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Motorcycle Roads Backroads of Kansas30   in Kansas Kansas76 Miles

Motorcycle Roads Backroads of Kansas

By skutertrash
on August 2, 2014

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Written Directions

Start at the intersection of Auburn Rd and I-70 just west of Topeka. Go south on Auburn Rd through the city of Auburn and keep heading south. Watch out for the unmarked 90 degree right turn about 4 miles south of Auburn. Go one mile west and turn back South on Burlingame Rd. If you miss the turn Mineral Springs Rd turns to gravel just a few miles west and you'll know to turn back. South through Burlingame (now HWY 56) and on to Osage City (via HWY 170). 8 miles south of Osage the road turns west again, take the first left and turn south on Hoch Rd. You'll cross the upper end of Melvern Lake and keep heading south to Lebo. As you go through Lebo you'll cross I-35 and come to old HWY 50, turn west. Take old HWY 50 west to HWY 130 south to Hartford. Stay on that same road as it turns to Angus Rd and take it all the way south to HWY 58. From there you can turn east to Gridley or west to Madison for supplies.


This route takes you through the typical Kansas scenery of rolling hills, fields, grass land and farm houses. Just east of Hartford (via gravel rd) there is the Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuse, where is beautiful to set and watch the wildlife.

Road Quality

There are a few spots that are tar and chip but most of the road is good pavement and well maintained.

Roadside Amenities

Each of the small towns you pass through will have places for you to stop if you need gas, drinks or food.

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Nickname (optional) : Skutertrash

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