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Motorcycle Roads Citadel Bluff Run40   in Arkansas Arkansas13 Miles

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By Gorilla Grunts
on April 25, 2018

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Written Directions

On Highway 22, in the community of Branch, you will go North on Highway 41 for 12.7 miles. You will pass through the community of Cecil and into Citadel Bluff Park. While you're there, enjoy the view of the Arkansas River and maybe you'll see some of the many bald eagles that call the area their home.


The trip covers mostly ranching country. You see plenty of cattle and hay fields. Since it is Arkansas, I'm sure you'll see plenty of chicken houses too.

Road Quality

The road quality is passable. No canyon sized pot holes but it's not paved every year either.
When you first turn up Highway 41 you will encounter three quick hills that can get you airborne if you hit them hard enough. Seriously, they are more like moguls than hills you would think to see on a highway.
Along the way, you have a couple of 90 degree turns, several sweeps, and enough straight stretches to keep you honest.
This is a quick and enjoyable ride.

Roadside Amenities

About 1/4 of the mile to the West of the 41/22 intersection there is a gas station. The next business is in Cecil but that is a simple little cafe.

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By Gorilla Grunts
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3.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2017

Motorcycle Make Suzuki

Motorcycle Type Enduro

Great little country ride with sweeps and a few tight turns. Mostly a peaceful jaunt through farming country.

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