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St Augustine to Flagler Florida + ADD NEW ROUTE

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Motorcycle Roads St Augustine to Flagler Florida

By Steven Holmes
on February 1, 2003

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Start your route in St. Augustine Florida. Begin this drive at the junction of A1A North (San Marco Avenue), at the Bride of Lions downtown St. Augustine Historic District (For the side trip to the St. Augustine Historic District mentioned above. At the intersection of A1A and San Marco Avenue, travel about a quarter of a mile south on San Marco Avenue to the Visitor Center Welcome Station on the right, at San Marco Avenue and Riberia Street).

Continue by taking A1A southward. At the intersection of A1A and old A1A (312) turn left. Follow the beach route of A1A. Along this route you will pass access ramps to NE Florida's unspoiled beaches.


This ocean drive along the northeastern Florida coast is what many people think of when they think of the Sunshine State. White sandy beaches, small restaurants, and pubs, a Caribbean laid-back atmosphere.

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Roadside Amenities

You will pass such other points of interest including Bar-Non-Saloon, St Anastasia State Park, St Augustine's alligator farm, and the Anastasia outdoors theater, that on Saturday mornings hosts an arts and crafts thief's market.

Along the way you will pass A1A Grill, and after A1A beach joins back with A1A business you will pass the Oasis Restaurant. Staying on A1A you see on the left Butler beach park. out-of-the-way beach park, that is just right for a pick nick lunch.

On the right see Ft Matanzas National monument.

This Spanish outpost fort was built in 1740-1742 to guard the Matanzas Inlet and to warn St. Augustine of British or other enemies approaching from the south. Fort Matanzas now serves as a reminder of the early Spanish empire.

In addition, the park, which is located on barrier islands along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the Matanzas estuary, provides a boardwalk through a natural habitat rich in wildlife with the salt marsh, scrub, and maritime hammock now protecting endangered and threatened species like the historic Fort Matanzas protected St. Augustine long ago.

After crossing the Matanzas inlet bridge you will enter Marineland. Florida's oldest ocean aquarium. Open everyday except Tuesday's.

Leaving Marineland, on the right is the entrance to Washington oaks state gardens. The Atlantic Ocean and the Matanzas River provide the natural boundaries for the 410 acres of coastal scenery that comprise of walks, gardens, that are great for Kodak moments.

If you would like to take a nice side trip, visit the St. Augustine Historic District (directions are provided below). This drive's starting point is the Historic district of St. Augustine, one of the most famous in America. At the intersection of A1A and San Marco Avenue, travel about a quarter of a mile south on San Marco Avenue to the Visitor Center Welcome Station on the right, at San Marco Avenue and Riberia Street.

Stop here for orientation, recommended walking routes, tips on the best places to park and walk the historic streets where cars aren't allowed, tram and buggy ride information, and brochures on more than 20 historic buildings and sites. The narrow streets border preserved or re-created 16th- and 17th-century homes, inns, shops, and public buildings. St. Augustine is America's oldest community that has been in continuous use, founded 42 years before Jamestown and 55 years before pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

Additional Info


Jim from Savannah provided the following addition in Sep 07: "I noticed the piece about the St. Augustine to Flagler ride - title: St Augustine to Flagler Florida

I'm in Savannah and often head to JAX Beach to spend a night and ride to St. Augustine, Flagler, Daytona even Cocoa Beach. I was riding Flagler Beaches in the early 70's when I was in school in Gainesville. Just last weekend my wife and I did our usual...a night in JAX Beach, a ride to St. Augustine for breakfast, down to Flagler and back to our hotel to freshen up and home to Savannah. This time we filmed it and I thought you might get a kick out of the video. Here's a link to it...

In St. Augustine Beach on A1A you'll find The World Famous Oasis. They often restrict the parking lot to motorcycles only and make the cars park elsewhere ... great food, nice people and even a band. It's hard to beat. I enjoy your site. I'll see if I can't get organized enough to make a contribution. I ride a 2007 Electraglide I bought in August of 2006. In the first year I put 20,000 miles on it so I have a few favorite rides. It's hard to stop riding long enough to write about the ride! Take care, Jim."

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By Guest
on December 11, 2009 3 out of 5 members found this review useful.

2.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2006

Motorcycle Make Suzuki

Motorcycle Type Sport

Long straight road, no curves. Eats the center of the tires on sport bikes. Beautiful ocean view, but it's not so hard to ride a straight line. Plus, Florida drivers suck.

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By Guest
on March 9, 2010 1 out of 4 members found this review useful.

No Rating Provided

Motorcycle Year

Motorcycle Make

Motorcycle Type

Hey, Jacob, I don't know where your are from, but a lot of 'Florida drivers' that 'suck' are not from Florida. They are 'Yankees'. So, just where are you from? Hey, stay away. I, and other Florida natives do not want you here!

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on July 19, 2012 0 out of 1 members found this review useful.

4.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2002

Motorcycle Make H-D Road King

Motorcycle Type Touring

Nice run, and I especially agree with continuing the run past Flagler Beach and on to Daytona. Pausing in Flagler Beach is great, stop in at "FINS" - Great view of the beach and very biker friendly.

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By Guest
on June 18, 2012 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

5.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2006 Nomad

Motorcycle Make Kawasaki

Motorcycle Type Touring

This is my second favorite road in Florida. But, don't stop your run in Flagler. This road is RIGHT on the coast. You see beautiful sandy beach and ocean all the way. The road stays on the beach several miles past Flagler. In the summer, get up early and ride the road before all the beach goers show up. Traffic gets really heavy. There are plenty of places to have breakfast.

If you study your map/GPS, you can connect the ride to the nature section of the famous Daytona Loop Ride.

I recommend Finn's restaurant on the corner of FL 100 and the A1A. It has an upstairs patio. On the weekend, you can have the beverage of your choice and watch bikini's, cars, and bikes all afternoon.

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