: The last one I personally saw here was filming for Geronimo: An American Legend in 1992.) As the road runs alongside the river again, the walls remain the same type--various layers of sedimentary rock, although all the rock this side of Moab is younger than that to the west of the Moab Fault line. You'll approach the old settlement of Dewey Bridge, with only one building left. The historic bridge has burned down, but you can stop on the south side and see the remnants and read some about it. As you proceed north, you will pass several pullouts with some Indian rock etching called petroglyphs. Look high up onto some darker, smooth surface rock on the left side of the road. If you choose to pass alongside Cisco, you will see a town that civilization doesn't seem to need anymore. Founded in 1883, it was a rail watering stop, then a large wool shipping station, then oil was the big driver, then mining. Along around 1970, as the freeway even bypassed the town, there was little to keep residents around. Now there are maybe 5 residents left. "

Molly Stark Trail - Route 9
This roadway runs through terrain ranging from low elevation valleys to hilly and mountainous regions. Spectacular views are available, especially at Hogback Mountain Scenic Lookout that faces south over Southern VT and into the Berkshires of MA. Massachusetts is less than twenty miles away and on a clear day the view is expansive. The Molly Stark Trail (VT Route 9)is one of only a few roadways designated a Scenic Byway by the state of Vermont. During the autumn leaf-peeping season the views are dramatically enhanced but expect slow moving traffic and increased vehicle congestion on the roadway.

Update/Addition from an anonymous visitor: Rt 9 twists through the beautiful green mountains along the way you will crest atop skyline were you have a 100 mile view to the south, moving into historic down town Wilmington then you start up to Searsburg and have views of the summerset reservoir and then you head into historic Bennington.

Photo contributed by visitor in Jun 09 - "Taken in Bennington."

Brattleboro to Burlington
You go through some beautiful country, forests, and mountain passes on this route. Except for RT 2, everything is a postcard. Rivers, covered bridges, waterfalls, little towns, mountain views- it's great!

Vermont Covered Bridge Tour - from Brattleboro to New York
Lots of vistas, pretty farms and photo ops. Mountain ranges, rolling hills, forests and valleys. Travels through Green Mountain National Forest. Covered bridge after covered bridge. It almost gets redundant. Lots and lots of cows, and farms.

Righteous Roads
Green Mountain National Forrest Scenic rt 11 with view Equinox Range. Dip in to the Berkshire mountains back up 100 through Southern Most tip of VT.

Lake Champlain Islands on US Route 2
Overall, US Route 2 snakes through the lake Champlain Islands on scenic, well maintained roads. There is a vast amount to see and do along the 40-50 miles between Alburg and Burlington's World class scenery. This road cuts through the heart of historic Lake Champlain with the Green mountains on one side, and the Adirondacks on the other breathtaking!!!

Taken at Sandbar State Park

Green Mountain Spine Waterbury--Killington Loop
This route is a wonderful loop thorough the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains. Along the way you'll be surrounded by trees, glens, small farms and green mountains. This is, truly, the heart of Vermont.

Old Route 4
This road starts in Fair Haven and runs all the way to West Rutland, it has some of the best scenery for mountains I've ever seen .. I will never forget all the rides there!

Route 100 - from Willington to Killington
Scenery description: Curvy two lane highway running alongside rivers and trough valleys. Many small quaint villages on the road. Not many semi trucks. The route travels through the Green Mountain National Forest.

The Small Towns and Country Roads Tour
See Amenities section.

Beautiful country, mountains everywhere...and the twisties, amazing! Along the way you'll pass through the Camel's Hump State Forest.

Rt 108 between Jeffersonville and Stowe "Smugglers Notch"
Amazing terrain through the midst of ski country. Many scenic lookouts and hiking opportunities.

Rt 42 - Virginia Mountains
This is the longest state road in VA. It runs from just north of Bristol VA (Glade Spring Rt 91) to Woodstock VA. 42 is west of I-81 and you will visit a lifestyle of Virginia that is lost in time. The ride is very mountainous, full of very small towns such as Saltville VA.

Photo contributed in Feb 10

Western Virginia Appalachian Mountain Loop
Excellent scenery! You'll be traveling through the Appalachians mountains and two National Forest (George Washington NF and Jefferson NF). You'll also enjoy some wonderful river scenery as you travel along the Maury River. The route also rises up thorough the Goshen Pass.

Skyline Drive
You'll be riding through the beautiful Shenandoah National Park and see great mountain views and wildlife like deer and an occasional black bear ... but you'd better pay attention to the road as its loaded with turns!

The Virginia Highlands Tour
This route will take you through the incredible Virginia Highlands (Bath-Highland counties) and over to West Virginia's Monongahela National Forest. As you enter the Virginia Highlands, sweeping views from mountain vistas and open valleys to narrow winding roads mark the territory you'll be riding through.

Manassas to Middleburg
Beautiful rolling hills and massive farms/plantations with lots of horses and gorgeous homes. Perfect scenery for a Virginia sunset ride, with sun setting over rolling green hill country. This is my favorite short ride for a quick escape from the hustle of the DC Metro Area. It's not too far away, it's relaxing, and it there are some SERIOUSLY good restaurants in Middleburg. I recommend making a quick pit stop at the 7/11 on the corner of Sudley and 15 before crossing and continuing on Waterfall Road. This is a great place to just grab a quick drink and use the restroom. The next stop should be in Middleburg where I visit my favorite sandwich/ice cream shop for a quick refreshment, walk around a bit and then hit the road back to Manassas.

This is the main road of Middleburg as you enter by the 626 Road side

The Middleburg to The Plains Loop
Vineyards and farms with scenic hills on the horizon. Through the farmlands and vineyards of the entry to the Virginia plains, on the horizon are the hills and mountains of the Shenandoah.

George Washington National Forest Hills Tour - Rte 39
Tree lined curves and hills with adjacent river in part. A large portion of the route travels through the lush green George Washington National Forest ... check out the Google map (online map link below) and click on the Satellite button to see the lush green hills you'll be passing through!!!

Leesburg VA to Antietam National Battlefield MD
You are heading to the Antietam National Battlefield, where it is easy to imagine one of the bloodiest Civil War battles taking place as the Blue and the Grey advanced and retreat among the hills, valleys, dales, and rivers. The back country roads of Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland make this a magnificent ride because of changing scenery alternating between farm and ranch land, the horse country, and the scenic riverside along the Shenandoah River. This is a special ride enjoyed by all. Start early in the morning.

Virginia's State Route 16
Awesome mountains and countryside, 2 state parks, Hungry Mother State Park to the north of Marion, VA at exit 45 on I-81 and Grayson Highlands State Park to the south on 16 at exit 45 on I-81 towards North Carolina. North from Marion takes you to Tazewell, VA which is very near Burke's Garden.

Steve's Quick Curvy Ride
This is just your basic back road trip. Nothing really special to see. If you live in Chesterfield, VA there are many back roads like these. A friend of mine took be on this route and it was a blast!!!

Virginia Plantation, Settlement, and Battlefield Tour
If you enjoy seeing and experiencing American History, this route is unbeatable. You could spend a week's vacation taking all of it in.The route follows along the James River and through it's green lush valley. The area is loaded with thick woods and huge trees. You'll get to see both large and powerful James and York Rivers. The area is most beautiful in the fall when the leaves are changing colors.

Apple House to Rt 50 via Morgan's Ford
Dismal Hollow Rd/State Route 647 is a nice twisty road weaving under Rt66 heading toward 624 Happy Creek Rd. Once there it is a nice mostly straight with several Maximum Safe Speed corners of 10MPH. Along the way you will cross Morgans Ford. A low water bridge approximately 2' above the Shenandoah River (Although I've seen this bridge under 10' of water during heavy rain events)It is a one way bridge with a pull off on the near end for fishing and swimming. The remaining road is rolling hills with mountain views on each side of the road.

Longleaf Vista Cruise
The Kisatche Forest has Manicured road sides that line the drive through the hills and curves and there are Vista views and hiking trails and some Trails are marked for ATV and Horseback riding also.

The Midland Trail
This road has it all. This road will take you over the Appalachian Mountains. From Charleston, you are following the Kanawha River. Enjoy the falls near Glen Ferris. Many of the towns in this area are very narrow, and right up to the river. As you go further east, you are climbing into the mountains, and the road is narrow and has many switchbacks. There are several overlooks, such as Hawk's Nest, to look over the river valley.

Chattahoochee National Forest Tour
This route in deep in the mountains crossing small rivers and streams. The fall colors are beautiful!

Southwestern Virginia - Sweet Chalybeate to Monterey
Mountain valleys, tree lined roads, scenic overlooks, waterfalls, historic landmarks. WOW! This is a continuation of a trip listed in West Virginia (- Peterstown to Sweet Springs).

Road Quality: 4

Super nice road quality. Hills, mountains, valleys, twisties, sweepers, cruisers. Something for everyone.

Added by bmerryder (2/18/12): The mountain pass is twisty and there are no opportunities for gawking, after that there are miles of valley views and rolling hills, streams and more hills, idyllic.

Long way from Warrenton to Front Royal
Some great scenic areas going over the Skyline Drive then farm and rural scenery. You'll drive through both the beautiful Shenandoah National Park and the George Washington National Forest.

Blue Ridge Parkway
The upper half (the longer of the two halves) of this road runs from Afton VA, (near Waynesboro and Staunton, VA) south till it intersects I-77. This part of the road ambles through the Virginia country side with several sites to stop such as an old mill pond with a working millwheel and some Civil War battle sites.

The lower half runs from I-77 (near a VA town called Fancy Gap) to Cherokee NC. This part of the road is mostly in the great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. There are numerous overlooks to view the beautiful Smokey Mts. as well as several outstanding places to see such as blowing rock and an old plantation house turned into a craft house. The part below Ashville NC is perhaps the most awesome Mt views anywhere in the eastern part of the country and terminates at the Cherokee Indian reservation where a museum and an outdoor drama are well worth seeing. The federal government hosts a very nice informational website covering the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Fort Lee Loop
The beginning of the route starts on the beautifully tree lined Palisades Interstate Parkway and then continues onto 7 Lakes Dr. which is mostly tree lined with a few small lakes. The scenery on Rt 106 is mostly treelined with some really breathtaking lakes as well. 17A is all treelined as you traverse over a mountain. Rt 210 runs along the spectacular Greenwood lake which is backed by a great tree covered mountain and Is the best of the scenery on this ride. Rt 511 runs alongside the Wanaque reservoir and has some really great views. Not much to see on Rt 23 and Rt 80 coming back towards the end of this route

Hampton Road
This route goes past a vineyard, small tobacco fields and farmland.

Paris to Waterloo on the Splendid 688 (AKA Leeds Manor Road)!
Wow!!! I can't believe I've been riding motorcycles in the DC area for 12 years now and never found or heard about this beautiful little gem tucked away in Loudoun and Fauquier counties. I was tipped off to this sweet little run when I bumped into an old high school friend while I was out shopping at a home improvement store. He's a member of a biking club and told me that his group rides this at least 2 or 3 times a summer. On this ride you'll slip into some secluded hill and valley country with great diversity of heavily wooded sections and open viewing sections. There are quant little farms and cottages spread out throughout the drive with peaceful pastures some with grazing cattle. You pass near and over streams occasionally and there are a few nice new impressive homes but mostly it's a lot of modest and older country homes. Many of the homes are surrounded by picture perfect white or black wooden fences and stone driveway entrance walls. When I took this ride the leaves had not changed yet but I'll bet it would be even more incredible in the fall or spring when there would be even more colors to take in. It's only 11 miles so I suggest you either turn around and do it again or head down to the Blue Ridge Parkway and make it a day trip!

The Chesapeake Bay Area Reservoir Ride
Farms, reservoirs, trees and friendly neighbors. It winds past York River State Park towards Richardson Millpond, Goddins Pond winding it's way through New Kent County before making two passes over Diascund Creek Reservoir. I grin 90% of the ride!

The Fort Valley & Thornton Gap Run
Fort Valley Road takes you along a picturesque forest (Shenandoah National Park) and creek-bed before it deposits you in a gorgeous valley.VA 675 ends taking you up up up and over a mountain as does US Hwy 211 - both roads offer some spectacular views!

Arkansas 27
Outstanding views traveling parallel to highway 7 ... the south end also runs along the Caddo River.

The Secret Blue-Ridge Mountain Northern Stretch
This is a favorite ride of mine that I stumbled on a few years ago when my work sent me out to some FEMA command center out in just northeast of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's about 15 minutes west of Leesburg and once I got out there and turned on to VA 601 I knew that I had stumbled on to what is a very nice little stretch of motorcycle road. The whole 11 or so miles rides along a not very well known spine of a section of the Blue Ridge Mountains (just look at the Google Maps Satellite view of the road to see how it drives right over the top ridge of the mountain range). You'll be riding through beautiful thick lush forest with a few sections were it opens up a bit for some views of fields. Another sight to enjoy along the way are the beautiful homes. Some really smart (and rich) people have built their dream homes along this stretch of mountains with what I imagine would be jaw dropping views from there back decks. Much of the road is lined with some really authentic looking (I can't tell if it's really old or just made to look that way) stone fencing traveling for miles along the road. At the very end of the route when 601 runs into US Hwy 50, make sure you take that (Hwy 50 east for just a mile or less and you'll take in a great valley view (see pics below)). The following addition was contributed by Ralph C in March of 2014: A beautiful soul-stirring ride along a mountain ridge flanked by beautiful forests. Nice enough during the summer, this is spectacular in the fall. This road is a nice bookend to Snickersville Turnpike, since the northern access is about a half-mile west of the Turnpike/Route 7 intersection.

Route 80 in the Beautiful Southwest Corner of Virginia
You'll see incredible scenery that includes mountains, rivers, old buildings, historic landmarks and end up at beautiful Breaks Interstate Park inside of the Jefferson National Forest.

The "Five & Dime" Ferry Run
Not a lot to see except woods and farms. The scenic highlight part is the Ferry Ride at the half way point.

Woodbridge, VA to Seneca Rocks, WV and Back
Excellent scenery. Wonderful Virginia rolling hills and farmland; beautiful mountains and streams in the West Virginia Potomac Highland Region. Photo contributed by a visitor in July 09: "Enjoying the ride on Rt. 55." Update provided by "Wojo" in July of 2013: "This route will traverse several different ridges of the Allegheny mountain range. From Moorefield to Franklin, there are numerous vistas and several overlooks as well as stopping points to view the headwaters of one of the branches of the Potomac river. Seneca Rocks is the highlight of this route. It's 900 foot rock walls are popular with climbers and several areas are available for viewing."

Highway 25 from Kettle Falls to Northport
Beautiful ride along the upper Columbia River, plenty of mountains and forest to see. You'll see the Franklin D Roosevelt Lake and its Coulee National Dam Recreation Area. This gorgeous ride in Northeast Washington state hugs the Columbia River and takes you all the way to within 10 or so miles of the Canadian border. Occasional deer so keep an eye out!

503-Lewisville Hwy (north of Battle Ground) to Mt. St. Helens Nat'l Forest
The two-lane is wooded, interspersed with farmland. Many of the turns are semi-banked & posted at 25mph. Several "crests" offer a sudden view of what is left of Mt. St. Helens. There's a one-lane, suspension bridge for vehicles over a small lake with boat access. I prefer the Vancouver/Cougar route over the Woodland/Cougar.

The Grand Coulee Dam Run On Hwy 174
Rolling treeless hills and prairie. Dry high desert plateaus and farming communities. Excellent viewpoint of Grand Coulee Dam at the Crown Point Overlook.

Entiat River Road
Beautiful forest scenery. watch for deer at dusk. Nice camping spots. Awesome waterfalls. Great ride.

Bellingham's Mt Baker Road
The scenery from exit 255 is fair while being able to see Mt Baker at different spots along the way. After you get on Hwy 9/542 from Deming the scenery improves, and from Glacier to the base road for Mt Baker it is in a well shaded curvy area for about 15 miles that is most welcome during the summer months, then the climb to Mt Baker is the most scenic and where one will want to stop and take photos all the way up. Then at the top parking lot there is great scenic views of Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan. Geezy Rider near Mt Shuksan (Baker & Shuksan are real close together and both can be seen from the same vantage point)

US Hwy 101 - Hood Canal to the North Shore
In a state where water, mountains & trees always add a little flavor, this route combines all 3 to make a spectacular day trip. I've ridden a lot and on a sunny day, you can not beat this ride anywhere. Gorgeous!

Carbon River - Hwy 165
This route starts in Sumner and follows Hwy 410 on to Hwy 165. The route is very scenic through the Orting valley, running beside and crisscrossing the Carbon river and ending at the Ranger Station. It passes through small logging towns of Wilkeson, and Carbonado. Hwy 165 forks past the town of Carbonado and goes into the Mt. Rainier National Park ending at Mowich Lake but this road is pretty steep and unpaved, gravelly and very dusty. The left fork runs beside Carbon river and in the spring the river can be running full from the melting snow. There is a beautiful bridge that crosses a deep ravine and is worth stopping at.

WA Hwy 261 Palouse Falls
Hwy 261 winds though the grass lands of the Washington Palouse. In the spring temperatures are mild and the grass is emerald green. At certain vantage points the Palouse looks to be relatively flat farm land; however, there are beautiful deep canyons and ravines tucked away that have been carved over time by the powers of nature. At Palouse Falls state park you'll have spectacular views of the falls and the river gorge. Continuing to Delaney where Hwy 261 meets US Hwy 12 you will have full views of the lower Palouse River. If you're into geology you will love this ride. Note: Hwy 12, either into Clarkston/Lewiston or down to Walla Walla offer some great riding and connections to other great roads.

The Mercer Island Loop
Most of the scenery on this ride is made up of the million dollar homes situated within the community. If you ride slow, you will see many, but be careful with the sight-seeing, the road is very windy and needs constant attention. If you weary of riding on the outside of the road, with many drop-offs (no railing), you might want to go east to west, as you'll be on the inside of the two lanes (away from the drop-offs). Down side is, there are many man-hole covers that sporty riders need to take in account. Enjoy and remember to limit the gazing at the mansions situated all on that road! Mercer Island is situated in the middle of Lake Washington and you'll have views of the cityscape and surrounding mountains.

Chuckanut Drive
First part of the drive goes through some flat farm lands. The roads are wide open, you can often see hang-gliders descending from Blancard Mountain. Then when you reach the base of the mountain, you'll see some tideflats, and then you start to go through some beautiful forest, with cascading waterfalls. After a couple miles, you will reach the truly breathtaking views of the Puget Sound, with the islands and boats. Uninhabited island in Puget Sound

Highway 20 Washington Pass
You'll be amazed by 65 miles of old growth forest thru a national park with alpine vistas climbing from sea level to 8000 ft. and ending up in a great town Winthrop Washington. This is truly one of Washington's hidden secrets!!! Eastern end of Northern Cascades near Winthrop, WA

Whidbey Island Wonder
You can start this ride from either end. I suggest starting from Mukilteo and catching the Ferry to Clinton. You will experience open fields to twisty mountain curves on Washington's beautiful Whidbey Island. The high light is Deception Pass, 3/4 of the way to Anacortes... The gateway to San Juan Islands. That's another story. Bring a camera, I know - Duh! ...AND binoculars for Bald Eagles.

Run Along The Pend Oreille
If I could have given this route a 4.5 I would have as it's very pretty but not "blow you away pretty." The real beauty of it though is based on the fact that it's a nice lonely road surrounded by beautiful scenery. I live in the Yakima area and had taken many trips up to the Kettle Falls area to do the run along the Columbia River. However I wanted to try something different and I saw in a Washington State Visitors guide that the "International Selkirk Loop" was named by Sunset magazine as the "West's best scenic drive." I looked up that route and headed up to the part of Washington state where some of the route was located (that route is huge and goes into Canada and Idaho, etc). I rode a section of that loop along the west side of the Pend Oreille river and was actually disapointed. On a whim I decided to try the east side of the river by heading over on a bridge at the town of Usk, WA. I'm really glad I did because I found a very nice ride! You'll be traveling along a road that snakes between the "Pend Oreille" River (pronounced "pond o-ray") and a mountain range to the east. I was up there in May and it was as green as Ireland and teaming with wildlife ... in my one trip I saw 4 deer, a brown bear, and a buffalo farm of some kind. The route starts out in the Kalispel Indian reservation and within pretty thick forests and periodically yet consistently opens up so you get views of the river. Later as you head north the scenery gets even better with some beautiful pasture land and great river views. Then you'll descend into a beautiful box canyon for a short but sweet run ... make sure you stop when the road turns to gravel and take in the great river scenery with the canyon wall back drop. Some lucky folks have nice homes perched on the few buildable patches of land along the river. A few miles into the run it opens up a bit

Spirit Lake Highway
If you like rides that give you views of lakes & rivers, this will be a great ride for you as you'll see Silver Lake, Coldwater Lake, Spirit Lake, a few rivers. And to top it all off, amazing views of Mt. St. Helens and the destruction it caused from the Johnston Ridge Observatory.

Cape Horn and Beyond
Beautiful scenery abounds throughout on this road with lots of variety. Expect lots of forests, spectacular views of the Columbia river, especially at Cape Horn (pull over for this one), farmland, tunnels... the list goes on and one. A must ride!

Columbia Gorge Forest Loop
Travel along the incredible Columbia River where you stop and watch windsurfers, through farm country and deep forests. You'll take in views of Mt Hood, Mt. Adams, and Mt. St. Helens as you travel through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

36 Mile Sweeper Paradise - Tiger to Colville
This ride travels through the pristine Kaniksu National Forest. I went through it in May and the fields I saw looked so green I felt like I was traveling through a forest that Walt Disney created - almost too good to be true. The forest looked healthy and lush and when it opened up the fields I saw were green and fertile. Along the way there are a couple of small beautiful lakes and very pretty waterfall area called Crystal Falls (about halfway through the ride). Towards the west side of the route it opens up a little more and you get some good views of mountains and some nice homes along the way. The best thing about this route however is the road's fun factor (read below)!!

The Flowery Trail Rd
"This road is my "amusement park rollercoaster" that I love to ride from east to west and turn around at the chain up area on the west side and ride back again. Maybe even several times if I have enough time that day. If you're not from this area, do note this road may have Ice well into May and as early as September. If you add this road to two other roads posted on this web site (Hwy 20 Tiger to Colville and Run Along the Pend Oreille) you will have a wonderful loop ride of great scenery and fun twisties." DeDe Flowery Trail Rd runs from Chewelah to Usk past the 49 degrees north ski area. The scenery is beautiful; a typical Inland Northwest mountain road. Lots of wild life may be seen. Great views to the west and east from both sides of the mountain pass.

Rattlesnake Pass to Wallowa Lake
The scenery on this road is amazing. You'll follow along the Snake River out to Asotin, then twist and climb up to the top of the Butte. To the southeast you will have some views of the cliffs of the north end of Hells Canyon Then the scenery changes from grasslands to wooded forest and you'll soon see the sign Rattlesnake Pass. Through the trees you start to get a glimpse of the grassy canyon you'll be descending; there are many view points along the way. Be sure to stop at Joseph Canyon Overlook for an amazing view of the historic Nez Pierce winter homelands and far off to the south the high peaks of the Wallowa Mts. (Blue Mts. of Oregon). The hwy continues south through the woodlands for about 25 miles and rounding a sharp right corner you'll get a majestic view of Eagles Cap peak and the Wallowa range. In May the grasslands are very green and the mountains are still covered in snow making for some amazing contrast. Wallowa Lake is quite spectacular especially in the early morning sun. "Teak" added this in Jan of 2015: "Along this highway you will crest many times for spectacular views of north east Oregon, then drops repeatedly to ride along the river, excellent for a dip during hot weather. The Grande Ronde River. South of Enterprise is a dirt road, Crow Creek Road, that takes to a ledge looking down to the Snake River's Hells Canyon. I would take camping gear and overnight on the ledge."

The Klickitat Loop
"this is, in my opinion, one of the best rides in the entire NW as far as good sporting rides go! sure there are others that have more turns per mile (mt. st helens & hwy 18, shaniko to fossil) and there are many rides with far better scenery, but, those rides generally have far more traffic, tourist's,and revenue collectors ( A.K.A. POLICE ).": Decent scenery in places , a few great views ( if you can stop in such a fun section ,you'll see ).

Steptoe Butte
"Combine the Steptoe Butte with any of the surrounding highways or county roads for a wonderful day ride. We like Hwy 27 from Spokane Valley to Oakesdale. Hwy 127 is a nice road with lots of sweepers, if you head west from Colfax on Hwy 26 to Washtucna then south to Hwy 261 it will take you over to Palouse Falls:" DeDe Out on the Palouse is a little cone shaped mountain called Steptoe Butte at Steptoe Butte State Park. From the top of Steptoe you can see the Tri-Cities to the southwest, Spokane to the North, all of the Washington Palouse, The Blues of Oregon to the south. It the spring the grass is emerald green and the temperature ranges in the 60s-70s. In August the area turns golden brown as the wheat fields mature and the temperatures often range in the high 90s.

Mt Rainer Ramble
The star of this show is the 14,411 ft Mt. Rainier, the highest peak in the entire Cascade mountain range. This mountain is a dormant volcano with a distinctive dome shaped peak that is completely glaciated. You will see many rivers, lakes, canyons and waterfalls often times dramatically and starkly outlined by the dark volcanic rock surfaces. Overall the road conditions are almost ideal for motorcycle enjoyment. Plenty of zigs and zags and long climbs for you to feel the power of your bike. One of the best and most exciting sections of the route will be found as you approach and pass Cayuse Pass as you close in on Sunrise (the final destination of the route). As with any mountain motorcycle traveling, special care has to be taken to avoid late spring or early fall snow conditions.

The Nisqually River running rather dry this time of year

Route 20's Twisties
Great twisty road to ride but not many grand wide open scenic vistas. But you will be passing through nice rolling countryside with plenty of green pastures and thick forested hills.Road Quality: 4Road surface was mostly good but lower sections from Charmco, WV to Craigsville, WV had a few rough patches. Suggest riding section from Webster Springs to Rock Cave (north or south) as fabulous never ending twisties and great road surface and very few cars.Roadside Amenities:: 3Monongahela National Forest and Holly River State Park are close buy if you want a side trip.

Rt 50 - Clarksburg, WV East to Winchester, VA
This route takes you along some beautiful and windy mountain scenery boarding WV and slightly touching Maryland as the elevation climbs and the air cools. Great views of WV mountain tops, old train cabooses, souvenir shops, wind mills, and a short detour will have you viewing one of the countries smallest churches and the beautiful BlackWater Falls. This is one of my favorite West Virginia rides but whether on RT 50 or one of our more southern roads, I highly recommend our scenic "Mountain State" for your next weekend (or longer) bike trip.

Road Quality: 3

This is a typical two lane paved road for the mountain state but the switchbacks and twisty turns make it a pleasure to spend a few hours enjoying fresh mountain air.

Roadside Amenities:: 2

You won't find a whole lot of bathroom breaks or rest stops on this mountainous stretch but the few stops you will want to hit are a nice variety. Fairly early on you will be presented with a 'caboose graveyard' and souvenir shop which has wonderful food in their restaurant. Also on the trip you may want to visit the historic WV School for the Deaf and Blind in Romney, or take a fairly short detour and spend the night at Canaan Valley Resort or Black Water falls. You will also find several small towns closer to the Virginia end of this trip with typical fast food fair. Don't miss a chance to try some of the 'mom and pop' dining opportunities that present themselves along the way.

Rt. 16-Rt 47 - Taste of Appalachian Foothills
Starts out in St. Mary's, WV, which is next to the Wayne National Forest (in Ohio) among the rolling Appalachian foothills. Very green lush forest with excellent colors in fall.

WV State Rt. 9 - Berkeley Springs to Paw Paw, WV
Picturesque farms, scenic overlooks, mountain views, rivers, wildlife this little piece of highway has it all.

Road Quality: 4

Would get 5 stars if not for the possibility of deer and a few spots where rock slides are possible. With what this road has to offer it reminds you why you ride. This road was made for 2 wheels.

Roadside Amenities:: 2

Berkeley Springs is a very cool town. nice little restaurants and art galleries. Otherwise not much until Paw Paw. Note: Watch for deer, slide areas and on coming traffic.

Waterford Racetrack Road
The route starts in eastern Ohio on the Ohio river and immediately crosses into WV. The first half of the route hugs the Ohio River right across the river from the official US Government named "Ohio River Scenic Byway" so you know it has to have nice scenery. The second half of the route heads into heavily wooded areas as you twist your way through the turns!

Entering a few of the turns ... "some of these curves are marked as 25 mph....and a couple of them Ifeel is about 5 mph TOO FAST for me to handle": Sandman

Road Quality: 4

There are a couple of rough patches at the start (on Route 2 in Chester). This road will be an extremely challenging road for Sportsters if run fast. Hairpin curves are cage rated from 15-30 mph. One spot could be dangerous though traffic is generally light and the overall road conditions are what I'd call above average. This second half of the route is Route 208 or also known as the 'Waterford racetrack road'.

Scenic Route to New River Gorge
We jumped off of I-79 at the Clendenin exit to grab a pizza in that small town about 3 miles down the road. After eating, we checked the map to see how we should go about getting to the New River Gorge. Rather than taking I-79 to Charleston and then cutting across the state on Route 60, I noticed that we could take Route 4 East to Clay and then take Route 16 South to Route 60. That would bring us out on Route 60 close to Route 19 North where we wanted to be. It looked like we would at least be off the highway for a while and it looked like a shortcut. Well, we never ran into a traffic light again until the intersection of Route 60 and Route 19, about 75 miles later. What a beautiful route we lucked into. The road looks like it must have been cut out of the mountains/hills, with flattened rock edges pretty much down the entire left side of the road on Rt 4 and 16. On the other side of the road were trees, with scattered homes along the river. This section follows the Elk River on the right side of the road. When you hit Rt 60 East, the real adventure starts. One of the curviest roads I've ever been on, winding it's way up the mountain and back down the other side. Along the way, on the right side were an abundance of waterfalls and the views of the drop off on the right side of the mountain were incredible. We stopped at a gas station just before going up Gauley Mountain, and we spotted a family of river otters in the river there. Important, while on 60, follow the 60 to Fayetteville to the traffic light, and then head north on Route 19. In 25 to 30 miles, you will find ample lodging in Summersville, equipped with a Wal-Mart and all other amenities.

Road Quality: 5

Nice, smooth, and curvy roads with occasional flat straight stretches with no good police hiding places for you to end up with a ticket. Like I said above, the short stretch on Rt 60 is one of the curviest roads I've ever ridden.

Roadside Amenities:: 2

There are gas stations approximately every 9 to 11 miles, but not much else. I believe there were 2 very small towns to pass through, one of which is actually at the start of the journey. Summersville has plenty of restaurants and places to gas up.

US 250
On this road, you will ride up and over two large mountains and on both sides you will be treated to some panoramic vista views of the valley below. As you ride in the valleys you will see (at various times) some beautiful farm land as well as miles of thick forest as you hug the banks of various wide & rocky creek beds in certain sections. I understand that these large creeks serve as the headwaters for the Potomac and the James rivers.When I ran this section - I did it on a Saturday morning. I left Staunton at 6:45am and I had this road all to myself with literally NO traffic to get in my way - I highly recommend this approach to get the most out of this great road.. Road Quality: 3US 250 provides some very technically challenging switchbacks, tight corners, elevation changes etc. There are a few breaks in between the mountain ascents and decents - the valleys are a nice break. If you enjoy taking-on challenging roads - you will really love this one. The road quality varies from good to fair. Some sections are a bit rough, with heavy and uneven patchwork. There are no sections of this particular stretch of road that I would label as "poor". Roadside Amenities:: 4There are plenty of places to eat and things to do in Staunton and Elkins. In the middle of the route you will travel through the George Washington National Park and the Monongahela National Park. Both are spectacular forests with lots of picnic areas, hiking, scenic overlooks etc. Staunton is a much bigger town and has more to offer. Both are college towns.* Monterey,VA - near the middle of this route (at the intersection of US 250 and US 220) was labeled by Dale Coyner in his book Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians as "the most rider friendly town" due to the number of local riding enthusiasts and their hospitality towards others with the same passion.

Route 20 from Buckhannon WV to Webster Springs WV
Great consistent pavement...continual twisties the whole 55 miles. Folks it doesn't get much better than this anywhere in the eastern USA. Few rocks or gravel in the turns unless there has been a hard rain in within the previous day or so. Youll hardly ever see the law...but obey the speed limits in the small towns for good measure.

Road Quality: 5

Super nice road quality. Hills, mountains, valleys, twisties, sweepers, cruisers. Something for everyone.

Roadside Amenities:: 2

Who cares about the amenities...what do you want? Its central West-by- God for pete sakes...its the continual twisties that make this route a MUST do if you're passing thru the center of WV. Fuel up/Eat, etc. in Buckhannan then have at it for the next hour. Theres a Subway and a home town restaurant in Webster Springs - Snowshoe is only 40 miles or so beyond over on 219...lots there?

US 50 - The George Washington Highway
Mountains, Rivers, Valleys, Great People, Fun things to do. You travel just north of the northern most reaches of the beautiful Monongahela National Forest!

rock formations seen along the way Road Quality: 4

Twist and turns, leading to places that have MORE twist and turns. Another nice thing about this run is when you complete it, you are close to another couple of great mountain runs in the area - Skyline Drive and The Blue Ridge Parkway. You could get to them by continuing from this ride's end point (Mount Storm, WV) and get down to Front Royal, VA where you can start heading down (south) Skyline Drive to the end and then pick up The Blue Ridge Parkway in Afton, VA ... put this all together and this could be a fantastic weekend of motorcycle riding! windmills seen along the way

Roadside Amenities:3

This is a wild ride ... at one point has a near 180 degree turn with other tight turns leading to a funky gift story with rustic old knickknack shop about mid way through the run. You'll pass Cathedral State Park along the way too and could stop there as it's a nice midway point stop. I suggest you stay at Abrams Creek Camp ground - a great place to be ... just past the Highway 50 and WV Route 42 intersection (Near Mount Storm, WV). Look hard or you'll miss the sign. There is a lodge house, camping are, and cozy cabins to stay in all alongside Abrams Creek. This is a place off the beaten path and you'll have a blast staying over for the night.

West Virginia 39 (West of US 220)
WV 39 is just a fantastic motorcycle touring road! At various times you will ride along beautiful mountain streams, thick forest, and cranberry glades as you cruise along the valley and over the mountains. If there is a BETTER motorcycle touring road in WV - I am not aware of it!

Headed East from Summersville you will go past the Cranberry Tri-River Trail Head, Summit Lake, the Cranberry Glades Botanical Area, the Chesapeake & Ohio RR Depot (in Marlinton) and the lush greenery of the Monongahela and George Washington forests.

You will hug the banks of the gorgeous Cherry river for several miles.

Road Quality: 4

WV 39 offers a near perfect balance of sweepers, tight turns, elevation changes and wide-open spaces for passing (when needed). There aren't very many hairpin turns - only a few spots are what I would label as "technical".

The constant change of terrain serves to make this road an absolute pleasure to ride.

Heading east from Summersville, WV 39 really starts to deliver after about 15 miles when you enter the Monongahela. At the 54 mile mark - WV39 borrows a typically fun & exhilarating section of US219 before getting back to business and heading out to the George Washington forest at Marlinton.

The condition of the tarmc is good to great - only a few small sections of patchwork. The only issue I had with the road was what seemed like more than the usual and customary amount of loose gravel in the tighter turns. .

Roadside Amenities:: 4

Summerville offers all of the usual and customary amenities with plenty of chain hotels and restaurants as well as some local establishments - its tied to the New River gorge tourism business.

There are several small towns along the way - Richwood and Marlinton have several places to rest and to dine that looked very inviting...maybe next time!

US-33 through the Shenandoah valley
This ride never fails to enchant and thrill me. There's always something new to see. Trust me you won't catch it all the first time because driving it the first time will consume most of your energy.

The scenery can be anything from looking up from the valley floor to looking down from atop a mountain peak. Crisscrossing several blue ribbon trout streams and passing through two national forests (the George Washington and the Monongahela), both set on the west side of the Appalachian mountains, brings out a sense of just how small we really are. There are some sharp turns and few straight-aways. This a scenic trip so don't plan on breaking any land speed records .

Road Quality: 4

Have you ever driven down an 8% grade hill only to be relieved to have made it to the bottom and survived the 25 mph turns that switched into and out of the mountain side on the way. This road is thrilling at times but not dangerous. Experience and bike control are needed, but patience are much more in demand. The road is a bit narrow at times so keep your eyes forward.

Roadside Amenities:2

Camping is always better on a hill top over looking Seneca Rocks, it's a sheer rock wall that jets straight up from a mountain side where horse-back riding is available to the top, where a look out stand awaits. But if you prefer to hike or climb it it's there too. Pull-overs abound and caverns await just a few miles from the main route. Fill up with gas before you start and make sure you bring a camera because looking down at the valley floors will take your breath away.

US 219 Elkins to Summerville
You will start into the hills with numerous pull-offs to stop and admire the views. At the top is the Elk River Ski Resort at Salty Fork. The hills flatten out slightly as you turn east on 39/55 through the beautiful Monongahela National Forest toward Summerville.

Road Quality: 5

Seemed every corner was highly engineered new asphalt through along 219 past Valley Head. Many banked curves and switch backs 219. The road to Summerville too was great with fewer hills. Can't say enough about that section of 219. Corners engineered so steeply that the elevation change is quite noticeable. Total miles 126, about 3hrs 15 mins start to finish..

Roadside Amenities:: 3

Elkins and Summerville are both loaded with accommodation and places to eat. The short ride in between does not have a lot of things to do other than enjoy the scenery and ride!

The Snowshoe Challenge
Huge inclines and declines on hwy 66 east of Snowshoe Mtn. Snowshoe itself is a 6 mile climb to the top and twists and curves that will challenge even the best riders. I coasted down mostly. Beautiful log homes that implanted themselves in the side of the mountain and beautiful scenery. Nice streams usually follow the roads around Snowshoe. This road will challenge you, I promise!

Road Quality: 5

The roads are great for having all four seasons. Every so often you'll see some loose gravel on the tight turns, so be especially careful on the tight 20mph turns. And when it says 20mph, it means 20mph! Very little trucks except for the occasional timber truck. This area is not for leaning back and stretching out. It will challenge you and you will be leaning all the time. If you want to stretch out, follow hwy 33 or 220 near Petersburg, WV.

Roadside Amenities:: 2

Nothing but beautiful scenery. Hwy 66 east of Snowshoe is all forest, gas up when you get a chance. Go see Senaca Rocks. And fill up there. There is a cool bar/restaurant as well. Snowshoe has a gas station at the bottom of the mountain, can't miss it because everyone stops there. Marlinton is about 15 miles south of Snowshoe, this is a neat little town with ample refueling, shopping, and eating places. There is also a restaurant about 6 miles north of Snowshoe off hwy 219 (look for the bear). If you go to Snowshoe Freedomfest the 3rd weekend of July, join the guided tours. There are tons of bikes at this. Also, go on the ride and hike ride, it's well worth it.

Southeastern West Virginia - Peterstown to Sweet Springs
You'l be passing through rolling hills, farms, mountians, and quiet peaceful countryside (This route continues into Virginia - Southwestern Virginia - Sweet Chalybeate to Monterey).

West Virginia 28
WV 28 offers a variety of scenery along its path. Headed North from WV39 at Huntersville, the road weaves its way through the Monongahela forest. When you aren't riding through a thick canopy of lush forest, you are cruising through a beautiful valley with mountains on your right and your left. You will hug the banks of a white-water stream as you cruise through the Seneca Rocks area. From beginning to end - WV28 is a visual treat!

Road Quality: 5

WV 28 has a very nice "rhythm" to it - not many tight corners, just one slight curve after another as you ride along the valley floor. There are a few sections with significant elevation changes on the southern end, but you won't find any mountain carving switchbacks on this road - just an abundance of easy to moderate curves. The condition of the tarmac is very good throughout the whole route!

Roadside Amenities:: 4

For such a secluded road there are many things to see and to do. Headed North from Huntersville: At mile 18 - you can take a slight detour at WV66 and head to the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park.

The Cass railroad offers excursions on steam-driven locomotives that are filled with rich histories of the past, unparalleled views of a vast wilderness area, and close-up encounters with original steam-driven locomotives.

Just a few miles North of WV66 you will find the Green Bank National Radio Observatory.

Green Bank is home to the world's largest fully steerable radio telescope. Tours of the facility are provided - it looks like great destination for a field trip!

At mile 65 you can stop at the Seneca Rocks and go for a climb!

Further up the road - there are many places to stop and eat, fish, hike, or go canoeing on the river!

Riding the "double-Z" Along the Fox River
Great scenery along the Fox River!!! Ride along side of the river and pass through quaint Wrightstown. Wisconsin at it's best! You'll see many of our hard working bovine sisters munching on grass along the way.

Wisconsin 60 Along the Wisconsin River
Parallels the Wisconsin River from Madison (Sauk city) to Prairie du Chien where the Mississippi River and the Wisconsin Rivers intersect. River on one arm and spacious river valley back dropped by foothills and bluffs. Visit Villa Louis, an 1800's villa and mansion on the Mississippi River right in Prairie du Chien.

The Highway 107 River Run
Hwy 107 is a very scenic road that runs along side the Wisconsin River between Merrill and Tomahawk. Riding along the Wisconsin River you can see eagles and other wildlife. The scenery on this road is always beautiful but its especially pretty during the fall colors. The only thing bad is you really have to be on our tows watching for deer and turkeys.

Genoa to Richland Center on the 56
The scenery on hwy 56 in WI is astonishing. It varies from extreme up and down twisting roads through thick hilly woods along small rivers to narrow valleys to wide open valleys to higher open farmland with long rolling straight-aways. It passes by S&S Cycles in Viola. There is very little traffic due to its rural setting and it being quite unknown.

Wisconsin's Route 33 - The Little Deals Gap of the Mid-west!
On this road/route you'll see some of the most beautiful farms in Wisconsin. It will take you through Amish country and a short run in a state park that will remind you a little of Deals Gap.

Zig-Zag Through the Kettle Moraine
Don't get too wrapped up in following the exact route I'm suggesting. This area is loaded with other roads for you to explore. This route begins about 20 miles west of Sheboygan in Greenbush, WI.

This is a unique section of Wisconsin that owes its hills and odd rock structures to the clash of two huge glaciers that took place millions of years ago. The area is loaded with lakes, forests and wildlife. The area is incredible in the fall as the leaves change colors.

187 Along the Wolf River
This winding road has the Wolf River on one side and Wisconsin farms on the other. You'll enjoy the nice river views as you head up to the end point. The route also passes through the Navarino wildlife area.

The Endless Valley Run
This is the spectacular run through the un-glaciated hill country area of SW Wisconsin - riversstreams, forested valleys & ridges, backcountry that time forgot!

Hwy 55, Menomonee Reservation ride
Mostly trees on both sides, some open areas. You'll take in some nice river scenery as the route hugs Wolf River for much of the ride and passes by multiple lakes. The route primarily travels through The Menomonee Reservation but briefly goes through a small corner of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Overall, I would go out of my way to ride this road, its that good !!!

The Eagles' Loop
Several local parks along the way and you'll travel through Kettle Moraine State Forest (southern unit). You pass through country side mostly comprised of a combination of farmland, rolling hills twisties, lakes and small towns. Most of the towns along this ride are very well maintained with lots of turn-of-the-century homes, town squares and small parks.

This route is excellent for scenery. 99% of the time you'll see rolling hills for miles, trees galore...

Ashley National Forest to Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area
On this ride you'll see Aspen forested hills, red rock canyons, beautiful overlooks of the Flaming Gorge reservoir, with views that make you feel as if you can see forever!

The Scenic Route from Custer, SD to Devils Tower, WY
Heading west on Rt 16 from Custer, SD to Newcastle, WY is hill country with tall pines and rocky outcroppings. As you approach Spearfish, SD, you'll travel the Spearfish Canyon Road which is one sweeping curve after another with high bluffs covered in pines. Rt 24 from Belle Fourche, SD to Hulett, WY is quite flat and not very scenic, but the road has some hills and curves.

Taken from Spearfish Canyon Byway (Aug 08)

Taken from Spearfish Canyon Byway (Aug 08)

Ride the "Lasso" from Sturgis to Devils Tower
This route is designed to take you from Sturgis (South Dakota) to Devils Tower and back in a large loop that takes in this unique area of Wyoming.This route takes you from a great area in South Dakota to a great area in Wyoming. Along the route you will see many pine forests, rolling hills, rock formations and bluffs, small towns, ranch and farmlands, fresh air, blue skies, and gentle rolling rivers. The road is even more beautiful in the fall as the Aspens, Oaks and Birches paint the forests with different variations of gold, orange and red. There is a good/short video on a Wyoming Tourism website showing some great video clips of Devil's Tower.

From Casper into the Heart of the Tetons
From Casper to Riverton the road is pretty straight but great wide open spaces. As you approach Moran Junction you'll enter the Shoshoni National Forest. From Riverton to Jackson you go through the Wind River Range, Bridger-Teton Nat'l Forest, Teton Wilderness Area, and Grand Teton National Forest - wow!!! From Dubois you start to see the Grand Teton's on your right. This is some of the best, if not the best, mountain scenery in all of the US --- Very Scenic! .

Chief Joseph Scenic Highway-Bighorn Mountains
This is a great full day ride when combined with the Beartooth Highway. Good Lodging in Red Lodge and Sheridan. Expect the best ride of your life because you can travel 3 totally different extreme mountain routes in one day! Lots of info on the web if you search! This page describes two routes that cover some of the same roads. For a description of each individual route, see the "Directions" section below. Everything you expect in a mountain run! Some of the world's best motorcycle roads can be found in this Northwest corner of Wyoming. The routes drive through unbeatable scenery near the immense Yellowstone National Park. Photo contributed by visitor in Oct 09: "Nice switchbacks and great views, a ride you must take!"

Morgan-Monroe Loop
The perfect route for weekend bikers coming down to visit Brown County from Indy. The ride starts in Morgantown IN and completes a loop which brings you right back to where you started. This route will take you through rolling countryside with plenty of twisting roads and tranquil wooded areas in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest. Awesome scenery especially in the fall.

Jump Off Rock to Asheboro
This route takes several back roads through the Uwharrie Mountains between Troy and Asheboro. There are a lot of views of the Uwharrie Mountains, lakes and streams, and one place to definitely stop off at is Jump Off Rock on Flint Hill Road near Ophir.

Paluxy Highway-FM 51
On this Route, you will see Ranches, Farms, Hills. The route starts out of Granbury off of FM144. with Sweeping curves and hard right and left curves.

Hwy Q from Independence to Hwy 121
Hwy Q follows Wisconsin ridges and valleys from Independence, WI north of Arcadia west to it's end at Hwy 121. It is very twisty and technical and a pure delight to ride. It is farmland and one bucolic view leads to another.

Schoharie Valley Loop
The route takes you through the gorgeous Schoharie Valley. Large farm fields stretch away from both sides of Route 30. Nice views of the Schoharie Creek are possible from the many bridges over it along Route 30. Route 990v/ Co. Rd. 3/Co. Rd. 354 is heavily wooded and makes for a pretty foliage ride in the fall.

Highway 39 Hunt, Texas
This road is a relaxing alternative to the "Three Sisters" it is curvy, and fun, yet not technical. The area has numerous horse farms and as you approach Hunt, TX from the west on a weekend you may catch part of a Polo match. The road will cross the Guadalupe River at 90 degree angles. As you roll through the west side of Ingram, TX keep an eye out for "Stone Henge". That's right some guy had a 2/3 replica of the original built, and donated it to the town. There are campgrounds and B&B all along this road, and a near constant view of the river.

15 Mile Run Through Pennrile State Park
Lots of farmland and hills. beautiful scenery. On top of one hill, can see for a very long ways.

Pepacton Reservoir Loop
have started the ride out from hancock,ny on rt. 17 which is actually about 17 miles from the real beginning of this ride,which is east branch,ny, state rt. 30 one of the finest roads in all of new york state. take rt. 30 east/north and you will ride along the east branch of the delaware river on your right with great sweeping turns,rock wall formations on your left and beautiful mountain scenery all around you and for the most part you may be the only person on the road, its as if you own the road. About half way thru this ride you will come into the town of Downsville,ny(more on this later) and once you cross over the bridge here is where the ride really gets good. you will decend a rise with the pepacton reservoir now on your left and will come into some really tight 180's going both to the left and right with a couple of hairpins mixed in,halfway thru this you'll go over a bridge and will be able to see the reservoir spread out befor you on both side! s with about 14 miles left.

Indian's Northeast Texas Loop
Lots of trees...some nice shots of Lake of the Pines, farms and for will most likely see a few.

Lancaster County Amish Area
First 50 miles goes through mountains, small country towns. Last 50 miles goes through Amish Country with beautiful farmland settings in the heart of Amish country. Passes through true Amish country towns like Intercourse, Blue Ball, Kinzers (has steam engine museum), Bareville, White Horse and more. Good local Amish (Pa. Dutch cooking stops) and ice cream stops. Tourist shops in Intercourse. Excellent ride to enjoy the scenery with lots of sweeping turns, hills and valleys. Also goes through Middle Creek wildlife sanctuary for animal lovers.

Rt 944 Loop
On this loop you will pass through farm land, mountains, state parks, small towns and along a scenic stream.

Columbus to Massillon on US 62
This is a nice day tour of rural central Ohio where you'll find lush woodlands and water bodies.

Scenic Route 664
Ride the crest of some of southeast Ohio's nicest hills. The route takes you along a creek part of the way, and then you get to ride crests of hills.

NC 150
Lots of horses and cows roam the pastures on each side of this road. It's spotted with historic buildings, and even an "old fashioned" gas station/country store.

Ohio's Dragon's Tail
Southern Ohio at it's finest ... tight twisty roads with a boatload of elevation changes. After McConnelsville it opens up to more of a fast sweeping road and tightens again. Its a real blast, enjoy. I have never seen a law enforcement type on this road, but be careful it is rural and there can be farm equipment out there as well as wild life.

Amish Country
Many Amish farms and their horses and cattle. Many people traveling on their horse and buggies. Rolling hills and pasture fields.

Greenfield To Aberdeen (on SR 41)
TSR 41 has lots of twisties and sweepers, with some really nice hills to boot.

US 224 - Akron area to Findlay
A few quaint small towns between the two larger cities. Mostly relaxed country two lane highway with more sky than land considering the terrain is mostly level.

Ohio's Route 800 (south of I-70)
Very scenic beautiful views. The part i drove passed through the southern ohio rolling hills with some farms and wooded areas mixed in. i live in farm country and usually not real receptive to country views as i see it everyday but 800 and had me saying "isn't that pretty."

The 800-250 Loop
rolling hills and farmland combined with three lakes and dams. You'll pass directly by Clendening Lake and Tappan Lake and see some great water scenery!

SRs 424, 110, & 65; Defiance to Waterville
Nice scenery as most of the route stays along the scenic Maumee River.

Bath Road
Just north of Akron, with easy access from a couple different Interstate highways, is this short twisty little drive. It runs near the cuyahoga valley national park, down through the valley and back up the other side.

SR 105
just a nice scenic river route, my favorite. Trees and rolling farmland (rare in NW Oh) the Portage river, and Lake Erie @ Port Clinton!

Route 258 (Newcomerstown to Stillwater)
Scenery? Too bad you wont get much time to enjoy it! Tree filled valleys, amish farms, quaint villages - it's a scenic ride, but, read on...

SW Ohio - Franklin, Lebanon, Wilmington
Beautiful Midwest scenery ... especially in the fall.

SR-374 Hocking Hills
Most of SR-374 is tree lined and surrounded by hills. Much of the road runs through Hocking Hills. The road is very curvy and hilly. The road is a blast to drive and it is very rare that I have had to deal with traffic. On the couple of occasions where I came upon a car they have been kind enough to wave me by since the passing zones are few and far between. Update contributed by OHwing16 in Dec 2012: This route is a beautiful ride through the state forest. It can be amazing in the fall, but summer and spring are good as well.

"The Snake" - Hwy 421 & 34
This route takes you from Mountain City, TN to Holston Valley riding through the Cherokee Nat'l Forest. Riding through mountains and valleys with great vistas and ending with a view of South Holston Lake.

Bull Shoals Area to Mountain View Along Route 14
At times you will think you are on the Blue Ridge Parkway!!! Would be great in the fall. Small horse farms and cattle dot the landscape.

Gates Pass Road
Some nice looking mountains, but not too many mountains, nothing breathtaking.

Mesa, Globe, Punkin Center, and back to Mesa
Excellent views of Roosevelt Lake and Tonto Basin riding west from Globe. No place to stop for pictures. Will have to bring my helmet camera next time.

The Death Valley Run
In a word: Spectacular! This is some of the most breathtaking, "extraterrestrial landscape" on the planet. There's hardly a thing growing out there higher than your knee yet it will be forever etched in your memory as not just one of the greatest motorcycle rides ever but one of the most beautiful as well. There's a place in the park where you can look down at one of the lowest points on earth at -280 ft in one direction and up to the highest point in the continental US in another (Mt Whitney, at 14,494). The mountains are rugged and wrinkled with amazing contrast between blonde and deep reddish brown. Spring time blankets the valley with wildflowers. A surreal place that is on the must-do list of every serious rider.

The Santa Barbara Ventura County loop
You see everything on this route. Mountains, Fields, Rivers Gorges, and The Coast. Some of the pretiest country in California, that means in the world.

Sunrise Highway Loop (San Diego, CA S-1)
Not a really long ride, but a nice loop in the San Diego area. The Sunrise Highway Loop sees over 5,000 feet in elevation changes as it takes the rider from I-8 through the Cleveland National Forest, the Anza-Borrego desert, Julian, Wynola, Ramona, Lakeside and Santee before returning to the I-8.

In the San Diego area and have 2 hours or more to burn? This is a fantastic ride; picturesque and easy going.

Caliente to Kernville on County Rd 483
California rolling hills with two beautiful farming valleys. It takes you back to Old California. Oaks and some pines all along the route. Great view from many points. Breathtaking view of Lake Santa Isabella and the Kern River valley from the top of the mountain. This road also has historical sites along the way.

California North Coast
The beautiful coastline and the awe inspiring redwood groves. Added by "ridgernr" in April of 2015: "This route begins as a rolling coastal road with sweeping curves and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. As you progress northward, it climbs in and out of the mountains with hairpin turns and stunning cliffs above and cliffside views of the pounding surf. Note: Low-hung cruisers are likely to drag running boards on both left and right twisties. Some were tight enough to cause my Garmin to "recalculate" as it thought I turned around. Caution: Locals warn that there are frequent wrecks involving sport bikes gettting in over their head. The turns are THAT tight in places."

Gazelle Callahan Road
From the little town of Gazelle to the smaller town of Callahan (pop = 50 and they're exaggerating). Beautiful views over pass yields to ranches in small valley! You could take a side trip to Kangaroo Lake. Crystal clear. But not good roads as they are washed out.

Unaweep Tabeguache Scenic Road - CO 141
Breathtaking vistas and a sky so blue that looks surreal in contrast with the red rocks. The traffic seems to be very light. Make you feel you are riding inside a miniature Grand Canyon. There's a section of the road where the turns and the canyon gets very tight with just enough room for the road and the river.

Red rock canyons along the Dolores river. Makes you feel like the road runner in some stretches.

Daytona to Apopka Lake & Winter Garden
We have no hills in flagler county. The hills down there were a blast to ride. Lots of lakes and oak trees - beautiful sections of rural Florida along this ride! Bring your cameras on this run!

The Wide-Open-Throttle & Banking Run
The scenery is large open farm fields with cattle where you can see for miles. There is also an orchard that is passed and a quick part through the woods.

Michigan's Central Lake Michigan Scenic Tour
Very beautiful scenery, some you won't ever see anywhere else.

Country Station 53
Along the way you run across several back country camp grounds, Boy Scout camps, and some very quiet lakes. Lots of farm country, mixed in with long stretches of close in pine forest on either side. There are several places along the way to take a family to relax like White Lake.

NC Hwy 261- Roan Mountain Road
Fantastic views from the overlook at the top of Roan Mountain at the NC-TN line.

Shiner's Run
Amazing scenery. To me, this is a better run than the Dragon. Winds its way the mountains from I-40 to Hot Springs on 209. There are old farms, rock bed rivers, scenic mountain overlooks, old churches. Beautiful ride. Even better in the fall when the leaves are changing. Have done this run several times.

The North Carolina Piedmont along NC 22
State Route NC-22 runs north to south from the community of Climax (about 12 miles south of Greensboro) to routes NC 24-27 near Carthage (near Pinehurst and Southern Pines). For those wanting to get out into the country this is it. You access NC-22 off of NC-62 in the community of Climax, N.C. NC-22 is a quiet, little used 2-lane road that winds through the countryside passing farms, woods and such. About 15 miles into the ride you enter Franklinville, a small town on the banks of the Deep River. Another 5 miles brings you to Ramseur at the intersection of NC-22 and NC-64. Turn left (east) on NC-64 and take a right at the Exxon Station to continue on NC-22. The rest of NC-22 cuts through Randolph County into Moore County. Pay attention the topography and the trees. As you enter Moore County you're entering the beginning of the Coastal Plain. Once in Moore County you'll cross the Deep River at High Falls. To your right you'll see the falls. A few miles do! wn the road NC-22 ends as it intersects with NC-24/27. A left turn will take you towards Carthage. A right turn takes you west to Troy.

Capital Region to Fort Ti Loop
From Stillwater, you get to ride by Saratoga Lake, up the casual 9N up the West side of Lake George to Ticonderoga. The ride back is just a straight 55mpg ride down route 4 just to wrap up the day.

The Great Sacandaga Lake Loop
This route traces the shoreline of the Great Sacandaga Lake. The lake itself and Adirondack Park lands surrounding it are absolutely gorgeous making the area a major vacation destination during the summer months. In the fall, Great Sacandaga Lake, actually a man-made resevoir, provides unique scenery opportunities. The water is drained out of the lake in autumn and sometimes reveals foundations of old houses left on the bottom when the Sacandaga Valley was flooded in 1930(?) to create the lake. Great photographic opportunities year-round from the Conklingville Dam near Hadley and from the side of either South Shore or North Shore Road.

Rt. 443 and Thatcher Park
Rt. 443 takes you from the urban congestion of Albany west across the beautiful Heldeberg Mountains to the placid Schoharie Valley. Along the route are rolling hills, gorgeous farm fields, and several calm small lakes. No trip through this area would be complete without a stop at John B. Thatcher State Park. From the park's overlook perched atop a 1,000 foot-tall cliff, vistors are treated to the most expansive views of the Capital District anywhere. 50 mile views are possible on a clear day placing the Green Mtns, the Berkshires, and the foothills of the Adirondacks in firmly in your field of view.

Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway
This route takes you along the Mohawk River to where it flows into the mighty Hudson. You start among historic structures in Schenectady such as the homes in the Stockade Neighborhood, Proctor's Theater, and the campus of Union College. Outside of town, the route is lush with trees as it rolls along the Mohawk and the old Erie Canal, and past small towns like historic Visher's Ferry. Also, dont pass up a look the at the gorgeous 62 foot high Cohoes Falls, especially in spring or fall when the water rages over the falls.

Ferries to Montauk
Truck-free roads, lush woods, peaceful water crossings, farms and vineyards, country estates all ending at spacious ocean beaches.

New York Rt 21
Great Lakes to rolling hills to open farm land, the route is constantly changing. This route runs most of the width of New York through the Finger Lakes region.

Boonville to Lake Placid
Nothing but mountains, forest and lakes. Gorgeous drive through Adirondack park. Passes the Chain lakes, Eagle Bay, Old Forge, Blue Mountain Lake, Saranac Lake, and Lake Placid among others.

The 20-Mile Delaware River Tour
This is an extremely beautiful river route. Rt 97 follows the river several hundred feet above the river. It offers exquisite panoramas of the river and travels through rock cuts and forests. A number of roadside stops offer the ability to relax and enjoy the Delaware River cutting through the Appalachian Mountains. Take your binoculars to view the dozens, if not hundreds, of kayakers, canoeists, and other lazy river floaters. Numerous river outfitters, campsites, and cabins dot the route. The road itself is a cyclists dream with gentle high speed twists, turns, rises, and falls.

Rt 42 - Virginia Mountains
This is the longest state road in VA. It runs from just north of Bristol VA (Glade Spring Rt 91) to Woodstock VA. 42 is west of I-81 and you will visit a lifestyle of Virginia that is lost in time. The ride is very mountainous, full of very small towns such as Saltville VA.

Military Road
Ride takes you through the woods, past country homes, and through wide open fields with long, beautiful views. You also pass a couple small ponds/creeks that are a nice place to explore, but they're easy to miss from the road so maybe look them up via googlemaps before hitting the road. One such pond/lake is right behind a burned down house. But be on the lookout, I was looking for it but by the time I saw it I was passing it.

This is a nice short ride that gives a great taste of central VA country living with some beautiful views. There are plenty of side roads that are worth exploring, but be careful of gravel on the road from road work. You may also want to stay on Military road from beginning to end, the road condition stays perfect and the views good, but the ride I have listed gives a better variety of scenery. Sorry I didn't have a camera with me to photograph the ride.

The Nickel & Dime (Virginia State Route 5 and 10)
Old route along James River plantations, awesome in summer and fall. That crosses over into Richmond by the battlefield then over the bridge and back down the other side. Catch a ferry ride back and down the Historic Colonial Parkway to the Battlefield at Yorktown.

Culpeper - Sperryville Loop
Beautiful farm country, then running south along the eastern base of the Shenandoah Mountains, then more farm country back to Culpeper.

Snickersville Turnpike
This is a nice short ride for beginners and experienced riders alike. This pike take the rider through some rolling hills and beautiful farmland.

Chopawamsic Backcountry Area Loop
This road is rather nondescript after about the half way point. The last 1/3 takes you thru some training areas of Quantico Marine Corp Base.

Roanoke Hills
When you can take your eyes off the road there are great views.

Eastern Kentucky-SW Virginia Loop
Lot's of mountains, farmland, winding along rivers and through Jefferson National Forest and Hungry Mother State Park.

Sterling - Front Royal - Charles Town Loop
This route has a little bit of everything... Starting in Sterling, VA, a suburb of Washington DC, it takes you west to the foot of Skyline Drive in Front Royal then heads north to Charles Town, WV before heading back to Sterling. Along the way you'll ride along some flat open country roads, some gentle curves and climb some mountains. The one thing you won't see is a lot of traffic.

Scenic Tour of Loudoun
Beautiful views of the mountains and country farmlands, a few small towns, a couple of wineries.

Wind River Road
Road travels through Gifford Pinchot National Forest so it's your typical lush forest scenery with trees lining both sides of the road.

Its a quick jaunt from the city that takes you away from it all. Your passenger has lots to look at while you focus on the many curves in the road. Lots of trees and then when it opens up you have great view of the montains.

Northeast CT. Country Loop
Small villages, old farms and CT. forests highlight this route. Sparsely populated and very picturesque.

Lewiston to Missoula on US Hwy 12
This route follows the Clearwater river and then the Lochsa River. It is one of the most beautiful rides I've been on. Lots of curves and tons of scenery as you wind along these rivers. This is a must ride for all riders who love an outstanding scenic ride! Updated on 4/10/12: The legendary pathway to Sturgis is worth every second in the seat and will have you coming back time and again. Full of historical markers, the NWPSB leads out of Lewiston's low rolling hills, along the Clearwater River, and into the cooler temops and higher pine forested landscape of Orofino. A stunning stretch of road, from Orofino to Kooskia, with the river on your left and sheer rock cliffs rising on your right - is a favorite section of many riders. Outside of Syringa the scenery becomes more densely forested as you pass the Selway River and enter the foothills of the Clearwater-Nez Perce National Forest. The elevation continues to climb through close forest, heading toward Montana. Opportunities for roadside camping are plentiful and the short, 1 mile hike into Jerry Johnson Warm Springs (closer to Montana) is a popular destination marker. Wildlife abounds on this drive and common sightings include eagles, hawks, owls, deer, bear, elk, moose, cougar and the occasional wolf. Due to long distances and the scarcity of service on the eastern side of the ride, we suggest that riders take every opportunity to fill their fuel tanks; Along the route: Lewis & Clark Trail, Lewis & Clark Discovery Center, Clearwater River Canyon, Nez Perce National Historical Park, Canoe Camp, Long Camp, Heart of the Monster, Kooskia Crossing, Eimers Park, Mammoth Exhibit, Lochsa Historical Ranger Station, DeVoto Memorial Cedar Grove, multiple Historical Markers for Lewis & Clark and the Nez Perce.

St. Joe River Scenic Byway
You will see beautiful Rivers, Mountains,Forest on this wonderful twisting lonely backroad nature tour!

The Great Scenic Loop through Central Idaho & Western Montana
This route takes you along the banks of the Salmon, Bitterroot, Lochsa, Clearwater, and Payette Rivers. You will see some of Idaho's most prized natural resources: dense forests, desolate deserts, mountains of varying composition and stature with towering summits, deep foreboding canyons, pristine lakes, abundant wildlife, and numerous creeks and rivers. You will travel along both legs of Lewis and Clark's routes through Northern Idaho/Western Montana. You will also see World famous Salmon and Stealhead fishing waters as well as world renowned rapids for white water rafting. You will drive through the Sawtooth Scenic Byway, Ponderossa Pine Scenic Byway, Salmon River Scenic Byway, Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, Payette River Scenic Byway, and the Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway.

The Flint Hills Run
Great variety of scenery everything from flat open prairie to large hills and curves. Council Grove has tons of historic places to stop and see. You will also go by the Kansas Capitol building.

The Farmer's Turnpike
Beautiful Kansas back country roads. Lots of countryside and one breathtaking lake crossing. You will see the scenic Flint Hills and brush Clinton Park.

Route 32 - Morehead to Louisa
The views from the mountaintops are spectacular especially in the spring and the fall. In Lawrence County you ride beside Yatesville Lake.

West 92
The road cuts back and forth through the forested foothills of the Appalachia. Rides the top of ridges with scenic views, down through Big south Fork NRRA. You can continue to travel 92 and link to 80 back to Somerset, KY, or you can travel from Monticello, KY to Somerset, KY and come back down 27 to Stearns. 27 is one of the longest highways in the Eastern US.

Cumberland Falls Hwy. Rt 90
Riding through the Daniel Boone National Forest, you have a great mix of rock formations, old growth trees and farms. The best part is the falls themselves. They sit in the middle of the route and they are gorgeous. The Falls are a great day ride here in KY, we call them "The Niagra of the south." And it is the only known "Moonbow" in the wetern hemisphere. Try and plan a visit when its a full moon and you will get to witness an amazing sight. One last note if your staying at the resort, it's a dry county, so pack your own drink.

Rabbit Hash Ride
This route takes you from Union, KY through Walton, KY, down by the river to Rabbit Hash, KY (directly across the river from Rising Sun, IN), up to Florence, KY. It makes for a great, relaxing ride, with ammeneties at both ends, and a little of nothing in between. It's a nice ride to get away from everything, and the stop at Rabbit Hash General Store is very relaxing. You can get a drink and sit with other bikers (there are always a few there) by the river. The mayor of Rabbit Hash (a dog named Lucy) is always hanging around and loves to play. There is quite a bit of scenery along this route, including farmland and general landscape. Most of it is surrounded by trees on both sides, so it feels like a very intimate ride, but parts of it are more open.

Trail of the Lonesome Pine
The scenery should be great but the lack of turn outs to see the views limit this to just OK. While riding there is no time to look around, you have to watch for the next turn.

Williamsburg Street-Cumberland Falls Loop
Welcome to a trip through the beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest! Scenery is 5 stars!

Black Mountain Kentucky Loop
Scenery is mostly back road Ky. at it's best. Lots of small towns and scenic pull offs. Lots of lush green in the summer. This ride takes you over the tallest geographic point in Ky. Black Mtn. The road up and down Black Mtn. is very curvy with lots of switchbacks but everything else is nice long sweeping curves, especially between Lynch and Whitesburg. There is a pull off at the top of Black Mt. so take a camera.

Elk Creek Winery Loop -- Owenton, KY
Route takes you through rolling hills with assorted farms and small towns. Most of the ride is "on the ridges" providing panoramic views.

Rt. 66 to Northampton
Road passes near state parks, farmlands, and mountains.

Route 5 Massachusetts to Vermont
This route will take you through the mountains, hills and farm regions of northwestern Masschusets to southern Vermont. Except for a few miles through Brattleboro, VT, the road passes through quintessential New England towns and farm land. Fall foilage shows everything in its best splendor.

MN-16 - Preston to Rushford
This route closely follows the twisty Root River through some beautiful bluff country.

Pine River-Longville-Emily-Crosby
On this route, you'll see what the heart of the lakes area of Minnesota is all about. Winding turning roads on State highway 84 from Pine River to Longville keeps you on your toes and also gives you many lakes to look at along the way. As you travel along State Highway 84, you'll pass many lakes and trees everywhere. A couple of good watering holes along the way in Emily, and along state highway 6 at the Bridge Tavern. Take a second to stop at the Crosby Mine Pits for an excellent photo opportunity with amazing water clarity and impressive scenery.

The St Croix Trail
You can see the St. Croix river bluff, some pretty big hills and valleys, some creeks and small towns too.

Old School House On The Hill Ride
Beautiful ride through Ozark hill country. Road has nice rhythmic curves that trade from right to left with mild rollercoaster hills. HWY 100 takes the rider through gorgeous rural scenery including lush Tree lined hills with views breaking through of vistas of surrounding hills. There are spectacular views across meadows with rides below rock cliffs and down into Missouri river bottom flats.

Hwy 125 North of Hwy 160 Reuter to Bradleyville
Great farms, hilltop views, curvy roads, Glade Top Trail, some watering holes, mostly bikers on road not automobiles.

Natchez to Homochitto National Forest
Get away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. Take a short trip to a national forest. Tall trees, wildlife, overhead canopy once you hit the entrance to the forest. Very relaxing and beautiful.

The Lennep Cut Off
Route follows the Jawbone Rail Road route of the Milwaukee RR. See the Charlie Bair Museum, Castle Town ghost town, Milwaukee RR power house and many views of the 3 mountain ranges all with in a few miles.

Killdeer Mountain Four Bears Scenic Byway
This route takes you through some of the best scenery in western North Dakota. Rolling hills and long climbs near Killdeer give way to rolling hills, the rugged Killdeer Mountains and finally the Badlands. The road twists its way down into the valley, its shoulders falling away sharply into the deep Badlands. The route, Highway 22, crosses Lost Bridge over the Little Missouri River and enters the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. It continues north through rolling hills, woody draws and onto high plateaus with high buttes on the horizons. The scenery is unbelievable, especially entering and riding through the Badlands. Be sure to stop at the pull-off near lost bridge and look back up the twisting road you just came down. Depending on the sun angle, it makes a great picture.

Enchanted Highway
The route begins at Exit 72 on Interstate 94 (You can't miss it, just find the giant Geese in Flight sculpture) and leads through rolling farmland and the small town of Gladstone. Giant metal statues are placed every few miles along the route with pulls that are good for taking pictures. The route ends in the small town of Regent where there is a museum that sells miniatures and other items.

155 Up To Mount Nebo
This road includes 4 miles of rolling hills and then a very steep climb. The mountain scenery is awesome. There are tons of deer on top, but you'll ride so slow they are not a problem. Views of the valley below are breath-taking.

Montana After Work Stress Reliever Ride
you will be riding along the lake for over half of the trip and will have plenty of chances to see different birds and wildlife along the way. You will ride everything from flat to rolling hills and sweeping corners.

Duffy Lake Route
This route takes you through the most spectacular scenery in the world. The first part takes you along the fjord of Howe Sound with mountains and ocean views that change with each curve. Whistler is a world class resort that you can easily spend a couple of days. After Pemberton it is pure wilderness through the snow capped mountains. The twisties are so great you can't decide whether to challenge your skills or slow down and enjoy the scenery. After Lilloet you leave the lush west coast forests and enter the desert valleys of the Fraser Canyon. Again more twisties with snow capped mountains. At Hope you enter back into the lush forests. Easy ride back into the city. July 15 Update from StormRider MC Touring: "This route is a classic "loop tour" in Western Canada. From the Vancouver skyline to the sweeping curves of the "Sea to Sky" highway. On through the Coast Range mountains following streams and rivers and into the interior plateau of Western BC. The Fraser Canyon is a pleasure to ride and filled with scenic curves as it follows the rushing Fraser River where some of the largest sturgeon in Canada can be caught. Don't miss this great opportunity to sample the temperate rain forest, dry plateau and the mighty Fraser river on your travels in BC."

Ride through the scenic back roads of Morris, Sussex and Warren Counties on this 50 mile run. Some of the sights you'll pass as you take this route include Jenny Jump Forest. You will travel alongside farms, historic cemeteries and as you pass through Blairstown (home to the filming set of Friday the 13th) you'll skirt past Shades of Death Road. This route is beautiful in the fall as foliage changes and we enjoyed the route and know you will too.

US 180 Alpine, AZ - Deming, NM
Climb out of the alpine meadows of Apline, AZ and travel through nearly all of the habitat zones available in New Mexico. As you descend through the pine forests you notice the gradual climb in temp and by the mid-point Buckhorn, you will need to start shedding some layers. Leaving Silver City, the road flattens out onto a high desert with tall grasses and few if any trees. Plenty places to pull over for photos and include the USFS Leopold picnic area. It is a nice area with an excellent description/map of the Gila Wilderness in the distance.

Okmulgee Lake Tour
The lake is very pretty there is a very nice over-flow dam that is amazing. most the road has trees next too or limbs hanging out so lots of shade to cool off in.

Vernonia - Astoria back roads; highway 47 & 202
lots of deep forest, some creeks, very little development along the route, small towns, great views and ridge top vistas, ocean views in Astoria.

Southern Utah-Northern Arizona Hwy 89 Loop
Vistas range from red rock canyons to overlooks on the Kabab National Forrest. This is a beautiful trip through the remote yet almost visually hypnotic southern Utah & northern Arizona lands. Take a detour and include the north rim of the Grand Canyon for a complete trip! You'll pass thru Zion NP on the trip back to Hurricane, Utah. jonhrides added (1/22/12) - From The Pines of Flagstaff to the surreal landscape at Lake Powell this road goes from good to fantastic. From the Navajo Bridge the Cliffs are on your right and the vast expanse of the desert is on your left it is just awesome. As you climb up from the cliffs to the Kaibab Plateau it just doesn't get any better. From Kanab the road through the Grand Staircase-Escalante takes you from surreal desert to cool pines to the massive Lake Powell and the Painted Desert Views of the area.

The Alpine Scenic Highway
Great views of Provo canyon, Sundance ski resort, with optional side trip to cascade springs (nice paved path), past Aspen Grove campground. Check out "stompersly"'s online photo album

River Run
this ride is along the ST Croix and Mississippi. rolling hills farm land and beautiful views of the river

East Troy Run
Country Scenery and Farmland.

"Baby Face Nelson's Last Day" Ride
The Lake Geneva area is a great place to shop, eat and enjoy the scenic lake and community. A ride around the lake is well worth the time. The route to Barrington is mainly farm land with a couple of nice towns along the way. Old way side at the Wis/Ill stateline has an historical marker. The site where Baby Face Nelson confronted the FBI has a historical marker. This is at the Langendorf Park. For more info: Read "Public Enemies" by Bryan Burrough. Great detail about the events at the Lake Como Inn, the running gun battle and the "Battle of Barrington".

200-Mile West Virginia Twisties Tour
There are a few things here and there to look at but this ride is mostly about the challenge of the road. However you do get to see some small towns and a couple of nice vista style views.

The Green Hell - Nurburgring, Germany
Germany's Nürburgring, nicknamed the Green Hell, is one of the longest and most challenging race tracks in the world. It's made up of two racetracks - the Nordschleife (Northern Loop), and the Grand Prix Circuit which combined cover over 26km. This makes it the worlds longest permanent racetrack, that is until the Gotland Ring is completed later this year. The old "North Loop" section of the track was built way back in 1920 around Nürburg town and it's castle and the course meanders through the Eifel mountains. It earned its name "The Green Hell" from the famous driver Jackie Stewart and is considered by many to be the one of the most demanding and dangerous race circuits in the entire world. The route has a fascinating race history as described at -ürburgring. Since its opening in 1927 the course has been open to anyone in the public with a street legal car or motorcycle as well as even tour buses, motor-homes, etc. There are special "Touristenfahrten" sessions which allow travelers to travel the course with "no general speed limit". The cost to take a lap around the course is about €24 for each vehicle. The course is also used by car manufacturers to test out their vehicle's performance attributes.

From Fort to Fort on the Maumee
This route follows the Maumee River, and never strays far from its banks. There are many, many gorgeous views. Most of the ride has the river on one side, and iconic Ohio farmland on the other. For one who is a more leisurely rider, there are no less than 5 good scenic parks on the way out, and if you take US24 on your return trip, a half dozen more.

"Heck of a Route"
a mix of mountains and valleys, rides along both Juniata and Susquehanna rivers

Test Route
Test data.

Highway 20
There are views of high desert, flowers, wildlife, and Craters of the Moon Monument. We took Hwy 20 out of Mountain Home Idaho, on our way to Yellowstone. We began in Springfield Or, and although we were heading into Nevada on our way back, we purposely took this road again, to Carey Idaho, went south from there. This is one of the best roads I have ever ridden on, I can't wait to get the chance to do it again!

Florida East-coast Manasota Key Road
The road is along the beach in the beginning and throughout it you can see parts of the beach at times. The main section travels through a residential area that has big trees that cover the road which makes for a relaxing ride. You will find many riders out there just having a nice cruise.

The Southwest Arizona Desert Triangle
This ride starts in the southwest corner of Arizona, Yuma to be exact, it is the desert view along the Colorado River up Hwy 95, you can see the desert blooms in the early spring and agin in the early fall. Traveling north on 95 head toward lake havasu you have the desert on the right and the colorado on the right, when you get to Lake Havasu stop and see the London Bridge, the actual bridge was brought over from England piece by piece, a neat site. Continue up to bullhead city and stop for the night, right across the river is Laughlin Nevada, Plenty of casinos and places to stay cheap.Get up the next day and go to Oatman and see the wild Burros the roam the town, plenty of shops to visit.Go out the back way but be carful the road is twisty and narrow. Go on down to Wickenburg and see some of the high desert, Continue down Hiway 93 to Route 60 onto the 303 loop heading towards goodyear and interstate 10 getting off at hiway 85 towards Gila Bend picking up Interstate 8 into Yuma.

Brandywine Valley
It's generally just very hilly, with the occasional bit of marsh poking out. There are covered wooden bridges, small waterfalls, and a lot of streams and rivers. It's quite green, and my Californian girlfriend can't get enough of seeing this place. Be careful not to get too much of a rubber neck, these roads twist and wind a lot.

Shelby - Bibb County Loop
When I ride, I like a little bit of everything, long straight aways so I can stretch out and see what the bike can do, as well as some hills and swooping curves to see just how far she will lean over before her floorboards make contact. I like to see plenty of trees and rolling plains. Beautiful farms, small lakes, rivers, bridges and plenty of places to stop for refreshments on a hot day. This ride will get you all of this and more. With the likes of Brierfield Ironworks Park, Cahaba River Wildlife Management Park, Mercedes Plant, University of Montevallo and Old Town Helena as just a few of the places that you will be able to see or get to with minimal detour from this loop. I have ridden this loop many times and it keeps getting better every time I ride it.

Farm To Market Road 149
Tx Hwy 149 winds through the Southern Edge of the Sam Houston National Forest. The National Forest is known for its tall, majestic Pine Trees. The Pine forest eventually turns to hilly farmland and the open fields along this route are covered with Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush flowers during the Spring. Beautiful German Gingerbread style Court House in the center of Anderson.

Antlers, Oklahoma North
The time to do this ride is in the fall. The colors rival anyplace I have ridden in America. Plenty of lakes and streams and hills. Wonderful winding roads, clear view straight-a-ways. Most of the ride you will have little to zero traffic. Bring your own food and water. Keep track of your fuel as there are a few lengths where you will have no opportunity for any of these.

Hanging Rock Run
Mountains along NC 66 allow for a very pleasant ride. It's not so twisty you have to white knuckle every turn, but what is there will keep you well engaged in the ride. It was cooler under teh trees lining the road in several spots providing relief from the July heat. The area appears to be struggling to figure out whether to be a modern area with good medical services and older farm country with a wonderful charm. I saw both along the way.

Androscoggin Lake Route
Many farms and rural areas. On many points of the ride you can see Androscoggin Lake.

Pictured Rocks
Many areas just have lots of trees, but there are several scenic overlooks; including the Pictured Rocks overlook, about a six mile digression. Other areas do put you right on Lake Superior.

Laura Walker State Park road
The road winds through the park, so it's less scenery and more picnic tables and a golf course. About half the road wraps around the lake, but again, nothing special.

Bastrop Park Road 1
This route winds and snakes through the beautiful area that is the blending of East Texas and the Texas Hill Country. Lots of old growth Pines and Oaks hug the road closely forming a canopy to ride under. Fishing lakes and campsites are along the route with a couple of 'look-out' areas to take in the hill and valley views.

Route 18 - Shelby to Morganton NC
This route covers the lower Piedmont of NC. The scenery is rolling hills and farm land. It is relatively light on the curves. It travels through a couple of small towns.

Grand Canyon South Rim
From Cameron to the Little Colorado River Gorge (stop here to start preparing for great views, and buy some pottery) is high desert and interesting but, from here on it just goes from good to breathtaking. Beginning at Desert View and Mary Colter's Watchtower all the way to Mather Point the problem is making any time due to stopping constantly for photos and to take in the view. I came in the park entrance at about 3:30 pm in early Oct. and the sun was setting as I left the park about 26 miles (4 hours)later, it is that stunning especially at sunset or sunrise.

Mount Hamilton Loop
Scenery is fantastic! The route goes up a mountain then back down the other side, so you have an array of different landscapes you travel through: Meadows, forested areas, a bit of farmland, and the views as you ascend just keep getting better and better until you reach the top where you have a panoramic, 360 degree view of the surrounding area. Breath-taking!

Hemet Idyllwild Motorcycle Run
Although I tried looking at the scenery the curves in the road made it difficult to enjoy it. There are points to pull over and look out over the mountains but it you are going to fast you will pass them up. The draw for this ride is that it is a fun curvy ride. It starts in Hemet, then up to Mt. San Jacinto (Elv. 6000ft) then back down for the return to Hemet.

Brushy Mountain Road
Mountain road driving with great mountain views. At one point on Brush Mountain you can see all of North Wilkesboro. Great country road with plenty of mountains and horses to see.

The "Loop Around the Lake" - Big Bear, CA
You will see Forests Rocks Sky Mountains Lakes little shops when you get into town.

Circumnavigate west Maui - hwy 30/340
Along 30 it's mostly flat with the blue pacific ocean on your left, and along 340 it's breathtaking switchbacks overlooking cliffs with the blue pacific several hundred feet below. Slice through small local towns, watch out for falling rock, and enjoy the lush vegetation along hwy 340.

Sandbanks Road
Mostly a tree farm (pine), but slightly hilly terrain for this part of the state. Few sections with hardwood trees are great in the fall.

Southeast Ohio on Route 32 & Hwy 33
You are passing through a transition zone from mountainous to rolling hills of southern Ohio. The route passes by Stroud's Run State park, and through Wayne National Forest. There are some good grades that may cause you to down shift, but going a little slower through some of the forests on either side of the road, as well as the short time spent looking at the Ohio River are worth it.

Route 12 - Alderson to Peterstown
You start out from Alderson and ride along the river for about 16 miles. Good sweeping curves and beautiful river views. After Rt. 3 and Rt. 12 split, the scenery gets kicked up a notch. A mix of mountain ranges in the distant and foothills all around. Superb ride.

Off the beaten path
You have nothing but scenery on this ride. A few great views of the Croatan and Pamlico sounds. Thick forest and a lot of open sky make this a nice ride, especially if your not familiar with the coastal region.

Wilmington-Kankakee River Loop
Both Route 102 & 113 are rolling curving roads with dense tree lines on either side. Along Route 102 is the Kankakee State Park with plenty of camping & picnic areas to stop at.

Vermont Northeast Kingdom Circuit
The nicest part of this route is is follows along some nice winding rivers and passes some nice lakes. If the weather is nice it's worth striping off the riding gear and taking a dip in one of these lakes. I wear swim trunks under my Kevlar suit just for this purpose. This area is unique to Vermont. It is the most remote part of the state and the roads are not heavily traveled, so you can relax and enjoy the ride and stop to take pictures or have a leisurely lunch. This is actually not a very mountainous route as it mostly follows along the river valleys, but that also makes for some nice twists and turns, but nothing to extreme. You also pass through towns in Vermont that look like a step back in time. I stopped at the Old Home Days festival in Lunenburg for to listen to the music and have some fried dough. The church on the common is no longer in use, but a local group is raising money to restore the historic building and they had a volunteer giving tours. Apparently this is the most photographed church in the United States.

Nuke Plant Corners
You get to see lots of trees, and corn and also get to travel along the river for a short distance, but mostly this ride is all about the high speed corners!!

New River Highway to Frost Bottom Road
From gentle country road sweepers to gnarly steep switchbacks; from serene straights to Dragon like twisties with guard rails of death; from gentle pull-offs to three foot deep rock strewn gullies just inches from the pavement; from peaceful farmsteads to sections of rutted roadway right out of a horror movie.

Wonderful Ride to the Sea - Jalama Road
I stumbled on to this road and tried it on a whim and boy am I GLAD I DID!! It is real hidden gem. You'll start out heading up a bit into the hills and winding through beautiful golden rolling hills that are dotted with some trees and wild flowers. You'll also see a sprinkling of horses and cows grazing the lonely hills. Soon you'll be lazily descending down to the coast and finally you crest a hill and there is the beautiful deep blue ocean in front of you. The view of the beach area is down right stunning as it has a back drop of rocky cliffs and hills to the north. The day I went there was a blanket of low clouds far off the coast hovering over the ocean and it was sunny on the beach and hills inland. Coming back was a treat too because I caught new beautiful scenery that you don't see unless you are heading east on Jalama Road. Overall, this is a solid 5 for scenery.

US 221 - Independence, VA to Boone, NC
Stunning views of the evergreen farms in the area and the surrounding hills. The New River runs along the route at one point.

Pennisula Drive in Traverse Bay
Splitting East and West bay's of lake Michigan this ride is 20 miles to the light house and beach at the end. Along the trip you will see crystal blue water on both sides. Beautiful homes on bluffs. Quaint stores and tons of wineries and vineyards. Of course being the cherry capital of the world if your there in May you will also get to see thousands of acres of cherry trees in bloom.

WA 112&113 To Neah Bay
This route skits the Olympic Mountains to the South and the Straights of Juan de Fuca to the North. With mountains on side and view to Vancouver Island on the other doing this slow out for the view and fast back for the challenge of road is the best.

The Canon City, Westcliff, Florence Loop
On Hwy 69 out of Texas Creek,gorgeous views of the Sangre de CRisto Range and broad green valleys. You will be climbing to 9090 ft elevation and may be in the clouds so bring warm clothing. Watch for the big horn sheep grazing on rocks above you when you first connect with Hwy 67. Be sure to read the "Hardscrabble" signs on your left near Wetmore to learn the early settler's histories in mining silver and gold. Hwy 115 at Florence takes you by the Federal Super-Max prison where the baddest of the baddest are housed.

UP's Northen Coast Tour on County Rd. H58
Although much of the road is just going through the woods, there are some scenic overlooks and one fairly short stretch runs right along the lake. You should take the side trip (12mi roundtrip) up to the Pictured Rocks overlook. You'll get great views of Lake Superior which according to the National Park Service is "the largest, deepest, coldest, and most pristine of all the Great Lakes".

The Copperhead
Mountain ridge overlooks with a few mountaintop farms.

Hwy 16 from the Pig Trail to Scenic 7
You'll see mountain streams, including the source of the White and Buffalo Rivers. There are mountaintop farms, mountain views and lots of rocks and trees. It's a beautiful ride with little traffic or people.

Sardinia Coastline
28 Miles of beautiful coastline, 150 ft high white cliffs jumping directly into the sea. Fabulous scenery.

Sardinia Eastern Coast
You'll follow the breath taking Sardinia coastline on about 3/4 of its length. The first part down to Siniscola will take you through villages and a small castle on a rock, but it's the least interesting. The second part will shock you with a fabulous road through mountains and coastline.

Cabot Trail
This highway is carved out of mountains and is never far from the ocean. The mountains are not like the Rockies but perhaps similar to the Appalachians, approx. 500 meters high and heavily forested. It is a famous road and is easily researched on the internet. Lots of pictures and travel info there.

From Paris and Havana on the 309
This ride includes Mount Magazine State Park, the highest point between the Appalachians and the Rockies at just under 3,000 feet. There are breathtaking views, unusual flora and fauna and lots of wildlife. On the weekends, you can watch hang gliders and eagles soar. The views of the valleys below is really breath taking!

530 Cowboys to Brahmas
This route goes through south Texas farm/ranch land everything from Rice to wheat and livestock.

East Dallas Bowtie
If you were looking at the scenery too much then you missed one of the turns. A lot of green, some hills, some water, some of just about everything that is up here.

Nature and Ghost Villages in Central Sardinia
The route crosses the ghost village of Gairo vecchia (Old Gairo) up to Osini, to then climb up to the mountain top where you'll enjoy a breath taking view of all the surroundings, down to the sea, 40 km away.

Central Italy Val Nerina Road
The route follow Nera river and its valley, through the gorgeous Appeninan mountains of central Italy.

Cane River Rip
The route will have signs that serve as markers for the Heritage Trails. Hwy 1 for the most part is just straight rolling hills hwy. Hwy 119 and 484 flatten out and begin to swerve and curve alongside the Cane River through cotton fields and Pecan Groves. The heritage area includes Cane River Creole National Historical Park, seven National Historic Landmarks, three State Historic Sites, and many other historic plantations, homes, and churches. Some of the Plantations make for a good place to take a break and a historic Creole tour.

Perquimans, Gates Co. farmland ride
A couple of small towns and a lot of farmland. Some old houses are also highlights on this ride.

The Highland Scenic Highway (SR 150)
A beautiful ride through the highlands of W.Va. Much of it you look down on trees that look like green fluffy cotton balls. In the fall, it looks like the hills are on fire. A little bit of The Blue ridge Parkway in W.Va.

Wentrorth Springs Rd-Ice house Rd-Placerville
Starting from Historic Placerville headed east is a well maintained 4 lane HWY the heads into the mountain along a ridge that overlooks south to Sonora Ca and then along the American River. The HWY is lined with tall Pines and Cedars. The fist part of Ice House Rd is mostly new growth trees due to fire 35yrs ago. Beautiful views of the American River Canyon as you go North. Once you get over the ridge it becomes forest and there is easy access to any of the reservoirs. Watch for animals, mostly squirrels, but I have seen bear wandering on the road before. It is worth it to go up to Loon Lake. This is the northwestern edge of Desolation Wilderness, lots of granite at an elevation of 6300ft. Its all forest until you get to Georgetown then it turn to ranches with Oaks and rolling hills. You will pass thru the Gold Rush discovery site of Coloma if you decide to take HWY 193 right (north) out of Georgetown. and this follows in part the American River again.

Baltimore To The "Loppty Loop" (Route 51)
Along the various routes stemming from Baltimore, traffic will be busy, normal for this area. But I-70 has little traffic, generally wide lanes, and perfect, straight roads for just laying back and cruisin'. No traffic, no police, just rolling hills, wide lanes, and farms all along the way. US 340 is mostly 2 lanes, very little traffic and beautiful scenery. Rt.340 runs right by Harpers Ferry National Park, along with tons of farm land. It also takes you right across the Potomac River Bridge, a breath taking view as the river flows through the valley. Rt.51 is very rural and small, but is covered in farmland. Nicknamed "the loopty loop", it has tons of hills you can easily toss your lunch on, it's like cruising on a roller coaster at whatever speed you prefer. Low traffic, beautiful scenery, smooth, wide, windy roads, where else can you get that? I-81 is typically not too packed with traffic, just beware of semi trucks and deer, but it's also a fast paced, wide road traveling through rural areas.

Colorado National Monument
Awesome landscape scenery! Red rock, sheer wall canyons along the twists and turns of Rim Rock Drive. You may see some wildlife like bighorn sheep and antelope. The evening sun makes the colors vivid and wild, so don't forget to take your camera. There are very nice picnic and camping areas also. Nice shelters with easy hiking trails.

Covington to Pearisville
Just south of Covington, the route is in some hills but not big elevation changes. As you head towards the state line you end up in a valley, sometime following a creek. You are mostly going through farm land.

Wayah road
Hard to keep your eyes on the road at times! The west end starts you going up a gorge tracing the stream with some waterfalls mixed in. Once you reach the peak (the AP trail crosses around here) there is a large lake at the top. Nice winding road around it then the fun begins; lots of tight curves and more elevation changes. Keep your eyes on the road: not much in guard rails protecting you from some rather large drop-offs! Eventually you "wind down" on some less technical roads and at a little gas station/convenience shop. IIRC, this station has REAL gas (no ethanol).

Ride to Cherry Pocket
The road west out of Vero Beach is flat and straight but fast until you go through Yeehaw Jct. After turning onto Boy Scout Camp Rd. you will have some rolling "hills" and lots of citrus groves and many lakes. Mammoth Grove Rd. has lots of twisties - really - but watch out for sand in the turns. Again lots of citrus groves until you approach 17A. Off in the distance you can see Bok Tower. The road along Lake Pierce is scenic and twisty - but also residential speed signs are in place. Destination Cherry Pocket Fish Camp has awesome food and music on the weekend. Seaplane rides are also available.

Honeoye Lake-Naples Loop
The terrain is typical of the Finger Lakes region. Rolling hills, long valleys running down between hill top that often sport hang gliders, hikers, and para-sailing. I discovered the valley CR-36 runs through by accident and it has become one of my favorite rides. I has to slow down to drink in all the scenery. More than once I came around the bend to see the whole valley open up before me and them disappear as I dipped down deeper into the surrounding hills. The Fall is especially beautiful with the foliage blazing reds and oranges. Coming north out of Naples, the air is filled with the aroma of grapes from all the winery fields. When you turn north on Rt. 65, you will quickly come upon the entrance to the Ontario County Park. If you loop through the park there is an excellent overview that looks into the next valley.

Rt 66, The Mother Road
Flat, open farmland with historic signs along the way.

Seneca Lake Loop
This loop provides several different views of one of the most popular and scenic lakes in Ohio. The road cuts near or over the lake numerous times providing several scenic views, with many places to stop and look of you desire. When the lake is not visible, this route follows the rolling hills of Southeastern Ohio woodland and farmland, especially scenic in the fall.

MO 72
Nice route thru southern Missouri. Sweeping curves, really nice in the fall when the colors change. Well paved, facilities at the start and end, and at Fredricktown.

Virginia State Route 40
You go from the cotton/tobbaco fields of eastern Va. to hilly terrain and alot of wooded areas. You also go by an Army base. A beautiful trip through some remote areas in Va. It is a little known/used road as far as traveling goes. You see many bikers from their areas riding bits of 40 along the way. (Watch for deer and other animals on this ride!!!)

SR 125 from US 68 to Shawnee
The western end begins with rolling hills and farmland with regular dips into and out of small river valleys. East of West Union the hills become steeper and tree lined, with some great distance views from the top of the ridges. At the far east end is Shawnee state park, and a nice ride along a stream thru unspoiled woodland.

Kickapoo river valley
This route crosses the Kickapoo River at least 12 times as it winds thru the valley, beautiful forests on either side and if one ventures onto the scenic road as designated, major elevation changes and very interesting elements including an Amish school and many farms, a great local cheese factory and store and some very prosperous farms.

Skalkaho Highway
This ride is truly for the riders who like to get off of the beaten path. There is a combination of pavement and dirt all along the route keep this in mind. you will pass by the beautiful skalkaho falls on your left and will get to see some very beautiful panoramic of the Bitterroot National Forest. There is a slight diversion if a person would like to take and it would be an old game preserve for Elk. There is an abundance of wildlife along the way to look at and get pictures of and if you wanted there are camping spots and campgrounds as well.

Bluewater Highway & San Luis Pass Road to Lone Star Flight Museum
It's a route along the Gulf Coast with beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico & coastal marsh lands.

Kings Hill Highway
There is gorgeous Mountain Vistas open farm land everything in-between. You will have the opportunity to see antelope and deer to elk and possibly a bear or wolf in the distance and with a good set of binoculars. The numerous hills and twists and turns are a delight for the senses.

( in the mountians
You will start out in a small western town and ride through the mountains on your way to the top of the Pass. When you enter the Big Hole Valley you will get to see a lot of wildlife along the way. There is a famous Indian Battle field just about 15 miles from the top of the Pass with a very good visitor center. In the summer there is a Pow Wow there. Than as you continue on your ride you will follow the river all of the way to Divide and quite possibly see Moose as well. Once in Butte you will get the opportunity to visit a lot of mining historical sites.

Chief Joseph Run
You will start out in a small western town and ride through the mountains on your way to the top of the Pass. When you enter the Big Hole Valley you will get to see a lot of wildlife along the way. There is a famous Indian Battle field just about 15 miles from the top of the Pass with a very good visitor center. In the summer there is a Pow Wow there. Then as you continue on your ride through the valley you will follow the river all of the way to Divide and quite possibly see Moose as well. Once in Butte you will get the opportunity to visit a lot of mining historical sites.

Topsail Loop
I started the ride at New River HArley Davidson just south of the Airstation at new river. Not much to see at first but once you turn on Hwy 210 toward Topsail beach, you cross the Topsail bridge and get a breath-taking view of the Atlantic and the Intercoastal waterway. The cruise along topsail Island is gorgeous. The 50 is a 2 lane country road passing through swamps and cotton fields. MOstly country scenery.

Winchester VA to Deep Creek Lake MD
As you're climbing up through the hills and coming back down, you are surrounded by trees (GREAT in the fall colors!!!) you pass through plenty of quaint towns, cross over and run along rivers. As you cross over the tops of the mountains you get some GREAT valley views along the way.

McKenny Rd to Picture Rocks Rd.
The scenery is great, beautiful Saguaro cactus/desert landscape to beautiful mountains.

Ocala National Forest
A mixture of forest, lakes and wetlands. Mostly undeveloped. This route is popular with local riders particularly Spring and Fall. Notice the old Florida Barge canal beneath the long bridge just north of the national Forest.

New Hampshire Route 123
This road has so much beautiful farm land, mountain views and pretty lakes that any time of the year is the right time to tour it. Keep an eye open for Moose, bear and lots of other critters moving about. Nice cattle farms with some misty morning meadows full of Scottish highlanders.

Back roads route from Ogden to Salt Lake
The scenery is great and the pace is leisurely. The Wasatch Mountains are beautiful and the diversity of the ride makes for a highly enjoyable afternoon.

Crest Hill to the Twisties
This route gets you to the exciting Shenandoah Mountain twisties, but off the beaten path. On Crest Hill Road, there are rolling grassy hills and farms. And yet in some spots, there is growth so close to the road that you are driving through a canopy of trees reaching over top of you. There are a few one-lane bridges, so keep your eyes peeled. When Crest Hill Road ends in Flint Hill, you can grab a bite to eat at The Griffin Tavern, and continue to Washington VA on Fodderstack Road. Fodderstack has more beautiful views of rolling hills and farm land. This road ends in Washington, VA, a beautiful little town. Finally, you are brought to 211 which you can take through the Shenandoah mountain climb. A wonderful, well-paved road that should get any 2-wheeler their chance to lean over.

WI-64 between US-53 and Forest, WI.
This little stretch of road starts and ends kind of flat and straight, but the rest is mostly hilly and windy surrounded mostly by lush green forest with a few farms here and there.

Cotton Patch
You will see wildlife like coyote, deer, antelope, wild turkey and wild hogs as well as plant life common to this area. If the cotton is green the area can be kind of pretty. It also is kind of pretty when the blossoms start blooming and the plant is white that can be pretty too. Along 1210 there is a spring fed lake that has wildlife from this area. I have seen deer, coyote, wild turky, hog and quail. Along 1054 on top of the rock you can see bald eagle. As you drop down into the Caprock there will be the chance to see more wildlife. The scenery is much prettier here. While you are in the Caprock look for antelope. They are thick.

Windmill Mountain
This ride will take you through Caprock Canyon. While you are in the Gail area expect to see prong antelope, wild hog, turkey, deer, bobcat, various birds and other wildlife. You will see different strata and many mesa. Around Christmas look on top of Gail mountain for the Christmas star. They turn it on around November. When you leave from Fluvanna on 1269 get ready for the best part of the ride. When you get past the windmills the road will drop off into the Caprock. The drop is drastic. If you don't know how to downshift or have great brakes do NOT take this hill. It has a sharp curve at the bottom. After the road straightens out beware the railroad crossing is very smooth and very abrupt. If you hit the crossing fast you will be airborn! Take that how you want to. I had my wing way up, fun yes, but hard on suspension. When you get to 84 turn right to Post Texas.

North Tuscaloosa County Loop
The route is through the northern part of Tuscaloosa County and has some You get pasture land and wooded curvy roads.

Brevard to Bryson City - mix of backroads and BRP
North of Highlands several waterfalls are along HWY 64/28. Dry Falls has a large parking area and is just a few miles out of town. Near Erastus, Lake Glenville offers a large parking area / ramp which is a good place for a break and a snack. The parking area is gravel. The PRP offers many scenic vistas. Choose which ones suit you.

18 Bridges
You'll ride along Turtle Creek and cross several bridges including highway, railroad, and creek. Some ares are curvy some are strait some are hilly. You'll drive through country farm land (fields, and pastures) You'll see the longest, fully operational Five arch stone bridge in America, plus you'll drive over a Wooden bridge that crosses over rails.

McKenzie Hwy
Dense evergreen forests open up into mountain pass surrounded by volcanoes. Maybe the only place in the US outside of Hawaii you drive through a lava flow field. Incredible black lava flow fields with high alpine pine trees fighting to survive in sanitized landscape. On the pass you are surrounded by volcanic cinder cones and mountains some covered year round with snow.

Central Fla. Highlands Along Route 17 (AKA "The Scenic Hwy")
Going north or south the rider will see very rural scenery , farms and orchards(a ride in the spring rewards the nose with the smell of orange blossoms),lakes on the side roads and a few small towns.

Minneapolis Lakes
Lakes, parkland, downtown Minneapolis, Mississippi River, Minnehaha Creek. You will see most of the amazing beauty of the Minneapolis Park system and much of the city of Minneapolis.

Transalpine Road---the highest newest mountain road in Romania---
Ride your motorcycle to the clouds on Transalpina Road - the highest, newest mountain road in Romania After Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear referred to Transfagarasan Road ( in Romania as possibly the best in the world, Romanians reveal the secret weapon - Transalpina Road, the highest mountain road in Romania (2145m above the sea level). With its highest point at Urdele Pass (2,145m above sea level), crossing Paring Mountains, the road is one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountain Chain and the highest mountain road in Romania. Making the connection between Transylvania and Oltenia, the road, also called The King's Road by the locals, was built in 1938 under the rule of King Carol II of Romania with an economic, strategic and military purpose and later rebuilt during World War II by German troops. Left for years in degradation, the pavement disappeared in time, giving the opportunity for some incredible off road motorcycle riding until 2010 when the construction work that begun on the road interfered with the traveling plans of the off road motorcycle enthusiasts. Today the construction work to the road is almost finished and the official reopening by the authorities was made this summer (unofficially the road has been enjoyed long before this by many adventurous riders). The road is now 90% paved and stands as a dream motorcycle route for every rider. Starting from Sebes and head south down to Novaci on DN67C, Transalpina covers over 100 kilometers of hairpin curves, after each, the scenery unfolds itself offering incredible views over the mountains. The road is perfectly built, like it was designed to be used as a race track to the clouds and can be explored in about 3 hours riding. The paving of the road didn't spoil the off road appetite too much, since around the area there are still plenty of tracks to be explored. Less famous than Transfagarasan Road, Transalpina is considered to be the best paved motorcycle road by the local motorcyclists, offering the possibility of some superb motorcycle riding. The motorcycle riders that have had the pleasure to ride this incredible road consider it even more adventurous than Transfagarasan, which still remains the second highest road in Romania and probably the best in the world. So there you have it, two dream roads in Romania, connecting other regions of the country with famous Transylvania, two original, perfectly designed dream roads, offering incredible rides and enormous satisfaction for the riders. Dare to dream, and dare to make your dream rides come true.

Hwy. 87 From Timpson Tx to Galveston
Typical East Texas scenery thru the piney woods. The lower part of the ride near Beaumont is okay but when you get to the Gulf, the view picks right back up.

Cavanal Hill Road (AKA CO Rd D1340)
It's the highest hill in the world so the views are all spectacular. Two good spots for photo ops.

US Hwy 113
At first a little stop and go but further down its beautiful farms tree Forrest creeks and rivers. You pass through multiple state forests/parks so you know the scenery has to be pretty good - Redden State Forest and Pocomoke River State Forest, and Shad Landing State Park.

Owltown Road
This is just a nice drive thru the country, not terribly twisty, but nice curves and hills. Lots of mountain views, but also some valley and pastoral views. No commercial development along this route, and not a stop sign or much traffic for this 9 miles.

Route 904 to Sunset Beach
NC 904 runs right along the SC line and curves through lush eastern NC farmland. If you like little traffic, old farms and farming communities you will love this scenery!

Dexter Trail - Gregory to Mason, MI
Not really any special scenery here but this route is about the ride. Mostly rural area with farms. Much more scenic when Fall comes around.

Old Bridge Road to the Splendid 688
On this road is an Old Bridge (go figure) The bridge is a must do when in the area.

The Outstanding PA191
Towns along the way, rivers, streams. The stretch between Lake Wallenpaupak and I 84 is the best.

Florida, Port Charlotte & North Port hidden cruise.
It's not the best scenery but it's still decent, Toledo Blade Blvd. is kind of open and 4lane, Pancea is the treat of the trip though, it's very open and lots of nice areas out there and couple spots you might want to pull over and just sit for a bit at, where they thought they were going to put in more roads, lots of trees and untouched areas out there. Haberland is through a residential area and is an okay road, it's 2 lane so pass with care.

South end runs along Soap Lake, then through a redish rock gorge right along the water all the way to Grand Coulee.You will pass Dry Falls,just south of Coulee City, sight of the once largest waterfall in NA! From grand Coulee you will go from the hot dry desert up 3000' into the forest and back down to the Okanagan heat again in Omak.

Mt. Washington Auto Road
This is a beautiful road. As soon a you start up the mountain, the edge of the road seems a little closer than you would like to have it due to an unforgiving drop off. The views get better and better as you get up in altitude. On a clear day you can see 20 miles in any direction and depending on the weather you can be in or above the clouds. Bring a jacket, the last time I was here it was 80° at the bottom and 29° with 60 mile an hour winds at the top. Awesome for the middle of June.

Farm to Market Road 853 (San Angelo)
The first 1/2 isn't too exciting but for a few curves and some pretty Texas scenery. But when the road begins to turn south, you immediately see hills and turns and beautiful Texas scenery. Watch out for wildlife crossing the road. Count on seeing no more than 10 cars from the time you leave San Angelo to the time you get back on this route.

Double Mountain Loop
The beginning and end of this ride is up on the Caprock, so it is cotton country. Lots of big fields, straight roads, and flat land. However, when you drop off the Cap into Post you are suddenly in cowboy country. The terrain is rough with small creeks, mesquite trees, cactus and prairie grass. The main feature of this ride is the Double Mountains located in Southwest Stonewall County. This loop encircles the mountain on all sides. Double Mountain is a distinct landmark that has been used for centuries as a navigation marker for Native American tribes, Spanish explores, Army scouts, and settlers. You will cross the Double Mountain and Salt Forks of the Brazos river in several places. Much of the country you will see has not changed much in the last 200 years, with the exception of barb wire fences, and oil wells. Beware of the wildlife on this run. Wild hogs, and deer are plentiful in this part of Texas.

Pineywoods Twister
Starts at Highway 21, weaving thru the pine trees right alongside the road, lush beautiful forest all the way to Augusta, and then opens up a little into pastures.

Eastern German Alpine Road (easternmost 150 KMs of Deutsche Alpenstrasse)
The beauty along this route is stunning. Some of the best scenery in all of Germany! You'll be driving through the Chiemgau Mountains. There are sections passing through lush forest and verdant pastureland with breathtaking mountain views all around. If you enjoy interesting architecture you'll love seeing the "onion-domed" churches along this path.

The Famous Rock Store Run (Mulholland Highway)
The scenery on this ride is probably pretty nice if I ever had a chance to take it in. But, the road is so twisty that you really won't have much time to look around and enjoy the scenery. There are however a couple of nice areas to pull over and look at the scenery but its really more fun to watch the bikes snake through the turns some literally with pegs or knees dragging the pavement. The pieces of the scenery that I remember were nice though ... a couple sections are very shady sections of windy canyon road that hugs the rocky walls as the road snakes under the canopy of shade trees. There is also a couple of sections that open up to some panoramic view.

Figure 8 Three Ferry Loop
Wildlife Reserve, Four river crossings on Three ferries. Eagles, Osprey, Rolling fields, State Capitol

US Hwy 50 - US Hwy 45 - State Rt. 1
I like the roads in this part of southern Illinois the upper part starts with mostly farm land the new rows of corn running along side the bike, as you travel east, then south on Hwy 45, more hills start to show thier heads, small old town along the way, then south at Norris city on Rt. 1 takeing this to Cave-in-Rock, If you want you can ride a fairy across the Ohio river, the closer to the river more and more hills,

AR 374 - Connector between Hwy 7 and Hwy 123
This route leads you through the beautiful "Arkansas Grand Canyon". With a steep decline from Hwy 7 providing great views as you descend. There are several streams alongside the road.

Greensboro, NC - Blue Ridge Pkwy - Winston-Salem
US58 and the Blue Ridge Pkwy is absolutely beautiful. Mabry Mill is one of the oldest water mills still in operation in the beautiful Virginia countryside.

"Leaving Louisiana in Broad Daylight"... for the Dinner Bell in Mississippi!
It is 59 miles one-way. Hope others enjoy it as much as I did. The general scenery you'll see along the way comprises of farm land, timber land, punctuated by old towns, and hills. For a more detailed rundown of what you'll see on this ride, keep reading. This is a trip I took not too long ago that was surpisingly nice (to me.) Starting at Albany, LA on Highway 190 or from Hammond, make your way west on Highway 190 to Albany. Albany seems like a small community right out of the 1960s with buildings out of the 1940s, perhaps. I am very curous about the Pentacostal Church sign at Hwy 190 and 43; it's the biggest sign around these parts. Not much to Albany except a very leisurely 35 MPH speed limit (Observe it! Not much to do in Albany but ticket speeders and go to church, I think!) Once you get on Highway 43 North, the ride improves 100%. Very nice rolling turns, not too sharp, and shaded sections of road. Careful of some occassional logging and farm traffic along this road. You are near timber-leases and farmland here. Take this road north about 14 miles to near Montpeiler, where you can catch Highway 16 east towards Amite. The road surface of Hwy 16 is excellent -- you can pick up your pace, and why not? Not much to see but a well-maintained highway with rural pasture land on either side. After about 6.5 miles, you will come to 'civilization' with shopping malls, fast food joints, and I-55 crossing overhead. Don't dispair, don't stop. You are passing this up ...unless you need fuel or want some coffee. Go about one more mile and you arrive in Amite City's downtown area, which has wonderful old buildings, converted train depot that once served the old IC railroad, and some old houses and hardware stores. It begs one to stop for a few minutes after turning left to go north on highway 51, where a roadside parking area is next to the old train depot and a small municipal park. Murphy's Family Restaurant and Loco Java Coffee and Tea are nearby here, but if you can, wait! A real treat awaits in McComb at the end of this trip. Run north along side the railroad up Highway 51 towards Mississippi. You'll pass Roseland, Fluker, Tangipahoa (the town), and Kentwood, all nice (and very small) communities forcing you to slow down a bit and ponder "what do people do around here." I think Kentwood produces 1990s child pop singers, but can only recall one named Britney S-omething or other. Anyway, while you can't really see it at this point, you are also running parallel to the Tangipahoa River to your east. You will get closer to it and I'll mention a detour if you actually want to cross it and risk hitting some deer. Approximately 19 miles after leaving Amite is Osyka, Mississippi, and this is where Highway 51 starts undulating with a few hills. The hills get progessively more steep, and you'll actually have to slow down in some spots to be safe about potential traffic on the blind hills. This is true at Osyka and about 3.5 miles north of Osyka at Chatawa (St. Mary drive on your right.) Now here is where you can get a glimpse of some old, rural timber land, farms and St. Mary of the Pines if you care to take a right onto St. Mary Drive towards OLD Highway 51. The Detour is not great in condition but it is paved. It will force you to cross the Tangipahoa River at the Chatawa Post Office (next to the river and in the middle of seemingly NOWHERE.) I don't know what people do here these days except maybe pick up their mail.. hunt and drill for natural gas and oil. This area is where deer will run along the road and possibly in front of you. Careful! It is curvy and hilly so you'll have to slow down quite a bit. This area was settled by old New Orleans families and eventually the Catholic nuns at St. Mary's back in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was a refuge from the Yellow Fever epidemics and eventually good timber and crop land. And yes, the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale is tens of thousands of feet underground and evidently capably of producing a lot of natural gas and oil... Back to the ride>\. OLD Highway 51 is reached from this detour using St. Mary Rd, where you'll want to turn left to go north into Magnolia. Old 51 forks at Pleasant Springs Rd. (go Left) then turn left again when that road terminates at Centerville. Centerville joins Highway 48 E (take a left yet again), which takes you right into downtown Magnolia, Mississippi. If you opted to stay on the Newer Highway 51, it rolls up and down hills right into Magnolia proper. Nice court house. Nice people. Or, breeze up Highway 51 to McComb if you see it is near 11:00 AM. Hwy 51 turns into S. Broadway Street at McComb. Stay on a bit and take a left at 5th Ave for lunch (11:00 AM to 2:00 PM T - Sun) at the Dinner Bell Restaurant. It's real round-table dining with authentic Southern Mississippi food in an older looking home! Huge lazy-susan buffet style feast to enjoy with total strangers. For large groups traveling and eating together, they request a call ahead or reservations, otherwise, pull in and grab a seat!

Rural Lake Keystone Ride
This route is hilly and curvy in the beginning, opening up to a view of Lake Keystone from about a hundred feet up. It winds around the lake going over small sections and through both flat and sparse terrain as well as hilly and wooded.

Tortilla Flat
This route covers scenic desert landscapes with desert mountains and even Canyon Lake. If you continue on the graded dirt road there are high wall canyons and some of the most beautiful scenic areas you can find in Arizona. But I don't recommend the dirt road for street bikes. HDBIKERRIDER added the following in Nov of 2013: RUNS THRU DESERT CANYONS BEGINNING ON FLAT STRETCH PASS GOLDFIELD MINE GHOST TOWN INTO INCREDIBLE UP AND DOWN TURNS, SWITCHBACKS AND PASS CANYON LAKE TO TORTILLA FLATS.

The Grafton Notch - 93 Mile Woods Loop
This route is packed with scenery. Aprox. 8 miles from the starting point you will enter Grafton Notch State Park. Threw this area there are many mountain views. With a few stops and short walks Screw Auger Falls, Mother Walker Falls, and Moose Cave have a lot to offer for water scenery left behind from the glaciers years ago. If you want a good break from the bike and would like to do a good hike. I'd stop at the parking lot to the Appalachian trait. Head north on the AT and take the table rock trail. This is a few mile hike kinda tough going but with awesome views of Old Speck Mountain and the vally you just road up. Once on Rt.16 you will be passing some beautiful spots threw the 13 mile woods, which fallows the Androscoggin River. Wildlife is always possible to be seen along these routes as well.

Middle RI Loop!
This route goes though the green trees of western Coventry and into Foster and Scituate. You go over many lake including the Flat River Reservoir in Coventry and the Scituate Reservoir.

There are some scenic valleys and hill top views along this route. It takes you through several small country towns where everyone seems to enjoy seeing visitors. The last portion of the loop takes you along the Ohio River from St.Mary's most the way to Parkersburg.

Allentown to LBI (539&72)
The route goes through the small town of Allentown that is very scenic and then changes into the New Jersey Pine Barrens. After that it changes again to the beach community of Long Beach Island and the surrounding area.

NH VT Back road Loop
Rolling hills, Views at various points. Rt 100 along the valley of the green mountains.

Tuttle Creek Scenic Drive
The route starts with a dam view of the entire lake. Once on carnahan road you will have a bunch of large rolling hills and moderate curves with some views of the lake. Followed by a drive over the mile long bridge with a view of the north end of the lake and a straight shot of open highway back to manhattan.

Spiral Highway to Heaven
This short but sweet ride has breathtaking views with a lookout point to boot. The route descends down towards The Clearwater River.

Sugar River - Avon Bottom Park
This route rides over and beside lots of water. Pass by Historic Beckman Mill. Travel over and through wooded country lanes, and see how many Barn Quilts you can find.

Where the Red Fern Grows Run
Head north along the Illinois River, stop to camp or go canoeing. Beautiful country, plenty of twisties (some with serious consequences) and a 20 mile view from the top of Eldon Hill. This is as good as it gets in NE Oklahoma, and offers as much fun as you can find in Arkansas.

Hwy 70 Down East
If you like being around the water, this is a good one for you. Getting through Morehead City can be painful sometimes due to the amount of traffic, but once you cross the bridge into Beaufort, the ride gets much more relaxed. The ride is mostly rural with pine trees and swamps on both sides but there are a lot of open areas where you cross rivers or ride alongside some of the bays in the area. Another option on this ride is to take the turn and go out to Harkers Island. Again, nothing fancy but you cross another body of water and if you take the road until it ends, you will be at the Core Sound Waterfowl and Heritage Museum. Overall this road is flat and mostly straight but if you like being around the water, it's worth checking out if you are in the area. I do this ride from time to time and never get tired of it.

From Jaws to Hana - The Hana Highway
It has breath taking views, however you really need to be on your toes because there are more than 600 turns and 60 one lane bridges. If you have seen Jurassic Park the Movie this is it. The ocean views on one side mountain views on the other with a few spectacular waterfalls thrown in.

Donnellson to Keosauqua (Rt 2 & Rt 1)
Nice curvey road with rolling hills, lined with farms and goes through Shimek Forest, through Indian Lake Park/White Timber Area and ends up in near Lacey-Keosauqua State Park.

Whittier and Valdez (includes ferry ride)
The first portion of the route is along the gorgeous Turnagain Arm. The highway runs right along the shore line, with scenery of mountains across the bay. On the way to Whittier, you pass Portage glacier and lake. The 3-mile tunnel from Portage lake to Whittier is a unique experience. It runs through the heart of a mountain in a skinny single lane. The ferry from Whittier to Valdez is a great scenic experience with views of glaciers and icebergs. The captain usually announces when seals, dolphins and humpback whales are visible around the boat. There is a cafeteria on-boards which serves beer. The last section of the road from Valdez winds through a valley with waterfalls cascading on both sides. You are likely to see bear, moose and mountain sheep along this section.

Big Catskill Loop
This route gives you a great selection of views throughout the Catskill Mountains. You pass beautiful reservoirs go through several small country towns and when in Oneonta, NY you should stop at Brooks House of Bar-B-Q's for some of the best bbq you've ever had. To get there you just have to take a right onto Main street off of route 23.

The Keystone Lake to Skiatook Lake Run
Nice almost high plains type drive curves and hills. Some wooded areas once you get back toward Skiatook Lake. Really an unusual nice fun ride for this part of the country, a good afternoon trip. For anyone in midtown Tulsa it is a quick way to get out of town to a country ride with very little traffic.

Kennicott mine
The route is quite nice when you can look up from the dirt road to appreciate the scenery, but the real prize on this trip is the visit to Kennicott mines at the end. If possible, spend a night in McCarthy and take a tour of the historic Kennicott mines and take a hike to and on the Kennicott glacier.

Diamond Back Loop (226 & 226A)
There are a few beautiful spots along this short route. What is nice is you can do this loop while enjoying the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Railroad Bridge Road
This route will take you over rolling hills with lots of curves no stop signs with the exception of major intersections. Lots of hills with some sharply weaving areas on the road near Tribbey, heading south the road has sweeping curves and the portion just past Wanette the trees provide a full canopy. The portion between Wanette and Byars Okla the trees make you feel like you are in a tunnel and then you come upon an old railroad bridge. The highlight is this bridge that goes over the South Canadian River between Wanette and Byars Ok. It was converted for vehicles that stretches all the way across the South Canadian River. The bridge is long and narrow it was converted from a railroad. Built in 1902. The trees make a canopy south of Wanette.Very unusual for around here. Highway 59 takes you back through open fields mostly straight and flat wide open area. The remaining drive is open country. The ride was beautiful.

North Lansing Loop
Depending on the time of year this ride can be very nice. A quick tour through Sleepy Hollow is always a nice addition. Most of this ride is through farm land with some wooded areas.

KS 9 - Tight and Twisty between the Long and Straights
The area is rolling hills and flat farms areas for the most part. Prettier than many areas in Kansas but nothing like the scenery in other areas of the US. More than worth the ride though.

Canadian Rockies
This ride takes you through the heart of the Canadian Rockies past teal glacial lakes. Some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in North America!

Big Bend Nat'l Park-Ore Road
Cliffs, forest, skirt the Rio Grande River nearby. Big Bend National Park has national significance as the largest protected area of Chihuahuan Desert topography and ecology in the United States. Few areas exceed the park's value for the protection and study of geologic and paleontologic resources. Cretaceous and Tertiary fossil organisms exist in variety and abundance. Archeologists have discovered artifacts estimated to be 9,000 years old, and historic buildings and landscapes offer graphic illustration of life along the international border at the turn of the century.

Triple State Mississippi River Run (MN, IA, WI)
Good view of the Mississippi river and of the neighboring hills. The majority of the route, hugs the river and you'll be able to take in all that scenery from both the eastern and western shores.

The Wind River Canyon Run
An exciting ride for those who enjoy traversing tight corners and thundering through tunnels borrowed in mountain sides and scenic enough for passengers to go through a roll of film in minutes. US 20 starts at the Boysen Reservoir and this canyon road follows the Wind River through a gorgeous cut in the earth as deep as 2,500 feet. On the other side of the river, follows an old railroad track.

County Road H from Liberty MO to Excelsior Springs
Farm fields, rolling hills, and good riding buddies hopefully.

Route 113
Waubun is a small minnesota town, gas station, church, and a bar or two. there are also a couple little rest stops for food or gas along the way. and at least one historic or scenery spot to pull over and take in the view. the road curves around lots of lakes and rivers, there are no towns along the way so its great for cruising.

This route takes you through a dark heavily forested hollow over a one lane bridge spanning the cliffs above the Lackawaxen to a meandering country road that follows the Peaceful river and then finally along the scenic Delaware river.

Mt Lemmon Loop
This trip starts at the southern outskirts of Phoenix city limits on Hwy 87 and runs south parallel with Interstate 10 before jogging eastward toward Florence, AZ. From Florence, take Hwy 79 due south through virgin unspoiled Sonoran desert. This merges into Hwy 77 and you continue south skirting the western slopes of the Santa Catalina Mt. range of north Tucson. As you enter Tucson, you head east again through the heart of Tucson and reach the base of Mt. Lemmon on the eastern end of town. The sign at the base indicates 30 miles to the top of Mt. lemmon consisting of huge, sweeping curves and breathtaking scenic vistas as you climb from Tucsons 2400ft. above sea level elevation to over 9000ft at the summit. Since it was still early March, we were thankful we had some layers of warm clothing under our leather. The views as you ascended were impressive and it took everything to keep your eyes on the road as you took in the expanding valley below you. We stopped several times, as the view across the San Pedro River Valley to the east was stunning. As you neared the top, the quaint little mountain town of Summerhaven greets you. With a ski slope and lift, this little town does well during the winter months, but inclement weather can close portions of the road going up, if only temporarily. My riding partner and I reached the top and had lunch at a neat little cabin-like restaurant and shared our thoughts and comments on this terrific ride. On our way back to Phoenix we stopped at a roadside memorial on Hwy 79 just south of Florence commemorating cowboy Tom Mix who was killed in a car accident on this very spot. All in all, a really nice little run. With summer temperatures reaching 112 degrees and warmer, the trip down through the desolate desert isnt recommended. Will definitely be coming back this fall. "daoist" added the following in Sep of 2014: "This route circles the Catalina mountains on the west side and then goes straight to the top from the north. The route starts out in Tucson and immediately gets you out of the urban jungle by heading north on AZ 77 to Oracle. Then the adventure really begins taking the dirt road up to Summerhaven!"

Portville to Belfast on Rt 305
This route meanders through the rolling hills and farm lands between Cattaraugus and Allegany Counties. There are a few scenic vistas in along the northern part of this route. Beware, you have to be on the lookout for some Amish buggies between Cuba and Belfast. If you have the time, take a quick loop around Cuba Lake.

Acadia National Park - Bar Harbor Loop
Majestic Shores/coastline with rock formations. Mountain tops overlooking expansive lakes. Fog creeping up the hills in an eerie blanket of white cotton.

New Glarus to Argyle - the long way
Deep country roads filled with scenic views. It doesn't get much better than this. I don't want to say to much and spoil the ride.

Crabb River Road to East Columbia
This route is mostly through farm and ranch land. It passes by historic "George Ranch" and Brazos Bend Park. The road has light to medium traffic. In good weather, expect to pass other motorcycles. The scenery isn't "beautiful" as much as a peaceful escape from the nearby cities. The road has enough twists and turns to keep it interesting, but plenty of straight sections for passing.

Castro Valley to Berkeley
O.K. views on the beginning part of route, Redwood Rd. Amazing views at destination, in Berkeley. Trip takes you right above UC Berkeley. San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge can all be seen.

Angeles Crest Highway
Pure Alpine scenery just minutes from downtown Los Angeles. Fresh air, trees, mountains and blue sky all day long.

Tucson to the Kitt Peak National Observatory
When you start you will drive through mostly desert until you come to Highway 386. Once on 386 and heading up to Kitt Peak you will see mountains, as you get closer to the top you will see a panoramic view of the valley below and views for many miles. At the top you can also see Kitt peak National Observatory.

221-Eureka Springs to Berryville
Immediately upon accessing HWY 221 from Rockhouse Road (CR302), when traveling from Eureka Springs to Berryville, one drops immediately into the Kings River valley and then climbs up onto the Ozark Plateau. The views of the river are fantastic if one cares to slow the pace down but the curves begin immediately upon crossing the Kings River bridge and don't let up for almost 10 miles as one climbs up through the foothills of the Ozarks. Although some of the views are absolutely beautiful, you will be more focused on the road!

Catherine Creek Loop
203 will give you a taste of mostly everything Eastern Oregon has to offer: high desert, rolling range land, wooded passes, and creek-cut canyons. Highway 237 is mostly high desert and range land, but there is also a pretty big wind farm out that way, too. The ride along Highway 30 is almost entirely farm land.

The Great Ocean Road
The road is considered a tourist attraction in the area, in which much of the road hugs coastline affectionately known as the Shipwreck Coast, providing visibility of Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean. The road traverses rainforests, as well as beaches and cliffs composed of limestone and sandstone, which is susceptible to erosion. The road travels via Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo Bay, and Port Campbell, the latter being notable for its natural limestone and sandstone rock formations including Loch Ard Gorge, The Grotto, London Arch and The Twelve Apostles. All the towns along the route are major surfing destinations, in particular the world famous Bells Beach.

FM 2484
The route covers typical TX back country, with a few hills and some wooded areas. Stillhouse Lake to the north adds a little scenery. Good for a quick evening or after work cruise.

Creston, BC to Kootenay Bay
British Columbia is known world wide for its great shoreline scenery and this road up the eastern side of Kootenay Lake lives up to that reputation. The entire length of this ride is boarded by either evergreens or shoreline, only to be topped off with a free ferry ride across the lake when you reach its northern end.

North Georgia
This route takes you through the base of the smokey mountains with small quaint towns some terrific antique and collectibles shops along with a lot of gorgeous scenery including rolling hills and lots of unique vegetation.

Hwy 95 from Fountain City to Arcadia
Excellent vistas and sweeping turns, and lots of them on this two lane highway. Nice fall colors

Highway 34 from Sturgis to the MN border
It is as scenic as South Dakota can get. It has some long sweeping curves when riding along the Missouri River.

St Rt 278 - Scenic Curves
No big vistas along the main route (there are some killer ones on the gravel back roads), but the cool forests and large rock outcroppings are inspiring enough. Its truly a zen ride at times.

SSG Seth Ricketts Memorial Ride Route.
This route covers the generous section of the Natchez trace and journeys through the foot hills of the Appalachia winding through twists and turns landing in Clifton Tn a beautiful river side town on the Tn river, Rest up a few and head to Savannah Tn and cross the TN river to Crump. If you make it on a weekend stop by Crump Trade days an Biker friendly Flea Market. Hang a left on Hwy 142 and plan on stopping by Shiloh Military Park see the eagles and tour the battle field, bloody pond and the old Shiloh Church. Then Hop on Hwy 22 for some nice twists and turns. If you like a spring Ride Join the Annual SSG Seth Ricketts Memorial Ride a 206 mile Poker Run, Bike and car show and Did I say music fest? This event raises money for the Fisher House - A kind of Ronald McDonald house for our wounded veterans and their families to stay while our warriors are receiving care at the hospital.

North Dallas - 455 onto 697
lots of fun turns and many decreasing in the middle of them, primarily on 697 BUT 455 should be respected. On FM 545, HWY 121 and HWY 69 beware of police. You will love this ride!

Edinboro to Franklin Via Twisties.
This route doesn't provide a ton of scenery-which on a sport bike is a good thing. Last thing you want is to be checking out the river and not seeing the 20 MPH turn ahead of you. Has decent hills and mountains to be seen for Western Pa.

Benson to Bisbee on Route 80
You'll see lovely views of the Rincons, Apache Peak (west of Benson), drive through Tombstone (if you stop here, check out the mine tour and the historic courthouse), then you'll enter the mountains and a tunnel will drop you right into Bisbee. Bisbee is built right into the mountains and is a lovely old town, also built around a mine. A lovely exploration of southeast Arizona.

Loop Through Theodore Roosevelt Park
This route is a scenic loop that goes travels through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It starts out in historic Medora, ND and the beautiful Badlands region of ND (much prettier than SD badlands region). In addition to the beuaty of the land you'll also see wildlife such as prairie dogs, deer, and buffalo.

Old Highway 10
At the start of this route, after you leave Beach, ND, you'll see old farms, grasslands, & prairie and as you head east and get closer to Medora, ND you'll approach the badlands of ND and see more rugged landscape and see some critters as well.

Out to the Ocean
The route starts out a little slow. As you go farther down 8 the scenery becomes vibrant and colorful. The road to 101 and 101 has some very nice twisties and switchbacks. The coast is beautiful specially around sunset. Just watch out for deer at dusk.

Grenada Lake Loop
Tons of pine trees and bluffs with a great view of Grenada lake from the dam road. The route travels through or near many wildlife areas (see amenities section for names).

Ohio SR 56
This route starts in Heartland farms full of golden wheat and green grass, takes a dive into the deep green of Hocking Hills, and ends up with the Appalachian foothill vistas of rural southern Ohio.

Pembroke Oak Grove Road to Jefferson Davis Memorial
This was my first trip on my cruiser. Clarksville is nto that great, and neither is Oak Grove. But once you pass over the interstate you come into Kentucky farm country. Just miles and miles of farm country, fresh air, very little traffic. You will see very old barns, and even pass a old style school house that is stil in use. You will also go through a very small town that appears to be almost completely empty. There are very old hosues that are very cool to look at and take pictures of. The Jeffeson Davis Memorial itself is very simple. There is a huge Monument, some kind of visitor center and a place to sit and eat under a pavilion.

Through Death Valley on Badwater Rd
I need to give this 4 stars because it's so much more than just a road. Heading south there is a large cliff to the east that parallels the road for some miles. The vistas are spectacular - you can sometimes see forever. If you think DV is just a flat desert, well, some of it is but this ain't that. At Ashton the road turns east and begins a long climb out of the desert that winds it's way past oaks and then conifers on it's way to the summit. The big thing here is that in Spring and Fall you are alone out here - no, really, you are alone. It's huge and expansive and you can see forever but you see almost no one! Have a friend ride along just in case and avoid summer months - too hot!

AR Hwy 103 from Clarksville to Oark
Clarksville is a very old town by Arkansas standards. The old downtown is well-preserved. Hwy 103 starts downtown and heads north past a small college and out of town. You'll ride past timber land and family cattle farms. The pastures are beautiful most of the year. The road crosses into the Ozark National Forest 12 miles out of town and that's where the road gets interesting. The road climbs from 800 to 2,000 feet in about 3 miles. This stretch includes some 1st gear switchback curves. The road reaches the mountaintop and gives you a break for a couple of miles before making a really twisty and steep run down the north side of the mountain. The road then crosses the Mulberry river a mile before reaching your final destination in Oark. The General Store at Oark and its famous food is well-documented. You've gotta stop and enjoy. From Oark you can take Hwy 215 west to Hwy 23. You might be tempted to try and head east to Hwy 21. You can do that, but you'd better be riding a dual sport. The road turns into gravel at Catalpa and it's pretty rough with some washboard surfaced hairpin curves. If you're riding the Pig Trail south, a good alternative from going all the way to Ozark is to take Hwy 215 from just north of Cass east to Oark, take a break and then take Hwy 103 south to Clarksville.

Camas Prairie Tour: Grangeville to Winchester
Leaving Grangeville, you immediately find yourself in the middle of wide open farm fields that stretch for miles in every direction until they fade into the surrounding forested mountains. Toward Cottonwood and Ferdinand, you enter partially forested foothills that lead to the closed in, fully forested cliffs of Winchester Hill. From May through September, you'll know what's growing in the fields - onion, rape, barley, wheat, potatoes, alfalfa and corn all leave their scent on the crisp clean air as you pass. During summer months, you'll find there's an average 10 degree drop in temperature from the surrounding area so this is a nice getaway from warmer roadways. Along the route: Camas Prairie (Camas will be in bloom late May through mid-June), Nez Perce War and Lewis & Clark Historical Markers, Dog Bark Park, St. Gertrude's Monastery, Historical Museum at St. Gertrude's Monastery, Ilo/Vollmer Historical Society, Winchester Museum of History, Wolf Education Research Center; Near the route: Lawyer's Canyon, Camas Prairie Railroad trestles.

Gold Rush Historic Byway: Greer to Headquarters
This is a beautiful drive through the wilderness where sightings of bear, cougar, coyote, wolf, deer, pheasant, grouse and turkey are common so bring a camera. You'll pass out of heavier woodlands through farmland and into the valleys and mountains of Idaho's Gold Country. The distance is short but the winding road makes for an extended trip and there's very little traffic so it's important that riders are prepared with full fuel tanks, an emergency kit and water if it's hot out. This drive is definitely seasonal and even as late as May or June, riders should check weather conditions for snow and ice, but the scenery is well worth the preparation. Along the route: Wildlife viewing, Weippe Discovery Center, Gold Rush Historical Panel Kiosk, Shoshone County Courthouse of 1862, John Howard Bradbury Logging Museum and Historical Highway Markers for Chinese Hanging Tree, Canal Gulch and original site of Oro Fino.

Northwest Passage All American Road: Kooskia to Grangeville
This is a nice little side trip that can be added to the Camas Prairie Driving Tour and a portion of the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway on Hwy 12 for a great tour loop. The ride from Grangeville is predominantly full of fragrant farmland with crops that leave their scent on the air; be aware that this roadway is often used for larger farming machines so caution is recommended, especially during harvest season. Views from the road seem to go forever, with prairie in the foreground giving way to forested edges as you climb Harpster Grade and head toward Kooskia; Along the route: Kooskia Crossing, Eimers Park; Near the route: Tolo Lake, Camas Prairie.

White Pine Scenic Loop: Moscow, Potlatch, Bovill, Deary
This drive has everything and is a fast favorite with local riders. Between Moscow and Princeton, you ride through farmland with fields and prairie in every direction. Past Princeton, the road climbs into forested areas until you enter the St. Joe National Forest just outside of Harvard. From here to Deary, your ride is through close, mountainous forest with views of valleys, cliffs, rivers and an abundance of wildlife. Deer, elk and moose are common sights along the roadway so use caution. Once you come down out of the mountain into Deary, you return to the farmland and prairie views that lead back to Moscow; Along the route: Palouse Prairie, foothills of Clearwater National Forest, Palouse River, White Pine Scenic Route; Near the route: Hobo Cedar Grove Botanical Area.

Arkansas Highway 27 from Russellville to Harriet
The first section from Russellville to Hector is in the foothills where you'll see rolling hills and family farms. Once you leave Hector, you enter the Ozark National Forest. You cross a mountain stream and climb about 1,000 feet into the Ozark Plateau. The scenery is rural mountains with occasional scenic overlooks. The trees are mostly hardwoods and they look great in fall colors. There is a nice mix of sweepers and straights with light traffic. (Twist the grip) As you go down the plateau near Marshall the road levels out and follows another creek bottom for a few miles. The family farms are great scenery. There are no real towns from Hector to Marshall, just a few rural communities and a couple of country stores. This is one of the most remote areas of the state. The town of Marshall is frozen in time. The buildings are old and the big stores killed the downtown area years ago. From Marshall you get some good curves and a few hills until you get to the end in Harriet.

Lighthouse Run
Twisty roads through Elk Neck Woods and a few hills that break out of the trees and you can see the bay.

St. Cloud to Keenansville
This route features rural area, lots of farm land and passing through or near wildlife preserves.

Quad County Figure Eight
Lots of open farm land, some fairly wooded areas, and some typical suburban areas also.

The "77s" Around Lake Murray
77S has some pretty over looks of the crystal clear water that Lake Murray has. There are tons of trees along the road side, so its in very pretty scenery especially during Fall when the leaves change colors.

Farm to Winery Road, NC
Beautiful rolling hills, farms, trees....

Nible my Toledo
The North point is just a short distance from the South end of Toledo Bend Reservoir and takes you down the South West side of Louisiana parallel to the Sabine River to Nibletts Bluff Park which is about 5 mi from I-10. From the North the roads are hilly and consist of mostly country folk homes and Hunting Leases and the Clear Creek Wildlife Management Area. As you go further south, the route gets flat but a little curvier. The Hunting lease land thins out and you begin to see a little more pasture land and livestock.

Mid State 8
Average down home, back woods, Louisiana back roads decorated with Pine and Hardwood forest, farm and pasture land and that pass or cross several lakes and 3 rivers along the way. A nice alternative with milder traffic than the main roads that cuts across the state with little time added.

Auloa Rd.
This route is short but you will almost always see other sport bike riders here taking the road back and fourth. This has some good sharp turns. There is tons of greenery but what else is expected on the windward side of the island.

From Hawkesbury to Mont Tremblant on Route 327
Mont Tremblant is a ski hill in the winter.. $$$$ expensive place but done right.. amazing scenery and they really know how to cater to guests if you wanted to stay there I highly recommend it, if the misses is with you, spa, massage, fine-dinning. If she's not.. the night life is second to none!! It's a long way from everything so people at the bar are there for a reason! To PARTY! But the condo's are well away from the noise with private hot tubs, indoor outdoor pools and a gondola to take you to the top of the mountain see the sites or go for a hike. You won't be disappointed I assure you.

Aripeka to Weeki Wachee Gardens
Starts out driving through the Aripeka Sandhills area and winds through the grass flats along the Gulf and past the crystal clear Weeki Wachee Springs. Bring a suit if you want to cool off in summer and then have a bite to eat at The Upper Deck

Butler County Loop
Scenery is nice. Very nice in the fall. Lots of woods and fields. Good ride for local riders. And a good ride if your staying in the area. Minimal intersections and nice cruising speeds. Traffic isn't heavy and low truck volume.

Lube to Lube
A ride from the Cranberry Twp. Quaker Steak and Lube to the Original Sharon Quaker Steak and Lube. If your not from the area then I will tell you that the Lube is an Icon in the area and is a very Biker friendly place. Very large bike nights weekly. This is a great ride between the two of them. A ride through the farms and Amish country of Western Pa. Also get to see some of the factories and plants that built the country.

US Route 3 Through Central New Hampshire
The road goes through several small NH towns, with small shops and stores. Between the towns are rolling hills, and a stretch along the Merrimack River.

Clark County Scenic Loop
The area is rich in large homesteads, history, trees, and intriguing geography. The loop provides good lessons in all these aspects, plus some outstanding riding as you wind your way over the rivers and through the woods. Excellent sights along the way including Cedar Creek Grist Mill and the Pomeroy Living History Farm.

Castolon-Santa Elena Canyon Ride
You will see weeping vistas of semi arid dessert, mountains and cliffs, rock formations of a variety of rock types, and at the end the incredible cliffs that physically divide the U.S. from Mexico. No fence is needed. The forces of the universe make crossing nearly impossible. Yet, you can hike into the Santa Elena Canyon (in Mexico) if the Rio Grande is not running which it wasn't when I was there (April, 2012). Words are inadequate to describe Big Bend. Beautiful is not a word I'd use. Sublime is a better.

Route 83 to Parker Canyon Lake
The views are absolutely amazing. To the south and east are mountains, to the north and west rolling hills. Far to the north you can see the Rincons and Mt Lemmon. The windy road drifts from desertscrub to the pines. It's 30 miles of mostly windy road, by mile marker 5, you're smelling pine. You won't see Parker Canyon Lake until you come around the final bend and there it will be.

Alum Ridge Rd - Floyd Co, VA
This is a great country route through many rolling hills, valleys and over high hills in the mountains. You'll see beautiful farms and scenic overlooks.

Great River Road Northern Extension
Although not a official/government named extention of the Great River Road US Scenic Byway, if you like the Great River Road, this route is a great way to extend your drive. The roads skirt the Mississippi River Bluffs for most of your trip. A lot of rural scenery and rustic beauty. Flat farm land to hillside vistas of the Big Muddy.

Hemet to Borrego Springs
South of Hemet the scenery goes from chapparal covered slopes to mixed oaks and pines as the elevation climbs up and over the pass to Warner Springs Ranch. Long ranch vistas from this point forward, until the terrain goes to sere desert vistas as one drops down into the Anza Borrego Desert. The return route retraces these scenes.

Making the Block in South Bossier
woods and fields mostly

Allegan Dam - Lakeshore Drive Loop
Terrific scenery going from hardwood forests to towering pines, through farmlands orchards and lake shores. The highlights being the roads themselves.

Northern Illinois Route 20
Mostly country road which goes past a glider business in Hampshire and the Wild West Town (and railway museum) in Union. If you turn at the Wild West museum instead of heading into Marengo, you can continue parallel to route 23 on farm roads with less congestion but do head into Marengo if you need a quick bite or rest stop.

Riudoso to Alamogordo via Cloudcroft
This is a beutifule route with great scenery and twisting roads. High altitude. Not much traffic.

West Virginia Coal River Route
This route hugs the Coal River in southern WV and then travels over mountains and through coal mining towns.

Mendham to Clinton Loop
Whether you like quaint little towns, rolling countryside and horse farms, or tree-lined back roads this is a great route on a bike

Perry Lake Loop
This is a nice little ride around Lake Perry just north or Lawrence, KS. We rode from Perry to Valley Falls then back to Lawrence. This route has some nice views of Perry lake with some small changes in elevation. Lots of trees and the roads are decent. The west side of the lake offers a nice ride through Perry State Park.

East Maui Loop
It has breath taking ocean and mountain views, there are more than 600 turns and 60 one lane bridges so be careful and enjoy the scenery. Hugging the cliffs and riding along the outskirts of a rain forest is spectacular, the ocean views on one side mountain views on the other with a few spectacular waterfalls thrown in. Continuing past Hana is the 7 sacred pools, there is a fee to enter but I feel it's not worth the 10 Bucks, after this point you will be leaving the rain forest area and the scenery changes to accent lava flows with spectacular mountain views and for a short while you are right on the ocean then you start driving into the interior with rolling hills and Maui's ranches and farms so watch out for cows on these winding hilly narrow roads.

Jr Splendour on Hume Road-CR-635
This is a short trip, so you won't see widely varied scenery. That's why I rated it a 3. Although if you're like me and love seeing fields, barns, and cows, all with a mountain backdrop, you might think it is great. It is a very pleasant ride through rolling farmland. The 4,200-acre Marriott Ranch is on Hume Road. In fact, the Inn at Fairfield Farm, an historic B&B accessed via Hume Road, is the only B&B in the Marriott portfolio. The ranch is a working cattle operation, so you really do see a variety of cattle, including longhorns (though I don't know if they belong to Marriott).

Hartford Scotts Slough Run
trees lake curves

Platina Road - Curve Heaven
Route leads out of Redding into farm country. You'll experience many up and down hill grades with some graveled pull offs for photos. Fantastic views of forested canyons.

Up to the Ridges
The road goes through Cherokee and Pisgah national forest. For about 10 miles, it snakes along Watauga lake, passing through many sections of densely forested land. The road will climb about 2,000 feet and when you reach Boone, there are great views and wonderful shopping.

Ohio 121 Greenville to New Paris
This is the best motorcycle road in Darke county!! SR 121 generally runs parallel with some small stream valleys, with plenty curves and some hills the farther south you drive, especially once you pass through New Madison. Between New Madison and New Paris contains the best scenery and most hills and curves as the countryside gets more rugged and wooded.

Frisco to Lake Ray Hubbard
This route has turns and hills along with beautiful homes and landscapes.

Elk River Wind Farm
There are many trees, ranch land, a little farm land. in between Burden and Moline, if you pay attention, you will see the Elk River wind farm to the north.

S. Lakeshore Drive - Cross Lake
Just north of Shreveport along the shore of Cross Lake. This is a beautiful ride with few cars. Winding country road with lots of water, trees and farmland. Starts at the east end of the lake and ends on highway 169.

Brandon Mountain Rd & 125 Loop through the Green Mountains
This is a jog through the mountains. You'll be seeing lots and lots of forest and not too much else.

Route 114 Through The Kingdom State Forest
This is a gorgeous area to ride through. It's mostly state forest, though when you get out of the park it's still pretty. There aren't really any landmarks to stop and see; it's just a great curvy ride through nature.

102S: Windy, Twisty River Road from Canaan to Northumberland
This ride took us through lots and lots of farmland. Wide open fields were on either side of us, and immediately to our left for most of the ride was the river that serves as the border between VT and NH.

Kanuga Rd, Old CCC Rd, Dupont Rd.
Peeking view of mountains, mostly trees. Pleasant surprise when rolling around the corner and the vista opens up. Will not likely see much due to challenge of curves. You'll be focused on the next corner!

The Northeast Indiana Box
This route covers Indiana farm and woodland areas. Amish country in the Napanee and Shipshewana area where eating and shopping are good if you are looking for Amish handmade goods and great food (Amish Acres in Napanee). Stopped in North Webster and the National Weather Service and took a tour...can't miss the huge doppler radar dome! Then dropped down to Wabash and followed US24 back to Monticello. It's a LONG one day ride! Lots of camping areas and hotels up near Napanee and Shipshewana for an overnighter turning this into a two day trip if you want to spend more time in Napanee and Shipshewana. Comfortable ride with the Wife on our 2008 Heritage Softail Classic.

Route 54
A great country road trip from Jim Thorpe to Danville, PA. The roads vary, some are brand new some are old but all are fine to ride on, none are unfriendly to bikes.

Farm to Market Roads 1500 to 824 to 137
This route has some straight a ways with long views of Texas scenic beauty. Lots of wild life so don't nail a hog or a skunk! After that there is a nice balance of curves, rises, and straights. Note at the first stop sign is a place called Bug Tussle. So don't forget to wave! Continue on to Roxton where they have a Cool old stone bridge on the north end of town and nice small town Main Street.

Happy Jack Road
At first it's a little boring you go past some wind mills and ranches but about half way in you hit Medicine Bow National Forest and the scenery gets a lot better. If you'r lucky you may even see a moose or two.

K-7 to Rulo
The road starts straight, but turns to curvy, in and out of the hills, and follows the Missouri River.

Rt 555 to Elk County and Elk Country
In Benezette, Elk viewing areas have been established by the state of PA. Follow the signs. Expect to arrive 2 hours before sundown when the Elk come out of the woods and begin to feed. Drive slowly when nearing the viewing areas because the Elk can be crossing the road or a mere 5 feet off the road. If you're lucky and very quiet, you can get within 10 feet of a female Elk. If you watch her eat she return the favor and watch you. This is an exciting kodak moment. Please be respectful of the animals, they are wild, extremely large but they are not scared of people or cars. Be silent and still around them. If you make this trip in the fall, keep in mind the bull Elk will charge if disturbed. I's a toss-up whether a motorcycle can outrun a charging bull. If you see the Elk close up, the scenery rating becomes a 5!

State Route 571 - New Carlisle to Union City
This route covers mostly rolling and some flat farmland with historic & scenic towns along the way that should be explored. Tipp City and Greenville are my favorite, with quaint shops/antiques, and diners. Be sure to look at the pictures included.

Desoto Trail
Along this route you'll see the Missiouri River, Desoto Lake ( which is really a river connected from Missiouri River one point to another). You'll go through Desoto National Wildlife Refuge. In it there are parks, wildlife, bodies of water, nature in itself, very serene. I felt like I was alone in the world back before civilization. Don't go when dark, it would be spooky. Couple spots with about 50 ft of gravel, no big deal. At the end, after you get out of the park, you'll want to turn around for two reasons. 1- gravel will start and will last 3.8 miles and loose rocks will pick up. 2- not much scenery after exiting the park. I took the gravel route to see where it would lead, and it lead to a 15 minute at 15-20 mph annoying dirt/rocks ending at I-29. Other than the gravel, ride was very enjoyable, no traffic, no one on your rear end, no one distracting you, total serenity.

Las Vegas to Searchlight to Nipton
The route starts you out in Las Vegas, the beautiful deserts surrounding Lake Mead as well as takes you through the cooled down CA desert with beautiful cactus and Joshua trees.

Short Scenic Ride - Hwy 94
The views are of mountains and tree covered roads in many spots. The valley views on some parts of the ride are great.

Hwy 299 from the coast to Redding, CA
The 150 miles between Redding and the coast are among the most beautiful 100 miles of riding roads on the planet. Highway Patrol runs radar on both dashboards, but along the river, you can often see a mile or more ahead of you. In the winter, they sand the roads because of winter weather conditions, but in the summer and fall it's dry, well paved, and generally wide open. Fewer cars during the weekdays, as this is a traveling road for tourists heading between the valley and the coast.

Wyandotte County Lake Park
You are going to be riding around a lake and on tree covered roads that hug the edges of the lake. There are a lot of tight turns for a short route. It is open from 6 am to midnight.

San Angelo State Park Run
The route runs along the side of San Angelo State Park so there is plenty of brush and trees along it. If during the dry season then you might have to deal with a good amount of bugs and dust.

Our First Major Ride
Once you get into the town of Arco until you end in Ketchum/Sun Valley you can see the Sawtooth Mountain Range. The Salmon River hugs the road most of the way also. The roads are a mix of straight and curvy for a nice change of pace. You will see many historical sites along the way.

Old Idaho Highway 7
The scenery through this area will be in a state of constant evolution. Small communities, farm land, forests, repeat, repeat. Nice, easygoing, layed back, just roll with the curves kind of ride. Just watch out for those occasional extra turns.

The Mac Box
Its open fields in Kansas, you may get lucky and see buffalo in the Maxwell refuge.

The Waconia to Henderson Run
Start at Lola's lakehouse on Lake Waconia, Its a great place to enjoy watching the boats for a short break and a refreshment on the Dockside patio, next move on to Lisa's Bar in Carver, the humorus plaques on the wall are very entertaining. Then it will be on to the next leg of the ride to Henderson, This is a very scenic drive. The ride will cover beautiful farm lands wich will eventualy skirt the Minnesota river valley.

The Qu'appelle Valley Run
Amazing views as you descend into the valley. Once at the bottom there are roads you can turn off to ride through the valley or keep going up the other side for more spectacular views of the Qu'appelle Valley.

Ohio SR 49 - Clayton to Greenville
The scenery on this route is mostly corn or bean fields, but if you go at dusk or dawn you get some really pretty scenes

Tates Creek Road - Lexington to Richmond
Good scenery. A lot of farm land and open areas to see quite a good distance and also parts of the stretch that go through dense woods and you're riding through the forest. You also take a ferry across a river at one point which is pretty cool.

Beginner's Route
While this is not going to be one of those great scenic will be surprised at the rolling fields of open grass, the upscale ranch homes, small lakes and general a nice "learner's ride".

Shaniko to Fossil on Route 218
This route introduces the rider to the wonders of the "other" Oregon. The high desert is dry with wide open vistas, the remnants of ghost towns and ranches tucked into lush green creek sides and red rock formations that remind you of New Mexico. Deer and antelope are abundant so be alert.

Mt. Horeb to New Glarus, The Long Way
This is the SE corner of the Driftless, a non-glacial region. Starting off in the farmland around Mt. Horeb, you'd never expect what you are about to see, though it becomes clear the moment you turn off on Fertile Ridge Rd. It's hilly and windy in the Driftless, with plenty of streams, farms, and fields. Lots of forests to ride through. Seriously, this is the Midwest? With road signs showing squiggly lines and a 30 mph suggested speed? This area is why I bought a bike.

Wrightsville to Columbia via the Conowingo Dam
Scenery along this route is typical Susquehanna Valley, rolling hills, farm land, with some small town charm. There are numerous areas to pull over and enjoy a scenic overlook of the Susquehanna River. This is Pennsylvania Amish Country so keep an eye out for horse and buggies. During the fall months the fall foliage is magnificent throughout the route. The views from the Norman Wood Bridge and the Conowingo Dam are outstanding any time of the year.

Co HWY 21
You will see beautiful farms, houses and heavily treed areas.

Gold Hill to Canyonville
Scenery is excellent. Most of it is either tall tree lined hills or meandering open space.

PA Route 851
Scenery along PA Route 851 is a mix of rolling hills, old growth woods, farm land and small towns. During the fall months the foliage is beautiful, especially on the eastern end of Route 851.

Fort Gibson Trail
As you travel along the route you will catch glimpes of the river, lake and dense forest.The route rises and falls with the river bottom and the hills surrounding Fort Gibson Lake. Most of the route is tree covered. Along the route you will pass through Old Fort Gibson which was built in 1824 and was at one time the furthest western outpost for the United States. The fort was also used for American Indian removal from the SE portion of the US following the Trail Of Tears

FM Road 1123
This route is mostly farms lands, not the best for a scnery.

Shiloh Road
Starts off in a residential neighborhood, goes past a city park and on into a rural area. Nothing much to look at other than some nice houses and some pastures.

AL state 25
The scenery is very good but few places to stop and admire them. Alabama rural areas, Mostly hills and twisting turns.

Ramoth Church Rd
The only downside to this road is that it is lined with trees and some houses most of the way. You can really get down low but speed is limited more by not seeing around the corner. Once you hit centreport pkwy the road opens up and it is very peaceful.

NC Route 89 & 8
All farm land and forests. Pretty average for NC

Indian Steps Extended Loop
Covers most of York's farm land while following an outside loop of the cities of Redlion and Dallastown.

Horsepower Hill (AKA Deckers Road)
This one of the most, if not the most, famous sport bike roads in Colorado!! It is not too far from Denver or Colorado Springs so a lot of folks make weekend journeys to pay omage to Horsepower Hill. The scenery of the area is mountain terrain within remote and mostly heavily forested land. You'll be able to see a number of mountain peaks such as Green Mountain, Sugerloaf Peak, Little Scraggy Peak, Long Scraggy Peak, Cathedral Spires, and Banner Peak.

NY Route 301
Woods, rivers, streams,'s all here. You'll pass right next to Canopus Lake and Boyd Corners Reservoir, cross a bridge over West Branch reservoir, and pass by Lake Gleneida. You will find yourself shaking your head at the beauty you will see on this short but sweet road.

Lafayette Area Route 1
Lots of country side, but there are some small towns to pass through.

Route 20 & Highway 12 Ride
A few really good curves, great foliage along 20 leaving Waterford after the railroad tracks. Rolling hills and farm fields make for a great trip and plenty of places to stop on the way!

Old Maple Hill Road
Mostly farm houses. The road is popular with motorcyclists primarily for the challenge challenging turns. Road has decreasing radius turns, aswell as a few straight-aways to open the throttle. Its a very unpopulated road, mostly just farms. Bridge on the eastern part of it (Supposedly won't be finished til mid November 12') but the western portion is still wide open.

Jamestown Loop
This route takes you through lush farmland, through beach towns, and then to the dramatic cliff-side that Rhode Island is known for. Beavertail Lighthouse is part of the tour which is just stunning to look at. Near the lighthouse is a gorgeous park for you to take a rest, use the pristine outdoor bathrooms. You can even take a swim if you're an adventurous rock jumper. I promise this trip is worth the view!

Terre Haute Road
This route starts in Paris, IL and twists thru farm and woodland, hill and dale until you reach W. Terre Haute, IN

The route takes you through a few small towns and along the Tickfaw river. Most of the route is well shaded with large oak trees especially along the river. Along the river there are post card quality Cajun scenes of homes along the river. The road is smooth and maintained. There are nice curves along the river section and speed is low so you can look around. Don't look too much or you may find yourself in the river.

La Veta to Trinidad via Hwy12
As you leave La Veta heading south you will see several rock formations. To the east of 12 there are the Dakota era sandstone formations known as the stone walls. Amazing site if never viewed before. They are best viewed heading south. The ride takes you mostly through pine forest as you head up Cucharas pass and then opens up to pnoramic views as you crest the pass. There are a couple of bodies of water one of which being Monument lake. The scenery as absolutley endless.

Curley Lewis Memorial Highway
Travels the shore of whitefish bay, with a number of federal turn outs for viewing the shoreline of whitefish bay. Other things on the way are mission hill, and Point Iroquois Lighthouse.

Columbus GA to FDR State Park Loop
Small towns, separated by farm land, mountains, and curvy roads through the woods.

Ben Howard Road
Cascade foothills, woods and farmland, Skykomish river.

Twisty 82
Rolling hills and valleys, plenty of pines for the passenger to watch fly by, may be a deer or two along the way.

Burlington Farmland Twisties
This ride will take you through farmland with some small patches of trees. When I was on this road, there was absolutely no traffic except my fellow rider. Very clean area to take in the farms and trees. The cemetery at the North end of this road is small, but kind of neat to look at. A lot of firefighters are buried there.

Burr Trail
The views of the canyon walls on each side of the road going a couple of hundred feet up are amazing! There is a large slot canyon on the North side of the road that you can walk back into and explore, as well as a creek that follows along the road. We drove until we reached an outlook over Waterpocket Fold and turned around short of the 25 mile pavement end.

Missouri HWY 160 from Alton to Donaphin
While the beginning of HWY 160 starts out of Alton fairly mild, the road soon opens upto Missouri farm land and travels thru the southern portion Mark Twain state park, there are scenic views all along the drive. Between the curves and slight elevation changes, the 55mph speed limit is but a suggestion. Most of the curves are marked with suggested speeds between 30-45mph and would prove difficult to maintain the posted speed limit. You'll encounter farm vehicles, transport trucks are few and is widely used by the local residents. Seldom have I've found too much traffic to contend with and is well worth the effort finding and getting to this section of HWY 160. The road is in good shape for the most part but you need to be aware of construction on the side roads. There is a park on the Eleven Point river about halfway between the two towns for a rest or restroom break. Watch out for the wildlife as well as any domestic animals that might venture into the road I've had deer and goats on or in the roadway that'll surpize you coming out of any of the many curves offered. HWY 160 is one of the better roads to ride in my opinion in the state!

Scenic Route from Springfield to Augusta
This route begins in scenic Springfield, Ga and takes Rte 119 thru Clyo, Ga and over the Savannah River into South Carolina. A beautiful ride through tree lined roads and into Garnett, SC. Augusta Stage Coach Rd is through dense forests and plantations. Once on River Rd (Rte 3), it is 22 miles of country roads and farmland. Making the left onto Rte 125, also called Atomic Drive, you take it through the Savannah River Nuclear Bomb Plant (you cannot stop on the road going through the bomb plant) for 11 miles. It is a beautiful ride and very relaxing on to I-20 in Augusta Georgia.

East Berlin Machiux St. Forest Loop
This route starts in the farm country of Adams County, crosses several creeks, goes into the apple country of Adams County,(think Musselman's Apple Sauce) with many hills and some beautiful scenery of the orchards, into the Michaux State Forest to Rt. 30 then down off the mountain into some nice twisties, through the "Narrows" through more orchards and into Arentsville Pa. and back to East Berlin.

US 30 through Hagerman
Initially, the route runs though farmland as the highway makes its way though the small towns of Filer and Buhl. It's not far past Buhl that the highway dips into the Snake River Canyon, offering a commanding view of the Snake River, shrouded in trees and overlooked by 400-foot cliffs. The highway follows the river through Hagerman and crosses the river before climbing back out of the canyon, offering an entirely different view of the patchwork farmland below, bisected by the river.

draper lake ride
the scenery is great the lake is always next to you there is a dam that you cross lots of trees i have seen some wildlife

231 & 221 Loop - Little Laguna
You'll see a couple one lane bridges and features a picturesque Covered Bridge. Pavement is good, watch for loose gravel and watch loose buckeyes in the fall. Scenery is nice farms and valley views from a top of the ridge. I have been on Rt. 231 and I have had a hawk follow me on it as I was cascading from a top the ridge to the valley and back up and down and up again , too cool. I recommend it to the Sport riders, not so much for the Cruisers. I dragged a buddy of mine on a Harley Sportster he was scrapping pegs, wasn't too thrilled.

Savannah River Sandhills
This is a beautiful two lane example of historic South Carolina from the near coastal small town of Ridgeland, heading west through old plantations and small old south towns then opening up with much less people, but still lots of history if you look very closely. The is open from Tillman to hwy 119 with very few cars and it allows one to open up the bike and enjoy the flashes of light from the tree canopy above as you pass over sand hills formed millions of years ago by the great Savannah River! Turn left at hwy 119 to see the river in all it's glory, or turn right and do aother great road by turning left at the town of Garnet, SC.

Kansas 7 from Ft. Scott to Spring Hill
This road leads you through beautiful hills and valleys of the small rivers and creeks of eastern Kansas. This is the eastern edge of the Flint Hills. Hills can be steep in places. As you crest someof the hills, you can see across the valley below for a couple of miles.

Trumble-Bula Loop
This route covers the area around and west of Pymatuning Lake. Along the route you will see the biggest man made lake in the United States, roll through quiet farm land, and have the chance to stop at many a bar or resting place. The vast majority of the scenery consists of Trees, Hills, Curves, Farm Fields (corn, soy, wheat) and small creeks and parks. Many Parks are also on the route, so there are tons of relaxing spots to stop and enjoy the scenery, such as Pymatuning State Park (w/beach), Poplar Grove, and Jamestown Dam which holds Pymatuning Lake together.

5-Hour Green Rural Loop from Manhattan
This is great Sunday afternoon - very green/rural with 5-star food/drink stops! Very green and rural, beautiful twists and lots of water (ponds, reservoirs, etc), really feel like you got out of the city. Affluent area with lots of huge houses and horse farms.


Preston-Fall City-Issaquah
This route is through the hills around Fall City WA. It is a curvy, hilly, wooded road that is just beautiful. You travel along Raging River for a portion and then into Duthie Hill Park. You are not far from Snoqualmie River Falls if you want to spend extra time in the area.

Salt Creek Lick Road
It can be very pretty when the leaves change. If you like rustic rural structures, an old general store, a barn, or your occasional farm house than this scenery has something to offer.

And Through The Woods...part 1
Upon leaving the City of Cullman you will find yourself in farmland and small towns, hills and valleys, large streams, and all this before you even reach the National Forest! Once inside the forest you will cross the back channels of Smith lake and see plenty of trees exploding with color! (If you travel during the Fall) Several points of interest along this stretch of highway make for great side trips or destinations in themselves. Just a short detour, only 1 mile off US278 at County Road 1117, will take you to the Clarkson-Legg Covered Bridge that was originally built in 1904. The 270-foot bridge is a Town Lattice truss construction over four spans. The Clarkson-Legg Covered Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 25, 1974. It is currently the second-longest existing covered bridge in Alabama and one of the longest in the United States. Another short detour of 2 miles off the main route, South on County Road 63, will take you to The Houston Historic Log Jail. The Jail was built in the late 1850's. The jail burned during the Civil War and was rebuilt in 1868. The Houston jail was built of hand-hewn logs filled with nails to prevent prisoners from "sawing their way to freedom". The jail held prisoners and provided a site for court. This section of road is a great starting route for all points North, South and West! Enjoy the open road and "backwoods" of West Alabama any time of year. Easy one day trips for the experienced and novice rider alike.

Rt 37 - Onawa to Soldier to Dunlop
Onawa is a decent size town just east of the Missouri river. It is flat and boring for the first couple of miles till you reach Turin. Then you will begin to get into the Loess Hills. The road will become winding with lot's of turns. Watch for deer, turkeys and pheasants especially in the early fall months. The next town will be Soldier. Here you will be able to stop for a bite to eat or something to drink at the Midway Tavern. Then continue on 37 thru the winding hills of Iowa. Very pretty ride as you arrive in Dunlap, Iowa. Again several bars to to choose from for your refreshments. ENJOY!

Mountains and Sea
The road goes over the Hai Van Pass, with beautiful views of Da Nang City, the coastline, Monkey Mountain and the mountains which the road traverses. After Lang Co, the road travels through several small villages, and two more smaller mountain passes. On the way, before entering Hue City, there is Bach Ma national park and rice fields, which seem to capture the iconic image of Vietnam. Once you arrive in Hue City, there is the usual Vietnam traffic and hustle and bustle of the city, with great historical sites from the original dynasties, the Cham people and the recent Vietnam War sites.

FM 279 - an Autumn Gem
On a whim, we left the planned route and took FM 279. The road is hidden under a canopy of trees and has many turns to keep it interesting. We road it during October, we saw the beginning of fall color and elm leaves danced lightly on the breeze.

North Columbia Loop
Typical missouri scenery, fields, farmland, some streams, nice sweeping hills

Richmond Hill to Pelican Point Restaurant
This rides is thru the marshes and small towns of Southern Georgia.

Chittenango Falls and Fenner Wind Farm
A scenic ride along side Chittenango Creek up to the Falls. The Fenner area has beautiful farm fields with rolling hills (Can almost see Syracuse).

Emmet's lunch ride - AKA Columbia North Loop
State HWY63 North from Columbia, Mo to State HWY124 (~12mi): This super-slab divided 4-lane highway can be very fast, but quickly releases you into the famous lush rolling hills of Missouri. There's a gas-stop north of town, you should consider stopping if you're low on fuel, or need a bathroom. Next fuel is almost 20 miles (Fayette) further along this route. Just past the fuel, you'll find Finger Lakes State Park. You should explore that when you have time. This leg terminates at HWY 124 (W), very near Pinnacles Park. Huers Cafe is there as well...a great little greasy spoon. State HWY124 (W) from ST HWY63 to Harrisburg, Mo (~12mi): This leg is well-kept blacktop (fresh in 2012) that winds its way through heavily wooded areas. Careful of that pair of "S" turns. No biggie, but the inexperienced should obey the speed limit through there. This leg makes the whole ride for many people. While you can head back south on State Route E (more winding fun), I suggest going on into Harrisburg. You can always grab some BBQ there. Don't worry, you can't miss the spot. State HWY124 (W) from Harrisburg to Fayette, Mo (~13mi): This stretch of pavement is also fresh in 2012, and forest has given way to open fields and, not far out of town, you'll cross over the Moniteau River. It's not much of a river really, but marks your entry into Howard County. After another set of lovely "S" turns you'll have a chance to open it up on some straight open stretches. Enjoy the nice set of hills! Before you know it, you're just outside of Fayette. Go on into town - you'll find Emmet's there on the square. My hats off to the chef. State HWY240(E) & State HWY40 from Fayette to Columbia, Mo (~22mi): Take it easy on this high quality asphalt. Just follow the signs back to Columbia and relax. You'll see Agriculture along the way. Do be careful of our friends working in the field. Those tractors could be around any corner! There's a good mix of straight streches, hills, and corners along this route. Even a novice will not have to fall below the speed limit to negotiate this leg. Once on 40, you'll quickly cross back over the Moniteau River (now looking more like a river) into Boone County. A more dramatic bottom land only a few miles from the MIssouri River. You can always pop through Rocheport if you wish. Can you find the old train tunnel through the bluff on the south side of town? Enjoy, and be safe!

Peach Float Cruise
At first you will be cruising through some Missouri farmland, but not for long. Once you get to Hwy U prepare yourself for some great scenery with some great crossings over Harry S. Truman Reservoir. There are many big curves and switchbacks on this cruise.

Madrid to Segovia through Navacerrada Mountains
Fantastic mountains road with many diferent forest landscapes!!

Sebastian Loop
Well you ride along the Indiatlantic River down to Sebastian Inlet so you get to see wildlife along the river, many pubs, sports bars, places to stop and grab a drink or some nice food. Going back up A1A you get more wildlife, beautiful houses, and smooth roads going towards Cape Canaveral.

Oakdale to Carnegie --Noblestown Rd--
At one point there is a small cliff overlooking the road and opposite of that is a creek maybe 20 feet wide. Other than that, the main views is of the woods and the various scattered houses along the route. The road isn't too much about the scenery, but it isn't a eye sore by any means.

Skaggs Spring Rd
This starts on the Pacific Coast Hwy and goes over the Coastal Range for about 40 miles. It's gorgeous hilly country with curvy roads - actually more fun than CA 36 ("Twisty Roads 140 miles" - Red Bluff to Eureka.) The first 4 miles or so are a glorified driveway going through forests with sharp turns, then the road opens up to 36 miles of mostly sweeping curves on very good roads. Some far off lake vistas.

Navafria y Pedraza
Navafria Mountain have and excellent alpine landscape. This is a very dense forest mainly pines. But the most important is that this road is absolutely unused by cars. The reason is that there are other ways much shorter and faster to cross the mountains, so this way is always empty. The only you can find in the road are some cows, (be careful with this). In Spring calves will run beside you in the road. The mothers, the cows, will be looking you, but do not worry, they are use to see motorcycles, and if you do not touch the calves, they will not touch you. One thing that can be dangerous is that as this road is absolutely unused, especially in bussines days, some drivers go to drive cars very sportly. You must to be aware if you hear a car engine roaring, because there is not to much places to avoid a car if it appears very quickly.

Route 552 Loop
A lovely winding road thru the piney woods with many curves and hills. It takes place near the beautiful D'Arbonne National Refuge & National Wildlife area.

Scenic Route 105
This goes South through Farms and into orchards down in Acushnet. Ends up in historic Marion at Rt. 6, East of New Bedford.

Edward Hines Drive from 7 mile to Ford Road
The route takes you through a picturesque setting, with the tree lined road way. There are plenty of little dirt road parks to stop and enjoy a little relaxing time. It is a gorgeous ride in the fall as the leaves change colors. Great way to just unwind and passing ponds and streams. You are just minutes from large towns but you can't see or hear them.

7 - Rhymes with Heaven
As you leave Lyons, Hwy 7 passes through some red rock hillsides before winding up the St Vrain canyon. There are spots alongside the road where you can pull off and enjoy the rushing waters of the creek. Further up the canyon it widens out, where in spots you can see the hills of the Front Range. Finally at the top, there is a wide T intersection where motorcyclists typically pull over for a break.

Old Loveland Pass
The route climbs over the Continental Divide. At the summit of 11,990ft Loveland Pass, jaw dropping vistas greet visitors. If the scenery doesn't leave you breathless, hiking up to ridges on either side will. Twisty curves take riders down past Aprapahoe and Keystone ski areas. Lake Dillon greets the rider with blue water to match the skies, and sailboats may dot its surface. Swan Mtn road brings the rider up and over towards Breckridge and Frisco with their unique ski town charm.

The Murphysboro to Anna to Carbondale Loop
Out of Murphysboro you pass through the Shawnee National Forest. Tree lined, rolling hills down 127 to 146 leads to Anna and up old 51 opens up to nice panoramic views across the countryside.

Nice Quick New Jersey Ride
This route is full of farm land with plenty of sweepers and high speed straights where you can see what's coming.

Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach on 1A
Beaches, Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, nicenbeachside homes, nice cars, nice motorcycles, cyclists, joggers (many of which are quite good looking) and bridges.

MS Highway 15 Wiggins to Coast
This route travels through some nice rural farm lands. Traffic is lite and the road condition is very good.

The Twist - Jeb Stewart Hwy --RT 58--
The road travels up a valley and then crosses a mountain or two. Many views from atop and the valleys over toward Mouth of Wilson are spectacular. Mountain laurel lines the road in the first 6 to 8 miles as you follow the stream up the valley.

Leadville to Minturn on US 24
This ride is a typical high country ride in Colorado. The best time is in early mid September when stands of Aspen turn golden. 24 starts out crossing a high plain with a slow climb to Tennessee Pass. Keep an eye open for some old miners log cabins by the side of the road. Stop at the top of Tennessee Pass and pay a visit to the 10th Mountain Division Memorial to the soldiers who trained in the nearby Camp Hale and the mountains. As you descend the pass you can see the remains of Camp Hale. The road gets technical up towards Redcliff. It crosses over a high arched bridge. (take a right just after the bridge, to loop down in the deep canyon for a good photo op of the bridge). Continuing north, Hwy 24 descends into Minturn and beyond to meet up with I-70

IN 71 - Dana to Newport Power Plant
TUrn left off of US 36 if coming from IL. onto IN 71 and go thru Dana. After Dana the road is straight and begins to curve down into a valley crossing a river and back up again passing a cemetery and comes out to the Newport Power Plant in the near distance across IN 63. Several small farms are back in there.

Blue Bonnets, Baylor, and Blue Bell
This route will take you through cattle country across the Brazos river and to the Bahia Trail. (known as one of the BEST backcountry Blue Bonnet roads in Texas.) You will take the winding Bahia trail to the Original site of Baylor University and down to the town of Burton Home of Burton Sausage and to the Pig and Whistle Pub. A Great little pub that is popular with the bikes. Also in Burton there is the Burton Railroad Depot and Museum. From Burton you will travel on open road back to Brenham and to the Blue Bell Creamery for a cool treat.

SW Corner of West Virginia on Route 10
Some nice roads with great scenery. You'll see old mining towns, to new little towns with updated amenities. The natural scenery includes rivers and mountians a-plenty.

The Panoramic Highway
If you like twistys and Amazing mountain views you will get this for all 9 miles!

Ebeneezer Church Rd
This route borders a state park. It is well forested on one or sometimes both sides of the road. There are some homes and developments opposite of the park but tastefully landscaped and some grassy mounds to block road noise. The church itself is a quaint building reminiscent of a bygone era. A nice ride through the woods in the middle of a city.

The Copperhead Loop
Western North Carolina offers many excellent roads for the motorcycle or sports car enthusiast, but there is one loop that offers everything you could ever want for an enjoyable ride. This beautiful route has long been a "secret" among local riders, who appreciate its beauty and its easy access. This route, called the "Copperhead Loop", is a perfect combination of the characteristics that make a great road. This isn't just a curvy road with tight twists and turns that requires expert technical skill to extract the maximum enjoyment of the ride and you won't have to drive hours out of your way to experience its magic. Instead, the Copperhead Loop offers a challenging ride, wonderful scenery, easy access from major roads as well as access from the Blue Ridge Parkway. As with its namesake, the Copperhead demands respect. While you may not be facing a dragon, a rattler or a diamondback, the Copperhead can inflict a nasty bite if not given due caution. Compared to other popular roads in the area, The Copperhead offers many of the same thrills yet so much more. This loop offers technical curves to test even the most experienced rider, as well as relaxing sweeping turns and rapid elevation changes. As an added plus, the road has posted speed limits that allow you to enjoy a spirited ride without fear of breaking the law. There truly isn't a better combination of roads for a motorcyclist or sports car enthusiast to enjoy. The entire Copperhead Loop route is just a bit over 77 miles, which is an easy afternoon jaunt for most riders. However, to get the most out of your experience, we recommend that you plan to spend at least half a day or more exploring the various Points of Interest along the way. These are noted on the route map, which is downloadable from the "Map" page. Scattered rain showers are a possibility most any time during the year in western North Carolina, so be sure to bring along rain gear. Please obey posted speed limits, ride within your ability, and ride sensibly. Above all else, have fun!!

Paris TX to Caddo National Grassland
Often flat to rolling through some pretty north Texas countryside. Beautiful forests and grasslands near and in the National Grasslands.

It is beautiful going up and down this mountain. However make sure you keep your eyes on the road since it is filled with shifting-necessary s curves and sharp turns.

North Bush Highway to Saguaro Lake

Reedsburg to Baraboo
Nice back road route from Reedsburg to Baraboo. Takes you right through Rock Springs. Beautiful rock wall scenery. Allong the way you'll see nice treed areas and hills.

Old Arizona Highway 80
This is a fun route with some interesting stops. Gila Bend has gas and food-little else. As you travel north, you will briefly pass some desert (the whole countryside around here is desert climate), but with many farm operations thanks mostly to groundwater and some from the (now) dry Gila River. At about mile marker 6 (mm 6) there is a large orchard across from the Paloma Solar Plant, one of several solar collector plants along the way. At mm 22 is the interesting stop at the Gillespie Dam interpretive site. It has a good parking area, information on the history of the picturesque bridge and washed out dam just upstream. It's a good place for some photos. This is a refreshing and interesting place to stop for a break. You can view some marshland here along with large tamarisks (feathery, bushy trees which suck a lot of water from the ground near streams). As you proceed north, you will pass a number of sections of greenery (which is not all that common in this part of the country), black basaltic rock from old volcanic lava flows, and more farm country. The route ends near mm 34, by Salome Hwy (which is access to the Wickenburg Road), or you can continue straight on back towards Phoenix.

Pikes Peak Run
You will first start off with lots of heavy trees and will even see cross over Crystal Creek Reservoir, and then gradually you will start to see some thinning of trees as you get higher in elevation. As you get higher, you will encounter many switch backs but some very scenic views of Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, and much more. Be aware, the temps even in the middle of the summer can get chilly. Don't be surprised to see a little bit of snow! But don't worry; the park does an excellent job in keeping the roads clear all year round. My last trip was in September 2, 2012 and it was in the upper 60's in Manitou Springs, but when I got to the top of the peak, it was 42! And there was just a little bit of snow on top. So bring a jacket if you don't wear one already and be sure to bring a camera. Also, the entire road to the top is paved, with the exception of the last 200 feet or so at the peak, but it is hard packed and no problem at all for the motorcycle to handle. This is one of my favorite rides.

Highway 307 - Kraemer
There are a few residential areas as you pass through Kraemer, then it becomes a mix of cane field, agricultural and undeveloped land.

Coolidge Dam Run
The route itself is good with mountains on both sides. The section from Coolidge Dam road to Globe is spectacular from any direction. BIA 3 (Coolidge Dam Road) to the Dam is an older blacktop road that leads into a fascinating canyon, and crosses one of the most interesting Dams in America.

Mt Vernon church & Pleasant Union Church Rd
This route mostly goes through wooded residential areas with elevation changes and a lot of nice turns. If you go north on Six forks you will be treated to a land bridge across a large reservoir area with wooded vistas

Arkansas River Road
This route runs up along the Arkansas River valley. Rock cliffs and rafters can be seen most of the trip. Pull over spots along the way to walk down by the river and just watch the rafters go by. Watch the cliffs for mountain goats they are a little tricky to see. Once up by Salida you'll see mountain ranges to the west all the way to Buena Vista. As you ride on US 285 near Buena Vista, you'll see a stretch of mountains known as the "Collegiate Peaks" named so because many of the peaks are named after famous US colleges (ex. Mt. Princeton, Mt Harvard, etc). All these peaks exceed 14,000 ft of elevation and line up to form an inspiring and beautiful line of Rocky Mountains. Learn more at Just an overall beautiful ride all the way

Loyalist Parkway
This route follows the North shore of Lake Ontario, hugging the river for the most part. The views and the green color of this enormous lake are incredible. The route travels through a few small picturesque towns such as Bath, Ontario. There are a number of scenic spots to stop and enjoy the view. The Glendora ferry offers a great view of the strait between Loyalist County and Prince Edward County.

scenery is great during the end of winter but before summer, all the grass is green and stretches for miles and miles. in the summer it turns a gold color, like many of the California hills.

Mammoth Spring Loop
along this route you will travel through the ozark hills of northwest arkansas. in Hardy, ar there is a river that you can stop at, fuel up, or eat. in salem, ar, you can also rest there, and top off fuel or grab some food. the scenery goes through farmland and is a nice drive for a sunday

Brian's Quick Fun Ride
This route will take you through some hills and sweeping curves as you travel through some of Missouri's farm land. You'll leave Sedalia, heading east on Hwy 50. The route will change direction when you intersect Hwy 135 South. Hwy 135 offers good pavement, challenging curves and pleasant scenery. Along this highway you will find lots of cattle as well as other wildlife, to include deer and turkey. Be sure to watch out for the groundhog that resides by the bridge crossing over Flat Creek. When you reach the intersection of Hwy 135 and Hwy M, turn right and head back towards Sedalia. Hwy M has it's share of curves as well and can be challenging to the novice rider. There are a few straight sections that will allow you to roll back on the throttle a bit, but do watch for the curves. Watch for deer all along this route. This trip can be very enjoyable if you are looking for a quick ride, close to home. I run this route on my '95 VT1100, taking my time and stretching it out to about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Be safe and enjoy the ride.

Route 49 - National Forest Folly
Scenery is terrific. The route covers mostly rugged wooded areas which occassionally opers up to beautiful vistas at bluffs. At other times you will ride through areas which seem like tree covered tunnels or open river valleys.

Scenic Lake Route
The route has a beautiful canopy of trees that on a few occasions almost create a tunnel to drive through (a great place to ride in the early fall when the trees are turning.). you will also get a chance to see many types of wildlife. There are many great views along both lakes and lots of places to stop and park some with small paved parking lots. You will get a chance to see some of incredible houses on Lake Bloomington (however the good looking side of the houses is the lake side so you have to look across the lake). The view is filled with all the things central Illinois has to offer.

Grouse Creek
This route goes through bluestem pastures and creek bottom. Buy several old ranches with limestone barns and houses. If your adventurous .There several limestone arch bridges close to the route .they can be found on cowley counties website. I don't recommend street bikes on these roads.

Franklin to Nashville, Indiana
This ride will expose you to nearly all the different types of scenery you will see in Indiana. From wide farm fields to closed in tree lined roads the wind through the country side. Make time to explore Nashville, Indiana. Like its names sake in Tennessee, music is big, but it is bluegrass here. Nashville is also filled with lots of shops and artists galleries. Try to dine at either the Hob Nob Corner or The Brown County Inn. You might even hear a boom, or see an A-10 Warthog flying over when you ride along Camp Atterbury.

Back Country Church Roads
This route covers the back roads of Durham and passes many Churches in the area. The start and end of the route are nice, but once you get into the main parts of it, the scenery becomes beautiful. You'll pass through fields, forests, and small towns, it's a great ride on sunny days.

Snowy Range & Woods Landing Loop
This loop ride travels first through the North Platte River valley before heading east toward Laramie. In this section of highway, you will increase in elevation, topping out at Libby Flats at 10,600 feet where there is a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape and an observation area. You will pass through some beautiful forests and experience many different alpine ecosystems with many places to stop and hike or fish or just enjoy the majesty of this place. A stop at Laka Marie is not only advised but almost a necessity. You will have a breathtaking view of Medicine Bow Peak, a sheer cliff of granite rising above Lake Marie to an elevation over 12,000 feet. This is an excellent picture spot with hiking trails that show even more of the spectacular views. After passing through Centennial, Wyoming which is an old, quaint former mining and timber town, you will travers the grasslands which are beautiful in their own rite. At Laramie, you will turn and head toward Woods Landing and then dipping down into Colorado after rising back into the forested, mountainous terrain. This highway has plenty of twisties to keep your intererst when you are not marveling at the scenery and perhaps seeing some of the abundant wildlife (deer, antelope, elk, coyotes, rabbits). Near Walden, you enter what is called the North Park of Colorado, a high mountain valley where the North Platte flows from its beginnings in the Colorado Rockies. High mountains rise above you in every direction as you pass through this are and back to Saratoga via the old copper mining town of Encampment, home of the Encampment Museum

Short run - Murfreesboro to Woodbury
Tennesse hill country at it's best. Farms, gently curving roads and light traffic let you notice what Tennessee is made of.

The Perth Road
It roughly follows the Rideau River and Canal, and has many historical sites along the way.There are many peaks and valleys through what looks like Scottish interior highlands and lochs for much of the route. Westport is mid-way and offers quaint village atmosphere and beautiful views and access to Rideau Lakes.

Back roads of Morris
This route will take you west from the southwest suburbs via something other than Route 6 or Route 52. It follows the Illinois River. There are some hills, sweeping curves, old cemeteries, canals, and woods.

Sid's Diner/El Reno Run
This run leads west out of OKC running 3 mi. North of & parallel to I-40 for 20 miles. To start, Lake Overholser is to the south. There's an old iron bridge right off the main drag, making for a picturesque start. After leaving the "burbs", you pass through the Main Street Town of Yukon where Garth Brooks lives. This is where the ride really opens up. For 5 miles this 4 lane portion has a running speed of 65 with virtually no traffic. The passing fields and ranches leave you feeling like you're farther from home than you really are. There are some industrial buildings along the way and you know you're close to El Reno when it 2-lanes. The road curves north as the main street town of El Reno begins. Stay the course and pass the mill on the right. You'll be right on the El Reno main drag. Follow the signs to take a left on 66 and stop at Sid's for the best onion burgers in the state. Remember to say "Hey" to Marty, the owner, and check out an old Oklahoma town.

Route 141 Run
The scenery is great it starts near the Ohio river and end at the ohio river . running right through the heart of Wayne national forest.

Kansas Route 66
Kansas' Historic Route 66 Byway offers opportunities for visitors to enjoy a variety of experiences to "get their own kicks" while driving the original Kansas portion of Route 66, found in the "Ozark Plateau" or Southeast corner of the state. Drive over many of the original structures of "The Mother Road," including the only remaining Marsh Arch Bridge on Route 66, or stop at the Nelson's Old Riverton Store, known as one of the most authentic, still working 75 year old stores of its kind on all of Route 66. Take your picture with the tow truck that was the inspiration for the character "Mater" from the "Cars" movie or discover Schemerhorn Park and the Southeast Kansas. Continuing south from the Marsh Arch bridge this area is typical of Route 66 with its rolling farmland. Upon entering Baxter Springs you will find a town with a Civil War, cowtown, railroad and Native American history. The road continues through Baxter Springs and meets with Oklahoma Route 66 at the stateline to continue your journey down the Mother Road.

Hwy 26 Out of Stockton
This route takes you from the Valley up into the Seirra foothills and beyond. Lots of twisties with trees from pine to redwood. Views are wonderfull. During the winter months you can take hwy 26 up to Hwy 88 and turn right until you hit the snow at around 4,000 foot level. Along the way you will cross two rivers and cruise through only a very few small towns.

Santiam Hwy from Salem to the Coast
Hwy 22 has great scenery and is good for all bikes all though it is a safety corridor so mind your speed.

Pendelton to Heppner
Hwy 74 is a sport touring dream traveling through rolling hills.You drop into a canyon traveling through farmland and twisty roads.

River Kings Row
As you leave the St. Louis metro area heading south on hwy 61, you enter many small river towns along Mississippi River.

The Blues Highway
The Mississippi Delta is flat with lots of fields and there will be long stretches where you can see for miles of corn, soybeans or cotton. Some places will be deep bayous with cypress tress, like an oasis in a sea of cotton fields. If you stay on Hwy 61, the ride if fairly easy and towns few and far between. Going off course may be some of the most interesting detours - you may find towns such as Midnight, Mississippi. The route I plan to show on the map goes off Hwy 61 for some scenery and attractions. The deer herds around Eagle Lake are rumored to be in the hundreds - especially when the Mississippi River is high.

Rt 1804 from Now Town to Williston
There are slight rolling hills directly adjacent to the road, with some larger valleys and bigger hills in the distance. A fair number of large and pristine lakes are along the route.

Route 19 - Brockport to Wellsville
This is some of the best scenery in NY ... up-state quality at its best. Tree covered highway in some parts, along farms and small towns. Amazing Allegheny Mountains and insane views from valley tops. You will love this!

Sunset Run
Whether it is the light house at dash point or the mountain view from cliffside restaurant or cruising next to huge tanker ships in the port or the urban environment of tacoma or the restaurant row on ruston way to the scenic park/zoo at point defiance, this is a good road to take a date on .... just saying!!

Foothills Parkway - US321 to US129 segment
Several pull-offs for sight-seeing along the Parkway offering views of the Great Smoky Mountains on one side and portions of the Tennessee Valley on the other.

The Carretera Austral (Chile)
The scenery in this part of the Andes Mountains will take your breath away. The mountains tower over you as you ride through valleys and around pristine lakes and glacial waterfalls and glaciers.

Mount Charleston Loop
While traveling through Kyle and Lee canyon you will have views of Mount Charleston and many of the the other peaks around. You will also get a great sense of leaving a desert and entering mountains and forest. The smell of the pines and cooler weather really take your mind away from the big desert city.

Rt 869 Through Blue Knob
The north side of this route offers mountain scenery and the south side of this route is gentle rolling mountains with dips and very light traffic.

Quartzsite - Yuma Loop
This route is through a rugged, often hot part of Arizona. This area was so barren at one time that the U.S.Army on one occasion in the late 1800s experimented with using camels for transportation (which is where the camels in the town sign come from). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, so on this route one must look at the surroundings for what they are-survivors in harsh climate. As you head south on 95, enjoy the silhouette of the rugged Kofa Mountains to the east and the Chocolate Mountains to the west. The vegetation begins as mostly creosote bushes with scraggly catclaw acacia and ironwood in the dry washes. Interestingly, ironwood is so heavy and dense, it won't float. As you head south, you will gradually, and only occasionally see the giant cactus called the saguaro. You can recognize its telephone pole shape and its arms raised as if in surrender. It's the state cactus of Arizona, and quite amazing. I can be 80' high and weigh several tons. When the occasional rains come, the plant will soak up as much moisture as it can and will slightly "bloat" out. More of the plants that become more numerous as you head south are the green trunked palo verde tree and the ocotillo. The ocotillo looks like an octopus turned upside down. If you catch it in the spring after several rains, it will have bright flowers blooming on the end of its spiny, vertical branches. South of Stone Cabin, and to the west, is the Army Proving Grounds area. You may see troops, or vehicles on training activities. I have seen large tanks booming along the trails just a quarter of a mile off the highway. At mm47, Martinez Lake Road, you may want to turn west if you have just seen any paratroopers dropping from the sky. Their practice landing area is 5 miles up this road. As you turn west at mm45 towards the entrance to the Imperial Dam (on the Colorado River), you will pass exhibits of tanks and large guns on display. Then you'll pass wetland with tules growing more than 6' high and a lot of tamarisk (which is an imported plant invading most of the waterways of the southwest). Frequently you will see the wild burros that wander around. Keep heading south and west until you get to the groves of date palm trees. They're the ones with the long fronds, as opposed to the fan palm with the fan shaped leaves. If the Imperial Date Farms store is open, stop for a date shake. You'll never forget the taste! Stop if you need to in Yuma. This is a pretty large city. It always has been important. Even a hundred years ago, it was the center of trade. Check the article at this link ( for some info on this subject. As you head north on S-34, there is more desert. Along here are more washes and the views get more interesting the further north as the foothills are undulating, have many layers of color in the strata. Along this stretch is a seemingly endless series of roller-coaster hills that is the road. It's fun to ride. There is also more vegetation and farm fields. Once on I-10, the route is interesting with the jagged structure in the hills along the roadway.

Rolling Foothills Loop Near Chico
we just took this ride so the spring time colors are out as well as green grass. this was one of the best rides ive ever taken. easy, beautiful, and fun. during the spring these rolling hills are awsome. you will see Norman Rockwell farm scapes,old cemitarys,winding creeks,huge Poppy fields and rock formations

Dayton to Wapakoneta
This route is complelty back country roads where you will enjoy the charm farm land and many small town along the way such as New Bremen, Minster, Ft laromie, Newport, Polo, Convington, Pleasent Hill, Ludlow Falls, and Union.

The Old Island Highway
NW Bay Rd. is a peaceful and quite stretch that snakes along rural farms and scattered residential properties. When you reach Parksville, you enter the tourist strip of the mid island road, but it doesn't last long, only a few miles. As you continue north you'll reach the beach side community of Qualicum Beach, which again is geared for tourists however it only lasts for a couple of miles. Fortunately, it's all along the side of the ocean. From here scenery varies for the entire route to Courtney as you meander through stretches of forest, along beaches, small communities, rural farms and residential areas.

Kerrville to Comfort Along Cypress Creek Rd
This road follow cypress creek through rural area with small rolling hils. the road is dotted with ranches and farms and wide open fields.

Wickenburg Road
The first half of the trip is open desert with views of nearby, low mountains. They always look great late in the day when the sun has mellowed them out. There are typical plants in the area, such as creosote, acacia and occasional ocotillo. On my last trip, I saw two coyotes crossing the road and buzzards flying overhead. As you proceed further north, the vegetation becomes more lush (which is a relative term as this is desert!). At mm 14 (on the Vulture Mine Road), is the old mining town display of buildings. It's interesting to stop at although while open daily in the winter, is only open half a day on Saturday from April on through the summer. (Pictures of this will follow next winter.) From mm14 for 7 miles to the top of the low pass, is the most beautiful part of the trip. The cacti are plentiful with many giant saguaro and teddy bear cholla. There are many gullies and low hills all along the road giving reason for the many curves as you do an easy climb up to the pass. I often drive back and forth just on this stretch. Beyond the pass and into town is past some upscale homes and a golf course. Traffic along here gets more plentiful. If time, the large western museum in Wickenburg should not be missed.

Myakka City Sweepers Loop
There is a bridge over a nice river on one point but other than that it is wide open and mostly farmland type stuff. Then there is one section on Myakka road that is covered in trees and feels very "evergladesy"

The Lizards Tail Pt.1
A really sweet ride around Lake Worth with great scenery. Great ride in the springtime when the trees and flowers are blooming. Lots of trees growing over the roadway.

Letchworth State Park
The park is roughly 17 miles long, covering 14,350 acres of land along the Genesee River, and is close to Castile, NY. It is refered to as The "Grand Canyon of the East," Letchworth is one of the most magnificent areas in the eastern U.S..

Skyline Trail
Road passes by many farms, and through many beautiful wooded areas. There are a few good vistas, and some very old cemeteries and old New England villages along the way.

South from Show Low on 260 and 73
Starting in Show Low, AZ. in the White Mountains about 6,800 ft. there are tall poderosa Pines, as you head south on Rt. 260 passing thru Pinetop-Lakeside on to Hon Dah Jct. 73 south to Whiteriver, you will descend from about 7,000 ft. and into a mix of pines and Juniper trees, after Whiteriver you pass Canyon Day, then over Geronimo Pass and on thru Cedar Creek, continuing to Carrizo Jct. where it joins Rt. 60.

Southeastern Oklahoma Run
The trip covers mostly rolling plains until you get to Anlers and go north on highway 2. At this point the scenery becomes a 5 due to the large pines with a series of nice twisties. Definately a must see. The scenery will change to running beside mountain ranges till it becomes rolling hills again. Nothing like the smell of pines in the air!

Short Ride along the James River to Ashland, VA
Route rides along the gorgeous James River and crosses into farmland as you make your way towards Ashland, VA. The route starts out in Richmond and gets you heading west along the River before cutting north-east towards Ashland. The second half of the route is farmland and gentle rolling hills. The route ends in a small college town with a wonderful coffee shop (Ashland Coffee & Tea) which often has live music.

Arkansas River Road
Some of the prettiest scenery in Arkansas, covers a variety of land types, some hilly and curvy through the climb out of the Arkansas River Valley to the flatness and lushness of the Arkansas River Valley, not like large fields that crops are planted. Goes by several waterways, backside of Lake Conway to glimpses of the River along the way to over the River and then back up beside Pinnacle Mountain and hilltop scenes near the tree farm outside Roland, and by the Ouachita Hiking Trail. The roads are pretty narrow, but not crowded. Scattered neighborhoods are well kept and very nice houses. Along Cantrell, there are several nice places to stop and eat (my favorite) Not a LONG trip, but very beautiful and I WILL be going again.

Mid-TN Ramble - Murfreesboro to Woodbury
You are in the countryside of Middle Tennessee, with a bucolic mix of heavily timbered hills and grassy farmland valleys. A very relaxing and scenic ride!

Clarke County Ride
Lots of turns and hills through rural clarke co. AL, Beautiful woods and clear cut hill tops.

Mid-TN Ramble - Woodbury to Carthage
Bucolic hills and valleys yield to heavy woods with as you climb into the highlands around Center Hill Lake. The occasional valley vista of rolling farmlands or river canyon can be spotted through the trees as you lean into the curves.

Rolla-Salem Loop
this is a longer trip but you will see old route 66 businesses, rivers, bluffs over looking old farm land, the beautiful mark twain national forest, beautiful farm lands, a few old towns that still offer that home town feel. pretty much some of the best Mid-MO has to offer.

Route 260 To 87
Start from High Desert in the Verde Valley and make your way into the cool pines. Some tight twisty climbing to gentle rolling sweepers through the trees.

Unreal Route 89
Since you leave Red Bluff, on Route 36, the view is just some special, to start there is a section of the road that goes straight for about 8 miles, but don't worry, that is just to give you the chance to admire the landscape to both sides of the road, with endless miles of lava rock and redish clay combine to form a picture that you'll never forget, then the Hwy treats you with miles of twists and corners to enjoy, along with the view of the side hills right by the road, so close that you can feel youself as part of them. And when you turn on Route 89, you'll have a road that feels like is eaten by the pine trees, that gives you the gift of a cool brease, to leave behind the warm weather of the valley, as you clime the mountain road you are going to experience the most amazing view, to your right there are all the mountains that were so impressive, they will be shrunken by the one you are climing and you'll be standing way above them, and they will look like a carpet at your feet, to your left, there is the real impresive Mt. Lassen, the giant that invites you to come back, with the simple view that is offering to you. Then when you get to the summit of the road at 8,511 feet, the road starts to get lost in the pine trees again but this time it offers a different landscape for you to conquer, but the opposite happens, because is all this what takes over your senses. Right where 89 meets 44 there is Manzanita lake, and a musseum, and to end your ride Route 44 is going to open itself to you with a relaxing, but still breathtaking 30 mile ride to Redding.

US 62 Along the Allegheny River
The Allegheny River road is nice scenery with canoes and others enjoying the waters. There are small stores with gas and supplies every few miles.

Smyrna to Watertown
This route follows a good set of roads thru the foothills in Tennessee. It's a great example of what you expect to see when riding on the back roads. A lot of hills, winding turns, good roads, nice friendly people, lead into a quaint little town, Watertown. The ride is not difficult, and there are a lot of places to gas up, say hi to the locals, and grab some grub

Route 28 from Sunland Park North to Mesilla
Farmlands plus pecan groves even a cotton field thrown in and horse ranches along with Llamas, vineyards, 3 wineries along the way

Bagdad Rollercoaster
Rather lush hills of desert plants with many larger bushes/trees such as palo verde (the Arizona state tree) with its green bark. This is very hilly country of mostly old volcanic rock.

Bagdad to Iron Springs
The canyon down from Bagdad, a copper mining area, has a variety of igneous and metamorphic rock formations, all derived from old volcanic and underground action. The hills for the next 25 miles are mostly old volcanic remnants and towards the end, rounded granite boulders. The vegetation is varied, but mostly lusher desert types with plenty of bushes and smaller trees, not like the drier conditions at lower elevations with sparse, small bushes. At mm25, the road straightens out as it crosses eroded volcanic flows and sharp, shallow canyons cut into the rocky soil. You can see the edges of the old basaltic flow of molten rock 500 feet higher than the roadway and sharp drop-offs into an older layer. The vegetation along here shows the lack of rainfall. This section ends at Kirkland, which is no more than a few houses and one bar/restaurant. As you travel up the stream bottom on the way up Iron Springs Road (Hwy. 10), there is a lovely canyon with broadleaf trees such as cottonwood. They are not so common in the western part of the state. In 7 miles, you'll reach the small community of Skull Valley. There is a café, garage, and a small museum here (although it's never been open when I've come by). The gradual climb up this road gives nice views of the mountains to the north. As you get to about mm19, the trees become more plentiful. (Kirkland is 3,930' elevation, Prescott is 5,400'). There are a number of conifer (cone bearing) trees here such as the pinion pine (a round shape), juniper (a pointed top, small tree) and, on the more shady slopes, ponderosa pine. The ponderosa is tall and quite attractive with its giraffe looking bark and long leaves. You enter the outskirts of Prescott now, and can find full services. You can return the same way you came, or take Hwy. 89 for different views to the south and a very curvy few miles out of town if you head back down towards Wickenburg (elevation 2,100').

Parker Dam Loop
Due to numerous dams, the Colorado River is always wide and relatively slow which makes it ideal for recreation. This route circles a popular area for various water sports. The crossing over the river on the auto route is parallel to the picturesque railroad bridge. Immediately on the California side is the location of Earp, CA, named after the famous lawman, Wyatt Earp. He had many mining claims in this area along with the only permanent home he ever actually owned. None of his stuff is around now, however. As you proceed along the river, you will see sedimentary rock mostly, left by ancient lakes and streams. This soon turns into more jagged and prominent basalt from old lava flows. Some of these hills go straight up from the roadway. You will have views of the vacation homes along the river, mostly on the Arizona side. The California side is primarily r.v. parks. Along here, wild burros are frequently wandering around. The spur to Black Meadow Landing is 20 miles of frequent tight turns and amazing views of the jagged rock formations. I have seen deer, burros, coyotes, buzzards, and, once, a tarantula crossing the road. There is a café at the end in the r.v. park that is a good place for a non-crowded lunch. Back to the main road-it is only a short distance to the Parker Dam. There is a good parking area before you cross over on the dam. Caution: no trailers are allowed-even m.c. trailers. The route back to Parker is along a scenic faster road which cuts through the jagged rock formations and has much more traffic, although I often take the side local road along the homes by the river.

Happy Valley
This route winds through Happy Valley, which is a small community settled in between the Foothills and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Large yards, livestock, and fields are abundant.

The 520 to Nashville Rd
starts with rocky outcroppings over hanging the roadway, through winding hills and farmlands.

Pinetop to Eagar on Route 260
This one of the scenic routes in the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation with plenty of curves hills and tall Ponderosa Pines, you will go from 6,800 ft. to over 9,000 ft. before you start back down as you approach Eagar and Springerville.

Rt 10 Lebanon to Woodsville
Plenty of trees, farms, the river, rock cliffs along the river and small towns. Roads are mostly very good pavement a few short sections get a little rough. Not a lot of restrooms once you leave Hanover. Very nice winding and hilly roads with plenty of old country charm and a great lunch or breakfast in Woodsville (left on Rt 302 100 yds). Nice 50 MPH riding most of the way.

Big Lake Recreation Area
Steep climb and tight curves to above 9,000 ft. there is a scenic overlook just a few miles from the start and it's worth a stop to see the valley below. As you continue it's obvious the damage done by recent wildfires, still plenty of pine and Aspen trees in the higher altitudes, as you continue you will see why this is call Mt. Baldy, the trees are gone it's wide open rolling grass lands.

Quick Tuttle Creek Ride
This ride hugs the waterline of Tuttle Creek State reservoir. The scenery varies wildly with the seasons, but generally consists of central kansas plains along with the terrain of the lake.

Gaskill Rd
The scenery on this short route feature trees, valleys, farmland. Overall its a quick road between the town of Newark Valley and Owego NY. Many wonderfull turns on this road including some long sweeping turns and a two 90 degree turns near the end of the road, or begining depending on your direction.

Backroads of Ocoee
Beautiful back country road with numerous pulloff points along the Hiwassee river culminating, or beginning at the Ocoee river.

Wheat to Iron Highway
Starting in the Wheat fields and farmlands in the western part of the state, passing through some of the best forests and lake country in the state and ending at the worlds largest, coldest, and cleanest lake, Superior, in the East! The roadway passes through the following forests: Finland State Forest in Lake County, Superior National Forest in Lake and Saint Louis counties, Bear Island State Forest in Lake and Saint Louis counties, Kabetogama State Forest in Saint Louis County, George Washington State Forest in Itasca County, Koochiching State Forest in Koochiching County. It really shows off the diversity of the state in a way that no other highway can.

Lake Wateree Recreation Area
This route consists of looping around the Lake Wateree Recreation Area. The route starts a little slow but after about 15 minutes you hit the rolling hills that dot the land around this lake.

Lake Minnetonka Shoreline Drive
This route covers the plethora of Lake Minnetonka Bays and surrounding bodies of water. It takes you past beautiful lake views, marinas, and lots of nice houses and wooded areas.

Back Road Loop Through Julian
The first half of the ride is rolling meadows giving way to the edge of the desert in Anza-Borrego state park. The last half of the ride is mountain riding through nice forrest, with many vista / lookout points along the way.

Rolling Pastures and Wide Skylines
Start in rolling farm land with some small buttes from Wibaux to Baker. Baker to Ekalaka rolling hills, Ekalaka to Alzada start with pine trees and badlands views and breaks into rolling pastures and wide skyline. Then back into hills trees and nice views as you work in to Wyoming. Alzada to Gillette was

Lake Toxaway Loop
Don't count on seeing much of the lake, but otherwise very nice run through the woods. There is better scenery in the area, run this road for the road.. not the view.

North Dallas Twistys
This route covers old small towns with historic buildings, bidges with creeks reaching out over large fields. Few Straight aways with a nice selection of wide and tight twisty turns.

FM 1002 and 852 South of Winnsboro
The first several miles on 1002 has a lot of 20-30 mph curves. As it progresses further north it straightens out, but has a lot of pretty farm land. North of Hwy 2088 there it again becomes somewhat curvy, and travels through woodland until reaching Winnsboro. Approximately 32 miles. Another rider in April of 2016 added this information about the FM 852 section: "This section is particularly beautiful in the Springtime with Green Trees and Rolling Green pastures as you sweep through some nice fast curves with the occasional 30 MPH curves."

Cumming to Stone Mountain
This route provides a wide variety of scenery and times, you are in a shroud of trees, and it feels like there's nobody else on the planet. Other times, there are wide vistas of distant mountains, Lake Lanier, beautiful farms. The route takes you through several quintessential Georgia small towns--Dawsonville, Lula, Maysville, Loganville. Stop and eat, have coffee, rest...many options along the way. The route takes you over two sections of Lake Lanier, so you get the lake views, and the long distance start out in the hills, go over the lake, ride through rolling farmland...a wonderful relaxing scenic ride!

Von Hoak Loop
For Florida, the hills and turns are great. You ride through pastures that allow you to see for miles on Walter Hunter Road, then down into a shaded gulley that looks like the road will end, but it doesn't. As you ride down Jameson, some of the homes are gorgeous victorian with many acres of land and horses. You'll cross a small bridge with a creek that people fish off of. Good place to stop and take a look around. Excellent sunset ride, especially at Walter Hunter Road.

Cascabel Road to Redington Pass
The Cascabel Rd travels through the valley of San Pedro River. There are a number of ranches. The people you see in cars or horses are very friendly. The ranches do not detract from the oasis nature of the river valley. I saw the largest Saguaro Cactus I remember seeing. Before the junction with San Pedro River Rd., there is a forest of Soya Cactus. Once you turn onto San Pedro River Rd. you are in high desert with mountains surrounding.

Mississippi River Road North of Keokuk
Much of this ride runs along side the Mississippi River. You will see barges, trains, and an old school house just to mention a few things. a few miles take you just west of the river through a very small town (Sandusky) and past farm fields and a coal terminal.

Mt Diablo Summit Run
The Mount Diablo Summit is a beautiful view that takes you up ~3800 feet and offers an astonishing view of the San Francisco Bay Area and central valley. On a clear day you can see the Sierras to the east and the Golden Gate Bridge to the West. As you ride up will quickly pass through small hills to a quick climb up short technical turns through light trees and golden grass.

Black Canyon National Park
It's hard to judge what's beautiful and what's ordinary. This short ride is a journey to view some of the oldest rock in the USA and a chance to see the results of geological action over the last billion and a half years. To me, that's not ordinary. You start your trip from ranch land in the lower valley out of Montrose where you will pass through some pinion/juniper forest. Most of these trees are less than 20' high, which is normal for semi-arid land. As you approach the park at about 8300', you come into more Gamble oak and mountain mahogany bushes up to about 10'. This is also the vegetation along the rim. Dropping down by the Gunnison River, the vegetation changes to taller conifer trees and many healthy broadleaf deciduous trees that are benefited by the cooler, moisture air and water from the river. There is a picnic area and restrooms down at the bottom, plus this area is much cooler during the summer. The elevation here is 2772' below the highest point of the canyon walls. Back at the top of the canyon wall, you can travel another 10 miles, or so, on around the ridge overlooking the canyon you were just down in. The river took about 2 million years to cut through the rock as the land kept rising. There is the interesting history of man realizing there was no easy way across this extremely deep canyon, nor an easy way to travel down it or use the water for cultivation either. But the rock is the story. In the past, the river cut through softer volcanic rock from nearby eruptions that flowed over the area. Then it cut through harder crystalline rock, especially forceful before the upstream dams that are now present. Along the walls are tremendous displays of intrusions, which were formed by hot volcanic magma being forced up through cracks in rock above it. Now they look like colored lines printed on the opposing sheer rock walls. Of course, a stop at the visitor center is a must to see the displays and the short movie on the history of the canyon and descriptions of the animals that are often here. For those interested, there are more detailed descriptions of the types of rock and history of its formation. There are also many picture boards along the rim with informative details.

Gunnison to Crested Butte
This is a pleasant ride in a wide valley with peaks of the Rockies on either side. Some will have snow to the middle of summer. Gunnison is a western themed town with most necessities. The countryside along the way is mostly ranch land with some old cabins and a winding river nearby. The jewel of the route is the old-mining, new-ski/outdoor/vacation town of Crested Butte. There are usually events of various types going on throughout the year. When I was there, the Ride-the-Rockies bicycle tour was passing through and camping, so there were hundreds of bikes in town. It's a funky place (as most small Colorado mountain towns are) with citizens that don't have much money and want to be left alone, and visitors and 2nd home out-of-towners with lots of money. There are all the types of tourist shops that are normal. Most of the downtown shops are colorfully painted and draw multitudes of tourists along the boardwalks. There is some interesting artwork here and there. In the winter, this is a Nordic and alpine ski center. It is also rumored to be the home of the first mountain bike. Many mountain bikers and jeepers use this as their base during the summer and early fall.

Eklutna Lake Road
Scoured by the ancient Eklutna Glacier, the Eklutna River Valley is staggering in its beauty. Surrounded by Pioneer Peak, Twin Peaks, and innumerable peaks of craggy grandeur, one may encounter bear, moose or mountain goats. For the first nine miles taking you to the lake, prepare for the most beautiful nine miles of motorcycling anywhere on the planet!

Oldwick to Musconetcong River Rd
As you enter the village of Old wick, you will enjoy 19th century farm houses and charming main street. As you leave Oldwick, the valley road opens up to a sweeping view of the mountain and farm land. Follow the rolling hill up the newly paved road through the "S" curves. As you enter Califon, you will cross the south branch of the Raritan River and home to Shannon's Fly Fishing Shop. The roads are well maintained in Tewksbury Township. Once on Sliker road, the road conditions change to a rough stone/oil texture. While there are sweeping curves and beautiful scenery throughout, be careful with potholes and crumbly road edges. It's not terrible conditions, just less than ideal. As you enter County road 645/Musconetcong River road, you will see the river on your right. This 8 mile stretch has sweeping curves, inclines and declines.

Loma to Rangely on Rt 139
Loma has only a convenience store for gas and snacks, but they welcome bikers. Generally, Loma is a small farming/ranching town. This trip has three main attractions, however, the beginning isn't one of them. The first 14 miles are pretty barren desert with little vegetation and poor road surface. Although, as you get across this area, you will have a view of the Book Cliffs, as they are called, since the layers of sedimentary rock could be visualized as a book on its side. The vegetation becomes more attractive with pinion and juniper trees at the lower elevation, changing into Gamble oak and large sage bushes. If you have never ground sage leaves between your fingers and smelled the aroma, then stop along the way and do so. You'll climb about 4,000' up to the top of Douglas Pass (8,268' at the top) where you will stop to stretch and view to the south. Nice view. Caution: don't let your gloves blow over the side! Going down is more of the mountainous vegetation. Since this area is dryer than much of the Rockies, there are not many tall conifer trees. The scenery down is quite lovely, but you'll be going slower than any cars. The turns are sneaky, so don't let other drivers rush you. From the top, and much of the route on to Rangely, gives good views of the colorful layers of sedimentary rock. Often these rock walls are right next to the highway. As you level out somewhat, at about mile marker 53 (mm53), you will be coming into the BLM's designated Canyon Pintado National Historic District. This area was named by Father Escalante in September, 1776, when he first traveled this route with other explorers who were looking for a good route to Monterey, California. They discovered many petroglyphs (rock carvings) and pictographs (rock wall paintings) down along Douglas Canyon. There are marked stops in a half dozen places to view the rock art, but the three easiest to get to are at mm53.5, 56, and 56.5. These are remnants of rock art from the Fremont and Anasazi (from 1,300 to 600 years ago), and more recent Ute Indians. Some of the petroglyphs are thought to be from the Barrier Canyon people of 11,000 years ago. Along the way there are a few abandoned pioneer cabins and numerous natural gas taps and pumping stations. Besides ranching, gas production is the biggest land use. The end of the line is the small town of Rangely where there are motels, cafes, and gas stations.

Custer State Park Wildlife Loop Road
Open grasslands with rolling pine-speckled hills. You may also see North American bison, pronghorn, white-tailed deer and mule deer, elk, coyotes, burros and prairie dogs. Plenty of pull offs for viewing and picture taking. Custer State Park is the home of as many as 1,500 free roaming bison, they are unpredictable and dangerous, do not approach, if in the road wait for them to move.

Laramie to Wheatland via Route 34
We took this route at sunrise and the views were great. We saw buffalo in a pen on the S. side and there are great mountain views and interesting rock outcroppings. Overall it was a little different than some of the other scenery we saw while in WY.

Rangely to Meeker on Route 64
The entire distance is either semi-arid brush country, or lush grass and trees along the White River. The river runs all year and with all the meanders, often covers wide stretches of irrigated river bottom. There is some cattle grazing throughout, but the low land is heavily into hay harvesting, after which is used for cattle grazing. The ranches in this area are strictly small size, working, low investment types and fancy spreads are non-existent. It is pleasing to see the contrast in either green by the river or tan where there is no irrigation. Just out of Rangely is a small reservoir used for recreation and with restrooms and picnic tables. There are some odd rock formations along the way, mostly variants of sedimentary rock. This type of rock often has soft layers that can erode into interesting shapes. It is the back side of the Book Cliff mountain area where the rock layers are quite distinct. Before the pioneers who settled this area, it was a frequent hunting and homeland for the Ute Indians. Pioneers started coming here after the early Mexican explorers (late 1700s) mapped the routes. Most well-known of the early white men, was Nathan Meeker, who had come from helping settle Greeley, Colorado. He started an Indian agency for the Utes, but through pig-headedness, in 1879 caused a fight and massacre of his family, dubbed the Meeker Massacre. These days, Meeker is best known for the world class Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials held the beginning of September each year.

Castle Creek Road
This road starts near Aspen but quickly takes you into a much more subdued atmosphere with signs of avalanches to both sides at different parts of the ride. Some siggns of civilazation exist throughout the entire ride so you never fully lose yourself in the surroundings but stop and look around and you will not be disappointed at what you see.

Indianola to Lake Red Rock
This is the most amazing ride we have been on for a long time. I started in Cumming Iowa and ended at Lake Red Rock. Each mile is more beautiful than the one before it.You have little towns where you can stop if you wish.At the end you stop and see water, crashing waves on the rocks.If you do nothing else in your lifetime, take this drive!

Routes 92 and 139 East of Kentucky Lake
The scenery is rolling hills, with trees that hang over the road for a very cool shaded area! There is a lot of farm land, with many scenic hills on the sides. This route crosses many rivers and lakes, big bridges and many state parks! plenty of pull offs and overlooks to see. Too many to list.

Highway 97 Columbia River Loop
97 Alt towards Chelan offers great views of the Rocky Reach dam. Lake Chelan is gorgeous and that's not including the bikinis swimming at the beach. Coming back down 97 on the east side of the Columbia river offers beautiful views of the orchards that make the valley a great place to live.

River Road
This route winds through hills and curves following the Cumberland River out of Nashville to Ashland City. Once you hit the end of the route you have lots of other roads to enjoy.

500 Kilometers of West Coast New Zealand Heaven
I took a trip to New Zealand in 2010 with my husband and another two couples who rented some motorcycles in Queenstown and spent the better part of 2 weeks exploring the south island. Beyond a doubt, one of the most memorable routes we took was when I rode down the west coast. A great coastal scenic drive stretches for about 511 km (or 318 miles) (in West Coast New Zealand) along an area referred to by some as the "West Coast of the Southern Alps." These stretches of roads offer stunning views of the ocean along one side with a backdrop of green hills and mountains on the other side. Starting out in the north in the town of Karamea you'll see verdant green open farming areas and begin to head south along state highway 67 where the route begins by hugging the coast but soon turns you into the surrounding hills where you will travel through the lush hillsides & valleys. As you come through Mokihinui the road brings you back to the coast where the flat peaceful grasslands meet the Tasman Sea (body of the Pacific that lies between NZ and Australia). As you ride along the coast, you'll occasionally see some marshy wetlands and palm trees dotting the way. Soon the route takes you more inland again and you pass through Westport. The whole way you'll find seaside villages like this with modest, well taken care of little houses with colorful sidings like blue, pinks or greens, and colorful green or red roofs, and often with nice flower gardens. Now the topography starts to get more dramatic as the flatter farming lands give way to the steeper hill and cliffs that start to crowd the road. Near Woodpecker Bay, the road and sea nearly meet. Then the road starts to head up into the hills and you see a lot more cliffs along the mountain-side but soon you are traveling back through seaside towns again. You will come up on an area that is called "Glacier Country" named for the presence of "Franz Joseph" and "Fox" Glaciers. These vast masses of ice flow from the higher altitudes all the way down to with a couple hundred meters above see level! I was amazed to learn that glaciers are in such a moderate climate like this ... expecting to see them only in some winter wonderland area. You can take hiking tours of the glaciers too! If you have the money, the helicopter tours seemed to be the way to go but we opted for a simple hike to the head of "Franz Joseph Glacier" instead. And, if you like wildlife viewing, seals and we're told certain breads of penguin can be spoted along the coast at different times of the year. Further south around Bruce Bay, there are times when the vegetation seems to swallow up the road and you trade views of the coast and mountains for views of lush forests. Soon you'll pass Lake Paringa and the road will bring you back to the coast with the vegetation staying lush and dominating your surroundings. This will be the scenery that takes you to the route's end in the very small town of Haast.

Columbus to Delaware on Route 315
Great view of the Olentangy River during most of the trip. You will also find some older riverfront homes and the possibility of spotting a bald eagle, they nest along the river.

13 Unlucky Miles of Hell - OH Route 763
763 for the longest time has been my favorite road in all of ohio. from driving it in my Nissan 370z to my sports bike! Nothing but tight blind turns up hill and down, to a few killer staits. rollercoaster action all 13 miles. ive raod a few time this season (2013) already and I've got top say its even crazyer than years past. A lot of loose gravel in some of my favorite turns has made it even more exciting. Take the time to learn this road and it'll become your favorite raod in all of ohio. You'll be driving with no shoulder most of the road right next to creeks and cliff hangers. the tree line will make amazing tunnels in which you'll be riding through. Tobaco and soi farms sprinkle the road as well. It's hard to take in the great scenerey of tree tunnels farms and rolling hills while trying to conquer the demanding and technical twists and turns.

Plateau Creek
As you leave the Colorado River canyon, you will ride along Plateau Creek in a narrow canyon of colorful sandstone layers. The walls of tan rock alongside are often 1200' straight up. The vegetation is sparse, semi-arid bushes, even along the perennial creek. After 10 miles, the canyon opens up to a narrow valley with small scale ranch land. This creek level area has lush grasses giving this stretch many shades of green. Along here is considerable vegetation on the south bank along the road as water seeps through the ground from an irrigation canal above. Note: be on the alert for deer that cross the road at all times of the day. About half way along is Collbran. It was settled by farmers first in 1882 and has grown to a population now of about 710 people. It's the largest town in the valley. You'll climb above the town to a ridge with a wonderful view of the valley below and the ranch land along the wide ridge area to the north. After another 5 miles, you'll go along a shelf road where the narrowing canyon comes up to meet you and brings along some 100' spruce trees growing along the creek as it comes out of Vega Reservoir. A drive straight ahead takes you on a relaxing ride around the upper reaches of the reservoir and into some heavy vegetation. Turn around here, go back to the dam and cross over to the visitor's center. No fee is necessary to be paid for just driving along and stopping here.

Old Brazos River Road
Views of Brazos River, big oak trees with Spanish Moss and miles of Ranchland.

Timothy Lake Cutoff
Creek running along road. Single lane PAVED! with plenty of turnouts for traffic in both directions. Driving South to North you will get a great view of Mt. Hood as you come around several of the corners. Spectacular!

Southwood Route
Route through forest cottage country. The ride is known for curves and twisties not the scenery.

Beach City Loop
this route cover some very rural roads. lots of valleys overlooking farm land, some of the amish homes are so close to the road we thought we was on someones paved driveway.

Old Greensboro Rd
Beautiful rolling hills and pastures, parts of the road are covered by the tree canopy from both sides of the road. Towards then end of the route there is a bizarre looking faux Victorian home.

Renovo to Kettle Creek Loop
These roads have it all, incredible natural scenery of the Pennsylvania wilds, with old PA Rail Road relics dotting the landscape....rivers, dams, mountains...amazing roads.

Waunakee to Devils Lake
You start out heading through typical hilly Wisconsin farmland as you proceed through both small towns of Dane and Lodi. Once out of lodi the hills and turn become more "fun" and you start seeing forests on both sides. Out of nowhere Lake Wisconsin appears to your left and you follow its natural curves. to the right hilly forest and to the left you overlook a railroad and the beautiful lake. the short ride on the ferry provides rest and a chance to just focus on the beauty of the lake. once across the ferry you will see pristine rocky hills to your left and forest in all directions.

Wellington to Loudonville
Very beautiful. Many farms and hills surrounding the area with very light traffic. Along this route are numerous fruit and vegetable stands along with apple and peach orchards.

Capitol to the Beach and Back
This route takes you from New Hampshire's state capitol to the Ocean. The start down Route 3 is a typical two lane blacktop going through some smaller towns. There are a few lights along the way, generally traveling along at about 40mph. Route 27 provides varying roads and terrain, with slower stretches at the start, gradually speeding up to 55 in Raymond where you will find a fun four-laned stretch of road with slow s-turns. A sport bike or a cruiser will enjoy that portion just past the interchange with Rt 107. The road slows down gradually to the point where you are slowly cruising through historic Exeter. It gets crowded from there to the beach. Heading down from North Beach it gets beautiful, with mansions on your right, and the ocean on your left. Stop at Hampton Beach in the summer to enjoy the boardwalk. The ride back follows Route 1 north (nothing really special here), then takes Route 4 west back to Concord. Rout 4 is known as the "Antique Alley" with many shops selling antiques and other curios. If you just want to ride, the road is in great shape, with speeds varying from 40 to 55 - enough variation to keep you from getting bored. Take in the rolling countryside and enjoy the ride. I own as sport bike, my neighbor a cruiser - this is a road we both like to ride on together, as it is fun for both types of bikes.

Marmet to Beckley via Routes 94 & 3
West Virginia is mountains with many hills and turns. This route is spectacular for seeing new and old coal mines. The small towns that you pass through are right along the road, houses with walking bridges cross small creeks between the road and house. There are some pull offs to take pictures of coal mines and scenic views

Highway 60
Along the way you will see rich forested area, farmland, and marshy wetlands to your right. To your left you see bug hills and bluffs with some beautiful rock walls along the way.

Sunset Point
Beautiful mountains and dense forest. Then you get to see a volcano with hardened molten around the road. Then you drive through a few plains to get to a red rock like scenery that is just great to ride through.

PA Ridge Ride - Hawstone Road
This route runs on top of a ridge overlooking the Juniata River. There is a bunch of trees, high cliffs for Appalachain Mtns., lots of curves and switchbacks. Section run along train tracks, and most likely you will be right beside some trains. Watch for deer, in rut (mateing season Spring) they are abundent.

Sultan Basin Road
Starts with a long straight stretch though a residential area, but soon becomes a curvy forest road. Breaks in the trees allow good views of the mountains as well as the stream that the road follows. At the end of the road is Spada lake, however the last few miles are gravel road.

Hotchkiss to Carbondale on Hwy 133
As you leave Hotchkiss, you will travel about 20 miles up the wide, lush valley of the North Fork of the Gunnison. There are pastures all along and lots of broadleaf trees (which all turn yellow in the fall). You will pass several large coal mines that operate all year and service coal trains every two hours. You'll ride through the coal mining community of Somerset, which looks just like all the little towns in eastern Pennsylvania. If you're lucky, you'll be there at the right time to see a train being loaded from the giant piles of coal waiting on the near mountainsides. Next is Paonia Reservoir which, unfortunately, is usually low due to recent years of semi-drought. The road climbs up to McClure Pass and into some brief, but pretty mixed tree forest land. Then a fast drop to the Crystal River valley. You will have views of deep v-shaped canyons on the ride down. Through this valley passed the narrow gauge trains from area mines and the upstream town of Marble. Marble has been the source of stone for many American monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial. Although there have been some stops and starts, the high quality yule marble is again being shipped around the world. Along the old rail bed next to the river, there are several spots where you can see large chunks of white marble that were used for rip-rap to prevent erosion. You'll pass by Redstone, a designated historical location that is home to Cleveholm (or Redstone Castle) that was a progressive estate built by a coal mining magnate in 1900. Tours can be had of this beautiful home. The town itself is a charming spot of pretty homes and some small shops. You then travel along the narrow canyon bottom with tall blue spruce trees in full flourish along the river. The blue spruce is the Colorado state tree and has a distinct blue-green color. The valley eventually widens into pastureland and homes become more numerous as you approach Carbondale. To me, there seems to be a dearth of eating establishments--along the road anyway. Down the road (left on Hwy. 82) in Glenwood Springs are many more services.

Frank Miller Drive
You will ride along side beautiful Lake Muskoka, cottages and rivers!

Muskoka Beach Road 17
Cottage Road known for curves, not scenery. Should be part of much longer ride.

Rosseau 632
Some nice curves and nice views of beautiful lakes, cottages. Spectacular in Fall season.

Sam Houston National Forest - Hill Store Road
just a gorgeous road with great curves and hills that are well banked and in great shape. pine trees, ponds and just great East Texas scenery. the only issue is you have to watch out for logging trucks driving slower or entering the road. just nice and serene and not much traffic

Fun Twisty Ride
This is a nice County ride for City riders that want to get out on Sport bikes and with a little scenery of the county. Good Scenery not the best until you get to 171 then you have wide open view of the farms and Fields.

Titlow HIll
A wide variety of mountain scenery, ranging from woods, to outlooks over 10s of miles of valleys and mountains.

Dodson Branch Highway 135
Starting at the north end, after passing Roaring River Park, you'll enjoy the two-lane meandering beside the Roaring River on left, with tall hills in the background and in front. About a mile down the road, rock formations start from where the road was cut. These appear frequently until reaching Overton Cemetery 7.8 miles into the ride. If you're interested in seeing fresh, cool, water boiling up in a pond turn left at the cemetery, over the bridge, and left at the T intersection. Travel one mile and you'll see a gravel drive on the left with guard rails on each side. Turn there. Park your bike in this packed dirt rec area and you'll see the spring from the right guard rail you just drove past to get in. It's not a geyser, but on a hot day this shaded pond is a terrific place to cool your feet. I asked a local who was in the water to capture the fresh water boiling in my empty Pepsi bottle. Being filtered in the rock strata, I took a sip. It tasted cool, pleasant and no side effects, similar to the spring water I enjoyed on Mt. Fuji. Here is my disclaimer: I would not recommend anyone else ingest water from this area. Returning to Dodson Branch Highway 135 and continuing south, the road quickly becomes a tight twisty heading up the small mountain. Rock cut-outs within ten feet of your right shoulder, valley scenery and drop-offs on the left. There's one switchback to the right you really need to pay extra attention to. Two 16' campers could not pass without rubbing. I like to have power ready to quickly straighten up my Voyager in such turns so with a fully-loaded machine this was first gear for me. Traffic seemed to increase at the top as homes began to appear. From here to Cookeville scenery now includes fields, farms, and dwellings. The curves continue, but not all of them have signs to warn you. Enjoy them, but remember to give yourself enough space to see hazards and be able to stop. About 14 miles into the ride is a convenience store.

Engineers Road
Narrow, winding, hilly backcountry roads. Rural scenery, homes, farms, forests. No traffic.

Rogue River City to Crater Lake
You travel along the Rogue River, through tall pine tree forests, and end up at Crater Lake which by itself is worth the trip.

Las Flores Canyon Road to Piuma Road
Gorgeous view on the Valley and the ocean. You reach the east sides of the mountains fairly quickly.

PA Route 841
This is Chester County horse country and the scenery does not include mountain vistas but it is a beautiful rolling terrain. The crosses small streams and lush farmland.

60 to 6 Loop From Richmond VA
This is a nice cruise to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts and back. Lots of scenery with rolling hills and farmland and nice views of the Blue Ridge Mts in the distance too.

Toad Suck Run
This route is a good road in that the scenery provides lots of forests with hills and curves, and is a logging road for local loggers. Used often by bicycle tours so the terrain is not too difficult or curvy, but enough to be fun and relaxing.

DeWitt to Charlotte
Nice farm land with few intersections. some blind curves but easy to navigate with mostly good visibility.

Tracy Road - An Adirondack Must
Tracy Road is an isolated stretch of road with nothing entering from either side of the stretch of 7 miles. You will be surrounded by adirondack forrest with large boulders embracing you around tight turn. An occasional Deer, Squirel or fox might be watching you past by so be aware.

Lonely Short Cut - Missouri J
This rout has a combination of river bottom farmland and hilly forests. It is especially nice in the fall!

Great Ride - Mt Pisgah Highway
The elevation drop is pretty dramatic and plenty of twist and turns beautiful hills and trees untill you flatten out at the bottom and then the secenery opens up into the farm land.

Lake Monroe Route
Once you get off I-4 in Deltona stop and fill up and then get ready for some of the most beautiful scenic roads covered by oak tress, lake views, horses, and cow country. Twist and Turns thru Volusia County - Start in Deltona run along Lake Monroe with Oak Tree Covered Roads twist and turn your way east then north for a stop at the infamous Cabbage Patch Bar in Samsula then back to the west towards I-4 thru cow country ending at Rt 44 and I-4.

River Loop from Peru to Peoria
Can ride alongside the Illinois River for many miles, small towns, interesting biker bars in Peoria. From Peoria back north is through floodplains and hills along the river valley. Easy and nice cruiser ride.

Ohio Route 260
This is the road that forgot it sits in the WEST side of the Ohio Rive and not the EAST. This road looks very much like something out of WV with its hills and valleys, as it snakes its way down to (or away from) the Ohio River. Very pretty scenery...

Turquoise Trail SR14
New Mexico's Turquoise Trail (State Road 14) goes from just south of Santa Fe to just east of Albuquerque. You will drive past the New Mexico Penitentiary where the riot happened in 1980. About 14 miles from Santa Fe you will come to Madrid, NM where the movie Wild Hogs was filmed. Stop at the Mine Shaft and have a burger, you owe it to yourself, they are awesome. As you continue south you will pass to the east of the Sandias, you will have some easy curves, the views on both sides of the road are stunning to say the least. You will see a lot of bikers along the way.

Atwood Lake
Rt44 has great twists and beautiful country scenery. Rt542 is also a great ride. Atwood Lake offers excellent photo ops. The west end of the lake has a large boat ramp and picnic area.

Holly Spring - Potts Camp Loop - Sardis Dam
This is fairly flat land with rolling hills, so there are no sweeping vistas, except when you get on top of the dam and look at Sardis Lake. The locals wave back as you drive by.

Chief Powhatans Intoxicating Superhighway
I had heard about this road from a buddy. This is the curviest road in Tidewater, with several blind rises, where the road breaks left or right. Very rural and wooded

From Loa to Green River
This is a mountain route starting at Loa (elevation 7,064') with the usual desert brush wherever there is no irrigated ranchland. Then on the lower slopes are semi-arid trees like Utah juniper, pinyon and scrub live oak. Higher elevations have the beautiful Ponderosa pine along with aspen groves. Peeking out along the way are hints of buried layers of horizontal rock layers. This mountainous route continues all the way to I-70. Along I-70 you will see varied close-up views of tan and purple sandstone layers of sedimentary rock. This route is a wonderful ride traveling across the San Rafael Swell-a raised up jumble of many types of layered rock formations with fantastic views of long valleys crossing your path. The sparse vegetation is scattered pinyon/juniper trees with roadsides thick with yellow-flowered rabbitbrush. At several points, you can see tremendous views of higher peaks. Some of the narrow canyons you'll cross are barely wide enough for walking, but hundreds of feet deep. Parts of this country was well known to the outlaws like the Wild Bunch who could hide most anywhere and knew all the routes throughout this maze. The ten mile stretch just west of Green River is straight, dry, and for the most part, without any vegetation.

Morgan Territory Road
First section there are farms as you get in the hills,Then you are in a heavy dense area of trees.

Route 9 to Route 24 in Dutchess County NY
The road is in farm country. Excellent sweepers mixed with a few tight technical twists rolling hills good elevation changes.

East Torch Lake Up Toward Tunnel of Trees Road
Valley Road is very scenic with old farms, and wooded hillsides on each side. The remainder of the route is through cottage country in a tree canopy covered road with lots of gentle turns. US-31 is rather straight and open.

Practice Your Counter-Steering on Rt 126
Corn fields... but you are there for the practice of counter steering.

Waco to Stephenville Scenic Loop
This route covers the Northern Hill Country of Texas, taking some lesser traveled roads with great scenic opportunities, and a variety of road types. From smaller highways to Farm to Market roads, this has a little bit of everything except dirt. You will travel through some hills, some nice high speed twistys, and some great "kick back" and enjoy the view cruising.

The Palms to Pines Tour
This route gives you great scenery and a change of pace from riding the highway while still giving access to the wooded areas of Southern California. While riding through indio, it is primarily desert. At the bottom of the 74 there are switchbacks that are great for sportbikes and cruisers alike. Once you reach the top of the 74 you will come upon a View Point that allows you to see the entire desert including palm springs and the salton sea. Further in, you will be greeted by lush trees and foliage surrounding the road. The 371 takes you through the hills and down into the flat lands of Anza as well as bringing you to the hills just outside of Temecula. It is a great route for those who are bored of seeing the desert and like a calm ride.

The Ausable River East Ride
This is along the Ausable River National forest following the river. Mixed trees maybe about 40% pines but great views of the river. Great stops and roadside areas. Can swim, fish or just enjoy the ride. Lots of wildlife..many deer early and late with the turns recommend for late morning to early evening. Pass through the small town of McKinley Fall is a great scenic route.

Cozumel Island Loop
Cozumel, Is the second largest island in Mexico - a great and safe town! On this route you will have the chance to jump in the water and snorkel, visit a Mayan village, a black coral factory, a tequila gallery, a light house and miles of riding through secluded beaches of the Caribbean coast line. Top it of with a great Mexican lunch by the beach!

Alsea Hwy
The lovely farms of the Willamette valley slowly give way to the mountain forest of the Cascade Range. You will spend much of your ride along the Alsea River giving you plenty of opportunities to pull over and enjoy the many public areas.

Hwy 141 - An Interstate 40 Substitute
The scenery ranges from farm land to woods to lakes and rivers. The most beauty can be seen in the spring and fall. Be careful in the fall after a rain, the leaves can make for slick spots.

Indiana SR450
You'll see plenty of farms in the river valleys. There is a dam and a covered bridge in the Williams area. From Williams to Indian Springs the road travels the spine of a mountain with nice views.

Vermont Route 14
This route has it all - rolling hills, twists, turns and one lane bridges! You want to travel this road for the scenery. The area and buildings make you feel like time has forgotten this area. Fall is especially beautiful, as all the leaves become vibrant reds and yellows and oranges. On more than one occasion you will go through narrow passes, where all you have is a river and two narrow lanes of traffic. I don't think you'll see more than 3/4 mile down the road, but around every turn is another gorgeous sight.

Sunrise Bypass to Montauk
This is great back-road route my friends and I take all the time to bypass the traffic on Sunrise Highway which can be unbearable in the summer. Passing through the Shinnecock Hills golf course, you ride along great Peconic bay and little Peconic bay, eventually crossing Noyac bay and Sag Harbor bay into Sag Harbor, a great little town to stop and get some refreshments. The next segments bring you into some backwoods of the south shore of long island, and spending on the time of year, you may see some deer and wild turkeys. As you make your way to Fresh pond rd, there's a great photo op from the beach parking lot overlooking Napeague bay. As you come to the end of this bypass you will see one remaining radio tower of two that were used for ship-to-shore communication during WWII

TN Route 12 North
This route takes you over the beautiful rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Speed limit is 55 the whole way. Along the route you will encounter long sweeping turns, some moving uphill and also downhill quite steeply. Portions of some turns are bordered by sheer rock faces as the road was literally cut through large rocks. I travelled this road in early November and I noticed small communities interspersed with farmland. This road has a lot of blind corners so take it slow your first time. You will pass through Henrietta, the hometown of Tennessee Women's basketball coach Pat Summit and also the hometown of Rachel Smith who was Miss America 2007. Travel this road during a weekday around mid day. This is the best time for the least amount of cars. This is a challenging road with a lot of twists and tight turns. Enjoy!!

The Nashua Triangle
This trip takes you past Silver lake state park and is a nice area to stop and enjoy. You go through a covered bridge in Pepperall, Mass and a nice wooded rt on the way back towards Hudson.

Murrieta to Carlsbad - Mountains to Beach
This route covers a rise from the freeway up and through the Cleveland Forest then down a very steep hill to winding roads through orchards and ranches on through the city of Fallbrook to more hilly winding roads to Carlsbad on the coast. This road is suitable for all bikes but is best enjoyed at a leisurely 40-50 mph

Des Moines To Council Bluffs - Via Highway IA-92
This trip provides an excellent mix of views and experiences that are presented by the various environments along historic Highway IA-92. The first part of this trip takes IA-28 south for a short jaunt through the city of Norwalk. Then you continue south on IA-28 for a few miles until you come upon a classic little small town called Martensdale.A little past that and just as we exit Martensdale is where IA-28 ends and we begin our IA-92 stretch. After a small trek through some farm country you will pass beneath Interstate I-35 and then through the barely noticeable town of Bevington. As we continue down IA-92 we get some mostly fields views for about 13 miles until we reach the sizable town of Winterset. Continuing on IA-92 after Winterset we wrap around and the road turns into US-169 so stay on the lookout for you upcoming turn off to stay on IA-92. After the turn off and we're back on IA-92, this is where in my humble opinion the "meat" of the visual stimulus begins. You are greeted with various landscapes and spectacular horizons as you proceed down good roads that stretch out over rolling hills with a couple of gradual curves. After about 23 miles you find the great "small town" atmosphere of Greenfield. Great "small town" appearance and feel. As we continue through Greenfield we are once again presented with the excellent views and landscapes as we pass through the small town of Fontanelle that hardly hinders the solace of our visual candy. We continue on past the turn off for the town of "Bridgewater" and this is where we start a LONG, strait stretch of these various landscapes. Crops, Forests, Fields, Hills, Creeks, whatever you will, by far the most pleasant portion of the trip in my opinion. From here you will find many occasions to roll on the throttle and cruise right along. You're next quick shuffle will be upon Highway US-71 S where we will once again need to jaunt down south for a couple miles to turn back onto IA-92. And then on through the town of Griswold. About 15 miles from Griswold to Carson. Then about 10 miles from Carson to Treynor. And finally we hit the back end or our little journey. We see about 13 miles from Treynor to the end of our run. All in all a beautifully scenic run through the heart of Iowa. If you like isolated runs this is a good drive, but its equally excellent with a few riders to share it with.

Nestucca River Road
This not so well known road travels through fairly dense forest for most of ride, does follow the river most of the way but not very visible.

West Virginia US Route 219 -North of Elkins, WV-
The 5 rating is for the Parsons, WV to Thomas, WV parts. The Elkins to Parsons is a 3.5 From Parsons to Thomas (or vice versa) there are scenic stops and even without stopping the views are great and you can see the wind farms churning away, while on the mountain top. Great stuff.

Mississippi Salt Flats
This a 4 lane interstate that was built for Hurricane evacuation from the coastal area of Mississippi. Which is why I call it the Mississippi Salt Flats! You can travel at a generous rate of speed because there few house & a very few vehicles on the road. The scenery is Mississippi Piney Woods.

The Long Straightaway on M-28
Some of Michigan's Finest. In the summer months or Autumn ride is just incredible. Lots of tress. Great smell. This past summer my father and I took a trip around Michigan. Over 1,400 miles all in one state. We stayed in Newberry and used M-28 to get over to Marquette. I named this route after the long stretch that just goes straight for about 25 or so miles between Newberry and Munising. If you are in the Upper Peninsula I would highly suggest this route because it provides a great opportunity to see Michigan's outdoors, as well as some quaint, small towns on your way to Marquette. It just smells fresh.

Pennsylvania Route 221
About a 3.5 I'd say. Some nice high up elevations with farmland and valleys on either side of you. It also drops down into the low lands and meanders with a creek for awhile. A good cruising road, in that regard.

Pennsylvania Route 130
Scenery is a solid 3. It's large hills and farmland abound until you delve down into the thick woods. The woods are a solid 5 in the autumn (as in the video provided) and then back out to the hills and farmland.

Belknap-Distant Road - PA County Route 1018 & 1025
The scenery is your typical norther/central PA farms and hill stretches. Not bad, but you've seen it all before.

Indiana Route 1 - Sawmill Road
The route is mostly through relatively flat land with intermittent packs of trees (at least of what I could see as it was really foggy the morning I rode the route). There were a few minor hills but one can maintain a constant speed without any problem. Also, there are not stoplights/sign along the route.

Westport Loop
Back Roads and Back Woods, great stops along the way for wildlife. Good twists and turns along the way. Bring a camera.

Through Desoto National Forest on Route 29
This route travels through the heart of the Desoto National Park. Lots of nature and a few hills. This is not a heavily traveled road. It has some curves, but a beginner will be able to navigate this without a problem.

Ohio US Route 250 - Bridgeport, OH to Cadiz, OH
This is road is sort of a suburb road that slowly changes to a country road the further you get out of Bridgeport. There are some hills and a few little twisty spots, but basically it's just a nice cruising road with a mediocre view.

Casey Key
This is a short route along the beach with amazing houses and scenery. It curves along Florida's West coast

Dalzell Road
This road goes through several small towns. It winds through many hills and has some entertaining views. Pretty much one of the twistiest roads in southeast Ohio.

Ohio Route 145 - The Rollercoaster
There's not a hell of a lot of scenery, but I wouldn't exactly call it boring. Truth be told, the further north you get the more you're going to be wanting to be focused on the road, with all of it's blind hills.

West Virginia State Route 47
This route is your basic tree, hills, creeks, farms and country houses route that permeate West Virgina. Not boring, but not some grand joy, either.

Pennsylvania Route 231 - Avella, PA to near Nineveh, PA -
Just like it's sister road 221, 231 has your typical farmland with hills sights. Nothing boring, exactly, as some of the road has no guard rail and I pity the fool that end up over a big hill from missing a turn, but the views aren't breath taking, either. A bit above average for this area of PA.

West Virginia State Route 72
For much of this road you're riding next to a creek with a pretty good view of it, when not next to the creek the elevation offers a fair view. Not too shabby...

The Triple Nickle - Route 555 - South of Chesterhill
Fairly typical with the woods and hills. Nothing stands out, to me, but maybe I just like riding more than the scenery.

Pennsylvania Route 259
This is a valley road in the south, for the most part. It does cross some hills, but you get some nice views of the hills on both sides of the road. North of Bolivar it opens up and you been to sweep on tops of hills with more of a residential feel.

Germantown Metropark Loop
This route covers some scenic areas of germantown metropark and the surrounding rural area. the loop road is somewhat twisty and hilly, and it's in a really nice forest area. The second section is a little straighter, but some nice farms and old barns to see.

Pennsylvania Route 949 - Sigel, PA to Ridgway, PA -
The scenery was nice through the forest, not much in the way of hills, but the cut through the forest type road is always a favorite of mine.

Pennsylvania Forest Route 262
Much of this road follow Kinzua Bay, which means that the view is pretty damn sweet. That said, you will want to keep your eyes on this road, because it is a good one!

West Virginia State Route 7
By Hundred, WV the road has many hills that drop down into the valley as you head west. You'll feel the humidity rise as you dip down and snake along the creeks in the area. A fairly scenic road...

Decker Canyon and Encinal Canyon Loop
Beautiful twisty roads in the Santa Monica mountain range with several sections overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Missouri Route 86 - Ride the Eagle
This is Ozark country, lots of trees, rolling hills and banked turns. I think I passed fewer than 10 cars on the stretch in mid October (admittedly a slow time) Beautiful foliage and heavily wooded. I rode this on a return trip from Arkansas' Dragon back towards Kansas City. It is a wonderful twisty, banked, scenic blast of fun. I think I enjoyed this section of road just as much as the Pig Trail and the Arkansas Dragon that I rode the day before.

Westport Coastal Ride
This route features some great coastal scenery. We took it on a hunch while vacationing in Ireland and it was beautiful. Along the coast you'll see a collection of lovely little green islands just off the shore and get views of the Atlantic beyond. Also beautiful homes line the coast and have you dreaming of what it would be like to live in the daily sight of such a lovely shoreline. Later the route takes you through a small harbor town and then past a wonderful gulf coarse and into some lush little hills that hold back the waters of the bay and are home to little farming homes.

Uvas Reservoir
Beautiful rolling hills between San Jose and Morgan Hill. When the Uvas Reservoir is full it is a nice view to see.

NC Route 197 Northern Portion
This road follows along a stream for a good portion of it, through farm land in the foot hills of Appalachian Mountains.

US 178 - Pickens, Moorefield, and Liberty Highways
This ride starts (or ends) in N.C. at the junction of US64 and US178 Rosman, N.C. and proceeds south through a beautiful wooded area that rises and falls down through the countryside. No steep inclines, but there are some switchbacks with a speed limit of 5mph. Numerous side trips available to various waterfall locations throughout the trip. Fall is the best season, as you are also treated to the changing colors. I drove this in a 75 ft. long semi and have marked it as a return trip on the bike.

Port Hadlock Ride
Road conditions are good, and the road travels typical Western Washington countryside - evergreens and a little farmland. Occasional glimpses of water until you get to Port Gamble when you have a great view of the Puget Sound area. In the summer there is sailing and kayaking in the area around Port Gamble. Even a small boat and kayak show in the summer!

E Lyon Creek Rd
This route is yet another that shows off central Kansas' famous Flint Hills. There are crests that over watch the JC and Manhattan area. As well as beautiful farm land

Red Rock Canyon Long Loop
This route has everything that Oklahoma has to offer as far as nature scenery. On this ride you will see rolling hills, wide open plains, tree covered hillsides, a beautiful deep canyon, lots of curves, very few stop signs, and lots of fresh country air. The route passes right by the Red Rock Canyon State Park (

Silver Coast Route
All along this course the mix between mountains, beautiful beaches and some forest. It´s a coast route.

Savage River Road
From this road you will snake along the river bank. There are great views of the river that is filled with beautiful rocks , mountains and thick forest.

River Roads Loop
This is a very pretty ride that runs along Rocky River with nice homes and a few farms along the way. In the fall you will find the colors very pleasing.

Gardena Pass - Dolomites
Gardena Pass is an absolutely gorgeous route through Italy's Dolomites, otherwise known as the Italian Alps. The road winds through immense rocky mountains, through meadows, and among some trees. There are far more rocks/meadows to gawk at than trees, but you have to be careful not to take your eyes off of the switchbacks. There are lots of switchbacks.

Mojave National Preserve Tour
Lots of high desert foliage, some nice mountain ranges and beautiful pink sand dunes - especially beautiful in the spring when the desert is blooming

Scenic Durham to Old Saybrook
This ride will take you through and by farms, lakes, rivers, small towns and villages. There are historic sites along the entire route. ie: Goodspeed Opera House, Gillette Castle, and the Hadlyme Ferry that crosses the Connecticut River, etc.

Guadalupe River Road
This route sweeps back and forth along the Guadalupe River with low bridges. Easily missed by passersby from either entrance during the off-season. It quickly rolls downhill from the Canyon Lake area at FM 2673.

Kettle Road
this route includes a combination of real estate, mountain tops, valleys and treed tight and gentle curves.Definitely a ride that would be fabulous in the fall and as you go further north towards State College you are out in the country enjoying the views

Whichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge
This route covers Mt. Scott, the 3rd highest point in Oklahoma, Ft. Sill with its tours and museums, the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge- home to herds of Buffalo, Elk, and longhorn Cattle. You will also experience historic Medicine Park, OK and Meers, Ok. You will see the full-size buildings at Holy City that look like Jerusalem - the largest and longest running outdoor Easter pageant is held here annually! It also includes venues of Lake Latonka, Gondola Lake, Lake Elmer Thomas, and historic markers.

Marsh Creek Road
You will travel in hills and the backside of Mt Diablo.

Phantom Canyon Road
Road is a narrow gravel road with hairpin turns and blind corners. (BE CAUTIOUS FOR ONCOMING VEHICLES) Very peaceful ride and feels as though it's away from most civilization. Travel is through small canyon an opens up to rolling hills with mountains in the distance.

Sam Rayburn Dam
Very great wooded ride. It opens up to a great view at Sam Rayburn Lake. It's definitely worth the trip out.

South Mountain Summit Road
This is a spectacular ride right in the middle of downtown Phoenix. The road starts from south Central Ave and then follows a series of twisties as it climbs to the top of South Mountain. Once there, the view of the entire Phoenix Metro area is absolutely spectacular.

Arno to Bethesda to Duplex Roads
Curves, Farmland, Hills, & Rural landscapes. This ride is part of a 2-2.5 hour loop that I do that includes Columbia, TN, Hwy 7, and Natchez Trace.

Wawawai Snake River Loop
Pulling out of Pullman, this route begins by following some ridge lines above some Palouse farm land, though with longer sightlines than your typical Palouse road. Then, you will cruise down a windy grade headed down toward the Snake River and Wawawai County park,with smooth curves and blackberries all along the side of the road. Finally, you will follow right along the Snake River back toward Lewiston with a great view of the river valley.

The Constitution Route Middle Loop
Travel on "The Constitution Route" through beautiful Albemarle and Orange Counties. Wonderful scenery, moderately windy roads through historic country side. You can cover this route in just over an hour but why would you want to. With BBQ and beer at several points along the way.

This route cover some secondary and gravel roads in tras-os-montes province. There you will see some old and poor villages, river tuela, Mirandela city and there are very good restaurants, great food and portuguese wine! Overall this is opportunity to see the wild and poor Portuguese interior landscapes

Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway
Hugs the Yakima River fantastic Rock formations, Basalt rock formations while traveling through the Ellensburg Canyon. Along the route Deer & Big Horn Sheep can be seen at different times plus Hawks & Eagles when in the right season. I have traveled this road, for years, its always a great way to go, less traffic and slower pace, enjoy the scenery, its more about the ride then seeing how fast you get there.

Route 32 River Road
When you headed North the Mountains hug your left side and the Delaware cozies up on your right side. Several very good eateries in your travels on this road. After crossing over the bridge into Jersey you will roll through some very quaint little towns, and the scenery on the Jersey side is rather shaded with fleeting glimpses of the other side of the Delaware

Old Center Point Road
Beautiful Hill Country back road filled with oaks, creeks, loose livestock, ponds, hills, and very little traffic.

Old Hickory Road
This route is a mix of urban, suburban and rural scenery. At the end it feels like you've traveled to a remote location. Still, youre never more than about 15 minutes from downtown Nashville.

Taos to Mora NM
Rivers, mountains, fields, just a beautiful ride. Taos Canyon has plenty of twisties but a fair amount of traffic.

Comanche Trail
This route cover everything from cultivated fields to raw ranch land with very little traffic. Once you head from Zephyr towards Comanche and beyond, the scenery is fantastic. Nothing but wide open country. Great therapy ride!!

Wanship to Orem Lakes ride
This route covers a variety of scenery along the route, covering both rural and small town areas. Along the way you will encounter some wooded areas, as well as several recreational reservoirs. The ride through Provo Canyon, while somewhat busy, is amazing with beautiful cliffs and a few waterfalls as you parallel the Provo River for several miles.

Route 676
There is a lot of farm land mainly and really nice views of the rolling hillsides.

SW Chicago Quick Scenic Loop
along Bell Road South there is a beautiful prairie, on 167 you drive through some hilly woods, over highways, along large ponds and small lakes, many creeks and wooded areas.

Lake Sammamish Parkway Loop
I took the inner track and hence the Sammamish lake was constantly on my right. Many parts of the lake have residential complexes on the banks. There is a park half way through the loop and highway on your right for a brief strip of 2 miles. There is beautiful hill on the other side of the road. About 10 miles has excellent scenery!

North Nashville to Ashland City
This route takes you through some lovely 2-lane twisties, then near Beaman Park in Davidson County and finally through some beautiful farmland. Road quality is good throughout, but as in all rural Tennessee areas, watch for the wild animals.

Scenic Route from Richmond to N Brookville Lake
These quiet back-roads will follow the creek from Richmond to the lake. You will travel through woods, fields, and a couple very small towns. The roads are canopy-covered in some areas.

Kings Ridge Road
The scenery on this road is absolutely beautiful. Over ridge tops with distant, mountainous vistas, along creeks, and beneath lush canopies. Kings Ridge Rd makes for a spectacular ride. There's minimal traffic and the views as you traverse various ridges are spectacular. It's an adventure. You'll be grinning from ear to ear for the entire route.

Wyoming Route 313
There is a spattering of farms and ranches along the entire route. Bear Mountain parallels the route to the south for the first 8 miles. At that point the road climbs steeply as it skirts around Lone Tree Canyon (the location of the original road connecting US85 with I25). There are a lot of interesting rock formations in this area. The next 15 miles or so are gentle rollings hills until you start getting closer to the interstate. As you approach Chugwater, the trees increase and sharp rising hills become visible. An excellent short, scenic route.

Apple to Baldwin
Plenty of trees and wildlife so take care when traveling this stretch. Beautiful scenery of you love Michigan outdoors.

fun quickie
the scenery is nice. not like riding thru the mountians but a nice quick ride. ups downs curves just a fun ride

Durango CO to Farmington NM via River Roads
These county roads follow the La Plata river all the way from Durango to Farmington. Twisties, great asphalt, incredible scenery. You'll wish you brought your fishing gear!

Ravensdale to Cumberland
This route is a favorite of local riders heading out for an evening ride during the summer. It winds through beautiful rural roads, over rivers, and past lakes and parks.

Hualapai Mt. Road
If you are doing Route 66 through Kingman, this is a great little detour, 15 miles long that takes you from the desert scrub of Kingman to 60' pine trees and 6000' elevation. It is a good road, 2 cattle guards to watch for. You travel from scrub, to pinyon pine and oaks, then up into pine trees. It is a beautiful ride!. There is a County park near the top, another 1/2 mile and you will come to a sign on the right saying: Hualapai Lodge. Turn here (dirt driveway) and there is an AWESOME place to eat!!!!! The lodge is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. In the evening hours, watch for deer and elk!

McElmo Canyon - Cortez CO to Bluff Utah
A beautiful canyon with a river, wineries, shade trees, and every twisty known to man, rights, lefts, tights, sweepers, decreasing radii, hoop-de-do's, uphill corners, downhill corners

Warsaw/Rochester Loop
Scenery is your standard Midwest, flat countryside with fields and the occasional woods. Segments of this ride go through rolling subtle hills and trail creeks and streams. This area isn't big on scenic beauty, but these are (more or less) peaceful roads, a little curvy, with some pleasant country views.

Durango to Lake Vallecito Lunch Run
A perfectly paved road through SW Colorado forests leading to a beautiful mountain lake. Doesn't get any better.

citrus county 476
A nice tree lined road with gentle curves, light traffic, well marked and in great condition, crosses the Withlacoochee River, where there is a new restaurant on the river(called Ratz Ass)bike friendly. Less curvy once past I-75, but still a nice ride to Bushnell.

US Route 48
This freshly built road is pure eye candy, from what I've seen between Moorefield, WV and Mount Storm, WV. Parts of the road are blown straight through mountains, parts are built of bridges that are thousands of feet up, and in many parts you can see the road a mile ahead of you...and it's not a straight path to get there. Bravo to the designers of this beauty.

Green Valley Taco Run
This route starts out in the Green Valley, winding through the farmlands along the Green River, before climbing up out of the Gorge to Black Diamond. Proceeding east, it crosses the Gorge Bridge, providing a spectacular view of the river and cascading waterfalls. Heading further east, this route passes through forestland, before ending up at the tiny town of Cumberland.

Russell Cave Rd
If one wanted to see proper horse country in Lexington, KY one has to travel no further. Russell Cave Road is the "driveway" to some of the most expansive and highest end horse stables in the area. Russell Cave Road is purely scenic, not a twist fest but ideal for the touring rider looking for a lazy scenic day ride segment.

America Compressed
America in miniature.... farms, industry, towns with money (Victorian mansions, golf courses, rolling lawns)... towns on the decline... (faded glory falling off the side of the road)... long sweeping cures, very little highway, 90% excellent road surfaces.... stretches of wooded roadway, streams etc... opening out into impressive vistas of rolling farm lands nestled in graceful hills... sometimes I thought I was in Iowa and sometimes in Maine

The Route 60 River Run Along the Muskingum
After leaving Zanesville Ohio you will ride along the winding banks of the Muskingum river. You will enjoy beautiful hill sides and farm land as you ride south. Small towns like McConnelsville that will take you back in time to the small quaint little country towns. As you pull into Marietta at the end of the ride. You can take some time to relax along the banks of the Ohio river and watch the barges and boat traffic as they move up and down the river.

Powells Valley Road
Fabulous road through the valley with nice sweeping curves, wide fields in the valley floor, sometimes feels like sailing. The other end cuts through the mountain where the road turns very curvy.

Highway 57
It's a nice ride through the county with little traffic and has some nice scenery. There are scattered homes with wide open lands, many have cattle or horses.

Two Passes a Canyon and a Lake
Beautiful ride at every turn. Going around Palisades Lake is beautiful. watch for Ospreys, dear and other wildlife. Between Swan Valley and Victor ID is just a BEAUTIFUL ride. Watch for a few rough spots where the road has slid. at Teton Pass the view from the top is worth the ride. Snake River Canyon has all kinds of wildlife watch for mountain goats, deer and elk. It runs along the snake river make sure you bring your camera.

Through the Country to the Castle
This route encompasses country roads, mountain, an ocean, and drops you off at Castle Island ... all within 40 miles!! It starts out on country roads passing farms and lakes. You then pass through Blue Hills Mountain with spectacular views of Boston and surrounding land via invigorating winding roads. You're then suddenly shot out to the ocean of Quincy Shore which takes you through the bays of South Boston where you're left at Castle Island, South Boston Ma.

Best of Kansas City Roads
I am providing this route as an option for those with bikes in the city, that are looking for a 45 minute outing that doesn't require 30 minutes of travel just to find windy roads. The First 3.5 Miles will be a transition from City to Country, as you go from businesses to parks, trees, and fields. The following 2 Miles will wind you into more of a nature-y area, ultimately down a windy road of nothing but trees (4 star visual when sun is beaming through the trees) The rest of the ride will be a mix of outer City and Country until you return the windy road with trees, going the opposite direction. The last stretch will be a transition from outer city/country, back to the city.

Rim of the World Highway - CA SR 18 & 330
Incredible mountain vistas visible from this road literally on the "rim" of the mountain. Many pull over areas with visibility upwards of 20-30 miles and great stop for lunch at Lake Arrowhead Village and Lake. Fantastic stop, very scenic mountain lake at about 5,500'. Return via Running Springs (small mountain village between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear)with more spectacular mountain vistas and twisties.

King's Highway Twisties
Nothing too special as scenery goes on this route. A couple of decent spots to look out over some forest/marshland, but that's about it.

Stewart Lake Twisties
This route curves around the rocky outcroppings at Stewart Lake. Many old dairy farms dot the Driftless landscape. Be sure to bring your camera if you enjoy photographing old barns.

Old Hwy 40 Cisco Grove to Donner Lake
Follows the South Fork of the Yuba River. Awesome in Spring runoff. Great mountain views, especially from Donner Summit. Historical interest, railroad history, early settler route.

Albuquerque to Casino Hollywood
This is a section of the old Route 66 and goes past the tram, Sandia Casino, Shady Lakes and follows the back road next to the train tracks through Bernalillo and Algadones.

Anchorage to Seward
The first turn we took out of Anchorage revealed mountain scenery that brought tears to my eyes. Pictures do not do this ride justice. We saw a wildlife preserve, we saw many ice capped and glacier capped mountains that looked blue to the eye! There are certain areas in which motorcycles should use caution and be aware that signs saying intermittent gravel don't accurately define intermittent. There can be several miles of large river rock type gravel. Ending in Seward, the town who's elevation was changed by an earthquake on Easter Sunday you have gorgeous views of Resurrection Bay, numerous lodging and food options, and access to many glacier cruises. Well worth the ride.

11 Miles Along Lake Erie via Ohio Rt 6
This route runs along the coast of Lake Erie. You'll be treated to great views of Lake Erie from Huron all the way to Vermillion. Route has some nice curves throughout, also there are places along the way to stop and enjoy the Lake.

Enchanted Circle Plus Side Trip
Lush Forest at the beginning of the ride with a road that will snake you through a dappled sunlight forest (best before 8am) with "Shire" like meadows and beautiful scenery. Then you break out into a huge basin with mountain ranges on both sides as you approach Eagles Nest Lake. Open skies and great roads. (Any other questions?). Cimarron Canyon has a beautiful stream and amazing rock formations, but the road is SMOOOOOOTTTHHHHH as it is new pavement as of July 2014. The ride on 38 West is also amazing. You ride through this massive basin as you have this seemingly never ending mountain range to your left. Peak after peak and back range views of really rugged rocks. Then as it turns west, more mountains and the kind of road that winds through small hills so that you get to see just small sections of it as it rises over the tops of some of the hills and ducks behind others. AMAZING view of the mountains open up around on of the corners. Be prepared because you may just gasp as I did. Added by "wadenelson" in Aug of 2014: "A wonderful climb up Taos Canyon through forest with twisties and turns, alongside a creek, through the pastoral Moreno Valley, up to the ski area and back to Taos."

Crow Mountain Loop
This route takes you through farm land. You will go up and over Skyline Mountain. While on the mountain, you will get short glimpse of the valley below when the leaves are on the trees.

Delaware Countdown 16 15 14 13
Very flat but a bunch of sweeping turn. Going through Camden and west Dover you will see a number of Amish communities along the way so watch for buggies.

Hidden Treasure of SE Indiana
A nice quite road through rolling countryside along Laughery Creek. This is a short ride through scenic Laughery Ceek area. Beautiful rolling hills running beside Laughery Creek. At one point your riding down beside the creek on the other side your riding on a ridge top overlooking the valley! Truly a hidden treasure of S.E Indiana!!!

Greensburg Donegal Loop
This route is an enjoyable mix between back roads and highway. Using only well marked state and us Routes makes this route easy to follow. Traffic flow is low on routs 30, 711 and 31 once you get outside of Latrobe. The beautiful country setting of RT 711 into Donegal and RT 30 Into Ligonier.

New Glarus to Mt. Horeb - Plus a Bonus Loop
From the intersection of Hwy 69 and Hwy 92 at the beginning of the trip, you will pass through scenic farmland, small hills, and the small tree-lined areas of Mt. Vernon Mt. Horeb has a very cute downtown area. Cty Hwy JG takes you past Stewart Lake and then opens up through a large scenic river valley with hills on each side and past the Tyrol Basin Ski Area. As you past Tyrol Basin, the road increases in grade through the woods...possibility of seeing wildlife.

Natural Bridge to London KY via 11 and 30
At the beginning of the ride, one is in the Red River Gorge but soon just skirting the Daniel Boone National Forest. The route is almost universally two lane winding with a lot of elevation and grade changes. Can't say there are spectacular views, but the landscape is constantly changing and in late June rich in texture if not color. While there is some truck traffic in places, the traffic in general is light and one can travel at one's own pace. I wish I had taken highway 11 all the way south but I didn't see where it went until I saw it reconnect with US 25 E after this route ended. Maybe someone in Kentucky could add that route because it looks like it would be fun.

County Road Alternative to 550 North outta Durango
Beautiful forested back road to Baker's Bridge where Butch & Sundance ACTUALLY jumped into the river. The movie made it look a LOT higher, lol.

Wildcat Canyon
You aren't going to be watching the scenery if you're riding THESE corners like you ought to!

Old Julian Highway
Along this route is mostly rural residential properties. There are many horse pastures and on some days, there are dozens of camels out in the last property before the northern end of OJH turns into the CA-78. I'd recommend going in the spring when everything is alive. In the summer it's all dust and dead grass.

Wildcat Canyon Road
There are a lot of rolling hills and large shade oaks near the many creek crossings. the residential homes are sometimes a little rundown, but there is also a lot of construction and improvement taking place. the casino is the biggest landmark along the way. i'd recommend taking this route in the spring when things are still alive. in summer it gets hot and dry and it's just all dead grass and dust.

Bagnell Dam Loop
This route gives the rider a little taste of what the Missouri ozarks has to offer, as we ride into the northeast side of the Lake of the Ozarks. The fun really starts on Hwy W as you leave Versailles. The scenery that Hwy W has to offer is typical of the northern Missouri Ozarks. Here you will find lots of fast hills and tight turns. Respect this road though, some of the turns are quick. Hwy W twists and turns, winding along down to Bagnell Dam Blvd. Bagnell Dam Blvd, crosses over the dam, slow down here so you can get a quick look at the lake. After you cross the dam, you will be able to stop and take a walk along the strip. While you are here be sure to visit the Leather Man store. They have a lot of cool stuff there, and the staff are very friendly. When we visited last, we picked up lunch at Wise Guys sandwich shop. It was a short walk down the hill from the Leather Man shop. When you are ready to move on, just continue on Bagnell Dam Blvd. You will come to Hwy MM. Turn right onto Hwy MM, and cross over the lake. The bridge crossing here is high above the water and presents an impressive view from both sides. Hwy MM winds along, presenting lots of fun curves and great views. Hwy MM will stop at the intersection of Hwy TT. Here you should turn left onto Hwy TT and travel until you reach the intersection of Hwy 5. Hwy TT is a lot like Hwy MM, presenting lots of curves and splendid views. While traveling though the lake area, be very cautious and keep an eye out for traffic. While traveling though here, we had the drivers that pulled out in front of us while coming through the curves. Once you are on Hwy 5 you really have two options to get back to the starting point. Hwy 5 will take you all the way back to Versailles. We chose to take Hwy 135 back to Stover. Hwy 135 has plenty of curves and hills as well. Here you will see lots of fields, cattle and other wildlife. Hwy 135 has a few gravel roads that intersect it, so use caution and anticipate some gravel on the pavement, mostly on the right side of you lane. All in all, I really enjoyed this ride. Drive time is about 3.5 hours, but you could easily make a day of it by spending more time at the lake.

Deer Creek Canyon
Starts outside the Rocky Mountains, taking you up a deep valley past beautiful mountain homes and large fields.

Treeline Ave
There aren't much landmarks to compliment on , but it's a nice flat twisty road going along interstate i75,.

Ride Along the St-Laurence River
Nice old road along the St-Laurence River with nice places to stop and visit .

Hwy 203 - the Hidden Shortcut
Some farmland along the way with accompanying old barns here and there. Lots of vegetation, streams and small waterfalls. Many areas of trees right up to the road contribute to the greenery everywhere. Fall City was founded in 1856 as a fort, then a trading post and gateway to the mountains. It catered to tourists more and more until the nearby freeway re-routed traffic. Now it's a scenic bedroom community to Seattle. Monroe was a railroad town named after President Monroe. It became a flower greenhouse location, then lumber mills, then the dairy industry. A tall smokestack in town is from an old Carnation Condensery factory. The old part of town still looks a lot like it did 100 years ago.

Harriman Loop
Constantly under the cover of trees through the woods where the roads are constantly snaking between lakes. Lots of places to stop and smell the roses

Coralville Reservoir Loop
This route has everything Iowa has to offer. You'll pass through farm lands, state parks and small local communities. You'll find more than enough twists, turns and hills to keep even a veteran rider happy.

MO Hwy V and T from Union MO to Wildwood MO
The scenery along this route is very similar to the scenery along 94 north of the MO river, but with a few more residential areas. It's a curvy two lane road, with lots of hills & trees, and a couple of quaint little towns, such as Labadie.

St. Mary's County Loop
Wonderful scenery consisting of farm land, back twisties with lots of trees.Two parks are on this route. Point lookout State park ($4.00 admission), and St. Mary's River State Park ($2.00 admission). Point Lookout may let you drive thru for free. You will ride thru St. Mary's College, which is a Historic area and has a parking lot, so you can walk around on the grounds.

Wooded Delight
We road this route only in late June 2014, by accident, we missed our turn so re-routed to follow this ride. As so as you turn on TN-30 E, you head into a wooded area that last for most of the ride. It is a canopy ride with trees hanging over the road and some of the road is wet due to no sun reaching the road. The route takes you beside the Hiwassee River, and you have great views of the river, some pull offs are available to take pictures. When you get to TN-315, turn left onto a bridge that will cross the river, we arrived around 9 am, and fog still covered the river and is a picture. There are no real obstacles on the road, but we did see loose gravel by some driveways that can be tricky. Overall this was a very scenic ride that was surprising to find.

Ohio River Scenic Route 7 - East Liverpool to Wheeling
This route follows the north end of the Ohio River on the Ohio side. It is right on the outer edge of the Appalachians so the area is rather mountainous. The view on both sides of the road is beautiful and there are many neat towns you might want to stop in along the way. some of the towns along this route are home to famous people including: Dean Martin, Bill Mazeroski, and Lou Groza. This route is very fascinating and is a good day road trip.

High Road to Taos Scenic Byway
From Taos heading south there will be plenty of tall pines with sweeping curves, hills and valleys along with small communities, art galleries, wineries, as you approach the community of Truchas, NM. the terrain turns to high desert landscape as you descend from over 8,700 ft. and more open vistas of the valley below around each curve and over each crest of the hills.

Follow the Old Train Tracks to Pagosa
Beautiful route through backroads Colorado along the old route the logging trains took to Pagosa Springs. Old rail cars, abandoned towns, church, truly backroads.

Rochester Road South of Leonard
The Scenery is beautiful. The ride is short-but if you're in the area it makes for a nice little chunk of road to incorporate into your ride.

West Virginia - Rosedale Rd
It's not a boring road. It's not crazy exciting, but if you're in the area it might be worth a look-see. The scenery is standard fare for that area of West Virginia. Hills and valleys with woods on either mountains, though.

West Virginia State Route 15
A pretty damn good road for high speed twisties. It gets a bit tighter as you get into Webster Springs. The biggest fault with the road is the pavement. The surface changes from great to fair to good to fair to great and is basically just a mixed bag, on that front. If you can't stand some patch work this is a pretty damn good road.

Continuing Going to the Sun Road
This route is suggested as a continuation of the world famous - "Going to the Sun" road in Glacier National Park. As you leave, you'll have the mountains of Glacier to your right and the rolling plains on Montana to the left. The road rises and falls, and every turn gives you a different view of both. If you do later in the afternoon, the sun setting on the fields turns them bright gold. I'd recommend riding it both ways, because the views really are different.

Sheridan Rd / Chicago Botanic Garden
This is mostly a suburban route surrounded by trees, green parks and impressive houses. At times you get to see a bit of the lake on your right when riding North. Not an amazing scenery but definitely a better alternative than the boring views of the 94 Expy.

Pauls Place Loop
This route leaves a beach town and opens up to some really pretty country side and farm land. You also cruise through a couple small towns along the way.

Beautiful Hwy 6
The lower elevations have many hay and livestock farms which get more sparse as the elevation rises. In addition, much of the route is in the Tillamook State Forest. It is hard to really see much of the geology (read: rocks) as you travel, since there are trees growing all along the way. The usual deciduous trees giving way to more conifers (like pine and fir) at higher elevations, although the roadway only has one pass at 1,586'. The route down from there along the Wilson River is quite nice. There are no challenging turns or difficult portions as most of the route is four lane and there is quite a bit of traffic. All the mountain routes in this part of the country are beautiful. What can you say about them?

Cloverdale-Boonville-Hopland Grade, Part 1
Um ... this really isn't a scenic ride. You'll be too busy enjoying the turns. There are sections of switchbacks and esses as well as high speed corners. But if you insist of glancing around, the road runs through typical California coastal hills of liveoaks, pastures, streams, and vineyards. Green in the spring, golden brown through the rest of the year. Boonville has good eats.

Cloverdale-Booneville-Hopland Grade, Part 2
The road goes over a ridge of California coastal hills. There are (dirt!) turnouts for stopping to enjoy long views to the east and south.

Cloverdale-Booneville-Hopland Grade, Part 3
Some great views east to Clear Lake and beyond, but who has time to notice?

Central Jersey Tour
This route makes it way through the tree covered roads through the heart of Holmdel and skirting past a couple of parks. Towards the middle of the route the roads become alive with great fast moving twisties that are tree covered and scoots past Tatum Park and Deep Cut Gardens. The road then becomes calm again before hitting the giant mansions that are peppered across the banks of the Navasink River. Finally the route ends along the very scenic Ocean Blvd that has amazing views of Sandy Hook and NYC. There is a scenic over view at the top which is a place you must stop at. The rest of the road is extremely twisty with great views but no were to stop until you get to the end down by the dock where the fishing boats are waiting for some paying customers.

Chequamegon National Forest
Scenery includes hills and many curves engulfed in forest. You may see elk as this an elk preserve.

Highway 40
This route passes beautiful scenery including parks, lakes, farms, and small towns.

Coraville Dam Loop
You will pass rolling hills down these winding roads beautiful houses you will also go through the coravill dam so you will see a fossil gorge a impressive roller damn you can walk up to and miles of open cornfields

Somers Point to Elwood/Wharton State Forest
This route follows the Great Egg Harbor River from Somers point to Mays Landing, then a quick loop through historic Mays Landing. Then up a winding Weymouth Rd ending in a long strait away to Elwood. Just a stones throw to Wharton forest and more great rides.

Backroads of Kansas
This route takes you through the typical Kansas scenery of rolling hills, fields, grass land and farm houses. Just east of Hartford (via gravel rd) there is the Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuse, where is beautiful to set and watch the wildlife.

Canyon Road
This route follows the canyon and river with scenery typical of the central WA dry landscape. The other option between Ellensburg and Yakima is freeway over the hills with lots of trucks. Take the scenic route!

Cook Country Forest Preserve - PALOS
Dips, turns, lakes (ponds) cemeteries, woods, creeks, sloughs. The best the Midwest has to offer outside of farms.

Seven Lakes Drive
This ride takes 7 Lakes Drive through this NY State park and is about 25 miles from NYC mid-town. The road was resurfaced last year and is smooth and calming ride. Watch out for the bicycle riders. they have a bad habit of riding side by side into the lane causing cars and bikes to move out into the lane to avoid them. this causes a very dangerous situation. The bicycle riders don't seem to care. So, beware. Otherwise this is the best of rides. Trees, mountains, lakes.

Farm to Market 353 - Patroon St
Farm to Market 353 didn't appear to be much, and my planning of this road was actually a slight detour from where I was previously headed. After about four hours coming from South Houston, it was a nice change of pace. Speed limits on this section are much lower than the surrounding roads, and with good reason. This road is definitely not as straight as most roads in the area. Keep an eye out for wildlife as well. At 1252 in the afternoon, I had two deer decide to cross the road within about 50 yards.

Ignacio to Durango via River Road
318's a boring straight shot but with beautiful views of the La Plata Mountains. 213 (La Posta Road) is a twisty river road that'lll challenge any rider, beware the 2-3 "Deadman's Curves!" Beautiful Animas river ride beside the road.

Mauricie Park Loop
Nice mountain (small-medium) view, the roads travel through thick forests and along countless bodies of water ... many different rivers & lakes!

Branson To Table Rock Loop
You will get to see 2 lakes, Taneycomo & Table Rock, as well as a State Park & marina, & Branson itself has more stuff going on than anywhere south of KC or north of Hot Springs AR.

Rib Run
Rolling hills, fields and pasture land. You'll pass by dairy farms and cattle ranches. Sorry it's Kansas, nothing really exciting!

Rt 31
you go through both rural and country sides on this trip. The Eastern part of it is all open road 55 mph and plenty to stare out into. the Western side is a little less but is still a fun ride.

Fat Daddy's "little Kentucky dragon"
This route is one that I travel all the time and never gets old. The bends, curves, and long sweeping hills of KY make it an exceptional ride for all types. I find that Fall is the best time to ride this route because of all the colors that the south offers. From crossing the Cumberland River on the Ferry and passing the Steam Plant on the other side of 233 makes this route one of the most enjoyable routes I've ridden. I have road this on Sport and Cruisers and on both bikes it can be challenging. We follow this route to Fat Daddy's Bar and Grill out in Land Between the Lakes and then follow HWY 232 to HWY 79 and take it easy on the ride home.

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway
Lamoille Canyon is described as Nevada's Yosemite, the Grand Canyon of Nevada, or the Nevada Alps. The road begins in the valley at 6000' and curves along the bottom of the glacier carved canyon to the turnaround at 8,800'. The surrounding mountains tower over the canyon, with peaks exceeding 11,000' and dropping sharply down on either side of the long valley. Lamoille Creek flows along the roadway in places and there are several turn outs available for pictures. The forest service has placed interpretive panels to highlight the abundant wildlife, geology, waterfalls, and plant life that fill the canyon. Thick groves of aspen also grow along the roadway in places, providing shade and vibrant color.

OMG GET OFF Hwy 160 & take the Scenic Route!
Hwy 160 is busy and packed with RV's, commercial trucks and commuters. Hwys 151/172 are pastoral, scenic, uncrowded, with spectacular views of the La Plata Mountains (when heading West) follows a river valley from Arboles to Chimney Rock headed East At least 12 miles longer than 160 and worth every minute you ride. Why oh Why does ANYONE take 160?

Kettle Moraine Scenic Trail - South End
The ride runs in and out of Kettle Moraine State Forest with a number of opportunities to park and hike back into the woods, but the view from the saddle is limited and is not the reason to ride the trail. Your attention should be focused on the frequent flat or off camber turns the road takes.

Dirty Driving to Lake Lure
This route covers some really nice two lane roads. As you get closer to Lake Lure the road gets very twisty. Lots of hairpin turns into and out of Lake Lure. Lake Lure is also the location that Dirty Dancing was filmed.

North River Rd - Highway 78 Outside of Ft Myers
This road trip starts at the intersection of Highway 31 and 78. Heading east you will travel through Oak Hammocks, Palmetto, and cow pastures. Not heavaly traveled. Nice turns. Labelle is a nice town to grab lunch. When you hit Highway 27 you could go north and circle around to 29 south to 74 which takes you back to highway 31. Nice places to stop and picnic also.

Tate to Dawsonville on State Road 53
Great foliage. This area will be beautiful in the fall. Also, the road takes you through historic Tate and past Tate house.

Deer Creek Road - Pleasant Park to Conifer
Tighter twisties in a rural setting until reaching the best part. A series of 10 mph curves, nearly always clean, with a stunning view of a steep rocky valley below and rock walls above. Suggested route of travel is uphill toward Conifer for speed control on the curves and general view. Higher up on Pleasant Park Road there are great distant views of the Rockies and numerous horse properties.

Valley Parkway
The route is part of the Cleveland Metro Parks so the path starts in the Mill Stream Reservation and ends running through the Rocky River Reservation. It crosses THE Rocky River numerous times and is in heavy forestry most of the time. It follows a pedestrian walk/run/bike path and has plenty of park and lake stops scattered throughout the route. "OhioCruiser" contributed the following: Cleveland's Metroparks are well maintained and very scenic. The parkway meanders through 3 of the largest in the system and is tree lined the entire route. Portions will travel along Rocky River with cliffs and valleys, and you will encounter a hand full of lakes and waterfalls along the way. In the fall the colors are beautiful.

Petty Creek Rd. / Graves Creek Rd.
This route cover farmland with mountain ranges on either side. A beautiful canyon ride for 17 miles

Golden Gate Canyon Road
The ride from Golden up Golden Gate Canyon is marked by beautiful canyon scenery on the lower portions, with numerous rock walls flanking curves. As you head up the canyon farther, the vistas open up, revealing great foothills views. Toward the top of the canyon, mountain peaks peek out between gaps in the canyon as you roll out of curves.

Venus Backroad
The scenery is nice with cattle ranches and orange groves. What makes this ride nice is NO traffic and a twisty road.

OK 63 Scenic country ride - Haileyville to Kiowa
This route takes you through scenic countryside in Oklahoma - just west of the Ouachita Mountains, but still hilly and very rural.

Taylor River Rd 742
Road 742 follows the river with a well maintained, curvaceous rout with many camp sites, and ample fishing opportunities. Evergreens, Aspens, and unique rock cliffs line the road.

Virgil Road
The route snakes through rustic farms and forest, but there isn't anything to stand out if you ride around this area frequently.

Tennessee 32
You will be riding thru the Cherokee National Forest and Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Putty Road
This route follows the great dividing range of hills on the east coast of Australia, through Yengo National Park. There is an added bonus at the end when the route leads to Hunter Valley wineries.

Ohio Route 255 - Woodsfield to Sardis
This route is within the Wayne National Forrest. As such it is very rural and has few if any services along the way. This is a beautiful ride in the fall of the year as trees are your main views along the twisting turning hills.

Wine Spring Road
Hey guys-I'm local to Franklin, NC and figured I'd let you in on my dirty little secret...its one of the most beautiful and technical roads in WNC, and most of the time, it's completely deserted! No intersections, no houses, and no cops. Just a shooting range and a horse camp. Most of the early part of the road is pretty heavily forested, with a few small streams that cross under the road. After about 4 miles, the view opens up a bit and you'll come across a couple overlooks that offer insane views of the valley and lake below.

Twisties Through Central Florida Countryside
You will ride by plenty of lakes, through orange groves, you'll see cattle and get some nice views from several of the hills along the route.

Nestucca River Road Gravel Section Bypass - Bald Mtn Access & Bible Creek
I've ridden this route many times, and prefer it to riding Nestucca River the whole way through. Turning left onto Bald Mtn Access, you immediately start a winding twisty ascent up to Sheridan Peak. Wonderful shaded route through the forest with occasional grand overlooks over Coastal Range forest.

Del Rio Secluded Desert Loop
The scenery isn't bad but its not the rolling hills and spectacular views you will find if up in Hill Country. Mostly open, flat, desert views but still better than highway riding.

Squirrel Spur Rd
from Ararat, VA Squirrel Spur Rd starts with winding turns along side cow pastures, tabacco fields, and even pumpkin patches. The road traverses for 10 miles or so, with some nice twisties. There are a couple of pull offs to rest, take in the view, have a snack. High vistas showing the surrounding mountains.

606 - River Road Shenandoah
This route covers the gorgeous shannendoah river and the rolling hills along the way. Very very very very very curvy and beautiful, a lot of fun to rip on or cruise on. AND IF YOU HAVE AN ADVENTURE BIKE - there are lots of gravel and dirt road off shoots that i could not conquer myself.

Smoke Hole Road
A great ride that I really recommend for the autumn. Following the road follows the river where you'll see high cliff on the right until the road branches off to the right. (You may stay on the road to view more of the high cliffs, but it's a dead end and you'll be forced to turn around.) Following the road further leads you up a ways and now you have a pretty good birds eye view of the valley. It really is a great ride...

Chinook Pass (Rt 410)
I can't speak enough about the scenery, but I am partial to the beauty of Mt. Rainier, she is one of the most Iconic symbols of the Northwest and the forest, lakes, rivers and canyons around you are also incredible. Everything is green, well except the Mt., she always has snow on her. It is truly breathtaking and there are several spots that almost compel you to stop and snap a picture.

Valle Crucis to Banner Elk on Rt 194
This route makes one feel that they are in Switzerland. You will pass a beautiful stone Church that over looks a valley with white cattle grazing the hillsides. You will encounter many stone structure and amazing views of the North Carolina mountains.The trees in many sections will canopy the road and give quite a show in the fall.

Mark Twain National Forest Circle
This route takes you in an around the Mark Twain National forest. Many great overlooks and lots of creek and river crossings.

Old Barrys Bay Road
This route covers a very wooded area with a beautiful park at the end.

I-40 Through Pisgah and Cherokee National Forests
This route runs through the Appalachian Mountains just to the east of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is four-lane divided highway following the Pigeon River through a pass in the mountains. Along the way you will see lakes, rivers, creeks, boulders, and deep forest. During October, the fall colors are outstanding.

Davis Mountains near Fort Davis State Park
These roads are in the middle of the beautiful Davis Mountains about 35 miles off Interstate 10 in West Central Texas. This is a Horseshoe route to allow for viewing the mountains coming and going and avoiding the flat prairies to the North. The town of Fort Davis has nice accommodations, motels, restaurants and gas, along with a Snake and Reptile museum. The colors of the Mountain cliffs range from orange to maroon to rainbow. Words really can't describe the ride through these Mountains. And it offers some of the coolest weather in Texas during the Summer.

Escape from New York City on Route 22
As soon as you pick up rte 22 from the Kensico Dam, rte 22 transforms from a congested, commercial shopping thoroughfare- laden with traffic lights and stop signs, you can turn this into the perfect little 2 hr trip but I'm only describing 22 up to about Bedford, NY (about 12 miles). Almost instantly you ride past and over the Kensico Reservoir on a 4 lane smoothly paved series of sweepers and bends. A few miles later 22 squeezes down to 2 lanes, as you go through some of the prettiest and wealthiest residential areas of Northern Westchester County.

River Road Along the Chagrin River
It has a nice mixture. Ride next to the Chagrin River, through wooded State Parks, Grassy fields, and past old farms. Just a nice enjoyable ride with some nice curves, nothing crazy. Lots of offshoo

Ohio State Route 78
There's lots of lush greenery and hills around. You'll pass by the 'Big Muskie Bucket' that they used for moving Earth back in the day.

New Sumerfield to Nacogdoches
You are in the piney woods of East Texas with towering pines on each side. This makes for a easy ride when its windy and country ride is beautiful with a laid back feeling. There are plenty of gentle turns and roling hills. This is the kind of ride where you can enjoy riding in the forest. At the end of the ride you reach Nacogdoches which is the oldest town in Texas with lots of shops and food. Enjoy!

Gig Harbor to Allyn on 302
Travels through rural Key Peninsula in Pierce County, Washington and hits the Puget Sound to get into some twisties south to Allyn. If you get stuck behind a slow driver, enjoy the views of the Puget Sound and the mountains.

FM 487
Plenty of Central Texas farmland and woods.

The Lake Thunderbird Run
I would personally rate this higher, but I didn't want to oversell. It has great two lane roads, passes the classic Hollywood Corners store, Toby Keith Home, great lake views, and begins/ends in old town area of Norman. Lots of great restaurants in Norman and scenery along the ride.

Devils Tower to Yellowstone on the Sweet 16
From breathtaking mountain vistas through the Bighorn National Forest and the unspoiled beauty along the Cloud Peak Skyway Scenic Byway, to the awe-inspiring limestone walls of Ten Sleep Canyon and the vivid colors of the Painted Desert, oodles of eye-candy truly make US Highway 16 the "Sweet 16." Called the best and easiest route to Yellowstone Park and The Black Hills because of its low grade and gentle curves in comparison to other routes over the Big Horn Mountains, The Sweet 16 offers plenty of sight-seeing. Forests, fossils, rock-climbing, abundant wildlife and more make The Sweet 16 appealing to those of diverse ages and interests.

Birch Road
Mill ponds,Creek Birch Lake hills,woods,

Frederick to Baltimore on Route 26
There are 2-3 farms on this route. This is a getaway from the baltimore traffic on a nice Friday morning. The route is 2 lane traffic with occasional passing zones. There are gas stations along route near the towns. There is section near liberty town with ample tree covering so please keep a watch out for deers. This is a rural part of MD which was hard to believe that it existed near city life.

Southeastern Utah on Highway 163
This is some of the most beautiful biking. Every trip I take to the Southwest, I try to route through here. In the Navajo Indian Reservation, this is where John Wayne filmed some movies. Large columns of rock rise from the desert floor and set the perfect backdrop for a great day of riding! There is nothing out there so come prepared with water and plenty of gas.

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park Run
The route begins riding down into a somewhat industrial valley and quickly gives way to a rural environment where you ride along portions of an old canal system. Once on Riverview road, the route is all wooded and meanders up and down hills, around curves, and along gently winding roads. There are plenty of side roads one can take to see specific natural beauty such as caves, waterfalls, and old bridges. Take the time to stop along the way and walk some of the 125 miles of hiking trails. Stop for lunch in Peninsula. Be aware that even on dry sunny days the streams and creeks may overflow onto the roads, so be watchful on the low-land roads.

Inchelium Ferry Loop
This route is alongside the river with breathtaking views from bluffs overlooking the river as it winds through the tall pines of Eastern Washington. The ferry is a short break from the ride. There is no preference to the direction you take the loop. All directions offer beautiful stops for photos and snack breaks (if you bring them)

Mount Vernon to Warsaw Loop
The stretch of 36 is the best that road has. When you're on 60 for that short stretch, you'll want to turn around and take it again (I've done that myself). And what you see of 541 is just amazing. You'll see strip mines, hills, trees, lots of twisties, elevation changes... the list goes on. Enjoy!

Ride Along the Grand River
Great views as you drive next to the Grand River for most of this route on less traveled roads.

Douro Tour
At the start we´ll go till Oporto, which is UNESCO patrimony. Leaving the city where is the mouth of the Douro River, we'll ride side by side with the river. we'll meet mountains and valleys with it's vineyards. In September is the best time to travel this run as the surrounding slopes are very beautiful!

Country Road
Along this roads the view is a little bit different from the ones we left behind. Mountains and rocks along with the highest mountain of Portugal continental, finishing with a beautiful lake.

Alentejo Road
We'll continue with plain fields with our cork trees. A very relaxing view along this route.

Taste of Dandridge & Bush Beans
This route covers the scenic back country roads of Jefferson County with lake views and tree lined curves. The route travels through historic downtown Dandridge where you can stop to visit with the locals. East Tennessee hospitality is second to none! Next you travel across the lake upon an old fashioned rail bridge that leads you to some great curves. Last stop is many curves later in Chestnut Hill where you can visit the Bush Beans Museum and General Store.

Cave Run Lake Loop
This route starts off following a valley with long sweeping turns. During the spring it is beautiful with the budding trees. After you turn onto 801 it won't be long until you follow the lake. This is a gorgeous section of the loop with the hills of eastern KY behind the lake. After that you follow another valley until you get back to town. All in all, this a beautiful section of road that highlights the classic eastern Kentucky scenery of hills and valleys. Almost all of the route is in Daniel Boone National Forest.

Susquehanna River
This parallels the Susquehanna River and goes through the state park. It is very scenic and nice places to stop in historic Port Deposit and Havre de Grace.

Lookout Mountain Road
Wonderful view of the Golden & the Denver Metro area when you reach the summit.

Route 3 to Marble Colorado
The ride is along a valley with Crystal River running adjacent to the roadway, with Island Lake alongside the road at about 1/2 way to Marble and Beaver Lake at the end of the end (just east of town). Forest and low density population make this a nice enjoyable trip. At the other side of Marble is the roadway (4x4 and trail bikes only) that leads to the ghost town of Crystal. Well worth the 5 mile trek if properly equipped. The beginning of the route offer a nice ride through some good twists, turns, and great scenery, ending up in Marble -- a small, sleepy mining town. Through town is the terminus of your ride, the Marble yard and mine. Take some time to walk around and enjoy the area and history. It is a nice "add-on" ride if doing the trip between Carbondale and Paonia.

Ellis County Loop
On this route you will see historic downtown Waxahachie, the Ellis County Courthouse, rolling hills, farm and ranch land, ponds, a lake, HiView Exotic Farm, good places to eat and a lot of small town charm.

NC Hwy 66 Near Brown Mountain
This route starts out along a mixture of small farms/pasture land with a view of Hanging Rock. The road meanders through sweeping curves through this type of scenery for about 4 miles before entering heavily wooded twisties and climbing Brown Mountain. The twistiest section is in the souther half of the route.

Spicewood Springs Road in Austin
Horses, farms, and wilderness in the city. Hills, trees, creeks, ponds. Not a fast road, but one to slow down and see the beauty.

Woolwine Hwy to Tuggles Gap
This road will take you along fields, streams and woods for the first 12 or so miles with scenic sweepers then you will suddenly enter more dense forest and start climbing an 8 or 9% grade with great twisties and a 55 MPH speed limit, allowing you to get on the throttle and climb the mountain.

Saylorville Lake Loop
The Saylorville Loop is a popular cruise for may motorcyclists. The loop takes you across the spillway and over the Mile Long Bridge. Some nice slow, curvy roads take you across the Lake and through the woods. Make sure to stop at the pull off point on the spillway to get a photo of your bike with the lake in the background.

Rist Canyon Road
The road is through a mountainous canyon, so there are beautiful trees, gorgeous streams, frequent mountain wildlife, beautiful hidden valleys, and scenic ridges. A great example of northern Colorado's foothills and mountains.

Roaring River Roller Coaster
Some small farms, but mostly wooded and some scenic views. Sometimes can see bald eagles...

McMurtry Milk Run
I rated the scenery as a 3 because the ride is so short. It's pretty, with trees marking both sides of the road. There's certainly wildlife to see as well, so watch out for deer!

Valley Springs to Mokelumne Hill Highway 26
This route covers great open fields with many land animals. Trees, small hills and plenty of sun!

Schramm State Park Run
Leaving the city life, you will be taken on some nice twisty roads that will wind you down to the Platte River. Along the way you can see the boaters on the river in the summer and the beautiful turning leaves in the fall.

Mojave National Preserve Tour II
I did this segment after doing ketumr's segment as I was heading up to Death Valley. The road was in considerably better shape than Kelso Cima Rd (the original Mojave National Preserve Tour route). Nice straight roads with a few oft curves through the desert. Literally NO ONE around. There are some great views of the hills to the east, and a good ride for someone who wants to go somewhere with no people.

Crowsnest Trail (Highway 3)
Mountain highways sweep from small town to small town. You'll have a lot of roadside turnout to stop to take a break while admiring the view. Take in incredible mountain views, forests, and desert during this trip, including some great little towns and even oddities like the very strange Spotted Lake, right before Osoyoos.

FM 3090
This route cuts through some nice Texas farm country that is scenic but not especially breathtaking.

FM 227 Into Davy Crockett National Forest
This route cuts through farmland closer to Grapeland and then transitions into forested hills in the Davy Crockett National Forest.

The Hidden Chisos Basin
This is a short drive but well worth the detour. Sotol plants with their 10 foot flower stalks seem to salute you as you pass and the mountains loom ever larger until they seem to surround you on all sides. Then you hit the switchbacks and climb into one of the few areas (perhaps the only?) in Texas where you can find a bear crossing sign. Enjoy the views in the Basin and your stay.

Texas 166 Loop Around Mt Livermore
166 is listed as a Texas scenic route and is also a birding trail with several suggested bird watching areas. Wiki link for Texas 166:

Short Albany - Altamont Loop
Impressive scenery on the ride given that it is not much outside Albany. 85A takes you through some small towns, which give way to more open farmland as you continue onto 156. Some interesting old barns and buildings, but mostly open cropland. The hills of Thatcher Park provide some nice views on your left as you head west on 156. The area around Altamont again brings some quaint town scenery. Continuing onto 146 and 201 bring you out into open fields with wide views. You end on Krumkill road which becomes a bit more forested and tight as you head toward Albany.

Blue Creek Road, Old Highway 87, and Pictograph Caves
This route takes you past Riverfront park, over the Yellowstone River, through Blue Creek, and along the winding road toward Pryor. It then heads up toward Lockwood, by way of the old highway. Lots of slow sweeping turns, long straightaways, and tight winding curves. Not the greatest scenery, but probably the best driving road in the county.

Old TN Highway 85
All rural road with a sparse number of houses and farms. It runs up and over a ridge, then down into a beautiful little valley. There are no overlooks or view points.

Deckers Along the Platte to Denver Area
This route takes you along the beautiful Platte River Valley and up and around S. Noddle Head. There are almost always people fly fishing in the river and the Noddle cliffs are gorgeous to behold. You end up in Jarre Canyon for the last leg of the journey.

Charles County Loop Along the Potomac River
This route covers the western portion of Charles County that remains very rural. Great back roads and views of the Potomac River. Some twisties are not for beginner riders.

Ohio Route 516 from Dover to Dundee
Nice country ride thru small town of Winfield. Some good 20 mph twistys. Few blind spots and be careful after a hard rain, may be a little gravel from driveways. Some elevation towards the end with nice country vistas. No pull offs.

Passo Tre Croci (Three-Crosses Pass)
The route passes through the Italian Dolomites mountains which form the southern Alps. The mountains in this area offer STARKLY JAGGED and uneven ridges that SEEM TO BURST OUT above the tree lines and make for some of the most distinctly beautiful mountain landscapes to be found anywhere in the world. Below these inspiring peaks lie rich green vibrant forests and fertile picturesque green valleys. Wonderful little villages and farms along the path as well! The mountain pass connects the famous ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo and Misurina. The scenery is a solid 5 Star rating throughout the whole route and CAN BE SEEN IN the uncut motorcycle video below.

Panoramica delle Vette
The route travels through wonderful green Italian mountain landscapes with green blanketed mountain valleys and rock outcroppings along the way. Along the route lakes are visible and depending on the time of the year you travel, the peaks (and the roads!) may be covered in snow.

Horsetooth Reservoir Tour
This road begins in the cute small town of Bellvue, and continues past a couple small farms to Horsetooth reservoir. The reservoir is beautiful with plenty of areas to pull off, hike, snack, or go for a swim when its warm.

Route 41 - Monroeville to Camden
This route winds through nice wooded areas with great curves and a few elevated scenic spots along the way overlooking the countryside.

Sandhills Loop
Sandhills as far as you can see. You'll see huge roller coaster hills, windmills and cows and many small lakes along the way.

Hwy 191 to the Yellowstone West Entrance
Rolling hills, great twisties along the Gallatin river. Hwy 191 is bar none the best way into Yellowstone for motorcycles!

Highland Valley Rd
The road goes past california's numerous avocado and citrus orchards, with views of the rolling east county hills. Expansive villas and small farms line this two lane road.

FM 1291 and 109
This route has few small hills to see some grass and fields. There really isn't much scenery, at least not when I was there. This road is really fun. I ride from New Ulm toward Fayetteville, turn around at the railroad tracks just before entering Fayetteville, and ride it backwards. This is a road I would suggest taking slow the first time just to get an idea of everything.

Auburn Black Diamond Road to Thomas Road
Along this route there are lots of trees, houses, and farms.

Orion Road
The route crosses Paint Creek 2 or 3 times, swoops down into a few valleys, and rises back up out of the woods into grazing land.

RT 487 - Bloomsburg to Dushore PA
Beautiful winding roads recently paved gliding along Fishing Creek, a premier trout fishing stream. Along the way the road climbs steeply toward Rickets Glen State Park, a great place to picnic,swim,fish or hike (free). From Rickets Glen the road twists and turns through mountain farms, stream and villages on the way to Dushore

US 85 Torrington to Bear Mountain Station
South end has has loads of crop and pasture land, a few ranches, and a few windmills. Bear Mountain and 66 Mountain are both visible from the highway. Near Hawk Springs expect to see deer or wild turkeys. a little further north is a wildlife refuge with some small lakes, waterfowl and pheasants. The entire road is mostly flat till you get to the Yoder junction and the gentle hills till you reach Torrington. On the North end of the route, you can see Laramie Peak to the west on a clear day. Scenic visibility can be 5-10 miles from most spots of the road.

State Route 88 from Wheeling to the PA Border
Lots of rolling hills that eventually wind there way through a college town.

Clarkston Road
Tree, houses, and nice small lakes .. much like most of this part of Michigan.

Twin Cities to Prescott and the Alphabet Roads Loop
Lots of farmland along the way, but this route isn't as much about the scenery. You'll see a lot of cool houses and farms, and the stretch along Great River Road has some nice glimpses of the Mississippi.

Boulder Junction Beauty
This amazing Ride starts on the Rustic Road K. It heads east towards Star Lake. Its beautiful canopy of trees overhead and Lake views are breath taking. Its sweeping corners and straights, shaded in summer is like air conditioning for the brain. Take Cty S left and head north. Hwy S also has lots of corners and lake scenery to enjoy. When you get to hwy B turn left again and head west for about 10 miles through upland tree country. Turn left on CTY M and go 5 miles and your back to Boulder Junction and the to within a mile of your start of the trip.

Mullica river loop
This route is small but very visually striking. Small rolling hills and twists that circle Mullica river and takes you past the Historic Batsto Village. Tall pines and country roads line either side as you pass small ponds. There are also areas to camp posted along this route. Overall, this is a collection of scenic roads in the New Jersey Pine Barrens that circle a river and pond. Near Old Egg Harbor City and Batsto Village. Its A small circular loop that lot of riders go past but miss.

Green West Texas
Broad horizon views. Many ranches with ridges and assorted greenery. Big sky.

The Legends of Music Barn Run
This ride takes you through some old world Amish Country. Many panoramic vistas, a windmill, an Amish school house and the highlight of the ride, The Legends Of Music Barn at 12.8 mile from the start, At 17 miles if it's a clear day you can see The Conesville towers off to your left. They are 21.5 miles away.

Worcester to Barre on Route 122
Trees line both sides of the road most of the way. Some spots also have lakes and creeks. Plenty of shady areas along the road so your not baking in the sun.

Hangman Valley Road to Valley Chapel Road
Rural farmland and river valley. Open grazing fields to creek/river bed valleys with trees over hanging roadway.

Mississippi Levee Roads
You will find yourself riding atop the Mississippi River Levee for quite a span. The left will be the river batture. In south LA the area between the levee and the river is called the Batture. Being elevated by the levee, the view to the right is miles of symmetrically planted agricultural far as the eye can see. Later you will cross the Old River Control Structures which is the head of the Atchafalaya Basin.

Mt Hood Forest to High Desert Plateau on the Wapinitia Highway
This cut-across highway between Hwy 26 and Hwy 97, is an easy ride on a quiet pristine double-lane road. It starts in a thick conifer forest and as one heads east it transitions to a pine forest then to the juniper and sage of the high-desert plateau.

Elephant Lake Road to Peterson Road
Enjoy this road in the spring, summer or fall but the hills afford some lake views. Spectacular fall colors.

English 42
I really like how shaded this road is. There are some farm animals and open fields. This isnt the ideal landscape but its different in a great way that I really enjoyed the scene when I rode it.

The Meridian Road Canopy Ride
The road is a little hilly but it is beautiful because of the trees and the plantations that are on both sides of the road. The trees make a nice canopy.

County Road 507
This road does have great scenery but because of it's technical difficulty I don't often pay too much attention to it. There are gorgeous granite rock cuts that often feel like they're overhanging some of the blind corners. It's almost completely tree lined with a few streams along the way.

Arbuckle Mountain Tour
See the Arbuckle Mountains up close and personal, as well as the beautiful farm land around the Washita River Valley. The route starts in Davis and can be taken to Sulphur and looped back again. Right off of I-35, this is an easy access ride for people from all over.

Lafayette to Battle Ground to Delphi
The scenery around the Wabash river is beautiful, if you can avoid the cornfields. This route follows the general path of the Wabash, but avoids most of the corn. The roads on this route are the twistiest I've found around Lafayette, and there are lots of trees. Battle Ground and Delphi are both scenic, historic rural communities, which are worth exploring on their own. The best part of the route is Tyler Rd -- it's twisty, wooded, well-paved, and relatively undeveloped.

Columbus to Dayton Trip
The ride is pretty straight and open for the first couple legs. Once you get passed London it will start getting a little hillier and the best parts are between Cedarville and Dayton. Wish there were some good workarounds with the towns, like Xenia, but it is nice to have the fuel/food options too.

KY 89 - Great Riding Road
KY 89 runs along the middle fork of Rockcastle River and Indian Creek. The route is canopied by trees in most parts with some homes dotted along the way.

KY 587 - Great Road to Visit
This is a very decent road with wild life along the way, we saw two deer, three groundhogs and possibly a fox. There are homes along the way so potentially slow traffic but we did not experience any traffic during the weekday.

Beaufort to Harkers Island NC
This route will take you through Beaufort all the way to the end of Harkers Island. The road through Beaufort is mainly commercial with some residential areas. Once you take a right onto US-70 after East Carteret High School, you will pass your first bridge. It is a gorgeous sight! You will pass several bridges until you reach the end of Harkers Island. From the end, you can see miles and miles of the outer banks and Cape Lookout lighthouse! The scenery is amazing, so be sure to take plenty of pictures!

Cape Carteret to Fort Macon
The beginning of the route will take you over the Emerald Isle bridge which crosses over Bogue Sound. You will see beautiful beach houses while crossing the island. In between Emerald Isle and Indian Beach you will be able to see Bogue Sound on your left and the Atlantic Ocean on your right. It is beautiful! Once you reach Fort Macon, you will see the Fort on your left and the Beaufort Inlet and Shackleford Banks to your right.

SR 313 to Dead Horse Point
Legend has it that 150 years ago cowboys rounded up a number of wild mustangs and after herding them to the point, fenced off any escape for them on a narrow 30 yard wide approach to the point. Later they retrieved some of the mustangs, but left the rest. Without water, they soon perished. It is definitely high plateau (6,000') desert country with less than 10" of rain per year. You can see it in the plants which are all small leaved with a waxy surface to retard evaporation. The animals restrict their movement to times of cool or at night. So while you may want to walk along some of the 8 miles of hiking trail, or utilize some of the bicycle trails, you can just walk along the main view point and see a spectacular view. I mean spectacular! You will be amazed of seeing the meandering Colorado River 2,000' below. You can see a panorama of layers of sedimentary rock displaying their vivid colors as they lay one on top of another. Sedimentary rock erodes in a vertical manner, so the multitude of distant cliffs are all laid out with their sheer drops. Occasionally the rock is punctuated by rare pockets of vegetation eking out a precarious life on narrow level ledges. Occasionally a raven or hawk may be flying by. The visitor center has some displays of plants, animals, and descriptions of the geology. They even have info for geocaching within the park. This area has been the location of a lot of films. Adventures of Joe Dirt (1999), Touched By an Angel (2001), Austin Powers 3 (2003), John Carter (2010), are just some of them. In 1975 I watched some of Against a Crooked Sky (w/ Richard Boone) being filmed and in 2009 watched some of The Canyon (w/ Will Patton) being filmed nearby. The entrance fee is $5., as this is not a federal park so the Golden Eagle pass doesn't work.

The Arches National Park Loop
The entrance station and visitor center are in the foreground of a virtual tapestry of red and tan sandstone. Up this wall of solid rock snakes the entry road. Near the top, a pull-off will let you look back at a geologic fault line running up the valley you just left. Everything on the west side is younger rock than anything on your side. Further progression will take you past amazing views of contorted, eroded, colorful sandstone rock layers. You'll see alcoves, points, domes, walls and even some balanced rocks. You will have a number of places to park to hike or just take photos. (Note: 95% of my photos were taken while sitting on my bike.) These unbelievable landforms were formed after deep underground salt deposits eroded and shifted allowing the surface rocks to weather in unique ways. The main attraction are the arches of which there are over 2,000 in the park. The number is not fixed as more get discovered and are formed or destroyed by the wind and water continuingly sculpting the rock. One of the first overlooks is of a wide open area with the La Sal mountains in the background. They are lumpy and jagged on the tops as they were formed by forces pushing up, while this park's rocks were formed by layers under seas and lakes before being eroded from the top. The landform walls here are mostly vertical. The next stop will be at the Windows Area where there are several arches easily hikable. As you approach this area you will pass Balanced Rock which was in the opening scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. On down the main road will take you to a turn that brings you to the parking area for a look at the old Wolf Ranch (used in the late 1800s) and start of the moderately difficult hiking trail up to Delicate Arch (probably the most photographed arch in the world). Unfortunately, no bikes, although you can take the paved road further on to the lower view of the arch with a short walk. The main road will then take you past more beautiful views and overlooks. A stop at Sand Dune Arch will let you take a real short hike up to one near the road. You will also pass a lot of gnarly juniper trees and dark green pinyon pine, the main trees in the park. Landscape Arch at the end of the road is a 1.6 mile hike out and back, but is the most spectacular in length. At 290', it's the longest natural arch in the world. We used to be able to hike under it, but several slabs have broken off in the last twenty years and the trail is now closed. Don't know how long it will last. One earthquake would doom it. Of course, if you have time and energy, there are many trails out to many arches you could take. But as this is a m.c. site, you can still see a lot by never leaving your bike. The movies shot here include Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1988), Thelma & Louise (1990), Nurse Betty (2000), and others. At the Red Cliffs Lodge along Hwy. 128 (the Colorado River), at m.p.14 are displays and lists of all the movies and ads using this area. Although there are usually lots of tourists, I find that with a bike I can always find niches to park in to stretch or take photos. Just beware of tour busses, they don't slow down for anybody! Do stop at all the pullouts as each is a different aspect of geology. The visitor center is pretty new and has good info. A pass for the park can be used at nearby Canyonlands locations, too.

K32 out of KC to K24 on to Topeka
Kansas river, trees, bridges, rail road tracks, farms and Kansas prairie can been seen during this ride.

Lithia Routes 39 and 37 Loop
Lots of sprawling fields, lakes, and orange orchards. Passes by the Teco plant that is the only one in Florida that has a tower that is called a Gasifier.

Route 10 to Kerstings Harley and Motorcycle Museum
Riding west on 10 you will have some curves, straights, and nice scenery of farm land, wood lines, and a few lakes.

K Highway
This route goes through the Huckleberry Ridge Conservation Area. It's nestled in pine tree's and you will see deer and people trail riding enjoying the scenery.

John's Valley Road
This ride through the John's Valley and East Fork Sevier River travels through open range country with mountains to either side. Virtually no traffic except for cattle! A super ride when leaving Bryce Canyon and heading north.

Road to Oz
This route is the only way up to Beech Mountain Resort. The weak part is all the development. The strong part is the beautiful views and that you get to the Land Of Oz at the top (note: Land of Oz is currently listed on Google as "defunct" and only open to the public one weekend in the fall). We were late in the day at dinner time for deer and saw many doe with twins and triplets.

Hutto Ganger Georgetown Loop
This route while longer features many curves while most of it being nearby either creeks and lakes. The 1660 segment has some twisties with views of farms trees and brushey creek. 1660 road quality is ok but watch the shoulders as road not always even on shoulder. the 95 segemnt is straight and good roads, the route around lake granger has great views of lake granger including a long drive over the dam itself. the segment along highway 29 has many trees farms and older farm builings to view is curvy and follows the San Gabriel river.

South of Stafford Loop
This ride starts out at on Hwy 1 just south of Safford and is very curvacious. The scenery is unbelievable farmland where you'll see some corn fields, forests, ponds, and some horses. There is a small store with no gas.

Old Weaver and Other Roads Near Falls Lake
This route starts and ends in the parking lot of Walmart in Brier Creek area (doesn't sound very appealing, I know but it gets better and better). We go through part of state highway 1641 and enter on Virgil road, one of the most twisty roads in the area. Continuing NE on state road 1811, the route crosses Falls lake on 2 bridges with a beautiful view of the lake on both sides. The route then continues on windy roads: old weaver, new light road, pleasant union church road and part of six forks road.

The Grand Algoma
The tour follows the Lake Superior shoreline North to Wawa, then inland through the heart of the boreal forest, with a section tight to the Mississauga River and cliffs on the other side. Hwy 17 from Thessalon to the Sault (Soo) contains, hills and sweepers through farmland and forest, but along the North Shore of Lake Huron. This route combines the two largest great lakes, Superior and Huron, for half of the tour.

Frying Pan Road - Ruidi Reservoir
This route has as its start the quaint town of Basalt. Heading east out of town on Frying Pan Road takes you quickly to winding roads with red cliffs and bluffs overlooking the road and Frying Pan River. The river tracks along the road about 20 miles up the valley to Ruedi Reservoir, an emerald blue lake that is a surprise in this highland. Keep traveling past the reservoir another 10-15 miles to the terminus of the road and trail head for off-roaders. It is well worth the side trip if you are near Glenwood Springs or Aspen.

Along the River To Hell
full of trees railroad tacks and farm land it may be hard to keep your eyes on this curvy road.

Anchorage to Fairbanks
Anchorage tends to be like any other larger city, but as Anchorage faded behind us, we came upon Talkeetna, which offers magnificent views of Mt. McKinley and also a quaint little artsy stop over. From there we proceeded to Denali State park which offers magnificent mountains and lakes on further north to Nenana home of the Railroad museum and Moochers Tavern and finally on into Fairbanks.

Hwy 49 from East Glacier to US Hwy 89
Two lane road winding thru beautiful hills and valleys of the eastern side of Glacier NP.

Routes 116 to 84 to 2
This route covers some great roads, You start at sea level and climb to about 1700 feet then come back down to about 500 feet above sea level,Great mountain and river veiws

Salem to Charlestown on Route 160
This route combines the many different scenic views of southern Indiana ranging from creeks, hills, trees, an old castle looking church, passing through Clark State Forestry. The route includes many different left and right curves.

Manitoulin Island Run
Scenic road with lots of curves. If you like water scenery, this road takes you right through the heart of the Island. There are beautiful high spots with incredible look outs.

Beaver Valley Run
Beaver Valley starts at a ski resort, coming off the mountain is short lived, but very scenic. Grey County Rd 13 is more flat, but filled with great turns.

The 606
Very challenging turns, but unique roads as they are inclined to the turn. Trees, forest and mountain views. Reaching the top gives you the option to make your way along the ridge to a beautiful look out. Road ends at the airport further down.

US Highway 52 in Southeastern Virginia
Lots of mountains, tree and the like...if you're brave enough to look while hitting the twisties up and down the mountain.

Mt Olivet Loop
Rolling hills, some farmland, lots of Pine Trees - typical West Georgia.

Conway to Perryville on Route 60
This route is typical backroad AR country with a few farms, small towns, and a couple of RR crossings. There's not much to stop and see, but it's a good relaxing cross over between Conway (on I-40) and Highway 9/10.

Boulder Junction and Presque Isle
Fall color extraordinaire. This route can start in Boulder Junction, Take hwy M north out of Boulder Junction where it crosses the Manitowish river. Continue on M to stop sign at Cty B. Turn left on B and view highland forest and numerous lakes along its path towards Presque Isle. Presque Isle is the gateway town to the UP of Michigan. Turn left on Cty W, heading west you will enjoy scenic beauty of forest and lake views called by Presque Isle, the last wilderness. Continue to Cty P, turning left and now heading south thru numerous lakes and curves that will have you remembering natures blessings. At Cty K turn left and your now heading east back to Boulder Junction and a few watering holes and restaurants, grocery store and gasoline station. Each section of this trip has a little river, lots of lakes and highland forest to enjoy.

Chinle to Shiprock
In Chinle there are plenty of eateries and fuel stations so fill up before stopping at the Park Information Center. This trip goes along the North rim of the Canyon De Chilly ... not as grand as the Grand Canyon, but beautiful in their own right! The landscape changes several times going up through and over a Buffalo Pass and ends in a desert environment with limited amenities along the way.

Piceance Creek by County Road 5
This canyon is part of the Piceance Basin (pronounced pee-ance) which has vast deposits of coal, oil, and natural gas. Along this route you will see some gas pumping stations although most of the actual drilling is off the road some distance. There they use high pressure sand and water pumped into fractures in the rock underground (called fracking). Most of the route is pastureland with a couple of ranches. If lucky you may see a wild horse. There are trees from stately Douglas fir, to round pinion and juniper. The roadside is almost entirely lined with yellow flowering rabbitbrush and fragrant sagebrush. Several old cabins are along the way. You'll pass an old stone building that needs a photo taken. The actual Piceance Creek looks too small to carve this quarter mile wide canyon, but it has meandered back and forth for many years. At the end, it runs into the White River (which is another scenic route). The sides are walls of sandstone and shale, some quite colorful.

North River Run
While East river road before Anoka is a humdrum of sprawl, the beautiful downtown of Anoka and the winding rural scenery of Dayton River Road more than make up for it. In the final stretch, the twists and turns offer spectacular views, hugging the bends of the Crow River.

WI Hwy 179
Typical driftless area surrounding, farmlands and forest, rolling hills and valleys. Fall time colors add to the visual appeal. Watch for farm vehicles, but traffic is usually very light

St. Cloud to Melbourne and on...
Farms, Animals, Trees, Lakes and bugs all visible on this stretch of road. Its a smooth road with limited bends and turns with simple views of different types of trees and livestock. Just follow the signs for 192 East. Additionally, once at Melbourne, you can jump on 95 and head north or south or turn around and head back. Overall a nice ride.

Get Me Outta the City Pronto! Mandeville Loop through the Woods
This trip will take you through some nice sweeping turns and mild elevations. LA 435 passes near the rear exit of Money Hill and there are lots of trees in places along the route. Depending on the time of day, some shade is provided by overhanging trees in certain spots. Mossy oaks can be spotted intermittently too.

De Beque Cuttoff - 45.5 Road
The start gives a hint of the fun ahead. You can see the rough, jumbled canyon walls that rise up along the road, so you know it will be curvy. The sandstone rocks are broken up to give a different view every few feet of your ride. As you climb to a low pass, you will see homesteads tucked into niches here and there. The pinyon and juniper get more numerous along with the other usual semi-arid plants as the rocks level out somewhat. Some of the rock layers are quite striking and some cap rocks prevent lower layers of rock from eroding so there are vertical towers and drop-offs all along the first 5 miles. Near the top (there is no actual "pass"), the vegetation gets more sparse and you have long views of the Book Cliffs to the north. Large trees line the road after dropping down into the irrigated fields of hay around the small ranches along the last mile of road. The ranchers raise mostly horses, but some cattle graze, too. There are some interesting sights in this lower ranch area, as my photos will show, from old buildings and farm implements, to surprises you'll have to look for. This section, about a mile long, ends by I-70 and can take you into De Beque, a small town.

Mindoro Cut - Hwy 108
Hwy 108 runs through mainly agricultural land in valleys and over wooded hills and bluffs. Much of the southern part is twisty enough to keep your attention on the road, and not the scenery.

La Sal Loop Road
Spectacular views, challenging turns, lots of variety. You'll leave the steep, red rock canyon walls along the Colorado River, then travel along an irrigated valley with small, scattered ranches and homes. They are surrounded by tall cliffs of jagged rocks and spires that give the impression of castles soaring above. You will have a straight-on view of the La Sal Mountains which rise up to 12,721' on Mt. Peale. The mountains are pointed igneous rock, which comes from molten rock, as opposed to the flat topped rocks all along your route through Castle Valley which is sedimentary rock created by layers of eroded rock and then compressed. Your route will take you from Moab up 4,274' to an elevation of 8,300'. As you are about to leave Castle Valley, a careful look off the north will show a few building remnants of old Castleton, an abandoned town. You will climb up from semi-arid landscape of dry brush along with pinyon and juniper trees. Gamble oak is next, then some aspen and conifer trees at the higher elevations. Looking back gives views to the north over Castle Valley, the Colorado River area and Arches National Park. There are only a few pull offs. The road has many curves along here, so the going is slow, but challenging and fun. You can see the La Sals to your left and the distant Henry Mountains far to the right. Nearer to the right is the Moab Valley. There are several turn offs to campsites and Warner Lake, but those are dirt roads. You will eventually come back down into the valley and the pastures south of Moab.

Mohawk Valley Hilltops
This route runs up, down, and sometimes across, the rolling hills along the north side of the Mohawk River. Riders will encounter a variety of scenery as a result. The eastern part of the route winds through thickly wooded hollows cut into the hillsides by clear-running mountain streams. Farther west, the route is flanked by farmland with wide cornfields and quaint farmhouses spreading as far as the eye can see. The hilltops and ridges in the Stone Arabia area west of Fonda provide expansive views of the gorgeous Mohawk Valley. These features combined make this a great ride at any time of year, but the scenery is at its peak in fall when the valley is shrouded in hues of red, orange, and yellow. Riders beginning this route early on a fall morning between mid-September and mid-October will also be treated to views of the Mohawk Valley wrapped in a blanket of fog.

North Maine - Fourth Corner Pilgrimage
During our trip, the colorful fall foliage was just starting to appear and the colors added tremendously to our viewing pleasure. After Saint Leonard, U.S. 1 parallels the Canadian border and the St John river valley. The scenery in both Maine and looking across the river into Canada was absolutely fabulous. The forested hills with the fall colors starting on both sides of the river/border was a never-ending ride of rural quietness. ME 11 from Kent, ME southward, was most definitely our favorite part of this loop ride. The scenery and the sparse population contributed to the enjoyable, solitary "one with the road" feeling. We left Ft Kent just prior to sunset and the falling sun bouncing off the high cirrus clouds produced very impressive colors. We stopped at the side of the road on probably every hilltop to take pictures of them.

Hwy 66/103 Evergreen Parkway to Mt Evans turnoff
most scenic route to get from Evergreen to Idaho Springs, highly recommend!

Vernon City P
This route lives in the heart of SW Wisconsin's Driftless Region. Twisty roads, bluffs, and the coulees of the Kickapoo river valley. Fall colors bring out the best views, but any time of the riding season provides excellent eye candy

Route 40 - Charity Hwy - Ferrum to Woolwine
Mountains, vistas overlooking deep valleys, rivers, creeks, farmland.

PA944 and PA997
Pa 944 and Pa 997 are an absolute joy to ride. The tarmac is in good condition throughout most of this 52 mile journey, so you can enjoy tackling this route at a 'sporting pace' or a leisurely one. Either way - this is my favorite way to travel West of Harrisburg. The route is generally lightly traveled. The further West you ride, (particularly on 997) the more likely you are to encounter more Amish Buggies than cars. Watch out for horse pies... We will start where Pa 944 intersects with Pa 34 just north of Carlisle. Pa 944 extends to Enola Pa but the fun factor for that stretch is limited as it is more heavily traveled and much more urban. There are not very many places of note along this route - the road and the scenery are your reasons for being here! That said, for us 2nd Amendment enthusiasts, you can take a break for some target shooting at the pistol range approximately 1.5 miles from the start. Here is Mrs Pa Motorcycle Tours squeezing off a few rounds at the range: From the pistol range onward, Pa 944 is great mix of gently rolling hills and mostly mild curves. The curves become more frequent as you near the end with several fun S curves and a few wide open sweepers with great visibility. A few of the S curves are tight and with limited visibility so be careful. For the most part though - this ride is scenic. As you come to the end of Pa 944 at Pa 233 you will definitely stop and ponder how beautiful and fun that ride was ! There is more though. Turn right onto Pa 233 for a mile or so and then make a left on to Pa 997 South. For an in-depth description of this route, visit -

Venus Line (Nagano)
This route will take you through the mountain roads around the Nagano Prefecture in Japan. This is the popular ski area of Japan. So expect this road to be closed in the winter. There is an art museum at the north end of the road if one feels like stopping to check out Japanese culture.

Izu Skyline (Toll Road)
This road runs along the ridge line of the Izu peninsula. The route can be run north to south or vice versa. There are a number of scenic overlooks and shrines scattered along the route. The landmark Mt. Omuro, an extinct volcano, can be visited just east of the Southern end of the route.

Chula Vista to Julian
This is a stretch of highway running between the city of Chula Vista (eastlake) and along the CA-94 Highway all the way to the beautiful Town of Julian, beautiful and surreal landscape. There are creek beds, and then some nice canyon-like sections with steep drop offs, massive mountains, small ranches, some wildlife, forrest and even a lake (cuyamaca). A little bit of everything and Something for everyone who loves the outdoors and bery little population.

Route 268 Between Wilkesboro and Warrior
Lots of hills, farm land, twistys long sweeping curves and some straightaways. Lots of Barns and farm houses

Route 143 - New Tripoli to Virginville
Very scenic ride whether your riding north or south. Streams, cliffs run along this route. You'll even ride past a covered bridge. The ride will take you through twisting curves, elevation changes and views you'll remember.

The Tennessee Legend
The scenery along this route is world class, mountains valleys, rivers and canyons. The Tennessee Legend is a great way to see this picturesque and history-filled region of East Tennessee. Beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking scenic vistas have blessed this area with a true sense of wonder and appeal. The reason for this route is to connect all the beautiful scenery of the Tennessee valley in a way that the visitor can see the big picture all in one ride!

Photo provided by and granted permission to display

North Central Texas - Dinosaur Valley Route
The scenery here is very nice and exceptional for North Central Texas. The rivers are clear and run over visible flat rock bottoms with little water falls. The hills are rugged and, while not mountains, provide some nice elevation changes. Some of the ranches along the route are impressive as well.

Kananaskis HWY 40
Amazing Mountain Views. Almost no man-made structures. Make sure to stop at the top of the Highwood Pass.

Ashinoko Skyline (Toll Road)
This road runs along the ridge line to the west of Lake Ashi. There are a number of scenic pullout points along the road that provide great views of Fujisan to the west or Lake Ashi to the east. On a very clear day one might be able to see south out to the Pacific Ocean.

Hakone Skyline (Toll Road)
This road rides along the peak on the northwest edge of Lake Ashi. To the west one can see majestic Fujisan. There are a handful of pullouts for scenic overlooks. After riding this route one can head down to the east side of Lake Ashi and try their "famous" black hard-boiled eggs or visit a hot spring or the aquarium.

Crabtree Falls Road
This is a fantastic rustic road through the Blue Ridge Mountains that follows Crabtree Creek. It crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway as well so this is a great way to start your adventure on the parkway either north or south.

Hwy 62 East of Telequah
Twisty road through eastern Okla Forest. One of the more scenic drives in the entire state of Okla.

Pescadero to Alice's
The scenery varies but it is mostly a two-lane road in the woods, with very high trees providing shade and a creek along the way.

Edgewood up to Golden on Route 344
Typical high desert type of trees and brush along the entire route. Once out of Edgewood NM there are no stop signs or stop lights making for a easy ride.

Tom Hughes Park Road
This is a perfect road to get a snapshot of Lake Travis and the beautiful houses that are lakefront. but don't keep your head to far off the road because there are nothing but hairpins and blind turns.

Passo dello Stelvio
The Stelvio is one of the most famous passes in Italy. The route goes through the Stelvio National Park and is very mountainous. Snow remains on the slopes well into the summer months. This pass borders Switzerland, and there is a road from the pass that will take you into that country.

ASKED FOR MAP 26 APR - SE Massachusetts Loop
Scenery is good along this route, especially when riding around the lakes in Lakeville and through the state forest. You also get some nice ocean views in Onset if you choose to stop there and explore a little.

Wingdale Mountain Road
This road is a real "Diamond in the Rough." The scenery ranges from open fields, mountain ranges, and tight downhill turns ( or Uphill depending on which way your going ) through the woods

PA-849 to PA-34
Winding roads will take you through sections of thick woods and then some open/corn fields (depending on the time of year). This ride also taps into Little Buffalo State park which is where the wooded scenery comes in.

Spring Green to Prairie du Chien Along the Wisconsin River
Lots of hills, valleys, bluffs, trees, and fields along this scenic river run. Route follows the path of the Wisconsin River and although the path of the road stays mostly a distance away from the actual river, there are a few points when you come upon the river and get river views.

Niagara Parkway
The route starts at Old Fort Erie, which offers a rich historical experience. There are picnic areas to stop at and enjoy some down time, as well as tours available. Heading north along the Niagara River, offers views of New York State and the Niagara River Bank. As you approach Niagara Falls you will be surrounded by tall trees, with patches of sunlight trickling through the branches. The trees subside and open to reveal the Niagara Skyline. Views of the Skylon Tower, Fallsview Casino, Ferris Wheel and lights as far as the eye can see will greet you. Following the winds of the road, to the right side you will see the grand wonders of Niagara Falls as the mist kisses your face. Continuing further north you will see the Niagara Rapids and the cliff line of the Niagara Gorge. Upon entering Queenston, you will see the Brock Monument, which is on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. Be sure to stop, climb the tower and enjoy the view. Continue down the Escarpment, passing Fort George, you will enter the quaint town of Niagara-On-The-Lake. Niagara-On-The-Lake offers one of a kind shopping and dining experiences as well as many wineries.

NO MAP - FIGURE OUT LATER - Arizona Route 66 from Surprise to Lupton
Everything to see here from mountains to donkeys in Oatman to cheap tourist blankets in Lupton. One of the best times of my life with my son.

Detroits Jefferson Avenue Along the Water
this route covers, the detroit river, bell isle state park, metro park, lower huron park. you also ride past the chrysler plant, cobo hall, heart plaza. the detroit river walk, and various boat clubs.

Mesa Grande Road
While a short ride, Mesa Grande Rd contains all the elements of riding on a rural scenic California byway. It is like riding Carmel Valley Rd (Monterey County) but in 20 minutes instead of 90. The scenery seems close up, and is best enjoyed at touring speeds.

Guardsman Way to Pine Canyon Drive
The route is a beautiful mountain road. At the beginning in Big Cottonwood Canyon, it is a winding road that climbs the canyon wall, with several switchbacks and excellent views. On top, it follows the long hills and gentle curves of the mountains, giving you long areas of sun and open grassland. When you turn off Guardsmans Way onto Pine Canyon Rd., it enters an Aspen forest, winding its way down the other side of the mountain and into Midway.

Taylorsville loop
Hwy 148 is a great rolling slow curving country rode. For me the turn at Bloomfield to Taylorsville is the best part of the ride.

Taylorsville loop
Hwy 148 is a great rolling slow curving country rode. For me the turn at Bloomfield to Taylorsville is the best part of the ride.

Taylorsville loop
Hwy 148 is a great rolling slow curving country rode. For me the turn at Bloomfield to Taylorsville is the best part of the ride.

Taylorsville loop
Hwy 148 is a great rolling slow curving country rode. For me the turn at Bloomfield to Taylorsville is the best part of the ride.

Scenery is mostly open fields. The highlight of this is that you are riding through a valley so beyond the fields is a mountain on both sides. This is great to ride in the fall for the foliage. Whether looking left or right, all you see is beautiful mountain side.

New Glarus Loop
Parts of the Hwy 92 route as well as the County E and Z are highly scenic and unlike what you might expect being in the upper midwest.

Port Townsend
This route starts off kind of weak with scenery as you are on I-5. As soon as you hit the 101 the road dramatically changes. The road follows right along side of the Puget Sound going through multiple small towns along the way.

Ladakh, Himalaya, India
This route takes you through the highest motorable road in the world, while going through diverse breathtaking scenery: mountains, valleys, apricot trees and crystal clear lakes, tucked away from civilization.

Badger Mountain
On the Waterville side, sweeping views of the snow capped peaks of the North Cascades, and on the Wenatchee side, an incredible birds eye view of the Wenatchee Valley. Apple orchards abound on the Wenatchee side, while pine forests hug the crest of the road, dropping down into prarie on the Waterville side.

Delaware River, NY-97 (Sparrow Bush to Roebling Bridge)
This 20-mile route east of the Delaware River is part of the Delaware Water-Gap National Recreation Area and is within sight of a beautiful section of the river most of the way. The Pocono Mountains lay beyond the western forested shore. On a hot summer day, boaters in mass can be seen paddling the river. Overall, this ride experience is unique.

Curvy Little Stretch in Central Iowa
Average country scenery for Iowa. This route is suggested more for the curves than the scenery.

ASKED FOR MAP on 11 APR Fletcher NC to Chimney Rock/Lake Lure
This is a gorgeous ride through the country. Around every bend is another piece of landscape that just makes you stop and take pause. As you get nearer to downtown Chimney Rock, you are flanked on right by a roaring river and beautiful rock formations. Chimney rock in and of itself is impressive and the downtown area has many offering for food, retail and even a Harley Davidson store. Continuing through downtown Chimney Rock, you snake around the beautiful Lake Lure. We ended at Larkins on the water. The food is very good, reasonably price, the service is a little slow, but what beats eating lunch on the water. There is also a great farm stand on that road during the summer season.

ASKED MAP 26 APR - Best of East Huntsville/Madison County
This route rides through the rolling hills of northeast Madison County. Beginning in the small community of New Market continuing through the rolling hills surrounding Hurricane Creek and Madison County Lake. After crossing Hwy 72, the route snakes along the eastern side of Monte Sano. After crossing Hwy 431, the route widens and following Cecil Ashburn with its four lanes and scenic overviews of South Huntsville.

tress, lakes, beach

National Forest Road 249
This is newly paved, two lane National Forest road that traverses a section of the National Forest damaged by a forest fire in 2011. The road provides a rare glimpse into the devastation of a wide ranging forest fire and the subsequent rebirth of a forest. Numerous scorched, yet still live, trees interspersed among thousands of acres of fire ravaged and dead trees.

ASKED FOR MAP 26 APR - Stillwell - Lake Tenkiller
Winding curves through the Cookson Hills interspersed by stretches through valleys where you can open it up a bit. Vistas are constantly changing.

Hudson Hope,Chetwyn,Tumbler Ridge Scenic Route
All the way on Highway 29 from Charlie Lake to Tumbler Ridge up on HWY 29 joins to HWY 97 to Dawson Creek Beautiful Biking Road

North River Road - Midland to Saginaw
This route follows a river, so a nice river view is available at times. It also passes a nice looking Apple Mountain Resort.

ASKED FOR MAP ON 11 APR Smithville-LaGrange on FM153 through Winchester
Fine road through Central Texas ranchland with occasional sweeper curves.

The Pensacola Scenic Highway
The route passes Chimney Park, site of the Hyer-Knowles Planning Mill Chimney, and the scenic bluffs. Along the ride are some of the most majestic homes in the city. There are various places along the route to pull off and stand on the bluff overlooking the Escambia and Pensacola Bays.

LaSalle and Catahoulla Parish Line Ride
This route is like most roads in Louisiana. There are areas where the trees are right up next to the road. Then there are areas where the trees have ben cut back and you can see the rolling hills. Its not the scenery that will thrill on this route. It is the curvy road that will be enjoyed by all.

NC 215 - Alternate to or from Blue Ridge Parkway
A nice alternate to the southern part of the famed NC 215 between the Blue Ride Parkway and US 64. You can ride the best of 215 and use ride this stretch to extend the fun. The road is densely lined with Mountain Laurel in places, and there some very nice views. In places, you get that wonderful feeling of passing through a tunnel of trees. Some really nice flowing creek views too, with some opportunities to pull over and enjoy.

Richland to Shelbyville
This is one of my go-to rides when I want to get away for an afternoon. The first part of this route (M-43) is a lovely combination of wooded and farmland roads. Several lakes can been seen along it. The remainder is wooded, and cuts through Yankee Springs State Recreational Area.

A road with twists and switchbacks that defy your confidence in your skills while at the same time bombarding you with sublime beauty and incomparable views. The unspoiled beauty of this ride is seductive, compelling and a sharp contrast to the skill and concentration you will need on your journey. Adrenaline junkies will find all the tight turns and elevation changes they need or want on this road 4,784 feet above sea level. You'll be truly amazed and understand the true meaning of the word "awesome" as you stand at a scenic overlook viewing the gorgeous mountain scenery. You can see several states stretching out for miles on a clear day. Numerous rest stops along the way allow you to soak up the beauty and magic of America's most beautiful mountains.

The Bettie Way
FM 2088 Scenery is a combination of Pine woods and rolling hills with wide open ranches. Some curves are surrounded by grazing cattle and beautiful landscapes of green pastures and ponds. You'll roll up and down rolling hills that open up for miles on each side to picturesque landscapes. Note: While FM 852 is mentioned in another MCR description, I'll add that it is beautiful in the Spring time with Green Trees and Rolling Green pastures as you sweep through some nice fast curves with the occasional 30 MPH curves.

ASKED TO SEND MAP ON 26 APR - Oahu, Hawaii
Amazing views everywhere you go from beaches, ocean, cliffs, mountains, ponds, forest, city, you name it, this route has it.

This route seems to have a little something of everything! You'll travel through heavily treed areas, farmland and some hills with beautiful valley views. You'' pass a quiet country cemetery and have the potential to see some wildlife including deer and wolves.

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Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Alabama >
(AL) is a great state for motorcycle roads that combine rich heritage and culture stops blended with scenic beauty. Motorcycle rides can be enjoyed along some state designated trails designed specifically to showcase cultural, historical, and scenic stops along the path. A sampling of the trails available are the Civil Rights Museum Trail, the Civil War Trail, the Native American Trail, and the Covered Bridge Trail. Scenery in the state varies from rolling hills, vast untapped & lush forests, and a small stretch of the Gulf coastline.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes >

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Alaska >
Alaska (AK) is a scenic paradise offering long & lonely roads to those who venture up north to this "last frontier" of America. The state offers motorcycle riders endless miles of unspoiled natural beauty to include mountains, forests, coastlines, and wildlife. For many, the biggest challenge will be getting your motorcycle too this great state as the path from the lower 48 to Alaska is not entirely paved and so gravel road traveling will be a necessity. However, once you get there, the challenges will not be over as weather, lodging, and wildlife concerns are factors that must always be planned around. However, if you make the journey and join the few that have toured this great state by two-wheels, you will no doubt have made memories for a lifetime.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Arizona >
As strange as this sounds, naming Arizona (AZ) the Grand Canyon State sells the state short as the state has so much more to offer visitors than access to this world famous "natural wonder of the world." The state will offer motorcycle riders one of the most diverse scenery repertoires in all of America featuring canyons, lush forests, cactus laden deserts, alpine mountain scenery and a collection of pristine lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Favorite destinations for motorcycle rides are Sedona, Flagstaff, Tucson, Phoenix and of course the Grand Canyon.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Arkansas >
It may come as a surprise to some but Arkansas (AR) with its mountain ranges and vast stretches of untapped forests is truly has SOME OF THE BEST MOTORCYCLE ROADS IN THE US!! And, motorcycle riders will find plenty to do when its time to pull the bike over and take a break: great camping/hiking opportunities, Arkansas wine country (the largest and oldest in the south), numerous art galleries and music festivals, and the Clinton Presidential Library.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > California >
California (CA) offers an incredible diversity of motorcycle road scenery. The state is blessed with over 1,100 miles of Pacific Coast shoreline, countless miles of arid canyon and twisted mountain road riding, vast stretches of alpine mountain roads, and some of the most appealing cities in the world. And, as one of the most popular tourist states in America, the Golden State is sure to offer motorcyclists looking for things to do off the bike an amazing menu of choices.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Colorado >
For many motorcycle riders, exploring Colorado (CO) motorcycle roads is the ultimate motorcycle touring dream and perhaps the top most coveted motorcyclist destination in America. Many of America's most breathtaking stretches of the Rocky Mountains are found within this abundantly blessed state. Also, Colorado completely rolls out the red carpet for visitors and so riders will find a large array of amenities to take in when it's time to pull over and get off the bike. Some of the favorite motorcycle ride destinations are Durango, Rocky Mountain National Park, Aspen, and Silverton.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Connecticut >
Connecticut (CT) is known as the "the picturesque southern gateway to New England" and is within an easy drive for motorcycle riders traveling from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and eastern Pennsylvania. The northern region is home to the Litchfield Hills' rolling landscape, villages centered around "town greens," and abundant antique shops. Central Connecticut is home to Hartford, the Connecticut River valley, and an array of old tobacco farms. Eastern Connecticut features approximately 120 miles of Atlantic coast shoreline. Connecticut motorcycle rides are sure to provide motorcyclists with miles of memories.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Delaware >
Delaware (DE), a state rich in history, rural and urban scenery, and known for its tax-free shopping is a state with motorcycle roads that offer views of thick forests, riding along shorelines, through hills and wooded lands. When it's time to get off the bike you can enjoy casinos, beaches, and hiking.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Florida >
The Sunshine State is one of the most popular tourist locations in the world and has an incredible 1,197 miles of shoreline, palm trees, and beaches touching both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida's (FL) terrain is generally level and so its motorcycle roads tend to be relatively straight yet there are some good exceptions. Additionally Florida is home to some of the best amusement parks in the world, the beautiful and relaxing Florida Keys, countless quite beach & port towns, and a "fisherman's paradise."

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Georgia >
Georgia (GA) offers a healthy collection of assorted scenic attractions such as mountains, coastline, lush forests, and many freshwater bodies that will provide a picturesque backdrop for some wonderful motorcycle rides. The state is rich in Historical Southern culture defined by its people, its music, its history & festivals and will provide motorcyclists with some distinctive amenities. The coastal area of Georgia specializes in windswept beaches, tranquil marshlands, and popular motorcycle ride destinations like Savannah and Fort McAllister Historic Park.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Hawaii >
Hawaii (HI) has always been revered as a nirvana of scenery and natural beauty! Motorcycle riders on this state's islands will find it hard to keep their eyes on the road when so much scenery abounds on these lush islands. Each island offers it's own buffet of scenic driving however the biggest challenge may be simply getting your motorcycle to the island(s) or arranging to lease a bike. Plan ahead and bring plenty of film and be prepared to become a member of the small group of motorcycle riders fortunate enough to travel the "Aloha State."

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Idaho >
For motorcycle riders looking for some great scenery, you'll find many gem rides within the Gem State. Idaho (ID), is blessed with some of the country's most majestic scenic landscapes. The northern section features thick forests and cobalt blue lakes. Moving further south you'll find motorcycle roads winding through fertile stretches of the Rocky Mountains and deep inspirational canyons. Moving south of Boise brings motorcycle riders roads featuring desert landscapes with sun baked rocky formations and some surreal exposed volcanic lava fields. Moving further east and your motorcycle rides will pass through fertile valleys and gain access to bubbling hot springs as you approach Wyoming.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Illinois >
Illinois (IL), often referred to as the "Land of Lincoln", offers a nice variety of scenic Midwestern motorcycle rides, interesting history, and notable cultural attractions. Cultural and tourist highlights include the Anderson Japanese Gardens, the numerous Amish villages throughout the state, and the Southern and Southwestern Illinois wine trails. Scenic attractions include Starved Rock State Park, the Garden of the Gods, the Shawnee National Forest, and Spoon River Valley. Historical places of interest include the homes of Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Ronald Reagan, the Illinois Railway Museum, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, and the Cahokia mounds.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Indiana >
Lying at the crossroads of America, Indiana (IN) offers motorcycle rides with a good degree of variations in scenery and amenities. In the northern half of the state you'll find picturesque farming communities woven into hardy hardwood forests. Moving further south the terrain becomes more hilly with equally healthy forest all the way down to the Ohio River Valley and quaint border towns that dot the river's path. The state also is home to some major universities with beautiful and inviting campuses motorcycle riders may enjoy touring - the University of Notre Dame (South Bend), Purdue University (West Lafayette), and Indiana University (Bloomington). And, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a major tourist draws as it is one of the most famous race tracks in all of the world.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Iowa >
Iowa (IA) is sometimes referred to as the land between the two rivers, referring to it's position between the Missouri River to the west and the Mississippi River to the east. On those borders you'll find motorcycle roads featuring some very nice rolling & winding river roads. The center of the state showcases motorcycle rides passing through sweeping parries and rural farming communities. When it's time to pull over and stretch your legs, you can enjoy amenities highlighting pioneer history, contemporary arts, national landmarks and family theme parks.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Kansas >
In the age of dinosaurs, Kansas (KS), was the home of an immense inland sea that now serves as the state's limestone surface and filled with fossils. Due to it's ancient geological history, the state's topography is mostly comprised of flat expanses interrupted by smaller sections of rolling hills and covered by prairie grasses. As you move from east to west, the climate becomes more dry and windswept. The Flint Hills area is the most notable scenic area within the Sunflower State.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Kentucky >
The Bluegrass State is a great state for offering motorcycle riders multiple scenic environments from which to explore. The bluegrass area with its thoroughbred horse farms, abundant caves and cavern regions; the Kentucky Appalachian mountains, the northern Kentucky river region, and the southern and western water-land regions. Kentucky (KY) is also the home of the world famous Kentucky Derby and historical sites related to the home of Lincoln, Daniel Boone, as well as key historical points on the Underground Railroad and the Trail of Tears.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Louisiana >
Louisiana (LA) boasts having some of the richest & most colorful cultural heritages in the US. Motorcycle riders can find scenic motorcycle roads intertwined with fascinating cultural & historical stops in places such as New Orleans, Cajun country and the plantation areas. Motorcycle rides can include visits to prominent historical sites from the War of 1812 and the Civil War as well as shopping at antique shops and artisan craft shops. Motorcycle roads along southern Louisiana feature coastal runs along some of Louisiana's 397 miles of Gulf Coast territory.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Maine >
With it's 17 million acres of forestland, 5,000 miles of coastline, 32,000 miles of rivers, and 6,000 lakes, Maine (ME) is a great destination for riders searching for a virtual scenic paradise to explore. Motorcycle rides in this state will take place among natural beauty that remains largely unspoiled by time or man. The majority of visitors to Maine will be head to the coastal regions and more than half of those will be found along the south coast, so if you are looking to break away from the crowds, you'll need to head north or inland.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Maryland >
Motorcycle riders can divide the state of Maryland (MD) into five regions: the eastern shores of the Chesapeake, the capital region, central Maryland, southern Maryland, and western Maryland. The eastern shores area is mostly flat and home to many farms but also offers riders access to beaches, seafood, water and serenity. The capital region is host to our nation's capital and offers motorcyclists near endless cultural & historical amenities. Central Maryland is more hilly with access again to Chesapeake bay but also featuring key urban centers - Baltimore and Annapolis. Southern Maryland features some pristine nature preserves and historical sites. Lastly, Western Maryland is home to the state's highest mountain and some of it's most beautiful scenery showcasing numerous lakes and the Appalachian mountains.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Massachusetts >
Great motorcycle rides in Massachusetts (MA) vary from roads in the heavily forested Berkshire Mountains in the west to the roads that follow the path of sandy beaches and massive bluffs of Cape Cod to the east. Hiking, camping, and small town sightseeing & shopping abound around the state and the Boston area offers world class amenities. The state also features some of the country's most prominent historical landmarks: where the Mayflower landed bringing the first European settlers, where the first shot of the Revolutionary War took place, location of the famed Witch Trials, and the location where Henry David Thoreau (Walden) developed and published some of his most profound thoughts.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Michigan >
If you're looking for motorcycle rides featuring lake scenery, Michigan (MI) may be your best bet! The Great Lakes State is wrapped in wonderful Great Lakes scenery as it lies nestled between four of the five American great lakes. This picturesque positioning results in Michigan boasting 3,288 miles of shoreline ... more than both California and Florida and second in length only to Alaska! In between these shorelines motorcycle riders will find countless farms, mills, wineries, and other popular attractions. The topography of the state is generally level yet rises to about 1,600 ft in the lower peninsula and 1,800 ft in the upper peninsula.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Minnesota >
Motorcycle riders will find three great regions for motorcycle roads within the North Star State. The North Central/West region is where Midwest parries meet North Woods, home to Minnesota's (MN) largest lakes, and a paradise for outdoor lovers. The Northeast region, sometimes referred to as Arrowhead, is a home to numerous lakes and rapids bearing rivers, and the shores of magnificent Lake Superior. The Southern region shares it's scenery between the Mississippi River valley and the start of prairie land that dominates the Dakota states to the west.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Mississippi >
Motorcycle roads in Mississippi (MS) vary from the hill dominated north, lush forest of central MS, Mississippi River valley providing the state's western border and the Gulf Coast region providing the state's southern boundary. The state is a Mecca of casino tourism of the US south and hosts some interesting Civil War and Civil rights historical sites.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Missouri >
Missouri is full of great motorcycle roads as the state is blessed with rolling/hilly topography & vast stretches of unspoiled scenery resulting in a smorgasbord of winding & rambling country roads for motorcycle riders to choose from. Some of the Midwest's best motorcycle rides are found in The Show Me State when you combine this great scenery with a state that has a healthy supply of tourist pleasing attractions. Attractions such as wineries, camping/hiking, quaint villages featuring antiques and artisan crafts, and world class accommodations in locations such as Branson, Kansas City, and St. Louis.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Montana >
Big Sky Country is home to some of the country's best motorcycle roads. The state's scenery is divided between the mountains that dominate the west half of the state and the plains that predominate in the east. Glacier National park in northwest Montana (MT) and Yellowstone in southwest are considered by many to be two of the country's most splendid national parks. Roadside-amenities in the state can be sparse so make sure you have a plan for where to get gas, eat, and stay the night.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Nebraska >
Most of Nebraska's (NE) scenery is prairie with the elevation of the state rising upward as you start at the Missouri river in the east and move your way to the west towards Colorado and Wyoming. An exception to the Corn Husker State's monolithic prairie scenery is found in an area known as the Sand Hills. The Sand Hills lie in the north-central part of the state and comprise a region of sand dunes anchored by grasses that cover about 18,000 sq miles.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Nevada >
Great motorcycle rides throughout Nevada's (NV) are mostly found on roads passing through arid isolated mountain ranges that rise up between 7,000 and 10,000 feet above sea level. The Silver State shares Lake Tahoe with California, and Lake Mead, created by Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, with Arizona. Las Vegas is the uncontested tourist magnet of the state.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > New Hampshire >
New Hampshire (NH), like it's sister to the west - Vermont, is a treasure trove of great scenic motorcycle rides. The Granite State lives up to it's name as being rocky, and is also generally hilly (home to the highest peak in the northeastern US, Mt. Washington, at 6,288 ft), densely wooded, boasts 1,300 lakes and ponds, and is blessed with a small but beautiful 13 miles of Atlantic coastline.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > New Jersey >
The Garden State has a great amount of scenic diversity for a relatively small US state. Portions of the Appalachian Mountains run through the northern part of the New Jersey (NJ). A notably beautiful area lies along the Hudson River where "the Palisades", a column of rock rises some 500 ft, creates a wall next to the mighty Hudson River.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > New Mexico >
The continental divide runs from north to south down the center of The Land of Enchantment. The best motorcycle rides in northern New Mexico (NM) will usually involve exploring the southern stretches of the Rocky Mountains with it's alpine mountain scenery. Additionally, great motorcycle roads are found along the state's western boarder with Arizona where they will find stretches of green mountain ranges. However most of the rest of the state is made up of arid, rocky, canyon rich and sun baked scenery. Some of the most popular stops for motorcycle riders are the Billy the Kid Museum, the Carlsbad Caverns, and the town of Santa Fe, NM.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > New York >
From its majestic mountains, cities and lakes to pastoral farmlands and vineyards, the Empire State has it all! Upstate New York features motorcycle rides meandering through the Adirondack Mountains and the Appalachian Highlands. Between these two upland regions and along the eastern and northern borders, motorcycle rides will take place within a series of lowlands. The state is also blessed with good access to large lakes including Lakes Erie, Ontario, and Champlain and majestic rivers like the Hudson and Allegheny. A great motorcycle ride in New York (NY) state can provide memories to last a lifetime!

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > North Carolina >
North Carolina's (NC) is endowed with some of the greatest motorcycle rides in all of America. It hosts a beautiful diversity of inspiring scenery. Starting in the west, motorcycle riders will find outstanding Blue Ridge Mountains riding. Moving east will bring riders into a large swath of territory running down east central and central North Carolina known as the Piedmont Plateau. Green rolling hills with numerous rock outcroppings typify this region. Moving further east to the Atlantic Coastal Plain area will bring motorcycle riders to an area characterized as wet, with many rivers, marshes, swampland and primarily used for agriculture. Motorcycle road highlights in North Carolina include the ever famous Deal's Gap (AKA Tail of the Dragon), The Blue Ridge Parkway, and southern access to The Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > North Dakota >
Motorcycle riders exploring North Dakota will find a state divided into three regions. The western portion is home to the hilly Great Plains, the Missouri River, and the third largest manmade lake in the US, Lake Sakakawea, and to an awe-inspiring area known as Badlands. Great motorcycle rides can be had through an area called the Badlands. The Badlands are a collection of valleys of stone shaped into strange and beautiful formations; buttes, cones, pyramids & domes and colored in various shades yellows, reds, grays and browns. The central portion of the state showcases gentle rolling prairie and numerous lakes. The eastern portion of the state is the flat Red River Valley which is dominated by farms and rural communities.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Ohio >
The Buckeye State offers a top quality collection of popular motorcycle roads and destinations among Midwestern states. Southeastern Ohio (OH) in particular is a motorcycle riding paradise filled with quaint country towns, hills, & twisty roads, many offering river hugging journeys. The northeastern portion of the state offers access to the 11th largest fresh water lake in the world - Lake Erie - with its 262 miles of Ohio shoreline. The rest of the Ohio offers motorcycle rides meandering through classic portraits of Midwest Americana.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Oklahoma >
Motorcycle rides in Oklahoma's (OK) will feature scenery dominated by flat to rolling hills of various forms of prairie grasslands as three quarters of the state is blanketed by prairie grasses (one quarter of the state is considered forested). Riders will see elevations that vary from the state's low point in its southeast corner (at only 800 feet above sea level) and rise as you move west into the panhandle where the highest peak resides - Black Mesa at 5,000 feet above sea level. The state has four primary mountain ranges: the Ouachita Mountains, the Arbuckle Mountains, the Wichita Mountains, and the Ozark Mountains. And, the state is home to the most number of man made lakes in the US at 200.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Oregon >
Oregon is a heavenly collection of scenic motorcycle roads. In fact, some of the country's best motorcycle roads are found in the Beaver State due to its scenic diversity and scenic eminence. A motorcyclists traveling across Oregon from west to east would see the majestic shores of the Pacific Ocean, pass through crisp and regal peaks of the Cascade mountains, make their way along the breathtaking Columbia River basin to the north, and end up in vast arid plateaus cut by picturesque river canyons when they reached the eastern portion of the state.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Pennsylvania >
The keystone state offers motorcycle riders two federally designated US Scenic Byways, 15 state-designated Byways, and one National Forest Scenic Byway. Pennsylvania (PA) is home to a section of Lake Erie coastline, the incredible Pocono Mountains, rural villages, charming country towns, one of the most famous battlefields in the United States (Gettysburg), and two major cities - Philadelphia & Pittsburgh.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Rhode Island >
Motorcycle roads in Rhode Island (RI) typically fall within two regions of scenery. The western two-thirds of the state is referred to as the New England Upland region and typified by rough and hilly forests and lakes. The eastern third of the state is called the Seaboard Lowland and is characterized by flatter lowlands, sandy beaches and salt marshes.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > South Carolina >
Great motorcycle rides in South Carolina can be found within it's two main regions of scenery. The lower part of the state (to the east and southeast from Columbia) is the Coastal Plain and also known as the Lowcountry. This region is mostly flat, with numerous farms, some marsh areas, and reaching the out to the coast where there are many bay inlets. The Upstate region (west and northwest from Columbia) hosts the Piedmont where thick forests cover foothills and picturesque rivers and waterfalls can be found. Motorcycle ride highlights for South Carolina involve a ride on the Cherokee Parkway and a stop at Table Rock State Park.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > South Dakota >
Motorcycle roads in South Dakota (SD) can be typified by the two predominant scenery regions of the Mount Rushmore State - east of the Missouri River and west of the Missouri River. The eastern region consists of low hills, lakes formed by glaciers ages ago and dominated by farm country today. To the west, the topography has more of a western feel with deep canyons and rolling plains and has two very noteworthy areas - the Black Hills and Badlands (specifically the Badlands National Park). Great motorcycle rides can be found in the beautiful and lush Black Hills as they are not only a cornucopia of spectacular scenery but also home to Mount Rushmore. The Badlands are an inspiring and striking collection of stone pyramids, canyons, & domes colored in various shades yellows, reds, grays and browns ... bring plenty of film on this trip!

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Tennessee >
Tennessee (TN) is home to a remarkable array of scenery specializing in lush forests, abundant bodies of water, and breathtaking mountains and resulting in some truly great motorcycle rides. The Volunteer State also offers lively cities and towns with rich histories and colorful amenities that draw visitors year round ... places like Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville, as well as access to the Appalachian mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Texas >
The Lone Star state offers motorcycle riders an exceptional array of scenic diversity with it's over 260,000 square miles of territory, altitudes ranging from sea level to 8,749 feet, and an incredible 624 miles of Gulf of Mexico shoreline. The panhandle region of north Texas (TX) features big rolling grassy plains. The Texas Hill Country found in the center southwest portion of the state offers rolling hills with breathtaking displays of wildflowers in spring. The area also enjoys a year-round lush green landscape with refreshing lakes and rivers making this area a clear favorite of motorcycle riders seeking scenic splendor. Moving further east (east-central and eastern TX) brings motorcycle riders to a vast area noted for its parries, lakes, and piney forest while becoming more green and moist as you approach the Louisiana border. Moving further south will bring you to the Texas Gulf coast region ... 624 miles of coast for you to explore and enjoy. Moving to the southwest corner of Texas will provide motorcycle rides with a scenic backdrop right out of an old western ... landscapes of arid and rugged mountains, blowing tumbleweed, valleys and sandy plains. With all of these choices, Motorcycle riders are sure to find countless miles of memorable motorcycle roads in the Lone Star State!

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Utah >
Incredible motorcycle roads can be found in each of the three scenery regions of Utah (UT): the Rocky Mountain region, the Great Basin, and the Colorado Plateau. The Rocky Mountain region is found mostly in northern and northeastern Utah. The Great Basin is found in the western third of the state and features arid sparsely populated areas with small mountain ranges and rugged terrain. The Colorado Plateau is found in the eastern and southern two-thirds of Utah. In this area motorcycle rides will wind through buttes, mesas, and deep river canyons. Roadside-amenities in some of these areas can be sparse so make sure you have a plan for where to get gas, eat, and stay the night.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Vermont >
Vermont (VT) is one of the best motorcycle riding states in all of the northeast United States. It has the building blocks of what most great motorcycle roads include - great scenery combined with access to unique & colloquial roadside amenities. Key scenic features of the state include the Green Mountains in the west and Lake Champlain in the northwest. The state also has a healthy collection of bed & breakfasts, wineries, antique shops and goes out of it's way to welcomes visitors with open arms.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Virginia >
Virginia (VA) "is for lovers" and motorcycle lovers will especially love this state as it has become one of the best motorcycle road states in America ... rich in beauty, history, and amenities! Motorcycle rider's menu of scenery will include the Appalachian mountains, the Shenandoah Valley, and 112 miles of Atlantic coastline. The historical attractions include the country's first permanent English settlement at Jamestown, and some of the most important battlefields from both the Revolutionary and Civil wars (ex. Fredericksburg, Yorktown).

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Washington >
Many of the country's best motorcycle rides fall within the borders of Washington (WA) state. The state is blessed with a vast diversity of breathtaking scenery including the Pacific coast, the Olympic Peninsula, the Cascade Mountains, the incredible Columbia River basin, and the arid rolling hills of eastern Washington. Although areas west of the Cascades are generally heavily populated, many outstanding motorcycle roads abound if you know where to look. The Cascades offer great mountain motorcycle riding along with wonderful destinations like Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens State Park. To the south the areas around the Columbia river are home to endless magnificent winding motorcycle roads.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > West Virginia >
The Mountain State is home to countless mountain traversing motorcycle rides as the state falls entirely within the Appalachian Mountain range and has an average elevation of 1,500 above sea level ... higher than any other state east of the Mississippi. Outside of it's scenic mountain scenery, West Virginia (WV) offers motorcycle riders access to notable Civil War historical sites, Appalachian arts/crafts/music, scenic railroads and historical coal industry museums.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Wisconsin >
Wisconsin is a top Midwest state for those looking for scenic motorcycle rides. The western section features the Mississippi River and St. Croix River valleys and the many tributary rivers and streams explaining the predominance of winding roads in this area. The Superior Upland area (below Lake Superior and the border with Michigan) is heavily forested with rolling hills with elevations ranging from about 700 ft to slightly under 2,000 ft. Also within this region is an section called the Driftless Area. This beautiful and unique section of Wisconsin is characterized by jagged & rugged terrain with many cliffs and other rock outcroppings.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States > Wyoming >
Wyoming (WY) is a top destination for motorcycle riders seeking primarily scenic motorcycle roads. The majority of The Cowboy State is made up of mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains while the easternmost section of the state is made up of the Great Plains or high altitude prairie known as the High Plains. The state is home to some of the most beautiful and spectacular national parks & monument such as Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Devil's Tower National Monument, and Fossil Butte National Monument. "Cheyenne Frontier Days" are a 10 day preeminent western cultural festival & rodeo that has been taking place since 1897. Roadside-amenities in some areas of Wyoming can be few and far between so make sure you have a plan for where to get gas, eat, and stay the night.

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > United States >

Motorcycle Roads & Rides > Routes > Routes Around the World > Canada >

Oh Canada! Oh what a great country to explore on a motorcycle ... motorcycle roads & rides abound in this riders' paradise!! Canada is a country blessed with an abundance of scenic splendor covering the gamut of grandiose beauty - alpine mountains, lush forests, expansive plains, and picturesque coastlines. And, the country has an exceptionally vibrant and robust tourism atmosphere that welcomes motorcycle riders with open arms ... providing an unspoiled palette for you to create your own Canadian motorcycle trip adventures.

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Japanese motorcycle roads have a lot to offer considering the vast mountainous areas, coastal roads, and lush forests that characterize much of Japan. Riders not familiar with riding on the left side of the road obviously need to be prepared for that difference and the fact that Japanese speed limits are modest compared to many American roads. For example, you'll find that speed limits are 80 - 100 km/h (~ 55 mph) on expressways, 40 km/h (~ 25 mph) in town/cities, 30 km/h (~ 18 mph) on side streets and 50 to 60 km/h (~ 35 mph) on other roads.

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