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By jason93088
on September 20, 2014

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Written Directions

Starts in North Royalton close to where York Rd dead-ends into Bennette Rd. Take Valley Pkwy west off York Rd. Follow this road for 22 miles until it turns into Sloane Ave in Rocky River at Detroit Ave.


The route is part of the Cleveland Metro Parks so the path starts in the Mill Stream Reservation and ends running through the Rocky River Reservation. It crosses THE Rocky River numerous times and is in heavy forestry most of the time. It follows a pedestrian walk/run/bike path and has plenty of park and lake stops scattered throughout the route.

"OhioCruiser" contributed the following: Cleveland's Metroparks are well maintained and very scenic. The parkway meanders through 3 of the largest in the system and is tree lined the entire route. Portions will travel along Rocky River with cliffs and valleys, and you will encounter a hand full of lakes and waterfalls along the way. In the fall the colors are beautiful.

Road Quality

While there are a few hills, the parkway is mainly flat but filled with curves and twists. The speed limit is 35 most of he way, and on a nice weekend day there will be a fair amount of motorcycle, car, and bicycle traffic. Don't expect to run this road in the gas, it is a nice sunday ride kind of place, ideal for cruisers, where sport bike riders might find it frustrating that they can't push it through the twisties. The road surface fluctuates as the winters cause potholes and they are contantly being repaired and re-surfaced. You will undoubtably encounter some section with rough patches, but easy to handle at the speeds you must adhere to on the ride. The parks are full of wildlife, keep an eye out for deer, especially late summer/fall.

"OhioCruiser" contributed the following: This road has a lot of sweeping curves, some tighter than others and for the most part is a fairly smooth ride. Their are a few portions where filled potholes create some turbulence but nothing unbearable or for too long.

Roadside Amenities

Along with the parks and lake stops the route crosses a few main roads (Royalton Rd, Bagley Rd, Pearl Rd, Brookpark Rd, and then finishes at Detroit Rd) where you could detour off and find plenty of bars or restaurants to make a pit stop at.

"OhioCruiser" contributed the following: Several opportunities to pull over for a snack or a short walk exist, and restroom facilities are peppered throughout the ride. There is a great restaurant on the Marina in Rocky River, and a snack bar ar Wallace Lake. You will also cross a few roads with restaurants and refreshment near by. A stop in the Berea Business District will give you opportunity for a great cup of Java at Cafa A Roma, or a brew at the Cornerstone.

Additional Info

After crossing Bagley Rd the route turns into Barrett Rd, once you go under the bridge their are two quick rights, the first to stay on Barrett Rd and the next to get you back on Valley View Pkwy.

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By Chuck S
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This is a nice route for an easy ride. Very crowded on weekends with few places to pass slow moving vehicles but with plenty of "police protection."

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