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Why do the routes have different colors? The colors are only different so one route can easily be distinguished from another.

Motorcycle Roads in Oregon

Oregon is a heavenly collection of scenic motorcycle roads. In fact, some of the country's best motorcycle roads are found in the Beaver State due to its scenic diversity and scenic eminence. A motorcyclists traveling across Oregon from west to east would see the majestic shores of the Pacific Ocean, pass through crisp and regal peaks of the Cascade mountains, make their way along the breathtaking Columbia River basin to the north, and end up in vast arid plateaus cut by picturesque river canyons when they reached the eastern portion of the state.

Highest Rated Motorcycle Roads & Rides


Vale - John Day Loop

You'll see everything on this route, river canyons, rolling hill, farmlands and the Mountains. There is a real lack of traffic so that makes the ride even more enjoyable. Take a camera because there are some amazing views and historical landmarks a...

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