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Motorcycle Roads Oregon Outback Scenic Byway4   in Oregon Oregon175 Miles

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By SheepDawg
on March 29, 2018

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Written Directions

Start your route in Lapine, OR, and take route 31 east (southeast). Take this until it runs into Hwy 395 in Valley Falls, OR. From there head south on Hwy 395 about 20 miles to Lakeview for fuel, lodging and food ... from there the official route ends further south at the Goose Lake State Recreation Area (note: the end portion of this route leave Oregon and enters Idaho).


Southeast out of Lapine is pine forests that gradually give way to rocks and the sagebrush of the High Desert. Once out in the open ii is views of valleys and mountains as far as you can see. Fort Rock is a must see with it's namesake formation. While there be sure and order the broasted chicken at the town bar. A long stretch runs next to rock ridges on the south and open fields and meadows to the north. Summer Lake is a National Wildlife refuge. Eventually you'll go through Paisley which is home to the largest cattle ranch in the nation. Antelope, deer, turkey and wild horses abound.

Road Quality

Roads are well maintained. Since this is the dry side of the State, there is not the constant potholes, cracks and heaves that you find on the West side. VERY lightly travelled. The first 20 miles or so are easy corners in the timber, once out on the desert it is long staright stretches with undulating hills and easy corners.

Roadside Amenities

This rating depends on what you are looking for. I think it's a five becuase there is no commercialization, very light traffic, constantly changing scenery and SUN. However, be sure that you are topped off before setting out from Lapine with at least 150 miles of range. Other than a couple little places at Fort Rock and Paisley you are in the Wild West.

Additional Info

Tanks need to be topped off. Fuel on the route may or may not be available. Kepp your eyes out for critters, both for your safety and viewing. Wild horse herds in the country are impressive to say the least, although the alfalfa farmers probably don't agree.

This is the type of travel that the boys from "Wild Hogs" were looking for. Not sure that there is a bar to blow-up, but there may be a fair in Paisley to visit sometime.

The state has put together some very detailed information guides at the below links:

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By VStromPDX
on August 11, 2018 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

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Motorcycle Year 2005

Motorcycle Make Suzuki

Motorcycle Type Other

Completely concur on Hwy 140. Well worth the drive. Two add one of time permitting: (1) stop in Paisley at the Paisley Saloon. Oldest bar in Oregon and fun biker-meet-local place. It's also owned by a biker that discovered then bought the place a few years back after riding through the area. (2) if on an adventure touring motorcycle, I highly recommend taking NFD 22 from LaPine, which heads due east and is a beautiful narrow road through forest area. It's completely paved until it ends 20 miles at NFD 18, at which point it's gravel. I took that south for 18 miles straight into Fort Rock. The gravel is in excellent shape and, in summers, a great ride. I passed one car over the entire hour and the scenery is stunning.

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By SheepDawg
on June 14, 2018 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

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Motorcycle Year 2015

Motorcycle Make Harley

Motorcycle Type Touring

Thankls for the heads-up on 140. We are doing this route this weekend and will add in your suggestion.

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By mogan
on April 27, 2018 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

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Motorcycle Year 2011

Motorcycle Make BMW

Motorcycle Type Sport-Touring

You missed the best road in the area. 140 from Lakeview to Denio Junction. It's like being on the moon. But be ware, top off in Lakeview, you may not have another chance for 200 miles.

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