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Motorcycle Roads Rolling Pastures and Wide Skylines13   in South Dakota South Dakota266 Miles

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By momenator
on June 3, 2013

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Written Directions

We started from Exit 1 on I-94 in ND. Went west to MT, Wibaux MT, went south on MT 7 through Wibaux, Baker, Ekalaka, and turned on State HWY 323 continued South to Alzada, Mt. Turn South on State HWY 326/Wy 110, followed to Devil's Tower, then from there in to Gillette.


Start in rolling farm land with some small buttes from Wibaux to Baker. Baker to Ekalaka rolling hills, Ekalaka to Alzada start with pine trees and badlands views and breaks into rolling pastures and wide skyline. Then back into hills trees and nice views as you work in to Wyoming.
Alzada to Gillette was

Road Quality

Rosd service was or is GREAT. Wibaux to Baker normal two lane highway and not much traffic. Long straight aways with wide curves. Baker to Ekalaka was narrow two lane but great shape. Hill after hill so passing could be tricky. Ekalaka to Alzada is back to nromal width two lane and starts out with sweeper curves and turns in to long straight aways with occasional wide corners. Alzada in to Wyoming there are sweeping curves and elevation changes.

Roadside Amenities

For rural America - great - for urban America far and few. Wibaux, has gas,food, and a micro brewery, Baker has everything to. Ekalaka was closed - pay at the pump in down town. Ate at a cafe there - two cheeseburgers deluxe, fries, 2 coffees - $6.40 TOTAL! Burger was good old fashioned and not fast food. Alzada had a gas station/convience store, not sure what was downtown. Wyoming was small town Americana and had gas food lodging.

Additional Info

We left on the 29th of May 2013. Weather was cool (60s") and wet. Rained on in Ekalaka- down pour! On May 30th we went from Gillette to Custer, Keystone (via needles) Rapid City, Belle Fouche, Bowman, Belfield and Home.

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