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Route 258 (Newcomerstown to Stillwater) + ADD NEW ROUTE

31   in Ohio Ohio25 Miles

By MCR Contributor
on May 16, 2011

4.0out of 5

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Written Directions

Route starts in Newcomerstown, Ohio. Turn off OH-36 at Rt258 sign - follow the signs to stay on Rt258, it splits off at several points. Head up to Stillwater and continue on Rt800 (a much more "laid-back") road, or turn around and scare yourself silly all over again like we did!


Scenery? Too bad you wont get much time to enjoy it! Tree filled valleys, amish farms, quaint villages - it's a scenic ride, but, read on...

Road Quality

Surface - this road ranges from absolute crap, to decent in terms of road surface. It was recently repaved in sections with the lovely loose gravel / asphalt over the top of the old road mix. This makes for skiddish in-turn handling, and sidewall contact a frightening thing.

Turns and Hills - once you split left (about 10 miles east of newcomerstown) - get ready. Turns are blind, just cresting off hilltops, often decreasing radius, 45 degrees or tighter. There are several left / right hairpin turns in succession that are completely blind and downhill to boot. Scary, and if you screw up, there's oodles of trees, buggies and stone hillsides for you to slam into.

Until you have to turn left to follow 258 (at Salt Fork Rd / Post Boy Rd intersection) things are easy, but do not let your guard down. After that, gird your loins.

Roadside Amenities

There is nothing on this road. NOTHING! Except scary tight turns, blind dropoffs, and more challenges to get your adrenaline pumping. You might see one of the "children of the corn", but that's it. No gas between Newcomerstown and Stillwater. Gas up in Newcomerstown before you head out.

Special notes: If you do this route - be really, really careful. 1st time, even 55mph is pushing it. You will be on the edge guaranteed. Many elevation changes, loose gravel, tight (very) blind turns in series, unmarked turns, buggies and poop in the road (from the buggies), will all try to destroy you. I wouldn't say I'm Valentino Rossi, but I'm not terrible either, and this ride is frightening. I rode with a experienced friend who has ridden much of the Poconos and Allegheny backroads. This is one of the scarier rides he's been on. Even if you've done 100 track days, have 20 years of riding experience, there are too many potential "what if's" on this road to bomb it in any sense. We nearly became a bumper for a amish buggy, and a 10 foot long, 1/4" deep gravel patch through the entire lane mid turn (which almost seemed intentionally placed there) damn near sent me to the E.R. - be careful. It's a good technical challenge, but NOT to be taken lightly. If you are VERY comfortable with bike control and don't panic when the rear (or front) breaks loose a bit, have fun!

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By Bludy L
on December 22, 2016 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

5.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2013

Motorcycle Make Triumph

Motorcycle Type Sport-Touring

This is a great route, lots of fun. I rode it three times this year: April, July and October. In April there was some gravel on the road, I assume it was related to winter conditions and a salt/sand/gravel application to make it passable. During the other two rides the surface is GREAT shape with the exception of road apples from the horses that pulled the buggies.

The initial poster stated "It's a good technical challenge, but not to be taken lightly" and I agree. But when you're on a motorcycle what road is to be taken lightly?

Several time he referred to the road as scary or being scared silly, the road as frightening. If you're scared you shouldn't be on this road. A reviewer said that "blind turns and blind hills do not make for a fun road". Yes there are blind hill crests and blind corners, but that's nothing to be scared about unless you're going into a turn or over a hill too fast. The road is a blast, unless you're going too fast to stop within the distance you can see. All curves, blind or not are slow in, out with a grin!!

"55 is pushing it, you will be on edge." Not the case. Work that gear box. Of course you can't maintain a constant 55 mph but on most of the ride you can easily exceed that speed (should you choose) over most of this route. Slow down when you need to and roll on elsewhere.

There are potential hazards so keep your head up looking as far down the road as you can. If you run up on a buggy and have a close call, it's on you.

The middle portion of this ride is one of the most fun sections of road that I've encountered in the state and I recommend it highly. However, use your head and ride safely!

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By Akumu
on December 28, 2013 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

3.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2005

Motorcycle Make Honda

Motorcycle Type Sport-Touring

This road has so much potential to be really good, but the road debris just kills it. Gravel, mud, horse shit and run off all mixed with blind turns and blind hills do not a fun road make. This would be a very good ride if they cleaned up the road. It is probably in the top 3 most technical roads in Ohio, though.

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By 4Raven
on July 30, 2012 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

4.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2007

Motorcycle Make Yamaha Vstar

Motorcycle Type Cruiser

Have to watch parts of the road for potholes, crevices, sand/gravel, but otherwise it was a really fun ride. I took it backwards from 36 to 800 and I think the sights were better, reminded me a little of WV. If you go later in the day, watch for some good size deer, turkey vultures, young pheasants, lots of small birds in or on the roads.

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