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Rt 200 through the Helena National Forest + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads Rt 200 through the Helena National Forest14   in Montana Montana165 Miles

Motorcycle Roads Rt 200 through the Helena National Forest

By Anonymous
on March 1, 2007

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Written Directions

The route is very easy to find and follow. Just start out in Great Falls, and get on I-15 north up to Vaughn and get on Rt 200 and take it east all the way to Missoula, MT.


On this route you'll start out in lower altitude prairie environment and then begin to enter vast foothills with sporadic trees. As you rise up into the higher mountain elevations, the forest will become much thicker and you'll be weaving in and out of mountain top's and ridges as you cross the Helena National Forest area. Also during the route you'll cross countless rivers and have many opportunities to pull over and explore beautiful Montana mountain territories on foot if you'd like.

Road Quality

The road is pretty mild in terms of curves and elevation changes. There are no twisties on this route whatsoever but there are some nice sweepers. Condition of the road is very good as it didn't have any pothole or significant bumps to worry about. There is a lot of gravel collecting in the spring time as it gets a lot of snow in the winter.

Roadside Amenities

As far as thing to do along the way, Lincoln is about your biggest town to stop and there are a good amount of hotels there and cafés and places to get gas or just stretch your legs. If you want to do some camping or fishing, you'll find plenty of opportunities to do that up there. The real "amenities" attraction though is the route's end point of Missoula, MT. I suggest you head downtown as it has an awesome old west feel to it and you'll find plenty of shops to take in while you are walking around. If you ever take young kids to Missoula, you need to go to the park downtown which as a huge wooden castle/play ground. If you are heading the other direction and Great Falls is your destination, the one thing you need to see there is the C.M. Russell art museum. In terms of western art, Charlie Russell is the premier artist and this museum has more of his works than any. Another place I would suggest would be Giant Springs Park.

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A nice variation on this ride is the "double divide" - riding west from Vaughan (not east) on 200, you will cross the Continental Divide at Roger's Pass. About 10-15 miles further west, turn left on SR 279 (Flescher Pass Road). If you want "twisties" this is your route! It goes back over the Divide at Flescher Pass, then down into the Helena valley where it turns into Lincoln Road, and comes out at Interstate 15. Watch out for wildlife, I nearly hit a couple of deer.

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