The Scenic Route from Hot Springs to Eureka Springs

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State: Arkansas
Date Submitted: June 1, 2007
Submitted by: Bruce A.
Motorcycle Road Length: 226 Miles

Written Directions

This route starts in Hot Springs AR.
- From Hot Springs take Hwy 7 North 73 miles through Russellville, AR
- Now take AR 164/AR 7 North for 14 miles to Hargarville, AR
- Now take AR 123 North 28 miles to Sand Gap, AR
- Now take Ark Hwy 7 North 4 miles to Ark 123
- Now take Ark 123 north 16 miles to Ark 374
- Now take Ark 374 west 8 miles
- Now take Ark Hwy 7 North 5 miles to Jasper, AR cross Buffalo River
- Now take Ark 74 West 14 miles
- Now take Ark 43 North 4 miles through Ponca, AR
- Now take Ark 103 North 12 miles to Osage, AR
- Now take US Hwy 412 West 3 miles
- Now take Ark 103 North 14 miles
- Now take US Hwy 62 West 19 miles through Berryville, AR to Eureka Springs, AR.


This route, takes adventurers down less-traveled roads. Some of Arkansas's best mountain scenery. Ozark National Forest. Hot Springs National Park. Great switchbacks to the watch tower. Nimrod Lake on the Fourche LaFave River. Mount Nebo State Park. Tight switchbacks on steep access road. Buffalo National River. Look for the Elk in this area. Lost Valley and Arkansas Elk. Boxley is a gathering spot for elk. One lane bridges, beautiful rivers and creeks and valley's. Looks for the turkey, deer along the way. This route will take about 5 hours to complete but well worth the trip.

Ark 123 Bridge (left). Beaver Lake (right)

Road Quality  

Many curves, switchbacks, not many straight spots on these roads. Crossing many creeks, rivers, look out for the one lane bridges. Elevation as high as 2200 ft. Many 1015 mph switchback. The road conditions are all good, if there has been a lot of rain some rock and mud may be in the curves.

Beaver Lake (left). Osage, AR (right)

Roadside Amenities  

There are several small towns along this route. Many places to camp Russellville AR, food and Gas. Haw Creek Falls, 14 miles north of Hagerville on Ark. 123. Small mountain stream with picturesque falls, rocks and bluffs; fishing; access to the Ozark Highlands Trail; campgrounds. Nice stopping point in Jasper AR, Eats, Gas, Motels, store with gas, small deli and picnic tables overlooking the Buffalo River. Berryville is nice size town with everything needed. Eureka Springs, so many things to do hard to list them all, one of the top arts and culture destinations, Passion play, Beaver lake and lots of hotels and shopping.

Hot Springs National Park (left). Osage, AR (right)

Photo contributed by visitor in July 09: "train station in eureka springs"

Additional Info

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Reviewed by Sooner805 on September 5, 2011
(3 out of 3 members found this review useful.)
Creator: Spud
motorcycle_year: 2009
motorcycle_make: Suzuki
motorcycle_type: Cruiser
Comment: One of the best routes in the middle states. Nice curves and scenery. Good roads.
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Reviewed by WindexSCRC on June 11, 2013
(2 out of 2 members found this review useful.)
Comment: If you don't ride any other road in Arkansas, take Highway 7 from Eureka Springs to Hot Springs. That will give you a taste of the very best Arkansas has. Great in a group or by yourself, there are plenty of stops along the way to take a break or take some pictures.
Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Reviewed by Red Line on November 29, 2012
(2 out of 2 members found this review useful.)
Creator: Red Line
motorcycle_year: 2012
motorcycle_make: HD
motorcycle_type: Cruiser
Comment: This is a beautiful ride with many cool hole-in-the-wall places to stop along the way. We rode this while attending Bikes, Blues, and BBQ in 2012. Tons of twists and turns! Be on the lookout for wet pavement in shadowed areas and loose rock and gravel on the turns. The scenery can't be beat!!
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Reviewed by Guest on April 26, 2012
(2 out of 2 members found this review useful.)
Creator: Captnbob
motorcycle_year: 93
motorcycle_make: Honda
motorcycle_type: Sport-Touring
Comment: Did most of this ride a month ago, and liked it so much I am heading back this week. The 28 miles on hwy 123 are a pure joy. It was well worth the detour off Rt 7. Saw 2 herds of elk west of Ponca, more than 50 total.
Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Reviewed by Guest on July 27, 2010
(2 out of 2 members found this review useful.)
Creator: DonnieJoe
motorcycle_year: 2006
motorcycle_make: Honda
motorcycle_type: Cruiser
Comment: If you're looking for a fun route from springs to springs and you've got all day, take this one. Its got lots of great scenery and some great roads. A good bathroom break can be found by turning south on 7 at Pelsor. There's a rest area called Rotary Ann about 3 miles south of the intersection. Then head back north on 7 to finish the ride. Do not miss the section from Lurton to Mt. Judea.
Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Reviewed by Guest on January 30, 2010
(2 out of 2 members found this review useful.)
Creator: Don
motorcycle_year: 2008
motorcycle_make: Honda
motorcycle_type: Touring
Comment: Lots of curves and switch backs. Road a little rough in places. Mostly 2 lane roads but so much beautiful country to see. Numerous places to pull off and take pictures. Look forward to riding this road again.
Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Reviewed by nowhere1111 on October 28, 2012
(1 out of 1 members found this review useful.)
Creator: nowhere1111
motorcycle_year: 2006
motorcycle_make: RoadStar
motorcycle_type: Cruiser
Comment: 123 is AWESOME! I'd say it might be a reason to go by itself. There are NO amenities incl gas. There's a LOONG 1 lane bridge too. I went this past spring and the water in the rivers was really running!! Gorgeous.
Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Reviewed by SFullag on September 23, 2014
(0 out of 0 members found this review useful.)
Creator: Shawn Fullagar
motorcycle_year: 2013
motorcycle_make: Harley
motorcycle_type: Touring
Comment: This ride is well worth it. There are so many good rides coming off of this route that it ends up being hard to decide.
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