Real Tennessee Back Roads #3 (Norris dam, Savage Gardens, Big Ridge State Park)

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State: Tennessee
Date Submitted: November 1, 2007
Submitted by: Backroad Rider
Motorcycle Road Length: 117 Miles

Written Directions

The directions submitted by the author are insanely detailed. I did my best and created a map that shows the basic route but if you are a purist and want to follow the authors exact route, follow the directions below!

Start and End at Exit 407 of I-40 in Sevierville, TN.

Go north on Snyder Road (Past the Smokies Ballpark).

Cross 25W/70 onto Hwy 139. Turn left onto Hwy 11E - 4 lane (stop sign).

Turn right onto Mascot Road (stoplight and gas station)

Curve to right onto Mine Rd (Mascot Rd becomes Mine Rd at a sweeping right hand curve).

Turn left onto Hwy 11W - 4 lane (stop sign)

Turn right onto Roberts Rd (watch closely for this turn).

Turn right on Washington Pike (stop sign and station)

Imediately turn left onto Roberts Rd.

Turn left onto Emory Rd, 331 (stop sign, T Interesection).

Continue straight on Emory Rd (it becomes 131 at 131/331 intersection, stop sign)

Continue straight on Emory Rd (still 131) at the intersection with 33 (stop light).

Turn right on Norris Freeway, Hwy 441, - 4 lane road (stop light) Follow Hwy 441, ccross 61 thru the town of Norris, TN (you may want to explore some side streets in the residential section of Norris to see some little houses built in the 40s and 50s).

Coming back to Norris Freeway, 441.

Continue on Hwy 441 to a stop sign after going thru town and turn right (Taht is still Hwy 441)

Continue on Hwy 441 (You will pass the tailwaters of Lake Norris on your left and a very nice Musuem of East TN and Norris Dam History on your right which includes a mill and old Barn - take the time to stop at both spots) Continue on Hwy 441 (You will pass a visitor center and cross the top of the dam for Lake Norris)

Watch for a left turn into the East Overlook (shortly after toping the curvy hill). Stop for a view of the lake and tail waters from about 200 feet above the dam


Road Quality  

This route has everything from nice cruising two lane and four lane roads to some very twisty areas on route 61 near Big Ridge State Park and a section near Norris Lake along the river that is somewhat narrow.

Roadside Amenities  

Plenty of places for gas, snacks, food, etc in addition to the places to stop mentioned above. Check out the pictures below in the direction section.

Additional Info

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