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Myakka City Sweepers Loop + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads Myakka City Sweepers Loop38   in Florida Florida22 Miles

Motorcycle Roads Myakka City Sweepers Loop

By dpelt73
on June 23, 2013

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Written Directions

In Myakka City, at the intersection of Route 70 and Singletary Rd, head west on Singletary Rd and keep going west on Singletary Rd until it intersects with Vema Rd. Take a left (go south) on Vema Rd. After it passes Fruitville Rd, it will change names to Myakka Rd and keep going south. You'll come up to a truck stop on the left and now the road merges with Hancock Rd and this is where you want to take a left on Myakka/Hancock Rd which will take you east and then south to Clay Gully Rd. Take a left on to Clay Gully Rd. This road will switch from taking you south to east and so forth until you get down to the edge of Myakka City state park and you'll see a road called MJ Rd on the left. Take a left there and this road will wind you up to Myakka City and your starting point and you've completed the loop!


There is a bridge over a nice river on one point but other than that it is wide open and mostly farmland type stuff. Then there is one section on Myakka road that is covered in trees and feels very "evergladesy"

Road Quality

My first time out there I was able to do some very good cornering and get rid of my chicken strips. The roads are very clean and provide confidence in grip. I did have my tire pressures set a little lower than average street riding because we were riding pretty hard. There are only about 1 or 2 corners that I'd say are average. Other than that all other corners are very nice.

Roadside Amenities

On state road 70 there is a gas station with attached fast food bar. Not too many options, but it is a good stop for gas, and the only reason I give it a 4 is because there is a pretty big bike crowd there. everything from cruisers to sportbikes to motards to adventure bikes.

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Nickname (optional) : dpelt73

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By Tamsyn
on September 6, 2015 2 out of 2 members found this review useful.

2.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 207

Motorcycle Make Honda Shadow 750

Motorcycle Type Cruiser

Found this to be a nice ride in terms of "slice of Old Florida" scenery. Sandhill cranes, cattle ranches and a potato farm. Only thing is the road condition. Since 2013, things have obviously degraded. There is a great deal of buckling of the edges, some of it getting clear to the middle of the lane and close to the center line. It rides like a crowned road, and it isn't one. I think the last two wet seasons have done this road in. The county is replacing the Myakka River bridge on this road, so hopefully they will repair the rest of the road. The turns are as the original poster says, though now might not be such a great idea to use for chicken strip removal. Still a nice Sunday ride, but looking forward to better times when they fix up the asphalt. Oh, and don't do it early in the AM when the sun is coming up; the sun catches you on the best turns just the wrong way.

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By Guest
on October 7, 2013 2 out of 3 members found this review useful.

1.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 1997

Motorcycle Make yamaha virago 750

Motorcycle Type Cruiser

This was a very nice ride

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By aquaholictomc
on November 22, 2017 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

3.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2017

Motorcycle Make Harley TriGlide

Motorcycle Type Cruiser

Nice Ride. I started in Venice and came up Honore (Which runs alongside I-78) until I reached Fruitville Rd. Took a right at Myakka Rd where Fruitville ends. Went along Myakka Rd and missed my turn off at MJ Rd and continued to County Rd which brought me up to Rt. 70 and went East to Myakka City, where I had a piece of Chicken at the gas station (pretty good) and continued on the route. Next time I won't miss the turn but by adding the extra distance I put about 105 miles on the bike back to Venice.

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