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Motorcycle Roads SW Chicago Quick Scenic Loop41   in Illinois Illinois11 Miles

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By milojones
on January 24, 2015

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Written Directions

Start at Rout 83 and Bell Road - Head south on Bell Road until it ends at W. 159th St (route 7), then go left on W 159th and go right right-away on to Bell Road South. Take to 167th and go right. Ride through some hills and woods until you hit Parker Road then go left. Ride until West Chicago-Bloomington Trail and go Left on that. Soon you will approach Bell Road South and go left and it will complete a loop as it takes you back up W 159th. From there you can hop on 355 or go back to Route 83 via Bell Road.


along Bell Road South there is a beautiful prairie, on 167 you drive through some hilly woods, over highways, along large ponds and small lakes, many creeks and wooded areas.

Road Quality

There are many hilly straight-aways, along parker road the road winds and there are some 15 mph sharp curves so ride with caution, the the road conditions along this route are real nice. Its a rural setting so other cars do tend to speed on Chicago-Bloomington trail and 159th but the rest of the ride is 35 - 45 mph. nice cruising.

Roadside Amenities

along Bell Road and 159th there are services, restaurants, gas, and retail. 75% or more of the route provides no roadside amenities.

Additional Info

Nickname (optional) : SW Chicago Quickie

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