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Why do the routes have different colors? The colors are only different so one route can easily be distinguished from another.

Motorcycle Roads in Texas

The Lone Star state offers motorcycle riders an exceptional array of scenic diversity with it's over 260,000 square miles of territory, altitudes ranging from sea level to 8,749 feet, and an incredible 624 miles of Gulf of Mexico shoreline. The panhandle region of north Texas (TX) features big rolling grassy plains. The Texas Hill Country found in the center southwest portion of the state offers rolling hills with breathtaking displays of wildflowers in spring. The area also enjoys a year-round lush green landscape with refreshing lakes and rivers making this area a clear favorite of motorcycle riders seeking scenic splendor. Moving further east (east-central and eastern TX) brings motorcycle riders to a vast area noted for its parries, lakes, and piney forest while becoming more green and moist as you approach the Louisiana border. Moving further south will bring you to the Texas Gulf coast region ... 624 miles of coast for you to explore and enjoy. Moving to the southwest corner of Texas will provide motorcycle rides with a scenic backdrop right out of an old western ... landscapes of arid and rugged mountains, blowing tumbleweed, valleys and sandy plains. With all of these choices, Motorcycle riders are sure to find countless miles of memorable motorcycle roads in the Lone Star State!

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Channing to Boys Ranch (US 385)

You'll see sweeping West Texas Plains, rocky mesas, dry washes, and desert-type plants....

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