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Motorcycle Roads Westport Coastal Ride

By MCR Contributor
on January 1, 2014

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Written Directions

From Louisburgh, take R335 as it rides east/north east along the shore. The road will pass through Stauntons and take you towards Westport. But, don't take it all the way into Westport, take a left onto L5840 in order to keep hugging the coast and gives you great views of the harbor (road becomes "Harbor Road" and later "The Quay". Veer left at one point when you can cross the bridge over Carrowbeg River and head north up to Golf Course Road where you want to take a left and continue left (turning you northeast). Now just follow this for about 3km as it passes the golf course on the left and takes you into the small roads that service the many quaint little rural homes along the shore.


This route features some great coastal scenery. We took it on a hunch while vacationing in Ireland and it was beautiful. Along the coast you'll see a collection of lovely little green islands just off the shore and get views of the Atlantic beyond. Also beautiful homes line the coast and have you dreaming of what it would be like to live in the daily sight of such a lovely shoreline. Later the route takes you through a small harbor town and then past a wonderful gulf coarse and into some lush little hills that hold back the waters of the bay and are home to little farming homes.

Road Quality

Road quality is good for the majority of the trip. It gets a little rougher as you pass the golf course and work you way back to the rural homes along the water. The road has gentle turns much of the way but nothing tight or challenging.

Roadside Amenities

There are little shops and restaurants dotted along the way. You pass right by Westport which has TONS of tourist options (food, souvenirs, hotels, coffee shops, pubs, etc) .. as well as some great architecture to walk through.

Additional Info

We took this trip when we visited Ireland in the late summer of 2013 and this part of our trip was my favorite. Westport is a great place to visit and shows you what a classic western Irish harbor town looks like (now and in the past). Don't pass up this town!

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