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The Safest Bikers in the USA

From our Friends at Competition Accessories

Competition Accessories Sets Out to Find the Safest Bikers in the United States Montana tops the list of states with the most motorcycle helmets in use, according to

Which states have the most safety conscious riders in it? That's what Competition Accessories ( set to find out by looking for the safest bikers in the continental United States. After compiling purchasing data and breaking it down state-by-state, discovered that Montana is currently the state with most safety conscious customers.

To determine this, used its proprietary data to discover which states in the country were purchasing the most helmets. Then, they took the number of helmets purchased and converted it to a percent based off of the total motorcycle riders in each state. This number became known as the "Safety Index," which was then assigned to each state to determine which had the most bikers strapping on helmets.

Though Montana ranked #1 as the most motorcycle safety conscious state in the nation, it had some stiff competition. North Dakota and Georgia proved that they also take motorcycle safety seriously, both boasting high Safety Index scores as well. Rounding out the top of the list were New York, Washington, Vermont, North Carolina and South Carolina.

As for the state least concerned with wearing a motorcycle helmet, Delaware took that honor by racking up the lowest Safety Index score within the continental United States, followed closely by Arkansas and Kentucky. New Hampshire, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Iowa, West Virginia and Utah rounded out the list of ten states with the lowest safety index.

While the data is strictly limited to CompAcc customers in each state, the map offers a fun glimpse into which states are putting a motorcycle helmet on when they take their bikes out!

About Competition Accessories: Competition Accessories ( is one of the nation's largest retailers of motorcycle gear, apparel and accessories. Based out of Rock Hill, SC, Competition Accessories has become a leading provider of helmets, gloves, boots, jackets and any other gear a motorcycle enthusiast could ever need.

Safest Biker States in the USA Infographic

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