Cheaha to Tuskegee on 49

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State: Alabama
Date Submitted: March 1, 2004
Submitted by: "Hump"
Motorcycle Road Length: 80 Miles

Written Directions

Find Cheaha State Park which is about 20 miles east of Talladega, AL. From there simply take State Route 49 south all the way to Tuskegee.


The route is especially scenic on the northern part as you will travel through the very beautiful, scenic, and rugged part of the Alabama which falls in the Talladega National Forest. Here you can enjoy seeing the highest point in Alabama - Cheaha Mountain (2,799). From there you will head south and pass through a few rural small towns and make your way down to Tuskegee

Road Quality  

The roads are hilly and have a lot of twists and turns. Watch for waterfalls along the roadside in the spring. There are stretches where little amenities are available. If going off into a canyon or wilderness area, be sure you have plenty of gas and drinking water.

Roadside Amenities  

Overall there isn't too much to offer out on this route in terms of amenities yet you'll find plenty of eating places scattered along the way (ex. fish, BBQ, steak burger joints). You may want to visit Cheaha State Park at the beginning of your route.

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Reviewed by Guest on January 23, 2011
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Creator: JC Smith
motorcycle_year: 1982
motorcycle_make: Kawasaki
motorcycle_type: Standard
Comment: About 14 miles north of Dadeville in Horseshoe Bend Military Park. This is where Andrew Jackson fought the Creek Indians. Very nice.
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Reviewed by Guest on January 25, 2009
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Creator: seamus
motorcycle_year: 1998
motorcycle_make: Honda
motorcycle_type: Sport-Touring
Comment: Historical Landmark: At the intersection of AL49 and County Route 29 (N side of I85), head east approximately 1 mi. On your right, you'll see an abandoned airfield (now named Sharpe Field, or AL73). This is the airfield the Tuskegee Airmen trained at.
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Reviewed by IXXI on February 23, 2016
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Creator: IXXI
motorcycle_year: 2007
motorcycle_make: Porsche
motorcycle_type: Other
Comment: I normally take this route heading North as a "scenic" route detour leaving from Destin and headed to Atlanta. It's beautiful drive and going North allows you to finish in Cheaha where the roads began to twist in fantastic fashion. When 49 ends, you can take 281 East to Cheaha road, snaking through gorgeous scenery the whole way.
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Reviewed by Guest on April 17, 2014
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Creator: latorj
motorcycle_year: 2007
motorcycle_make: suzuki
motorcycle_type: Cruiser
Comment: Great ride I would highly recommend it, northern part is very scenic and leads into Cheaha Mountain where there are many more great roads. This is a great way to spend the day, there's a restaurant on top of the mountain with a good old country buffet and usually a lot of riders to chat with. I typically ride the southern section just below Dadeville, great pavement with many fast turns. There's one turn in particular that if you're doing less than 80mph you're going to slow and that's on a cruiser, so sport enthusiast your gonna love it.
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Reviewed by Guest on August 2, 2013
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motorcycle_year: 1998
motorcycle_make: HD
motorcycle_type: Cruiser
Comment: Drove half of this ride today, 2Aug13. From Tuskegee to Horseshoe Bend Natl park and then back to Mongomery. Hwy 49 is a great road, lots of turns, ups downs and beautiful foliage. Will definitely do this again in the fall when the leaves start to change! Thanks for this route...
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