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Motorcycles in the Movies

Motorbilkes are classic movie components. There’s something about all that leather and independence that makes for fleshier characterisations and somewhere along the line, every biker has seen a movie motorcycle and felt inspired to ride.

But what about the movies that don’t do the motorbike justice? You know the ones. With vehicles that would look more at home on the scrap heap than the silver screen, these movies consistently damage the reputation of the biker and the bike. Whether it’s a poor excuse for a motor or a rider who’s more leather-headed than leather-clad, there are a number of movie motorbikes we wouldn’t ride if you paid us.

But which is which? The guys over at Bikesure have been chewing over this issue for weeks and have delivered their verdict. Thanks to a highly scientific rating scale, we finally have an answer to the age old question: which movie motorbike is a masterpiece and which belongs on the scrap heap? The only question that remains is whether you agree.

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