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Hwy 16 from the Pig Trail to Scenic 7 + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads Hwy 16 from the Pig Trail to Scenic 75   in Arkansas Arkansas51 Miles

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By donniejoe
on September 8, 2011

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Written Directions

At the north end of the Pig Trail, take a right. Hwy 16 from Hwy 23 to Hwy 7 is an excellent ride.


You'll see mountain streams, including the source of the White and Buffalo Rivers. There are mountaintop farms, mountain views and lots of rocks and trees. It's a beautiful ride with little traffic or people.

Road Quality

The road has lots of twisties and sweepers. You will not be bored.

Roadside Amenities

There are no towns along this route, just a few mountain communities of less than 100 people. You may find a small country store with a soda machine and a stale candy bar. Bring your own eats and drinks.

Additional Info

This is a great ride and is a good addition to your Pig Trail or Scenic 7 route.

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By mickris
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5.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2009

Motorcycle Make HD

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Great road along the ridge of the Ozarks. Very little traffic and limited number of fuel stops available; also no premium fuel along this route so prepare appropriately and then enjoy the ride.

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