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Motorcycle Roads Route 552 Loop5   in Louisiana Louisiana19 Miles

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By Boit4852
on January 30, 2013

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Written Directions

Start your route just northwest of West Monroe, LA. Get to the starting point by starting in West Monroe and traveling 12 northwest on Route 15. Here you will find the itntersection of Route 15 and Route 552 and the route's starting point. Just take a right (head northeast) on Route 552 and the road will loop around and turn northwest and eventually run back into Route 15 where you take a left (now heading Southeast) on 15 and end your route when you arrive back at the start of the route (where Route 15 and Route 552 originally met).


A lovely winding road thru the piney woods with many curves and hills. It takes place near the beautiful D'Arbonne National Refuge & National Wildlife area.

Road Quality

This is a twisty country road that is excellent surface shape for bikes. It meanders thru thru rural areas of farms and ranches with many curves and hills. 55mph is about an average safe speed with no hairpins. The surface is near perfect. It had some tar fill strips added this summer but those are now flush and create no issues.

Roadside Amenities

Very rural stretch of road. No businesses at all. ZERO!!

Additional Info

Check my flickr photo offerings for this area. Boit4853

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This is an update on the '552 Loop' description. I'd like to add that to enjoy this loop, you branch off on side roads for exploring and still get back to 552. Check out Carter Road, Ruggs Bluff Road. Also, a very rural road that loops from and back to 552 is Littleton Loop Road. Go slow and enjoy the scenery. I live in this area and ride it often.

These are 2-lane rural roads. 552 is in great condition but is quite twisty. The side roads are from fair to decent and require a slower speed which is good for taking in the ranches/farms.

This is a loop that is very rural so there are NO amenities. However, at the southern intersection of 552 and 15, there is a new gas/cafe business open early and closes early, although you can buy gas 24/7 with c/c.

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