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US Spyer Ryders-Midsouth Chapter Motorcycle Club

Club Ref: 16468

US Spyer Ryders-Midsouth Chapter motorcycle club Tennessee

Tennessee Motorcycle Club

  • Membership Restrictions : yes
  • Club Gender Requirements : both
  • Bike Preference
    • Bike Type : Other Type
    • Make Type : Other


We are a diverse group of spyder ryders, lovers and enthusiasts from all walks of life servicing the Mid-South (West Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, and Northern Mississippi) area. The objective of the US Spyder Ryders- Mid South Chapter motorcycle ryding club is to promote Can-Am Spyders and Spyder ryding along with Motorcycling in general. We also promote safe ryding, family fun,and fellowship, while attempting to do the most good for our community and local charities. Feel free to become part of a growing national chapter and community.


2175 Whitten Road, Memphis, TN, United States


Don (DOC) Simelton

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