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2016-11-17 : 2016-11-30

The Burt Munro Experience - Motorcycle Tour

We say ‘motorcycle tour’, but it’s far more than that – it’s more like a holiday with 14 days in motorcycling heaven. You’ll ride the best of NZ’s South Island and experience everything from the deep forest, to beautiful rolling hills sitting on crystal clear lakes. You’ll smell the fresh sea breeze and wild flowers, explore the greatest attractions and activities, and taste fresh delights from both the sea and the fields. Then each night you can relax and re-energise in luxury accommodation – experiencing both modern and yesteryear charm. The Burt Munro Experience lets you immerse yourself in the World Class Event ‘The Burt Munro Challenge’. This annual motorcycle rally held in Invercargill attracts thousands of motorcyclists from across the globe and is an experience you won’t want to miss! You’ll get up close to the bike that has been immortalised as the ‘World’s Fastest Indian’, and experience the excitement of the rally’s events, sites and unforgettable nightlife. This adventure is limited to 6 bikes and 12 people – meaning there’s no rushing, no having to be anywhere at any set time, and no waiting for loads of people before you in any line. It’s about giving you the opportunity to encounter some of the very best NZ has to offer, with every bit of fun and excitement a true holiday should have – all while riding your iconic Indian Motorcycle.


The Get Out and Ride Project (6 ride series)

This is the 4th ride in the 6 ride series. These rides are open to all bikes and riders of all levels. The kickstands up at 6:30 pm. The meet up will be at Kwik Shop, 3103 N 204th in Elkhorn. Details: - Six 100 mile rides with starting points throughout the Omaha area. - Route information provided day of ride. - Join us for 1 or come for all 6 rides. All you have to do is show up at the designated starting point on the day of the ride. - Please arrive fueled and ready to ride. ~2




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