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Steel"n"Wheels MC of Eastern PA Motorcycle Club

Club Ref: 19172


Pennsylvania Motorcycle Club

  • Membership Restrictions : no
  • Club Gender Requirements : both


Steel"n"Wheels MC is a group of people with many different brands of motorcycles who like day trip riding to various destinations (100 to 300 miles round trip). Most of the current members are in Northampton, Lehigh, Bucks & Montgomery County PA. Both couples and solo riders are welcome. Rides begin somewhere near Route 22 from Easton through Upper Macungie or the Quakertown to Ottsville area which is generally in the center of the 4 counties. Starting location will all depend on what the ride leader decides and what direction we are headed for the day but the idea is not to have members travel too far just to get to the meetup. If you like meeting new people and enjoy riding, this group is for you; however, it's not for beginners. Some ride leaders enjoy twisty roads at a brisk pace while other leaders will take a more laid back approach. You will see what kind of ride is coming up based on the ride leader's profile or in the ride description. All of us want to have an enjoyable day riding and the only goal of this meetup group is to organize those rides. Meetup is not responsible or liable for any damages or bodily injury, so with that said; if you consume multiple alcoholic drinks at lunch we ask you to ride back home by yourself. Sharing the roads with pedestrians, bicycles, horses & cars is enough for us to worry about. You are welcome to join us after signing up for a free Meetup Account and take a test ride with us. If you like the experience a small annual dues payment is required of all riders which offsets Meetup fees for web page and tools.


Coopersburg Diner, North 3rd Street, Coopersburg, PA, United States


Coop Lange

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