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Mt. Horeb to New Glarus, The Long Way + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads Mt. Horeb to New Glarus, The Long Way7   in Wisconsin Wisconsin54 Miles

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By Chicago Craig
on August 15, 2012

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Written Directions

1) Start in Mt. Horeb on the main drag (Rt. 78) heading West.
2) Turn right onto Fertile Ridge Rd
3) Turn left onto County Highway E
4) Turn left onto County Highway Z
5) Take the 1st right onto Barber Rd
6) Turn right onto County Highway F N
7) Sharp left onto Prairie Grove Dr
8) Turn left onto Mounds View Rd
9) Turn left to stay on Mounds View Rd (twice)
10) Turn right onto County Highway F S
11) Take the 1st right onto Co Rd H
12) Turn left onto County Rd K
13) Turn right onto County Rd K/Main St
14) Turn left onto WI-39 E/WI-39 Trunk E/County Rd K/Waldwick St - Continue to follow WI-39 E/WI-39 Trunk E
15) Turn right onto WI-78 S
16) Sharp left onto County Highway H
17) Turn right onto Sawmill Rd
18) Turn right onto Loyalty Rd
19) Slight right onto Yankee Hollow Rd
20) Turn left onto Gould Hill Rd
21) Take the 1st right onto Kainz Rd
22) Turn left onto WI-78 S
23) Continue onto S State St
24) Turn left onto Monroe St
25) Turn left onto W Puddledock Rd
26) Take the 1st left to stay on W Puddledock Rd
27) Turn left onto Puddle Dock Rd
28) Turn left onto Biggs Rd
29) Turn right onto County Highway A
30) Turn right onto County Highway H
31) Turn right onto County Highway H/County Highway J
32) Take the 1st left onto County Highway H
33) Turn left onto Marty Rd (Look for the Rustic Road sign)
34) Turn right onto WI-39 E
35) Turn right onto WI-69 S
36) Drive through town. New Glarus Brewing is past town on a hill to the left.


This is the SE corner of the Driftless, a non-glacial region. Starting off in the farmland around Mt. Horeb, you'd never expect what you are about to see, though it becomes clear the moment you turn off on Fertile Ridge Rd.

It's hilly and windy in the Driftless, with plenty of streams, farms, and fields. Lots of forests to ride through. Seriously, this is the Midwest? With road signs showing squiggly lines and a 30 mph suggested speed?

This area is why I bought a bike.

Road Quality

Words of warning - there can be a lot of gravel, especially around the apex. There is active farmland, so be on the lookout for drag-on.

The roads, other than debris (which is why I knocked it down one star), are fairly well maintained.

As to the fun bits, it's mostly a combo of high-speed sweepers and low-speed s-curves. There's decent elevation change, especially for the Midwest. The few straight bits simply take you to the next curve.

Be on the lookout for "Rustic Highways." That's usually code for "Freaking Cool Road to Ride." I put on on the ride for your (Marty Rd).

Roadside Amenities

Beginning and end - 4
Middle - 2

Mt. Horeb has plenty of restaurants and shops, including antiques and places to buy trolls (don't ask me). It's a cute town, though not really my thing. But, hey, there's cheap gas and cold sodas.

New Glarus is really nice. It's a Swiss village transplanted to Wisconsin. Tons of restaurants and hotels. And the brewery (check the hours - they tend to close early) is worth it for a cold Spotted Cow and a gorgeous view.

In between, you can gas up in Blanchardville and Argyle, but don't expect too much more.

Additional Info

You won't regret it.

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By 3 BMWs
on October 26, 2015 2 out of 2 members found this review useful.

5.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year Honda Gold Wing

Motorcycle Make 2003

Motorcycle Type Touring

I highly recommend the route. If you include the circle loop just north of Mt. Horeb followed by this one, you will experience one of the best 60 plus mile, almost no traffic, rides Wisconsin has to offer. My first experience with it had me turned around because of road markings. So I laid out a careful hand drawn route (with attention to some of the action points) and the 2nd time I drove the route, navigated it perfectly. Great twisties, climbs and descents, and (at least in the autumn), several "oh my god" type of views. Do yourself a favor, study the route to spend all your time enjoying the ride and scenery!

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on June 29, 2014 2 out of 2 members found this review useful.

4.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2006

Motorcycle Make Ducati ST3S

Motorcycle Type Sport-Touring

This is a good ride, and well worth doing. A couple of notes: two roads early in the trip have newly laid gravel, but the distances are only about 1/2 mile each. Some roads have missing road signs, e.g. Kainz Rd and Puddledock off of Monroe St/WI 81...believe Chicago Craig indicates take 1st right for Kainz Rd direction...I missed thatg part. I didn't have a gps unit, so I had to backtrack a bit. Roads to definitely soak up are WI-39 (step 14 of directions) Sawmill Rd ...think double black diamond for you skiers...Puddledock Rd, and Marty Rd. To finish this route off, head back north up Hwy 69 to 92 West so you go back to Mt Horeb. Hwy 92 is very well maintained and there are high speed sweepers the entire way to keep the smile on your face from this route Craig set up here for us.

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By Guest
on April 29, 2013 2 out of 2 members found this review useful.

5.0out of 5

Motorcycle Year 2007

Motorcycle Make Honda 919

Motorcycle Type Sport-Touring

Definitely worth it. Lots of twisties and beautiful country to enjoy. Beware, there's loose gravel on some corners so you can't really safely work on your corning technique as much as you may want to, but its still very fun. Highly recommend it.

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By Chicago Craig
on August 19, 2012 0 out of 0 members found this review useful.

No Rating Provided

Motorcycle Year 2009

Motorcycle Make BMW G650GS

Motorcycle Type Enduro

Just an FYI, the map doesn't show the whole route, since I ran out of waypoints. Check the link above the directions.

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