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Motorcycle Roads Boquet Boogie68   in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania11 Miles

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By Vader3
on August 8, 2017

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Written Directions

Form the intersection of PA Rt 66 and PA Rt 993 north of Greensburg PA;
Head west on PA Rt 993. Take the first left onto Ridge Rd. After .6 miles, turn left onto Ashbaugh Rd. At the end of Ashbaugh at a stop sign, turn right onto Oakford Park Rd. In another 2/10's mile turn right onto Sutherland Rd. At the end of Sutherland, do a quick right-left onto Ridge, and then Sleepy Hollow Rd. When Sleepy Hollow ends at the stop sign, turn left onto Dry Dam Rd. A mile latef turn right onto Claridge-Ellliot Rd. After another mile, turn right onto PA Rt 993 east. Make the next left onto Baughman Rd, then the next right ( Dutch Hollow RD ), left ( Slack RD ), and right ( Boquet Rd ). After completely passing Cloverleaf Golf Course you will come to a stop sign, Turn right onto "OLD ROUTE 66" south. At he next light, continue straight on Rt 66 and 1,8 miles you will have completed the loop!


Forests, farmlands and a few rural "neighborhoods" in a mix. You will rarely hit 35 mph here, so soak it all it. Once you've done this loop a time or two, it is incredibly relaxing!

Road Quality

Sweepers and twisties, all while on a busy elevator. Good pavement to boot. It takes a time or two to remember the route, but once you do, you might find you can often complete this loop with you feet never hitting the ground, even with the stop signs. Traffic here is about no-existent!

Roadside Amenities

There's nothing ON this route, but since it weaves back and forth among itself so tightly, you're never far from Greensburg PA to the southeast. Jeanette PA to the south, or Delmont PA to the north.

Additional Info

Bushy Run Battlefield, sight of an important battle during the French & Indian War, is on PA Rt 993 around a mile west of Claridge Rd.

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