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Michigan's West Coast Winery Tour + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads Michigan's West Coast Winery Tour20   in Michigan Michigan55 Miles

Motorcycle Roads Michigan's West Coast Winery Tour

By "Air Guy"
on April 1, 2004

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Written Directions

The Directions for this route are extensive. We recommend you print them out and take the print out with you on your ride.

Start in Paw Paw, MI (near Kalamazu, MI) at 716 S. Kalamazoo St. (M40) ST JULIAN WINERY. If Chaz is around try his "Catherman's Port". Next, go across the street to BLACK STAR FARMS tasting room. Not too much now, were just getting started.

OK, go North (L) on M40, past the county sheriffs office, to E. Michigan (Red Arrow Highway). Point your mount West (L) towards Lake Michigan and cruise through, Lawrence, Hartford and enter Watervliet.

About a mile West of 140 (Main St.) look for Hennessey Rd. to the South (L) and go one country block to Ryno Rd. West (R). Look for KARMA VISTA in the vineyards, up the hill, on your right. Say "Hi" to Joe and ask him about Pink Floyd.

Your next hump is an easy 2 mile ride. Continue West (R) down Ryno Rd and turn South (L) on Friday Rd, under I-94 and up the hill to CONTESSA WINERY.

Park up top, see Tony (a second generation wine maker) for a glass, then go out on the deck and enjoy the view.

The next leg is long enough, you may want to drain your "sample bottle", so shake it off and head North (R) down the hill to Mountain Rd., then East (R) to Angling Rd., which you lean South (R) on, through the Hennessey/Carmody crossing, till you hit Hill Rd. and follow East (L) to 140 South (R).

Cruise on down 140 to E. Main (62) then West (R) into Eau Claire. Follow Linn St. South (L) till your fork West (R) on Eau Claire Rd, which curves South into Hochberger Rd, until you T into Pokagon Rd (Old 31).

Turn West (R), cross the bridge over the "Mighty St. Joe River" into Berrien Springs and continue through town till you can fork West (R) on E. Shawnee Rd.

If you're timing is good, you can shoot North (R) one block at Lauer Rd. then West (L) on Lemon Creek Rd. to pick up LEMON CREEK WINERY & DOMAINE BERRIEN CELLARS.

If not, carry speed to the next corner, Hills Rd, South (L) through the Snow Rd. crossing, until you find HEART OF THE VINEYARD WINERY. Head up to the tasting room and ask if the "Round Barn" is open. If not, cry in your Grappa or Fruit Brandy.

Once your eyes are dry, put on you tie or tiara and finish the tour at TABOR HILL WINERY. Its just South on Hill Rd to Mount Tabor Rd. then East (L) to the entrance.

Put your dinner reservation in and belly up to the bar with a glass of Cherry wine.

After dinner, if it's dark or you're a little tired, you can B-line home on I-94!

Special Mention:
If you decide to "reverse route" and end up in Paw Paw, be sure to stop for an EXCELLENT meal at the Bistro 120, (In the heart of the theatre district)

While not on the route, consider a ride to PETERSON & SONS WINERY in Scotts, MI for sulfite-free, pure fruit wines (No headaches... Really!) or FENN VALLEY WINERY in Fennville.

It's just a hop, skip & "two snaps up" to Douglas/Saugatuck.


Routed along the old connector between Detroit & Chicago, (predates I-94) through many small villages and townships. Lots of small town charm.

Road Quality

Hey, it's Michigan. If you want twisties, go to the Nevada high Sierras! Route is flat & straight with some sweeping curves and reasonably smooth pavement. You hard-tailers should have no trouble. For those who like a "road less traveled", go SOUTH of I-94 and follow your compass WEST. (You DO have a compass, don't you?)

Roadside Amenities

It's a short run with plenty of "bergs" to stop in and gas up or tap a kidney. Take your time, talk to the folks and "sample the yield". See more advice on the local amenities in the directions below.

Additional Info

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I live in south western Michigan near the route, I suggest Hillandale road it has one great set of curves. I also recommend Garr road and Red Bud Trail into Buchanan near the river. If you don't mind dirt roads go along the other side of the river to Berrien Springs, great road runs within feet of the river.

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