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Top 5 Motorcycle Roads in the USA

I recently attended the Motorcycle Life Expo in Minneapolis, MN and spoke to around 200 riders.  One of the displays at my booth was a listing of the Top 5 Motorcycle Roads in the US (same graphic as below). Many of the riders I spoke with had traveled a few of the roads and at least 30 I spoke to had traveled the second, third, forth and fifth ranked roads.  And only a few had traveled #1 (The Three Sisters). However not a single guest I spoke to had driven all 5!  A bit surprising since so many of the riders I talked to regularly take extensive motorcycle trips (example, most riders were from the Minnesota/Wisconsin area yet a countless number of them had traveled Canada from coast-to-coast, had traveled the Alcan Highway up to Alaska, and other distant places like Maine, California, Florida and even Mexico!).  So, congratulations for those of you out there that have traveled the Top 5 .. you're among a select group of riders!  

So you may be wandering how comes up with the Top 5?  Well first of all, you need to be aware that has been tracking for years now the "Top 100 Motorcycle Roads" in the US.  We look at a bunch of different factors to come up with the rankings ... factors that indicate to us the enthusiasm surrounding the different routes on the website.  Things like the "Rider's Ratings" (each route's description page has "Riders Ratings"), the number of visitors that look at the routes description page each year, the number of times a route is added to a "Wish List" or "Routes I driven" and a host of other factors.  I keep the exact formula hidden in order to keep folks from trying to game the system and artificially tilt the results.  And since, over time, the Top 100 list of roads does change (see our InfoGraphic showing the movement from 2012 to 2013) for this Top 5 list we had to take a "snapshot" on January 28th, 2014.  Each year, we take a snapshot in January, and the top 5 roads are labeled the "Top 5 Motorcycle Roads in the USA".    

Lastly, if you are one of the rare folks who have driven your motorcycle on the Top 5, I'd love to hear from you to gain your perspective.  Either way, I hope you enjoy the InfoGraphic below!  And, if you'd like to use the InfoGraphic on your website or for other purposes, I'll probably have no problem with that but please just take the time to send me an email and make the request!

Bill Belei
Founder & Webmaster,

Top 5 Motorcycle Roads in the US Infographic

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