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Motorcycle Roads The Rune Stone Ride9   in Oklahoma Oklahoma81 Miles

Motorcycle Roads The Rune Stone Ride

By Tetrapiker
on May 1, 2008

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Written Directions

Begin in Broken Bow, OK and head north on US Highway 259 from Broken Bow and just stay on 259 all the way through until you hit a T in the road. At the T, which is US Highway 270, take a left and ride about 20 miles to Heavener.

Note: If you decide to take the Telimena Byway which is a BEAUTIFUL ride with an awesome hotel above the clouds named Queen Wilhelmina State Park, you can exit just before highway 270 onto Highway 1 which is named Telimena Scenic Dr.


The scenery is woodsy, mainly pines once you ride North of Broken Bow. Before you reach Heavener you have to pass through about 30 miles of twisting and turning through mountain passes.

Road Quality

The road is perfect! It's nicely paved and has a lot of curves as well as some straight-aways. There is no traffic - at times I didn't pass a car or truck for 30 minutes!

Roadside Amenities

There isn't much but a few towns and residential homes along this route which makes it that much more remote. Near the end of the ride, you can take the Telimena Byway ( another ride on this site ). Note: You have to ride out to the Rune Stone National Park in Heavener to see the proof the Norse men discovered America around the date of November 11, 1012 (which is what the lettering represents), long before Columbus fumbled upon it. It is believed that these Norse explorers crossed the Atlantic, rounded the tip of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico, found the Mississippi River, and sailed into its tributaries, the Arkansas and Poteau Rivers, around 750 A.D. This date is indicated by the grammar used on the Poteau Runestone . The park which surrounds the stone is overlooking the whole town of Heavener and is a beautiful site to behold. There is a waterfall and a really nice area made around the stone so you can view the stone and walk around the area.

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Nickname (optional) : Tetrapiker

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Im so glad I found your blog I am going to Idabell for the KIB Rally and didnt have any Idea what to do after I got there. Im going to leave earlier now just so I can make these rides

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By Stalephreak
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This road is rather nice and relaxing. Even in the rain, the sweeping turns were nothing to worry about, and the pavement was decent for Oklahoma. The view was rather nice too, as you're coming through the mountains.

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