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Capital District to OCC + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads Capital District to OCC47   in New York New York90 Miles

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By RaWarrior
on August 1, 2009

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Written Directions

-Get on 787 South. Follow it until it ends.

-Make a right to get on 9W South.

-Keep left at the fork of 9W and 32 to stay on 9W.

-Continue on 9W through Coxsackie, and then to Saugerties.

-Things get a bit tricky here. Once you are in Saugerties, you'll make a left onto 32/9W(Partition St). I don't remember which it was marked as, but they are one in the same. Now the road will be labeled as either 9W, 32, or 218.

-Keep right at the fork for 9W/218. 32 branches off to the left.

-You will then come to a T with 32 again. Make a left onto 32, then a quick right back onto 9W/218.

-Continue straight on 9W. You won't need to turn off again until you reach Newburgh.

-Once in Newburgh, turn right off 9W onto 17K(Broadway). Continue about 2 miles, the OCC shop will be on your left easily visible from the road.


Following 9W all the way down provides several opportunities for great views of valleys and long-distance views from the tops of hills. The road is split about 50/50 between town and country riding, providing plenty of places for gas and food. The towns are "quaint" and historic, and very well kept. Interesting stuff to look at the whole way.

mhaker added the following (4/8/12): 9W has some good scenery between Albany and Kingston, traveling through some nice small towns and along some bodies of water.

Road Quality

9W is generally very well kept up. I spotted very few hazards, mostly just some gravel on the shoulder. The "country" parts of the ride are a blast, some fun canyon-carving to be had. Ample passing opportunities, and I did not see any police the entire way. One stoplighted hairpin turn, and a couple others that aren't. Fair amount of broad, sweeping turns, long straight-aways, and rolling hills make for an overall very fun ride.

Taking I-87(Thruway) is slightly faster time wise than 9W, but then it's just a long, straight shot of highway. Pretty boring, I'd avoid it unless saving 15 minutes is a big deal.

mhaker added the following (4/8/12): For the most part, this road is in good shape. Some parts have pot holes but they are few in number. There are nice curves and few traffic lights for a majority of the ride.

Roadside Amenities

At only about 90 miles from the capital region, making it there on one tank shouldn't be an issue. The several small towns all have gas stations/c-stores to grab a snack. Newburgh is a fairly large city with many dining/ lodging options if you're coming from farther away.

The new OCC shop itself is a mecca for fans of the show, and nearly all the bikes built on the show are on display. Of course any sort of OCC merch you could ever want is there also. Car and bike shows are hosted there fairly often on weekends as another bonus.

mhaker added the following (4/8/12): In Kingston there is a leather shop on the left just before Sonic's. They have a good selection of vests and jackets. Each small town has a variety of restaurants and bars.

Additional Info

mhaker added the following (4/8/12): This is a nice quick ride out of the city to get some decent food, it is sunny and very enjoyable, especially in a group!

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