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The Taborton Loop + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads The Taborton Loop41   in New York New York28 Miles

Motorcycle Roads The Taborton Loop

By RaWarrior
on April 1, 2008

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Written Directions

Start just east of Brunswick, NY (just northeast of Albany, NY - see online map!) at the intersection of 351(Farm to Market Rd) and Rt.2

Head south on 351 to the second intersection you encounter, it will be for Rt.66 (Miller Hill Rd). Make a left onto Rt.66

Continue to the next intersection. Make another left onto County Rt.42 (Taborton Rd).

Continue through the town of Sand Lake for 1-2 mi, and that's when things get interesting. Continue on 42 and you'll encounter a sharp 90 degree left turn, which turns it into Rt.41 (AKA Dutch Church Rd).

Continue north on 41 (Dutch Church Rd), more twisties with lots of rolling hills. You'll come to a T intersection, make a left onto Rt.40 (Plank Rd).

Continue, lots of hills here, like a rollercoaster. Pass through E. Postenkill (don't blink, you'll miss it), and then look for Co Rd 44 off to the right (AKA Columbia Hill Rd).

Take a right on to Co Rd 44/Columbia Hill Rd and you'll come to another T, make another left onto 79 (Blue Factory Rd). Continue for about a mile.

At the next T, make a right back onto 40 (AKA Plank Rd). This will take you back to 351, and a gas station. Otherwise, make a right to backtrack north on Farm to Market Rd, and back to Rt 2.

Ending at intersection of Rt.2/Rt351.

Going at a moderate speed (I wasn't really hot-dogging, but definitely over the limit) it took me about 45min from Rt 2, around the loop and back to 351 as shown in the map.


Farm to Market Road is a scenic part, with sweeping hills that give great vistas at the top. Taborton road is mostly in forest, so there isn't a whole lot to look at, but you'll be concentrating on the road too much to notice any scenery. This ride also takes you right up to the doorstep of the Cherry Plain State Park. This is the 90 degree turn between 41 and 42. Be careful, it kinda sneaks up on you.

Road Quality

This is definitely a technical, twisty ride. Farm to Market (included because rt2 is easy to get to from a lot of surrounding area) isn't particularly exciting, rolling hills and sweeping turns. Once you get into 42 though, hold on to your panties kids! Tons of twisties and negative-G roller hills where your butt lifts off the seat a bit. Many twisties are marked as 20 mph, so that should give you a clue. This trend continues all the way back to the intersection of 351. The first part of 42 has some shallow, rounded potholes. More of an annoyance than safety hazard. Couple of the sharp 90 degree corners have sand/gravel in parts, so look before you hit the turn hot. No cops and very little traffic made this ideal for a good ride.

The bottom line is this loop is twisty and some of the curves really sneak up on you, as in they look less sharp than they are. Less experienced riders should take caution, nobody wants to end up in the woods because they hit the corner too hot. If you're hot-dogging down this road (and you certainly can, never any cops and very little traffic), you may have a few "scraper" corners depending on your bike and your speed. .

This is just getting into the twisties after E. Postenkill.

This is a view from Farm to Market Rd (Rt 351). Hilly, with good views from the top. Some sweeping turns, but that's it..

Roadside Amenities

There isn't really anything to stop for. A little into 42 is the Adirondack Grill, which is pretty good for your standard bar/grill food. No gas on the loop, though there is gas in W. Sand Lake(out of the way), and also where the loop re-meets with 351. It's only about 30 mi, so you should be good.

Additional Info

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By Guest
on August 6, 2012 1 out of 1 members found this review useful.

3.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2012

Motorcycle Make kawasaki

Motorcycle Type Sport

i would also agree with the previous comments on this road. it would be a great place to ride except for the horrible pavement. ive been begging for a re paving cause it would be sweet. very twisty at times and the top isnt too horrible and they repaved the bottom some. overall a good ride but just be careful

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By Guest
on April 11, 2011 1 out of 1 members found this review useful.

2.5out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2000

Motorcycle Make Harley-Davidson

Motorcycle Type

It should be noted the road to Cherry Plains State Park is a dirt road ,if your planning to bounce on to the park. Theres also a nice BBQ place at route 2 and 351. I hunt this area in the winter and the cell coverage is poor.

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By Guest
on May 23, 2010 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

1.5out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2008

Motorcycle Make Kawasaki

Motorcycle Type Sport

I would tend to agree. The potholes are actually quite dangerous, the are around every turn. It was hard to enjoy the great layout of the road when I thought I was going to lose my front tire at any minute! There is some great country on this road, its quiet and its a nice relaxed private ride... if the road was newly paved

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By Guest
on August 24, 2009 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

1.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2003

Motorcycle Make Suzuki

Motorcycle Type Standard

I will agree that this is a scenic route. There are a few ponds to see and a nice view on 351. It is also very twisty (except for 351 and 66, obviously), and it would be an awesome road to ride were the pavement not falling apart. It is lumpy, bumpy, cracked, potholed, and there is gravel lurking around every corner. I would not take this road again unless it was repaved.

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