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Motorcycle Roads Hanging Rock Run62   in North Carolina North Carolina21 Miles

Motorcycle Roads Hanging Rock Run

By Longhaul
on July 26, 2011

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Written Directions

Off of US 52, you'll find Rural Hall, NC. From there take route 66 north until you reach Moores Spring Road, where you will make a right turn. When the road ends in a T, you can make a right turn to go to Hanging Rock State Park. The park entrance is about 120 feet away from the T intersection to the right. I had to take a left after finding out the park was closed on to NC 8. When NC 8 ends in a T intersection, make another right onto NC 89. If you continue on past the park on Moores Spring Road, you can take a right on to route 8/89 and take that south into Danbury, NC. There are several gas stations, and the people are quite friendly. It's only a little over 3 miles to the campground. The entrance is steeply banked with sand/ loose gravel at the bottom.


Mountains along NC 66 allow for a very pleasant ride. It's not so twisty you have to white knuckle every turn, but what is there will keep you well engaged in the ride. It was cooler under teh trees lining the road in several spots providing relief from the July heat. The area appears to be struggling to figure out whether to be a modern area with good medical services and older farm country with a wonderful charm. I saw both along the way.

Road Quality

The road is in good repair, and passes through two small towns leading to Danbury. The road surface was clean, but had some areas with only a small shoulder, and deep ditches on either side. there were many places where the center line was double yellow. Not very many places where the road stayed straight for long.

Roadside Amenities

The small towns along the way provide plenty of entertainment. Several of the local watering holes in the are have signs posted out front saying 'bikers welcome'. There are several places to eat, and stay. Hanging Rock State Park is one place to stay although you have to make reservations in advance. That can be a problem when they don't get any cell phone reception in the whole park. There is another campground called Sunset park. It was a small place nestled between the mountains. I stayed there for the night, and it was worth the ride.

Additional Info

My intention was to stay at Hanging rock State Park, but they get no cell phone signal so there was no way for me to call them on the road to reserve anything. By the time I showed up they had just sold the last campsite. They had a friendly attitude and a map showing other campgrounds which worked out well for me finding someplace to stay for the night.

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By Brian Fistler
on November 27, 2014 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

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Motorcycle Year 2013

Motorcycle Make Kawasaki ZX6R-636

Motorcycle Type Sport

I would personally rate the road surface over most of northern part of Hwy 66 on this route a 3, rather than a 4. While it's mostly free of potholes it has a "loose" or deteriorated texture to it which does not inspire confidence in the corners for a super sport bike geometry. It's fine on something with a more relaxed geometry like a cruiser or even a standard bike, but on a super sport with good sport tires where you are used to the tires sticking like glue on a rail, you will not be comfortable taking the curves as fast as you will WANT to.
I much prefer taking Hwy 8 up through Danburry to Hanging Rock, as the road surface is excellent.

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