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Motorcycle Roads in New Mexico

The continental divide runs from north to south down the center of The Land of Enchantment. The best motorcycle rides in northern New Mexico (NM) will usually involve exploring the southern stretches of the Rocky Mountains with it's alpine mountain scenery. Additionally, great motorcycle roads are found along the state's western boarder with Arizona where they will find stretches of green mountain ranges. However most of the rest of the state is made up of arid, rocky, canyon rich and sun baked scenery. Some of the most popular stops for motorcycle riders are the Billy the Kid Museum, the Carlsbad Caverns, and the town of Santa Fe, NM.

Highest Rated Motorcycle Roads & Rides

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New Mexico

Trinidad, CO to Des Moines, NM

Heading east out of Trinidad flat with the occasional curve. Art and beer is available at the turn to go to Branson, after this turn stop and enjoy the mountain scenery back to the west. When you cross into New Mexico stop and check out the Toll Gat...

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