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Motorcycle Roads Sandbanks Road18   in North Carolina North Carolina10 Miles

Motorcycle Roads Sandbanks Road

By Pouge
on September 19, 2011

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Written Directions

Sandbanks Rd. just off Rt.158/13 five miles east of Winton. If you make it to the 158 turnoff, you've gone too far. Starts at 158/13 and ends at the Virginia border near Suffolk.


Mostly a tree farm (pine), but slightly hilly terrain for this part of the state. Few sections with hardwood trees are great in the fall.

Road Quality

Good curves, great surface and little traffic makes this a great ride in the flatlands. While not near the twisties of our friends to the west, this offers a beginners guide to what awaits on those greater roads. Some blind curves, and just a couple blind hills. One of the best road sefaces in northeastern N.C. Smooth and for the most part, gravel free. Second half of northern section of road is paved with cheaper materials, but still suffices for ride quality...

Roadside Amenities

Facing south (at stop sign) on Sandbanks Rd. looking across across 158/13 is rt. 137 to Gatesville (about 10 miles). Right goes towards Winton (5 miles), Murfreesborough (20 miles) and places westward (rts.95 & 85). Left takes you to Virginia stateline (15 miles) Elizabeth City (30 miles) Tarheel BBQ is just down the road in this direction. Really good BBQ.

Additional Info

Going north, follow Sandbanks to the stop sign, you'll go through a rural area, and turn left. Go to stop sign, this will be Rt. 189. Right will take you to Rt. 58, a few miles west of Franklin Va.

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Our group from the Norfolk VA area have nicknamed this road "Motorcycle Highway". 'Nuff said.

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