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2013 Year-In-Review

2013 was a great year for Not only did we add more quality road descriptions, but we really beefed up the road videos and pictures as well. What I'm most happy with though is how many motorcycle events we were able to offer you in 2013 - OVER 3700 MOTORCYCLE EVENTS! Additionally we're starting to finally get some international motorcycle roads. In fact we now have motorcycle routes in the following countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and Romania to name a few.

Well, I've typed enough and besides, the infographic below says it better and with less words than I ever could! Note: much of the graphic below is "clickable" meaning you can click on various parts and you'll be taken to the part of that displays that info. Enjoy...

Bill Belei
Founder & Editor,

2013 Year-In-Review

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