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The Massachusetts Berkshires for a Long Weekend + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads The Massachusetts Berkshires for a Long Weekend17   in Massachusetts Massachusetts350 Miles

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By KerriOber
on February 1, 2007

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Written Directions

- Start in Concord, MA.

- Take Rt 2 West all the way out to North Adams. This will take about 3 hours. After North Adams and before Williamstown, MA look for Rt 43 and take a left on to it (South).

- Take Rt 43 South, through the Taconic Range. It's a designated scenic route, though kind of scary for a novice. Rt 43 will cross into New York and intersect with Rt 22 (just after crossing the border).

- Take 22 South (take a left) and ride it down to a town called Green River where it will intersect with Rt 71.

- Take a left onto Rt 71 (Southeast) and back into Massachusets and into the town of Egremont. You will now be in an area rich with B&B's and wanting to rest. Rt 71 will T into Rt 23 at which point you want to take a left (heading east-northeast) and into Great Barrington.

- Take Rt 71 into Great Barrington. I recommend the Brewery that is just south of town on Rt 7 as it has great food. Great Barrington's also worthy of a stop on it's own, with shops, and all kinds of food.

- End of the first day of travel.

- The next day, head out of Great Barrington on Rt 23 East.

- Drive East until you find Route 8 and take it North. Rt 8 North is a designated scenic route.

- Take Rt 8 North and into the town of Dalton (watch the signs ... you'll have to switch to 8A to actually get into Dalton). Drive through Dalton on 8A and you will soon come upon Rt 9.

- Take a right onto Rt 9 and go East, which will run you into Northampton. You can stay in a B&B there, or in one of the surrounding towns.

- From there, ride up RT 5/I-91 North, back to RT 2 East, and home. Route 5 brings you through some lovely farming towns. When you get to RT 2 you would just take that back east to Concord or wherever you came from.

- End Trip


The best of Massachusetts scenery, excluding the shore. A great trip for foliage watching. Mountains, Farmlands, Rivers, Villages, and no traffic.

Road Quality

Mostly good, though you go through some twisty Berkshire ranges. There's some long stretches without gas stations, so fill up when you can. Rt 22 is a little sparse, and not in the best shape. Take Route 7 down from North Adams, to Great Barrington, if you are a novice rider. It's still lovely, though more touristy.

Roadside Amenities

I hit the highlights of the trip below (in the directions section), but I can't begin to describe all there is to do. Look in Yankee magazine for some good stops. I mentioned it below, and its worth repeating, that you should start your day with a full tank, and fill up especially in North Adams, Great Barrington, and in Amherst. There's some long stretches will few gas stations.

Additional Info

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