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Chrome Dragons Riding Club Motorcycle Club

Club Ref: 21575

Chrome Dragons Riding Club motorcycle club West Virginia

West Virginia Motorcycle Club

  • Membership Restrictions : no
  • Club Gender Requirements : both
  • Bike Preference
    • Bike Type : Any
    • Make Type : Any


Chrome Dragons Riding Club also Known as CDRC is a member of the West Virginia Motorcycle Association (WVMA). We are a riding club that likes to RIDE motorcycles and to give back to our local communities. CDRC was founded in 2016. Our Mission is to help children in need and to support our Veterans. We support our KIDS & HEROES! CDRC does not claim any territory and members must abide by all state and local laws. Chrome Dragons RC promotes fellowship among motorcycle riders and improved relations between the general public and the motorcycle community. Chrome Dragons Riding Club welcomes all riders regardless of their choice of manufacturer.


Elkins, WV, USA


Jim Harris 'Stitch'

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