Legendary American Motorcycle Roads - Part 1

Looking for an epic motorcycle ride this summer! America is loaded with many great roads for riding motorcycles but clearly there are some motorcycle roads that rise above all others. Just like Mount Everest, K2, and Kilimanjaro beckon mountain climbers continents away, legendary American motorcycle roads lure riders from all over the world!

The most famous motorcycle road in the US is a route that goes by many names – “Deal’s Gap,” “The Dragon,” “Tail of the Dragon” ... and, passes through multiple states - Tennessee and North Carolina. But its true bounty isn't based on the number of names it holds or states it traverses, but instead on the number of curves it compresses into 11 sweet miles ... in fact "318 curves in 11 miles" goes the famous mantra associated with this notorious ride. A ride along Deal’s Gap must include an obligatory stop at the famous motorcycle rider resort that is found at the ride's entrance (simply named the Deal’s Gap Motorcycle Resort) and also a picture of the famous - "Tree of Shame" - a tree that is adorned with a collection of motorcycle pieces from years of motorcycle wrecks. Yes, if you are looking for curves and a world famous motorcycle road to add a large notch into your “great motorcycle rides belt,” a trip to Deal’s Gap is a must do!

If you love curves, but are located in the west and a trip to Tennessee/North Carolina is out of the question, then you've got to try a northern California road that is also a twisty-lover's Shangri La. Although it doesn't have a catchy name like "The Dragon," what it does have is an abundance of curves, curves, and more curves!! The road is named by the message on the simple yet uncommon municipal road sign that stoically stands at the road’s threshold and warns - “Twisty Road next 140 miles”!!! This 140-mile path traverses along California’s Route 36 through a lonely portion of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and the Cascade-Sierra mountains of northern California … between the famous California section of US Highway 101 and I-5. The road’s scenery rating is listed as a 4 (out of 5-stars) and it’s “motorcycle roadside amenities rating” earns a dismal 1-star; but no one seems to be disappointed as every rider comes to this buffet to gorge on one thing – curves!! Riders regularly post rave reviews of this route using expressions like – “#1 windiest road in California,” “never ridden a more challenging road!!!,” “Phenomenal route,” and “most incredible road that I have ever been over.”

Somewhere west of Deal’s Gap and East of “Twisty Road next 140 miles”, way down south in Texas, is another legendary American motorcycle road that has become a Mecca for riders all over the country. The road is actually a collection of three roads that are typically referred to as “The Three Sisters” yet also go by “The Twisted Sisters” or their Uncle Sam given names of Ranch Roads 335, 336, & 337. This 130-mile path takes you through Texas Hill Country … some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire state of Texas while you travel a rollercoaster-ride of hills and turns. The drive attracts riders from all over the country and it never seems to disappoint as motorcycle riders leave comments like: “awesome ride!,” “never knew how beautiful the hill country could be,” “a fantastic, challenging, and scenic run with very little traffic,” “Three Sisters rocks … best ride in Texas hands down and one of the best in the entire US.”


Written by Bill Belei
Founder & Editor of MotorcycleRoads.com

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