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Its been a long time coming (4 years in fact!), but I finally have released a major new version of – Introducing Version 7.1! This new version ads some really cool new features… I’ll save you some time from having to discover them on the site by describing them below. Have a quick look at the new features summary and then go look at the live site and give them a test drive to see how much better the site is now! Then, help me figure out what I should include in the next new version of by filling out a survey (just below the summary). And, then stay tuned for a Version 7.2 due out later this year!!

Bill Belei
Founder & Webmaster,

Changes (some are really fixes) that didn't make the top 5 above but you may be interested in:
The main/top menu structure has been updated and is a much more logical & efficient setup, the state maps now have a map key, the clunky video embed function that seemed to work about as reliably as a Yugo has been fixed now, the send me my password function used to take smoke breaks and would leave folks hanging ... it's fixed now (got a patch for it so to speak!)

OK, what are you waiting for?
Now that you know what the new Version 7.1 has to offer, go to the site and take it for a test drive yourself.

You can make even better!!
Now it's time for you to help me figure out what are your favorite new features of Version 7.1 and help me figure out what I should focus on in Version V7.2 by taking the following survey: