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From Hawkesbury to Mont Tremblant on Route 327 + ADD NEW ROUTE

Motorcycle Roads From Hawkesbury to Mont Tremblant on Route 32714   in Canada Canada120 KM or 74 Miles

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on April 30, 2012

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Written Directions

In Hawkesbury cross the bridge to Quebec. Careful of cops on that bridge. Limit is 50 km/hr and they like to enforce it. Hang a right at first street after the bridge (route 344). Take 344 east (later you will go north) to Lachute. On the way to Lachute, just past a camping site, there is a kind of long inlet that carries along the river. It's a good place to go banzai but be careful, immediately in the middle, there is a service road intersection that is not indicated. A lovely hiding place for a cop to clock you at 200 km/hr . Other than that little service road, it's the longest and best paved straight road I know to let loose.

Turn left on Main street at Lachute then an immediate right on to HWY 327 which you are going to take north for about 37 KM up to Mont Tremblant). At one point about 4 or 5 kilometers on HWY 327, you'll enter a small village (Brownsburg) and at the stop you'll need to turn right to continue on the 327. Same thing as you near the village of Arundel. Just stay on the 327 and it'll take you to St-Jovite/Mont Tremblant. The best twisties on HWY 327 are just past the Golf Course at Lac Harrington up until the village of Weir.

Finally, have fun and enjoy the scenery! It is one of, if not, my favorite ride.


Mont Tremblant is a ski hill in the winter.. $$$$ expensive place but done right.. amazing scenery and they really know how to cater to guests if you wanted to stay there I highly recommend it, if the misses is with you, spa, massage, fine-dinning. If she's not.. the night life is second to none!! It's a long way from everything so people at the bar are there for a reason! To PARTY! But the condo's are well away from the noise with private hot tubs, indoor outdoor pools and a gondola to take you to the top of the mountain see the sites or go for a hike. You won't be disappointed I assure you.

Road Quality

It was amazing.. lots of twistys.. areas where you just can't hit the speed limit corners are too tight and too close.. very hilly and curvy.. fun!

Warning: some turns are blind and gravel may have been carried in the center of the road by those exiting their cottages.

Warning 2: Where it is posted 50 km/hr, don't exceed 60, troopers will be hiding somewhere. Be careful of cops in and around lac Rond in the village of Weir. The turns are just enticing but the speed limit is 50 km/hr and the cops (SQ) are typically just waiting for bikes to ride through and nab them.

Warning 3: Take it easy on the 327 on your first outing. It's a fun route and will make you want to push it. But it can bite you if you do not show respect for the turns. I've seen spills and have gotten myself into some frightening situations on that route.

Roadside Amenities

The best/fanciest amenities are at the end when you get to the Mont Tremblant ski area attractions (spas, hotels, fine-dinning, etc).

A few recommended stops along the way ... there is a Tim Horton's (coffee shop) on the main street in Hawkesbury that is a good place for a quick stop for a pee and coffee and one as you enter Tremblant at the intersection of HWY 117 and Montée Ryan.

Also, a nice place to eat in the Tremblant (Intrawest) village is the Brassere du Diable but Intrawest will most likely make you pay for parking if there is a festival going on.

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Half way through the route there is a section of slick surface, very poor for bikes, careful.

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