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Old Weaver and Other Roads Near Falls Lake + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads Old Weaver and Other Roads Near Falls Lake41   in North Carolina North Carolina41 Miles

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By manishk
on August 31, 2015

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Written Directions

This route is NW of downtown Raleigh, NC. It starts and ends in the Brier Creek area. The route goes through Falls Lake area all the way to Creedmore and loops back through part of Raleigh. See the online map for specific road/directions.


This route starts and ends in the parking lot of Walmart in Brier Creek area (doesn't sound very appealing, I know but it gets better and better). We go through part of state highway 1641 and enter on Virgil road, one of the most twisty roads in the area. Continuing NE on state road 1811, the route crosses Falls lake on 2 bridges with a beautiful view of the lake on both sides. The route then continues on windy roads: old weaver, new light road, pleasant union church road and part of six forks road.

Road Quality

This road has a fair amount of curves and as mentioned above, a portion of the route travels along Virgil road which is one of the most twisty roads in the area. The road is well done on most sections on this route. One needs to watch for gravel dragged out on the road from driveways. There are occasional potholes and bumps in the roads but nothing alarming.

Roadside Amenities

Not too many road amenities once you get on back roads. But this route covers part of state hw 98 and six forks road which has all the usual road side restaurants and grocery shops. I have seen few Walgreens and CVS pharmacies as well. There is Park road bar and grill on the intersection of 1811 and cheek road.

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Nickname (optional) : ManishK

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By atpucci
on November 24, 2015 1 out of 1 members found this review useful.

4.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2004

Motorcycle Make Suzuki Intruder 800

Motorcycle Type Sport-Touring

I live on the southern tip of this route. I have just gotten a bike after a 20 year absence since riding a 450 Nighthawk in college. I had been wandering around the country roads in the same area for a few weeks but had not yet found this specific route. It is beautiful, fun, open, and well paved. I was riding at dusk with a full moon in the sky and a cool breeze enhancing the experience. At one point a young boy came running down his driveway with is hand in the air signalling for me to gun the engine - and I couldn't resist! I cant wait to get up to the more intense routes in the mountains but this is a great route to get my feel and groove back.

PS: Virgil Road is mentioned in the description but not part of the highlighted route, although it is within the highlighted loop. I have no idea how to correct this.

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By Pilsner173
on June 10, 2019 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

4.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2018

Motorcycle Make HD

Motorcycle Type Touring

This route is great for a quick afternoon ride. It's about 30 minutes from our house so even getting up to the route is nice. The early roads right outside of Wal-Mart at the beginning are rough but it levels out and is great after that.

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By cbr6knight
on March 18, 2016 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

4.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2006

Motorcycle Make Honda

Motorcycle Type Sport

Beaver Dam Rd off Old Weaver at North end of Falls is a good road as well. Lots of twisties (surprising for the Piedmont). Pay attention to the road as the asphalt has settled and undulations can surprise a bit. After to Pass 50 on Old Weaver and over Falls, it is the next left. 2 gear on my bike was plenty to get through it all. 5-8 S-turns followed by a long sweep before you dive into another set.

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