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The Mt. Carroll to Galena Run + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads The Mt. Carroll to Galena Run38   in Illinois Illinois40 Miles Miles

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By Matt K
on January 1, 2008

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Written Directions

Start in Mt. Carroll Illinois. Head west on IL Route 64 towards Savanna. Follow the road through Savanna and it will turn into IL Route 84W (or north out of Savanna). Follow this through Savanna and you will pass the Palisades State Park, and the Savanna Army Depot (both wonderful places to stop for a rest and take in the nature). Continue on Route 84 until you intersect Route 20, turn NW on Route 20, stick to Route 20 until you get to Galena.


The beginning of the route is somewhat bland compared to the section after Savanna. The first section takes the rider through some bluffs, with some good hills and some nice views, but the second part is the best! It is here where the ride follows the Mississippi pretty closely at times and offers very nice scenic views. Keep in mind that after the rider turns onto Rt20, there is an overlook tower that provides some intense scenery viewing opportunities. Overall, plenty of bluffs, curves, trees, hills, and general great views on this trip.

Also, please watch traffic and wildlife, especially wildlife on either of the recommended stops. And, if you go through the abandoned Army Depot, look for the signs warning you of explosive devices. They are kind of funny, but extremely serious. Just stay on the beaten path, and you will be safe.

Road Quality

Good hills, good curves, especially for the beginner. Sometimes traffic is horrid, I would recommend going on a weekday when there are less tourists in Galena. The road is smooth, with little to no gravel on the road. Sometimes the rider will be staring over a bluff, which is nerve wrecking, but the views are astonishing.

Roadside Amenities

The amenities are excellent. The Palisades State Park provides some great views from the top of the bluffs, and at the back of the Savanna Army Depot there is a scenic overlook over the river (this is a relatively unknown place). The small towns are wonderful, providing fuel and food. Lodging is available at either the stop point or the start point. Shopping in Galena is an experience in itself. Also, with a small detour, one could go to Chestnut mountain ski resort.

Additional Info

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