Alaska Motorcycle Trips and Events List

Alaska (AK) is a scenic paradise offering long & lonely roads to those who venture up north to this "last frontier" of America. The state offers motorcycle riders endless miles of unspoiled natural beauty to include mountains, forests, coastlines, and wildlife. For many, the biggest challenge will be getting your motorcycle too this great state as the path from the lower 48 to Alaska is not entirely paved and so gravel road traveling will be a necessity. However, once you get there, the challenges will not be over as weather, lodging, and wildlife concerns are factors that must always be planned around. However, if you make the journey and join the few that have toured this great state by two-wheels, you will no doubt have made memories for a lifetime.

*Map Key: Why do the routes have different colors? The colors are only different so one route can easily be distinguished from another.
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September 7, 2015
Anchorage tends to be like any other larger city, but as Anchorage faded behind us, we came upon Talkeetna, which offers magnificent...
Its Alaska, expect sweeping curves and a ton of road work. Again we encountered intermittent gravel which poses dangers to motorcyles, but...
Take US Route 1 North from Anchorage and just southeast of Wasilla, get on US Route 3 east.
August 6, 2015
The first turn we took out of Anchorage revealed mountain scenery that brought tears to my eyes. Pictures do not do this...
It was a curving nice road, there was good signage to warn motorcyclists of any impending dangers. Be vigilant on intermittent gravel...
From Anchorage take 1 South to 9 South which ends in Seward.
June 29, 2013
Scoured by the ancient Eklutna Glacier, the Eklutna River Valley is staggering in its beauty. Surrounded by Pioneer Peak, Twin Peaks, and...
The road is extremely twisty and fun to ride. The surface is in good condition and by June the sand from winter...
To get to Eklutna Lake Road, take the Glenn Highway out of Anchorage headed for Wasilla. This is a modern highway and...
January 22, 2012
The first portion of the route is along the gorgeous Turnagain Arm. The highway runs right along the shore line, with scenery...
Overall road quality very good by Alaska standards. Only the tunnel to Whittier is skinny and you have to ride in between...
This route includes a ferry, so be sure to check the ferry schedule when planning. Head south from Anchorage on Seward Highway...
January 21, 2012
The route is quite nice when you can look up from the dirt road to appreciate the scenery, but the real prize...
Some sections are better than others, but it is an Alaskan dirt road.
Once you arrive to Chitina via State Highway 10, continue through town on Edgeton Highway. It will soon turn into a dirt...
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Checkout Upcoming Motorcycle Events in Alaska


Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day 2016

The Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day 2016 will be held on June 20th, 2016 in Alaska. Please ride your motorcycle or scooter to demonstrate your support. This is for motorcyclists from all walks of life. Ride your motorcycle or scooter on this day to demonstrate: * The number of motorcyclists to the general public and to politicians. * That motorcyclists are from all occupations and all walks of life. * That motorcyclists can reduce traffic and parking congestion in large cities. * That motorcycles are for transportation as well as recreation. * That motorcycling is a social good. For more details please check ~2

2016-06-16 : 2016-06-18

Alaska State HOG Rally 2016

The Alaska State HOG Rally 2016 will be held on June 16th-18th, 2016 at the Keni Peninsula, AK. There will be a self-guided rides,live ,music, beer garden, bonfire, tournament, raffle, bike show, games and a lot more. For the complete details - schedules, fees and etc please check ~2

2016-06-03 : 2016-06-05

Alaska State CMA Rally

The Alaska State CMA Rally will be held on June 3rd-5th, 2016 in Willow, AK. This is a fun-filled event that surely will enjoy by the whole family. Enjoy the motorcycles, fellowship and all around fun. ~2




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