Rt 555 to Elk County and Elk Country

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State: Pennsylvania
Date Submitted: June 13, 2012
Submitted by: ScottR
Motorcycle Road Length: 17 Miles

Written Directions

Starting at Rt 120 in Driftwood, PA, Route 555 runs west 17 miles to Benezette along the Sinnemahoning River.


In Benezette, Elk viewing areas have been established by the state of PA. Follow the signs. Expect to arrive 2 hours before sundown when the Elk come out of the woods and begin to feed. Drive slowly when nearing the viewing areas because the Elk can be crossing the road or a mere 5 feet off the road. If you're lucky and very quiet, you can get within 10 feet of a female Elk. If you watch her eat she return the favor and watch you. This is an exciting kodak moment. Please be respectful of the animals, they are wild, extremely large but they are not scared of people or cars. Be silent and still around them. If you make this trip in the fall, keep in mind the bull Elk will charge if disturbed. I's a toss-up whether a motorcycle can outrun a charging bull.
If you see the Elk close up, the scenery rating becomes a 5!

Road Quality  

Route 555 is in northern Pennsvlvania with the eastern end starting in Driftwood, PA and going west to Benezette, PA. The road follows along the picturesque Bennett Branch Sinnemahoning River. The road is relatively flat with numerous curves, very little traffic, and scenic river views.

Roadside Amenities  

The road is extremely rural with few amenities. A small mom and pop general store in Driftwood offers gas and typical snacks and drinks. Benezette offers a restaurant/pub popular with the locals and hunters.

Additional Info

20 miles farther west is the town of St. Mary's where you can find chain motels and eat at the locally famous Gunner's restaurant. St. Mary's is on the eastern continental divide. A few miles west accesses the beautiful Clarion River with many some roads that deserve their own listing.

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Reviewed by garbill2003 on September 30, 2013
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motorcycle_year: 2007
motorcycle_make: ford mustang
Comment: Very nice twisty road but lots of traffic. Beautiful scenery. Watch for elk that the last thing anyone wants to hit with a bike or car.
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Reviewed by Sixstrings6 on February 23, 2013
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Creator: Sixstrings6
motorcycle_year: 2005
motorcycle_make: Yamaha Roadstar Silverado
motorcycle_type: Cruiser
Comment: I've done this ride many times. Seen at least 1 Elk every trip. On one trip, we were going up the hill from towards the Elk visitors center when a HUGE Bull came out of the woods and walked across in front of us so close he almost touched the front of our bikes. We just sat there with our bikes off with our mouths hanging open. The roads in the area are awesome and so are the many biker friendly bars and eateries. Check out the Big Trout in Weedville, You'll go thru there on your way from St. Marys.
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