Short Scenic Ride - Hwy 94

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State: North Carolina
Date Submitted: June 12, 2012
Submitted by: Nabubba
Motorcycle Road Length: 26 Miles

Written Directions

Hwy 194 runs between Boone NC and West Jefferson NC. It is a great ride with many twisties and great views. You can start the ride in Boone, NC just off of Hwy 421 on the east side of town heading toward Wilkesboro. There is a shopping center with a Lowes Foods and Hardees where you make your turn onto Hwy 194. The first bit of the road is a bit rough due to road construction on Hwy 421 but it does smooth out.


The views are of mountains and tree covered roads in many spots. The valley views on some parts of the ride are great.

Road Quality  

I give the quality average due to the start at Boone being pretty rough with some potholes and frost heeves that you need to be alert for. Also be aware of gravel in the road from driveways and run off out of the ditches. The road does smooth out and makes for a great ride. There is a mix of sweeping turns,tight curves and throttle twisting straights. This roads gives you everything a motorcycle rider loves.

Roadside Amenities  

There is only one store on the ride but this is a short ride with plenty of places at either end in Boone and West Jefferson.

Additional Info

This is a great little side ride you can take while in the Boone NC area if you are looking to take the road less traveled.

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Reviewed by Rib75 on August 16, 2012
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Creator: Rib75
motorcycle_year: 2012
motorcycle_make: Harley
motorcycle_type: Cruiser
Comment: This road was part of a 10 day 2000 mile trip last spring. Great road for scenery with some nice twists and turns. Road conditon was fair to good. Definately recommend if you are in the area
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