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By cfranklin502
on December 31, 2013

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Written Directions

The route starts at Lake Bloomington Just north of Hudson and 3 miles east of I39 off the Lake Bloomington Exit at the corner of County Road 2500 N (P J Keller Highway)and E 2500 North Road. Between Grean Gables and Lake Road Inn.
Start by heading South on P J Keller Highway to follow along the lake. when you come to a Stop sign take a Left on Carver Road. After about 1500 feet at the next intersection take a left (north) onto Thorn Apple Lane(Lake Bloomington scenic loop. that will loop around to the same intersection. This time take a Left (south) to head off the lake. At the T (About 1 mile) turn right (West). In just over 1/2 a mile you will take a left to head south on County Road 1750 E. At the next stop sign turn Right (west) onto Co Rd 2200 N Road to head into Hudson, IL. Continue through town until you come to a T and Head North to Lake Evergreen. About 2 miles up the road turn left onto Co Rd 300 N. Continue on this road until you return back to where you started on lake Bloomington. This time at the intersection of County Road 2500 N (P J Keller Highway)and E 2500 North Road. Between Grean Gables and Lake Road Inn. Turn Left (north) to drive around Lake Bloomington. After driving over the second bridge almost 2 miles turn right onto Ron Smith memorial Hwy. Follow this road around the lake. once you pass Hinthorn Chapel/Cemetery you will take the first Right (north) onto County Road 1750 E. at the stop sigh turn left (West). as soon as you cross the bridge turn Right (north) and you will soon be back to the beginning again.


The route has a beautiful canopy of trees that on a few occasions almost create a tunnel to drive through (a great place to ride in the early fall when the trees are turning.). you will also get a chance to see many types of wildlife. There are many great views along both lakes and lots of places to stop and park some with small paved parking lots. You will get a chance to see some of incredible houses on Lake Bloomington (however the good looking side of the houses is the lake side so you have to look across the lake). The view is filled with all the things central Illinois has to offer.

Road Quality

The Roads are filled with lots of curves with a couple straight flat runs traveling from one lake to the other. The road around Lake Bloomington is a bit rougher then all the other roads but not filled with potholes.

Roadside Amenities

You will find that since both lakes are parks there are lots of places to stop for a break and view the lake. many of the places have a good parking area and a few even have restrooms available. At the beginning and end of the rout there are two great restaurants/Bars Green Gables and Lake Road Inn. Both have great food and good service. Also if you are interested in a hike in the woods there are lots of trails at Lake evergreen as well as Parklands Foundation of Illinois has lots of property on this route as well as near by.

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